Song Ci was not worried at all. He believed that Wen Changchu had the ability to bring down Lan Guo.

The only thing that caused him some headaches was the large and small beautiful rooms in General ’s Mansion. General Mangfu was the most beautiful and indulgent. He was addicted to femininity. The family members in the room could n’t count ten fingers. Annoying.

As soon as Song Ci entered the house, the cricket room came up and kicked him, but today is special.

Those long waiting rooms had their necks stretched and stared in anticipation of the general's return. When the door opened, the general who returned today took a guest.

Frightening these noisy chambers momentarily, he lowered his head and set aside.

The general government always talks about rules, not to mention that it is not someone else, but the famous adulterer who is Lan Guo.

Rong Bai was almost blinded by the spring in Manyuan, raised his eyebrows slightly, looked at Song Ci, and saw Song Ci calmly. "No one is allowed in the front yard, they all go to the back yard."

It's a habitual tone.

Considering that the general was a grumpy person, he naturally lost his temper, "I am so used to you on weekdays, and each of them punished the female training three times, and I was not allowed to enter the front yard without finishing!"

No one in the cell dared to cry.

It was just that Song Ci didn't realize that when he said these words, he was still holding Mr. Rong's hand.

So the next day, the Prime Minister was taken home by the general, and the news of overnight stay spread quickly. Everyone sighed. Do n’t watch the Prime Minister fight with the General to kill you alive. In fact, the Prime Minister has been convinced by the general's manhood. Be willing.

This word passed into Song Ci's ears, he cried and laughed, "nonsense."

In fact, it is almost the same.

Rong Bai lived in the General's Mansion with a big swing. No one can manage it. Although he was drilled out and took a lot of books on the side of Wen Changchu, Wen Changchu saw the memorials piled up on the hill and wanted to vomit blood. I did not see.

Wen Changchu also worked diligently, dragged a crippled body and tossed. He stopped for a dozen days in the early dynasty. He also opened a medicine jar and played pigs in the palace all day.

As for Harem Belle, he didn't even touch a finger, but Zhu Yishu obstructed his eyes all day long. When he saw him, Wen Changchu vomited more blood.

In fact, Wen Changchu did n’t have to do anything deliberately. He just had to accelerate his death. After the death of the monarch, there was no child under his knee. , Lan Guo completely rotted into a plate of loose sand.

What Wen Changchu has to do is to eat, drink and have fun.

Four people have been playing in the book for more than ten days, and they are happy. Before the death of the monarch, Feng Zhuojun mentioned it. "You four can really play."

Song Ci looked stunned and felt that he was not having fun.

Wen Changchu was so happy that he almost worshiped Feng Zhuojun. He really hated the sickly character who vomited blood every time.

However, Feng Zhuojun came here because of business. He took a book out of his arms, his face was a little solemn, "I know where the emperor went."

Several people looked at him at the same time.

The disappearance of the emperor is the key to changing the current Six Realms pattern. At this juncture when the deities are returning to the world, it is an illusion that all soldiers do not move.

All smart people know that the next key point is when Lou Muge will show up. Now he is hiding in the Six Realms like a cricket. He wants to kill him and draw him in countless numbers. He is not stupid himself. Know Hide away.

But once his tracks were discovered, it was a period of great unrest in the Six Realms.

What's more, the Six Realms may break the peace era, be torn apart, and return to the charcoal turmoil of ancient times.

It's very important to find back the Emperor of God, so Feng Zhuojun said that he immediately got the attention of several people.

Song Ci noticed that the book in his hand was old leather color, and even the cover was broken.

However, after Feng Zhuojun opened it, Song Ci found that the book was even more broken than he imagined. The written content was almost incomplete. It turned out like a pile of rotten paper, and the strange writing on it had a large block of vagueness. Song Ci made a glance in the past and found that he could not understand the words above.

The shape of the character is very regular, but it is completely different from the characters he knows. He can't even find a trace of similarity, it is broken and incomprehensible, and he can't guess Feng Zhuojun's intention to take the book.

"What book is this?" He asked.

