Rongbai's Demon King's Hall, located behind the Three Rivers and Five Capitals of the Demon Realm, is not so magnificent. When we approached it, it was just an ordinary square courtyard.

However, the walls of this small courtyard are full of Cheng Guangzhu, densely packed, and look far away from the night, like stars clustered together, exuding a soft light of stars.

This area is the forbidden area of ​​the demon world, and no one dares to break into it at will.

Song Ci originally thought that Rongbai's palace was so grand and luxurious, and after seeing it so ordinary, he couldn't help but be surprised.

Rong Bai pointed to Cheng Guangzhu on the wall, and remembered the promise made at the beginning, "take it casually."

Song Ci was amused, but did not really pull it out, but followed Rong Bai to the bedroom.

As soon as Rong Bai touched the bed, he wanted to lie down. The exhaustion of his body made him less and less sober. He stretched his waist lazily and yawned.

Song Ci squatted down, lay beside his bed, and got closer, "Are you so sleepy?"

"Can bear it anymore." Rong Bai smiled pleadingly.

He can endure at the limit of his body, but he will not urge Song Ci to unblock him.

He waited so long and was not in a hurry.

Song Ci pulled Rong Bai up and sat up, handed Rong Bai's mouth, and said, "I only have this answer in my heart."

Song Ci is actually a bit embarrassing, because he can't guess exactly what the key of Rong Bai's unblocking is. With the word "cause and effect" alone, he can guess more directions.

Tolerance narrowed his eyes.

"Bite a bite," Song Ci said, "bite hard, bleeding."

Rong Bai didn't know why, but when he saw Song Ci's seriousness, he also obediently took a bite, and the fangs left a wound on his fingertips instantly, a drop of plump blood spilled out, and the **** taste spread out in Rong Bai's mouth, just listening Song Ci murmured, "This is the fruit you gave me back."

Do you believe in samsara?

Maybe you can try to believe it.

Many years ago, Song Ci took a bite on Rong Bai's fingertips for reasons. Many years later, Rong Bai wanted to take a bite on Song Ci's fingertips as a result.

Destiny is reincarnation, contrasting cause and effect.

I saw a shimmer of light on Rong Bai's heart. When he raised his eyes, a tear fell quietly from the corner of his eyes. The emotion in Rong Bai's eyes became more and more complicated, and he looked at Song Ci deeply.

Song Ci had a moment of panic. He raised his hand and wiped Rongbai's tears gently. "I'm sorry, I've waited a long time."

Rong Bai really waited for too long, long enough that he himself forgot the reason for his waiting and searching for Song Ci. He looked at the people in front of him, all the memories sealed in the last soul came to his mind, and later Memory melts.

Rong Bai reached out and embraced him, his words seemed to converge into a sigh.

In short, it's all gone.

Rong Bai needs to rest for a few days, while Song Ci is turning around the demon world in his free time, and occasionally buys some gadgets in the market to go back, quietly waiting for Rong Bai to integrate the soul.

Just before Rong Bai's end, the uninvited guest came.

Song Ci was sitting on the threshold and reading a book that day. The sunlight in the demon world was no different from the human world. It was warm and sprinkled on his body. It happened that there was a large tree at the door. .com ~ Doesn't feel dazzling.

Just when he was in high spirits, the sound of breaking wind suddenly heard in his ear. He was keen to respond without hesitating, and turned aside to a half squatting position, attacking and defending at any time.

I saw a sharp blade inserted in the place where Fang had just sat, dividing the threshold into two.

Song Ci stood up and held the book tightly. He looked up with alert, and saw a group of foxes with white tails coming out of the clouds. Once they landed, they became a variety of men and women.

The first one is Tu Shanli.

When Song Ci saw her, she suddenly remembered what she had forgotten. After taking her to the tiger demon's palace before, she ignored it. At that time, she concentrated on Rong Bai, and later the Liang family dealt with the funeral. All the while, I forgot Tu Shanli completely.

Look at her aggressive appearance, it should be healed and returned to Tushan, please help.

Song Ci glanced at the people behind her, "Are you rushing to die?"

Tu Shanli sneered, "Since Song Ci, you should return the blood of Tu Shan's heart since you have completed the blood fusion. This is not what you deserve."

"Since it's in my body, it's my thing." Song Ci was very calm.

Today, he is no longer the kind of person who can be scared casually by these fairy monsters. His growth is not just a few tails.

"Well, shameless! You stole my Tushan Zhibao, if you don't return it now, you must look good!" The man behind Tu Shanli scolded.

Song Ci will not yell at him, but he raises his hand to dream of a short knife, flashes of coldness on the edge of his blade, just like the lingering breath of his whole body, and learns to swear by Wen Changchu. , Get it yourself. "

Tu Shanli threw out his long whip, intending to bully less, "Let's go together!"

Several people dispersed, seeming to want to form an encirclement and wrap Song Ci in it.

Song Ci is not afraid of this. Now he is more and more proficient in the strength of his body. He is no longer the weak person who relies on instinct to save his life, nor will he show mercy to those who have misconduct. The blue color diffuses from the eyes and spreads him out. Dark black eyes covered, this was a warning sign before the attack, and when the fight was about to start, someone suddenly stepped out of the threshold.

"Why is the doorway so lively?" Rong Bai stepped out in the sun, all lazy with a fox's nature, with a chuckle in his eyes, as if he saw him at first.

Song resigned his attacking posture, and raised a smile on his face, "Are you resting?"

