However, this time the Duke of Buckingham did not trust Farry as easily as before.

After a moment of emotion, he picked up his cell phone and called Farry's parents first.

After staying on the phone, she confirmed what Farri said that her parents' business was on the verge of bankruptcy. Then she put down the phone and looked at Farri with distressed eyes, "Since when did you start working part-time?"

"It's been a long time." Farry lowered his head, his voice was soft and weak, "I'm lucky, my temperament and appearance are quite suitable for being a model."

"I just went for an interview, and I was spotted by a modeling agency."

"And the workload is not too heavy, just take two days a week to concentrate on trying on clothes and shooting."

The Duke of Buckingham nodded, and then asked several questions about her part-time job and living expenses.

Farri also responded fluently.

"I'll ask my servant to send you a check later." The Duke of Buckingham looked very distressed after hearing this.

"It's okay to do some part-time jobs on weekdays, but in life, don't be too **** yourself."

"If there is anything you want to buy in the future, or if you need money, just tell your uncle."

Hearing the sound, Farry looked very moved, "Thank you, uncle and grandpa."

As he said that, he looked at the gold bar in the hands of the Duke of Buckingham with some guilt, "I'm really sorry about what happened before, I let you down."

The Duke of Buckingham was already moved with compassion, he glanced at her with some compassion and said, "Just remember this lesson from now on."

Faerui made a gesture and continued to nod.

But Ye Feng sneered, "Duke Buckingham, I'm afraid you will be disappointed."

"She won't see it as a lesson."

"On the contrary, she will only think you are stupid."

"It's easy to cheat."

The Duke of Buckingham's expression froze immediately.

Isabella was a little displeased, and immediately scolded Ye Feng, "How can you talk to the Duke of Buckingham like that?!"

"Farry looks like he really has a hard time, and he really knows he's wrong."


"If you think so, it means you are also blind." Ye Feng interrupted directly.

Then, without waiting for Isabella to get angry and Farry to react, he opened the bedside table next to him, revealing an electric 'toy' and a mess of limited-edition accessories.

"Keep your eyes open and take a good look."

"What's in it?"

"Cartier's limited edition jewelry, more than a dozen pieces! Givenchy's 50th anniversary wallet, Hermes' top luxury crocodile leather handbag!"

After that, he opened another closet of Farri, "There is still here!"

"All kinds of top Lolita skirts, more than thirty sets!"

"Do you think these things can be bought by a person who needs to earn part-time jobs by himself?"

Seeing this scene, Isabella's pupils widened instantly, and the words that were about to attack Ye Feng stopped abruptly.

She stared blankly at the bedside table and wardrobe that Ye Feng had opened, and after a long pause, she finally said, "These... add up to at least a million dollars, right?"

"Also, many of them seem to have been bought recently, and the receipts and labels haven't had time to throw away."

The Duke of Buckingham should also be numb, looking at Farry, his eyes were full of disbelief and deep disappointment, "You, you lied to me again?"

Ye Feng didn't wait for Farrui to answer, and said directly, "To be more precise, it should be that she has been lying to you from the beginning to the end."

"The matter of Little William, the matter of these twelve gold bars, the source of the seven thousand dollars in her mobile bank..."

"And most importantly, the out-of-print Victoria Cross."

"She is just relying on her harmless appearance and Duke Buckingham's generosity, she has been playing you around."

"I don't." At this moment, Farry still wanted to struggle.

But Ye Feng didn't give her a chance to talk, and looked at her oppressively and said, "Then let me ask the last question, what's the matter with the seven thousand dollars in your bank card?"

"Yes, it's my part-time salary."

"What about the out-of-print Victoria Cross? Dare you say it has nothing to do with you?"

"Dare to say! I can swear on my happiness for the rest of my life and the lives of my parents!"

"Okay, then let's stop talking here." Ye Feng didn't ask any more questions, "When I call a friend over, let's continue the chat."

As he spoke, he avoided the Duke of Buckingham, Farry and others, and called John Bull directly.

When John Bull heard that he was going to come out and identify the customers who sold him things, he was originally reluctant.

After all, this is a violation of professional ethics.

Even if Ye Feng is Semiya's boss.

But when Ye Feng pointed out that the person he was asked to identify this time had stolen the Duke of Buckingham's belongings, and he agreed to come here only if he wanted to pay the Duke of Buckingham justice.

Hearing his reaction, Ye Feng gained some new understanding of the Duke of Buckingham's reputation.

After finishing the call with John Bull, he returned to Farry's bedroom without haste.

"Which friend did you call?" Farri should have been a little flustered at the moment, but when he saw him come back, he actually took the initiative to ask.

But Ye Feng didn't bother to talk to her, and just said to the Duke of Buckingham, "There is an old saying in our country, that is, three days after farewell, treat each other with admiration."

"Your Excellency, you watched Farry grow up to be twelve years old."

"But what happened in those years after she was twelve, and how much she changed, you don't know."

A look of pain and deep disappointment flashed in the Duke of Buckingham's eyes, "You are quite right."

"I don't know anything about her from the age of twelve to seventeen."

"It's also time to look at her with the old eyes of a few years ago."

"Mr. Ye, you taught me a good lesson today."

Ye Feng smiled back, "I don't dare to do it in class, it's just a reminder."

"There is an old saying in our Hua country, which is called knowing the face but not the heart."

"Your Excellency, it is better to be more careful in everything in the future."

The Duke of Buckingham nodded, "Besides three days, you should treat each other with admiration, know people, face but not heart."

"very good."

"I have memorized it all."


After speaking, he chatted with Ye Feng again.

Ye Feng was not in a hurry, but just patiently chatted with him about some things.

It wasn't until the phone rang that John Bull told him he had arrived that he stopped talking with the Duke of Buckingham.

And not a while after he reported the location information, a servant led John Bull into the room quickly.

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