The emperor is missing.

When Wen Changchu came, he brought the news.

Song Ci was a bit surprised, "I saw him some time ago, in the demon world."

"What is he doing in the demon world?" Wen Changchu asked.

"Didn't I tell you? Yin and Yang reversed it." Song Ci replied, "He and the other broken-angle gods seem to be called Shangshan God."

"Shangshan Shenjun, the only family of water unicorns in the six realms today." Wen Changchu's face was clear, "It is indeed possible for them to play the counter-current yin and yang. The emperor disappeared after opening the formation, It may also be involved in counter-current yin and yang. "

"It will be hard to find," Song Ci said, "I don't know where he went."

"It's not hard to find." Wen Changchu shook his head slightly. "If you get involved, it's impossible to find. Reverse the yin and yang, just send it. Regardless of the connection, once you get involved in the array, there is no chance to return. You can come back. It's because you have a Kunlun mirror. "

"Willn't the **** world choose a new emperor?"

"Now the feast is still in the human realm, Ning Shaosi has already left the divine realm, the emperor has disappeared, and there is only one **** of war left. He can't suppress the turbulent forces, and the return of the demon revels the six realms. The old **** world looked at the **** world again, and was afraid that a tough battle was coming. "Wen Changchu had a rare serious look, and he sighed," It is time for the old and new **** world to coexist for two years. "

"The victory in the new **** world is very small." Song Ci secretly guessed, "The Tushan people are also going downhill. This time the disappearance of the emperor is an excellent opportunity for the old **** world. They will not let it go. "

"If the Emperor is not there, the only one in the Six Realms who can take his place is Rong Bai and Ning Shao Si, but Ning Shao Si ..." Wen Changchu said something in general, suddenly stopped, and seemed to be thinking about what to use. After thinking about it, he said, "In short, Ning Shao Si can't do it, only Rong Bai remains."

"What is the origin of this Ning Shao Division?" Song Ci said, and the name has been heard many times along the way, but everyone who talks seems to be indifferent to his affairs, which will inevitably make people curious.

"It is a descendant of the White Tiger from the ancient times. It is combative and fierce. The White Tiger Protoss is better at fighting than Tu Shan. Nine of the ten Gods of War in the ancient era belong to the White Tigers. The original seal of Ning Shaosi was more stable and new. The emperor of the divine realm, but did not expect that Zhu's later drilled a hole and nearly killed Ning Shaosi. After being seriously injured, he was picked up by Lou Muge and since then he has gone further and further on the road of repairing magic. "

Wen Changchu knew a lot and summarized the matter in simple language. "After his master was beheaded and killed by everyone, he slaughtered half of the immortal world and saw who killed whoever. On the day of the feast, he joined forces with Zechen. Failed to stop his killing, alas, terrible. "

"In this way, he can make sense without standing on the side of the New God Realm." Song Ci followed with a sigh. These things are understatement to others, but only the parties can experience the pain.

Ning Shao Si must be extremely hate, otherwise he, who is expensive as a **** of war, how could he start to kill the immortal world.

"Ningshao's decision is not a decision," Wen Changchu said inexplicably. "The key is to see what Lou Muge thinks."

After you and I came to talk about the rights and wrongs of others, Song Ci changed the topic, "How are you recently? Are you still following Zhu Yishu?"

When Wen Changchu mentioned him, the whole person was a little bit upset. "He always sticks to me, he can't get rid of it, and he also thinks that I have less education and less education. I just mistakenly think of 戍 as 戌, two words. It looks exactly the same, and it's normal to admit it ... "

"Ah! You can't say that." Song Ci was deeply educated in books and was very much in favor of reading more. He immediately took a book out of his arms and handed it to Wen Changchu. Mangfu is different, at least you can add more words when you scold someone. "Novel novel novel

Wen Changchu didn't expect this person to carry the book with him. He let Song Ci stuff the book into his hands and turned around. There were three big characters on the yellowed cover, and he couldn't help reading it. "" No demon said? "

I saw that the old three words on the cover suddenly flashed Bai Mang, piercing the eyes of the two of them, and Song Ci blinked, something unbelievable, "Did the writing flash just now?"

"I saw it, too. What's the name of this book?" He asked Song Ci.

"It's just an ordinary book." Song Cixin said after reading that, he didn't find anything special about the book.

The flash just now was just a moment, and it would look again, and it would be the same as usual. The two pondered for a while, and Wen Changchu threw the book on the table. "I don't look at this stuff."

Deceive yourself.

Who knew that when the book was thrown on the table, it suddenly turned up and down quickly, as if it had been vigorously opened, but neither of them touched it, and no wind came in. This can scare both of them. Arrived while jumping up away from the table.

But did not want to turn over the writing to send a huge suction, when the two were too late to react, they were sucked into the book, and then closed again in writing, leaving it on the table like an ordinary book.

As if no one had moved at all.


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