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As a rising Formula One race car driver, Ye Ci had always been criticized.

“Aloof and indifferent, unable to be reasoned with.”

“Suspected to have a mental illness, is this person really suitable for the track?”

“He doesn’t really love the sport, racing is just his way of venting his violent emotions.”

Huo Tinglan’s demeanor was always elegant and protective in front of the media, and he said that his husband was just quiet and introverted. After five years of marriage, they respected each other and were quite harmonious.

It was not until Ye Ci died unexpectedly during a race that Huo Tinglan gradually realized . . . . . .

He wasn’t quiet and introverted, but instead lifeless. Before finding his refuge, Ye Ci had gone through too many dark and painful moments.

After enduring years of suffering and longing, Huo Tinglan was unexpectedly reborn. Ye Ci was only eighteen years old this year, and everything was within reach.

Huo Tinglan was cheeky and went directly to his door to ask for a kiss.

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Short Title:FP
Alternate Title:禁止犯规
Author:Lu Tianyi
Weekly Rank:#5337
Monthly Rank:#5061
All Time Rank:#7845
Tags:Arranged Marriage, Cute Story, Devoted Love Interests, Handsome Male Lead, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Misunderstandings, Modern Day, Older Love Interests, Omegaverse, Second Chance, Seme Protagonist,
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12 Comments on “Fouls Prohibited
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  1. Love the story but I accidentally clicked the non-existent "next" button. It was an anti-climactic end. It was short, sweet and nice :)

  2. This is seme protagonist, please do not erase the tag! I already read this novel before this novel entered mtlnovel.com and the MC is Huo Tinglan. I said this because i like seme protagonist and the absent of this tag make me little annoyed. It’s already hard to search danmei with seme MC due to the lack of this kind of danmei…. do not erase the tag to make it harder…

  3. Even though the POV is from both of them, but the story itself mainly starts bc of Huo Tinglan and basically, the story is about how Huo Tinglan save ML by protect, pamper, and giving him the freedom that he wants.

  4. Agree! Some danmei fans really doesn't like seme mc novels, I have even encountered some fans who outright says they like danmei but just hate seme protagonists 🙄

  5. China prohibits “sales of erotic materials”, and in Tianyi's case, she not only self-publish her work but also sold her homoerotic work for consumption of the massess.

  6. It's Lu Tianyi's... NGL I was surprised when I saw that she released a new book.. I guess she wasn't banned to continue her writing works as long as it's under a site catering to readers and won't self published her books

  7. Just type "Tianyi sentenced and imprisoned". It was a big news around 2018. You also might find out some news that Mr. Deep Sea and MXTX was also imprisoned for 4 yrs for self publishing and selling their novels

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