Song Ci bask in the trees that day.

After the heavy rain, the sky was clear, the sky was blue without any impurities, and the white clouds drifted leisurely.

He lay casually on the soft chair, half of his body leaned out of the shade, and his body was covered with lazy bones.

Rong Bai walked slowly from the room, his warm eyes flashed with fine golden light, and stopped in front of Song Ci with a smile, just standing, I saw him lift off the dense black eyelashes, straight looking .

Rong Bai handed the fruit in his hand to Song Ci's mouth and asked casually, "Sleep well?"

Song Ci bit the fruit along his hand and murmured, "I didn't sleep, I was just thinking about a problem."

Rong Bai sat down next to the soft chair, leaning his head against Song Ci's shoulders, and raised his eyes, and the blue sky was clear into the blue eyes. The mottled golden light was shattered, and the hair bled by the breeze was Playfully flicking Song Ci's fingers.

Song Ci evoked his hair, rubbed the soft hair in the palm, and walked along, intimate and natural.

"What's the problem?" Rong Bai's voice came, with a pleasant carelessness.

Song Ci moved his body, leaned his head against Rongbai's hair, and said softly, "I wonder when you will fall in love with me."

This seems to be something that everyone will be curious about his lover, and Song Ci will inevitably think about it like this, because if he thinks about it carefully, he doesn't seem to do anything for Rong Bai, even if he participated in his past with the matrix method, it is just There is only a short pass.

Rong Bai never hides his likes, but makes people see no reason.

After Song Ci's questioning, his ears were inexplicably red, and he felt like he was deliberately thinking about it, which should not be a tangled matter for a big man.

The ears are filled with the sound of the wind, gentle and gentle.

This soothing serenity lasted for a while, Song Ci quickly knotted Rong Bai's hair, thinking that perhaps this problem really stumped Rong Bai. After all, he was so old that he couldn't remember that it was normal.

Just when I wanted to open my words, Rong Bai spoke.

"That's a long story." His voice wanted to soak in the warm spring water, flowing down the heart of Song Ci.

Song Ci jumped in his heart and listened carefully.

The wind blew through the dense canopy, the leaves rustled, the flying leaves fluttered and fell into the rolling grass.

Rong Bai's eyes narrowed slightly, his eyes were getting farther and farther, until he stopped at the sky, only to remember the old things from the long years.

It's a long story.

In fact, if you think about it, you can't say much, because many details can't be remembered, but I still remember it when I first saw it.

Song Ci was wearing old clothes, his hair was a bit messy, and even his face was dusty, but his eyes were so bright that he couldn't be ignored. He stood there, looking towards Rong Bai.

That moment of gaze gave Rong Bai an illusion.

It seems that he has known this little demon in front of him for a long time, because the emotions in the little demon's eyes are curious, timid, and amazing, but he is not alone.

When Du'erhua's arrow shot out, even Rongbai himself didn't expect that there could be a second person in the world who could command Du'er. At that moment when the grass and trees were flying, a familiar atmosphere was captured by Rongbai.

A breath of his own.

Song Ci is like a man who fell into the sky. He doesn't seem to have past or history.

He stood in front of Rong Bai, with a bright smile piercing the haze, and his eyes had a feeling of acquaintance with Rong Bai. He gently opened his lips and said, "Fortunately, Tu Shan Rongbai."

Since he was born, everyone has said that he is noble, that he is important and that he holds him high, but none of them can make him feel important, even if he loves his mother, Rong Sang, Compromising to the family again and again, Yu Shanshan.

But this man, this man named Song Ci, came from a distant place. He said to Rong Bai, "I'm here for you."

The blood flowing in the body seems to have a wonderful resonance with Song Ci. Every time he approaches him, Rong Bai feels very comfortable, and he can fill the empty heart all at once. This inexplicable feeling, even Rong Bai couldn't say why.

Song Ci, this lively life, little by little colored his life that faded into black and white, became gorgeous, and did not feel how close when they were together, but after the separation, they were unbearable.

