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Forced To Play Shura Field In Western Fantasy Games

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Yu Yuan is an ordinary holographic game player.
But… he starts with a heartthrob BUFF.
in the game.
The blood prince’s voice was hoarse, and he issued an invitation: “Be my princess and stay here forever.”
The new king and the young crown prince simultaneously cornered him: “Make a choice, or we’ll choose for you.”
The lord of the dragon clan raised his wings: “Jewel, go back with me, you are the royal father of the next lord of the dragon clan.”
The Demon King of the Abyss stretched out his tentacles to wrap him tightly…
Various NPCs are trying to use all means to keep him in the game forever.
Yu Yuan: …I see that you are more or less seriously ill.
One second before he went offline, Yu Yuan suddenly realized that as long as he was present, the drop rate of game items was extremely high, and any rare item could be exchanged for a lot of money.
Yu Yuan: …Sorry, I did sit-ups and came back.
From then on, he played the queen of the royal family who forbade Mishinri, was taken back to the dragon’s nest to help hatch the custard cubs, and after turning into a black cat, he let the Pope cuddle the cat in his arms, and untied the knotted tentacles for the Abyss Demon King. …..
Let the NPCs round and flatten, earning props diligently to get rich.
Yu Yuan: Addicted to making money.jpg
#818 A certain two-character player, it is very rare to start a group, I suspect that he has a leg with the copy boss (dog head) #
#Seeing Ou Huang being chased and licked by the three-headed dog, after laughing and smashing the ground on the spot, I choked on water for three consecutive days and fell on the ground while walking#
#Repeat, don’t sell Yu Ouhuang’s related fanboy bad play pictures!!! Asking is taking a huge buyout fee, and the landlord has become rich#
Possessive scheming · Step by step for the camp boss · Attack X pretending to be cute and pitiful · In fact, everything is for making money · Micro-sand sculpture attributes are affected
Lu Mingyuan X Yu Yuan

Read the guide:
1. The in-game attack is finely divided into slices, the only positive attack in reality, the essence is 1V1
2. Change every day at 18:00/23:00, catch bugs at other times
3. Unit drama, there are intersections between different units, Shura field + micro-sand sculpture
4. Anti-theft ratio is 60%, 72h random stamp
5. Demining is all in the first chapter, you can read it before reading the text, thank you (bow)

Content Labels: Game Online Games Sweet Text Future Overhead Western Fantasy
Search keywords: Protagonist: Yu Yuan ┃ Supporting role: Lu Mingyuan ┃ Others: Heartthrob
One-sentence introduction: At the end of the Shura show, he was taken away by the big BOSS
Purpose: work diligently every day, and you will always be rewarded in the end.

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Alternate Title:被迫在西幻游戏玩修罗场
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Monthly Rank:#7084
All Time Rank:#8239
Tags:game world, MMORPG, Multiple Identities, Virtual Reality,
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  1. I think no. Bc it says "The in-game attack is finely divided into slices, the only positive attack in reality the essence is 1V1 " which means that the ml's soul is divided into many souls and he lives in reality as one soul. So there is no harem. 😇😇

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