Feng Zhuojun turned a few pages, "This is a book preserved in ancient times, which contains the famous characters of ancient times. Due to the age, almost none of the same series can be found, or they are not well protected and cannot be read at all. , And this book can still recognize a little. "

He swiped his finger lightly over the writing, stopped at two words that appeared to be specially emphasized, and nodded, "Here ..."

Everyone looked at the two words pointed by Feng Zhuojun's finger at the same time, and only listened to him, "It is exactly the word 'banquet'."

Song Ci was shocked. Although Feng Zhuojun didn't say it directly, it was enough for some people to understand. Since this book written in the ancient times recorded the name of the feast, it is obvious that the feast also existed in that era. And reputation is not small.

If you do not consider the possibility of duplicate names and Feng Zhuojun's mistakes, then there is only one result.

The feast was sent to the ancient times by the counter-yin and yang.

The very turbulent era with immortal great demon kings, the four major families flourishing, and the six realms undivided. Lazy listen to books

Although for some reason, recovery is impossible, and there is a strange silence among several people.

Rong Bai raised his eyebrows a little lazily. "Not in a hurry, just find the small building before Zhu's."

Zhu Yishu chuckled, "If you didn't say it, I would almost forget what my mission was from the Nether."

Song Ci heard that Rong Bai's title to Lou Muge was very close, and suddenly everyone remembered that Mozun was picked up by the demon king to save his life when he was dying. The relationship between the two should be good, he said, " Can't you even find Lou Muge? "

"Xiaolou just returned from a period of instability and weakness. His best option is to hide in the Six Realms. If his whereabouts are found, he is afraid to be siege." Rong Baidao, "He still has his own protection. After his ability, he will naturally appear. It is impossible for him to keep hiding.

"That's right." Feng Zhuojun closed the book and said to Song, "If the six realms of the world are divided, they can be divided into six major trends, two divine powers, one immortal power, one demon power, one underworld power, and finally One trend is Lou Muge. "

"Lou Muge has a monopoly?" Song Ci said unexpectedly, although he couldn't believe it, but he didn't refute other people. It can be seen that Feng Zhuojun was right, at least a few people present agreed.

"It's not just him, there's a man behind him who can't move."

Song Ci knows that this refers to Ning Shao Division.

"But to be clear, in fact Lou Muge also includes you." Feng Zhuojun patted Song Ci's shoulder, "including me."

"Me?" Song Ci looked confused, "I don't know Lou Muge."

"Because your uncle Rong belongs to Lou Muge." Wen Changchu replied.

Song Ci understood it almost immediately. Rong Bai had previously broken the seal, and later took out the seal and crushed stones when Lou Muge returned. One of his hands was to guard someone from rebuilding the seal and crush the stones. Make sure that this thing that threatens Lou Muge never again.

Rong Bai is a protoss but does not stand in the realm of God. As a demon king, he does not stand in the realm of demon, but stands alone in Lou Muge. There must be a stronger reason than it looks.

Song Ci thought to himself that when he came to Japan, he was not in a hurry to ask now, so he nodded expressly. This cute appearance surprised the other four.

Song Ci asked again, "What about you? Why did you choose us?"

Feng Zhuojun frowned, "Because we have a good relationship."

Wen Changchu's relentless dismantling, "You definitely have another purpose."

"That's it." Feng Zhuojun coughed, and said positively, "Kunlun Mirror has never been able to tell the future trend, the world will be divided, the winner is the king. I have the consciousness, and I will naturally join the Six Realms. I choose My friend, right. "

Song Ci moved, "Good brother."

Feng Zhuojun, "You're welcome."

Rong Bai glanced at him, Feng Zhuojun immediately became honest, put the book in his arms, stood up and sung Song Ci, "Today is different from Jun, I hope to settle in the future, and after a hundred years, the turmoil will rise again, our The story will continue. "

Coincidentally, a gust of wind blew the canopy of trees, and the green leaves fluttered and softly sprinkled, setting off a layer of grass waves, rolling up several people's long hair robes, and quietly going to the end of the sky.

The wind is always so free, going to every corner of everything.

Song Ci's eyes were bent, with a sincere smile on his handsome face, like the warm sun and warm wind when he first saw him, and the high sky and wide field when he parted, and he returned with an arch, "Looking at Junan."

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