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While Shen Huai was still acting in the entertainment industry…

Anti-fans all over the internet: Flower-vase actors should just get out from the entertainment industry!

Later, he switched tracks to play e-sports instead, and his team’s fan club collectively protested

―― “E-sports do not need flower vases!”

Before the game, Shen Huai said calmly, “This match is mine.”

The audience: Bah! If you win, we’ll eat our keyboards!

After the game, Shen Huai won the award for MVP.

The audience: Keyboards are really tasty! Boss, when will you reactivate your Weibo?

The fans from the fan club: E-sports don’t need flower vases, but husbands are welcome! Hubby, please be sure to come at me from the front!

This is the story of a small movie star who had his career in e-sports delayed by acting, who finally became a big shot in his own right.

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Short Title:FLTG
Alternate Title:息影后他成了电竞大神
Weekly Rank:#3720
Monthly Rank:#3013
All Time Rank:#7371
Tags:Acting, Battle Competition, Black Belly, Comedic Undertone, Doting Love Interests, Doting Parents, e-Sports, Enemies Become Allies, Game Ranking System, Gamers, Heartwarming, Love at First Sight, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Overpowered Protagonist, Power Couple, Showbiz, Strategic Battles, Teamwork,
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  1. Hola alguien me puede decir porque me sale:    &nbsp en los capítulos. Es una desgracia que no pida leerlos por eso? O como hacen para leer los que ya la están leyendo¿?

  2. Encontré que a partir del capítulo 20 en la mayoría de las novelas que presentan esas letras raras, ya no aparecen más!

  3. Me pasaba lo mismo, y estaba en versión español. Lo puse en versión inglés y cuando se usa el traductor la pagina ya no volvió a salir.

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