Rong Bai's mood rarely fluctuates greatly, and to this day he still remembers the heart-breaking heart that Song Ci disappeared into a sea of ​​fire.

He was as abrupt as he was when he disappeared. He disappeared without any clutter. The Six Realms were so big that he didn't have the slightest breath, and Rong Bai had nowhere to find.

He went to many places and looked for many ways. What he thought was that the six realms were so big. Perhaps Song Ci was in a corner he hadn't looked for yet. He still existed, but he didn't know it yet.

Waiting is a difficult thing in itself, not to mention the more he waits, the more he finds the hope is faint, and his temper becomes even more violent.

He didn't even understand why he had to find Song Ci for the sake of kindness? Or is it for inner guilt?

neither. Rong Bai later wanted to understand, because Song Ci was one of the few important people he had.

Despite slaughtering the demon world and sitting on the supreme throne, surrounded by thousands of demons, Rong Bai still felt empty-handed.

Without Song of Songs, he would be nothing.

There are two missing pieces in his life. The death of Rong Sang made him completely discouraged, but the disappearance of Song Ci made him go to extremes.

Rong Bai held an idea, stubbornly believed that Song Ci was still alive and still alive, and he was constantly searching for even a needle in a haystack.

One day later, Rong Bai suddenly discovered that he seemed to forget what Song Ci looked like and how brilliant his smile was. Peerless Tang Gate

Looking back, it turned out so many years.

Rong Bai's heart was filled with fear. This kind of emotion that he hadn't had for many years occupied his heart. He was afraid to go on like this. One day, the name of Song Ci will completely disappear in his heart. Origins of regret.

The years of God are too long. For thousands of years, what a heartbreaking event will only turn into scratches that are not painful and itchy. Rong Bai must not let Song Ci become a shallow scratch. He would rather Song Ci be like a sharp blade, pierce his heart through, and it hurts all the time, it is better to disappear like this silently.

So he sealed all the memory about Song Ci with his soul, locked it in himself, and gave Song Ci the method of unlocking the seal.

He believes that if there is another day where he can meet again, Song Ci will undo the seal.

If he is really so unfortunate and fails to meet Song Ci again, then it is not unreasonable for him to bring this important person in his memory into a handful of ashes in the wind.

However, he was so unfortunate for so long, and finally ushered in a touch of luck in his life, and finally met Song Ci again on the night when the demon door opened wide and the voice was full of people.

I regained the Song Ci with a fresh life, a place of origin and a past.

Fate made them meet again, let their trajectories coincide at that moment, and let Rong Bai step on the new ladder.

So all the waiting in this long time has become worthwhile.

"Say." Song Ci saw him silent for a long time and couldn't help urging.

Rong Bai smiled, turned his head, climbed onto the soft chair and embraced him, and dropped a kiss beside his ear.

Song Ci's ears were stained with a hot breath, and his nose was full of the breath unique to Rong Bai's body.

"Just like you," Rong Bai said lowly. "When I first saw you, I thought we were born to be."

Song Ci smirked and didn't ask again.

It seems that there is really nothing to ask, because Song Ci himself did not know, when did he like Rong Bai.

This kind of emotion is not strong at first, like a long stream of water, slowly slowly, when you turn around again, you find that it has accumulated into a pool.

Knowing it is enough.


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As the demon that made the Six Realms horrified, Lou Muge did nothing to burn and plunder.

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Before he died, he held Tuer Ningshao's hand: I am not willing to revenge!

Ning Shao Si: After you die, I will take over your position, set off firecrackers every three days, hold a banquet every five days, cheer every month, celebrate every year, and tell the world the misery before you die.

Lou Muge was so angry that she didn't breathe, and let go.

Later, many believers recalled his soul, and Lou Muge returned to the world.

The first thing is to go to the **** realm to find Ning Shao Si, out of the evil spirit that has been lingering in my heart, but was told: the **** of war Ning Shao blood-washed the immortal realm, killing innocents, committing the great sin of the Ning Shao God, and was removed. The divine book became the first sinner arrested by the divine realm.

Lou Muge was dumbfounded.

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