Rong Bai's smile shattered the golden light, the stars shone, and sacred the handsome face. He glanced at Tu Shanli and others. When his eyes turned to Rongci's face, his look became as soft as cotton. Wait. "Xiaohua Novel Network

Song Ci greeted him in two steps, "Just come out."

"Brother Rongbai!" After seeing him, Tu Shanli was still a poor sister who I still felt sorry for. She thought carefully that she always appeared in front of Rongbai like this, maybe she didn't know it herself, Rong Bai had already seen her true face.

"Come back with us. Now that my father was killed by a thief, Tushan needs you!" Tushan replied, "As long as you can get your heart back, Tushan will naturally be the top person in the world, and never again Someone will force you to do something. "

Rong Bairao looked at her with interest, "I'm such a poor character in your eyes?"

Tu Shanli looked deadlocked.

"You and your mother did not move behind in the back of my mother's life. You didn't know when I was?" Rong Bai's mouth was full of smiles. "From the day I pulled my heart and left Tushan, , Except for the surname Tu Shan, and I said, if you dare to appear in front of me, I will no longer be merciful. "

Tu Shanli was face-faced in public, and his face was ugly, but if it was normal, Tu Shanli would not dare to say anything, and could only continue to use his weakness.

However, the news of the Six Realms, Rong Bai's life force continued to flow away after she lost her soul, and now it has reached the limit. She brought people here, and naturally she counted Rong Bai in it.

When the next whip was thrown, "Toasting without eating and drinking, then don't blame me for disregarding my brothers and sisters!"

Song Ci chuckled and blurted out, "When did you take care of it?"

He pointed to Tu Shanli and said, "You are a bad woman!"

"Give me!" Tu Shanli exclaimed angrily with a long whip. "Hollow his heart and take out Tu Shan's hope!"

Tu Shanli's look really counted, but just when she was about to throw her whip, she saw Rong Bai raising her left hand, burning a blue flame from her fingertips, and wrapping her entire hand.

Under the laziness in his eyes, there was a faint arrogance, as if Tu Shanli was not put in his eyes at all, the blue flames burned in the palm, forming a palm-sized fireball, and Rong Bai squeezed his palm. The moment the fireball was crushed, a powerful Lan Yan burst out of his face.

Tu Shanli and others were completely submerged in it. The hot breath was anxious and quiet in the afternoon. The harsh screams sounded and were drawn into the wind. The grass was rolling and the leaves were rushing.

Song Ci looked at the scene in front of him, showing a satisfied smile.

After the flames were blown away by wind, Tu Shanli's clothes were almost burned out, the exposed skin was severely burned, and the black blistering foam was in a state of flesh and blood. She was still breathed, her eyes full of hatred Put on white.

"I am ..." Tu Shanli growled dumbly, "I will not let you go if I turn into a ghost!"

"If I was scared of ghosts, I would have died in your hands." Rong Bai walked towards her and looked at her condescendingly. "I give you a good heart."

Tu Shanci gritted his teeth and shouted, "Tu Shan Rongbai! You are as **** as your nasty banyan tree, you hate it! Did you know that when you stole Tu Shan, I followed you all the way and looked at you like An idiot wandering through the flowers, I took your mount and went back to tell my father that you were stolen by Rong Sang. "

"Before your mother died, she still begged my father to send someone to find you, hahaha!" Tu Shanqing was almost a madman, his twisted face was like an unwilling evil spirit, and his face was full of revenge.

Rong Bai heard his eyes cool down, and looked at her lowly.

Song Ci knew that Rong Sang had always been a pain in his heart, and hurriedly walked to him, holding his hand, "Don't listen to this crazy woman, and kill her."

"How stupid your mother is, how stupid you are!" Tu Shanli's eyes were bloodshot, staring at Rong Bai.

Rong Bai's eyes were frozen with ice and his lips lightened. "I changed my mind."

He raised his hand, Bai Guang radiated from his palm, wrapped it in Tu Shanli's body, and Qin entered her body. The next moment, Tu Shanli issued a scream of madness, and her body, which could not be burned, convulsed and twisted. Come on, "Ah-!"

The bones on her body seemed to be trembling, her skin arched, and they were misaligned.

Tu Shanli pulled his body with a blood-stained hand steak, like a dying beast, and screamed instinctively.

Then she saw a touch of golden light coming out of her chest, as if it was being forcibly dragged by white light. As soon as she left Tu Shanli's body, it condensed into a white bone shape until it was pulled out, about the size of the forearm. Long and lustrous, Rong Bai held it in his hand.

Tu Shanli stopped the screaming, raised his head in general, and saw the contents of Rong Bai's hands, his ugly face was full of terror, struggling to come to Rong Bai's shoes, crying, "Give me back ... …give me back!"

Rong Bai held five fingers, and the blue flame swallowed the bone little by little. Tu Shanli's eyes wanted to jump up and grab, but the body had reached the limit of being able to move. The eyes were about to crack open, and the screaming was scalp. Tingling.

But still watched the bones burned completely.

Rong Bai said indifferently, "Pull your **** bones, waste your divine power, and enjoy your next life."

He raised his hand and waved, and sent Tu Shanli, who was full of wounded and dead, to any corner of the earth.

Song Ci saw that Rong Bai's expression was not very clear. He closed his fingers and comforted with a warm voice, "Rong Bai, it's all over."

Rong Bai turned to look at him. After looking at each other for a moment, he stepped sideways and printed a kiss on Song Ci's lips.

"I know," he said.


It seems that it is almost over.

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