After a few minutes.

Ye Feng calmed down a little, looking at the red banknotes all over the place, he began to wonder where the money came from.

I heard from the landlord that the previous tenant of this house was a fugitive.

The fugitive was shot dead while escaping, and it is said that there is still a sum of stolen money missing...

It was quite a big deal here at the time.

That's why he was able to rent the house at an extremely low price.

So, the money is likely to be the stolen money?

The fugitive is dead.

The money is ownerless.

Then accept it yourself, it seems that there is no problem.

Just, what to do with the money?

Continue to put it here?

Certainly not!

The landlord may not know when he will come, and if he is discovered, he will suffer.

deposit bank?

No way!

He is a poor student with average family conditions, and suddenly he has such a huge sum of money in his hand. If it were anyone else, he would suspect that the money came from a wrong source, and maybe he would call the police...

So what to do?

Re-rent the house?

Ye Feng nodded, this is no problem, but the house is not his own, he always feels unsafe.

Just as he was thinking, a system prompt sounded in his mind.

"Congratulations to the host, for completing this treasure hunt and navigation, the host will be rewarded with a lake view villa in Zhongtian."

"The rewards have been distributed, please check with the host."

At the same time, a kraft paper bag appeared on the table in the living room.

Is there a room here?

Ye Feng looked excited and hurried to the table.

Picking up the paper bag and opening it, there were two things inside, the title certificate of Zhongtian Lake View Villa and the key to the villa.

He has also heard of Zhongtian Lake View Villa.

It is said that it is the most upscale villa area in Zhonghai City.

It shouldn't be cheap after all.

Even so, when he saw that the price on the purchase contract was 95 million, he couldn't help shaking his hands.

This reward...

So awesome!

He is now a person with assets over 100 million!


Afterwards, Ye Feng put the property right certificate and keys back into the paper bag, and planned to lay the floor first, then go out to get a car, and secretly transfer 8 million cash to his villa.

As soon as it was done, a system notification sounded in my mind.

"I found a new place of opportunity. Half an hour later, a fuel tank truck on Zhongshan Road will explode, and Xia Qiu will die in the explosion..."

In addition to treasure hunting, the system can also send opportunities?

Ye Feng was a little surprised.

However, Xia Qiu...

Could it be the Xiaqiu he knew?

Xia Qiu, a first-line singer in Longguo, has a sweet singing voice, a pure appearance, and a clean body and self-love. She is one of the most popular stars in Longguo.

Ye Feng also likes her very much.

Could it be that she is the one who is about to have an accident?

Suddenly, Ye Feng thought of the report he had read before, saying that Xia Qiu would hold a concert in Zhonghai City in a few days...

Is it really her?

That must save lives!

Even if the other party is not a female star, Ye Feng knows about it now, and it is impossible to let her die.

After all, the rewards given by the system after completing the navigation are really too much.

According to the generosity of the system, this chance reward is definitely worth a lot.

Ye Feng was looking forward to it.

Afterwards, he picked up the kraft paper bag on the table, locked the door and ran downstairs.

Zhongshan Road is not too far from his rental house. It takes about ten minutes to get there by taxi.


This is a dilapidated old community, and it is basically impossible to get a taxi.

Forget it, let's go by bike.

Ye Feng scanned a shared bicycle, and then a system notification sounded in his mind.

"The treasure hunting system is about to guide you, and the route planning has been started for you. Please start along the current road and ride 500 meters ahead, passing Yongkang Road, Xinghua Highway... the whole journey is 8.3 kilometers, and it is estimated to take 25 minutes."

How long does it take to ride a bike?

Ye Feng looked at his phone, and now there are only 28 minutes left before the accident.

Time is running out!

Ye Feng rode on the bicycle and kicked his legs very fast.

In Zhonghai in October, the temperature is still very high.

Although it was only past nine o'clock in the morning, the sun was already vicious, and there were hardly any people on the road.

Occasionally meet one or two, also holding a sun umbrella.

They were puzzled when they saw Ye Feng who was sweating profusely on the bicycle.

Ye Feng didn't have time to pay attention to those people's eyes, he just wanted to rush to Zhongshan Road to save people.

Xia Qiu is very influential in the music world, and she is in full swing. She came to Zhonghai City to hold a concert, and received strong support from Zhonghai officials.

Along the way, Ye Feng found many banners and posters promoting Xiaqiu concert.

On the poster, Xia Qiu is wearing a long red dress, with flying black hair, she is so beautiful.

Worthy of being a national goddess!

I will be able to see the real person soon, and I am excited just thinking about it.

He remembered that his roommate was also a fan of Xia Qiu, um, when the time came, he would ask Xia Qiu for an autograph, and go back and covet that guy...

While thinking wildly, while riding hard.

24 minutes later, Ye Feng came to Zhongshan Road.

"The treasure hunt system continues to guide you. Please follow the current road and reach the end point after 100 meters."

One hundred meters ahead?

Ye Feng wiped the sweat from his forehead and looked up.

There is a traffic light there.

Under the traffic light, there is a fuel tank truck, and behind the fuel tank truck, there is only a Mercedes-Benz saloon.

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