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Football Should Be Played Like Me

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Morich: What was the name of the act of you shaking me yesterday?

Lu Yang: Meibo is outstanding.

Morridge: Invented by a guy named Maybo?

Lu Yang: No, it was kicked by a man named Messi. He knocked down World No. 1 David Boateng.

Moric: Why don’t you want to wear the number seven jersey that symbolizes glory?

Lu Yang: Because Real Madrid is gone, there will be no seven in the future! Once I put on that jersey, I am afraid that I will become a nuclear weapon seven who kills without blinking an eye!

Morich: Lu, the upside-down golden hook you scored outside the penalty area yesterday was so handsome, how did you do it?

Lu Yang: Very simple, don’t call me Lu, call me Ibrahimovic!

Moric: How did you manage to save five penalties in one game?

Lu Yang: This starts with the moment card I drew in Santordo…

Lu Yang: Well, you asked me so much, now it’s my turn to ask you. Do you think that Baezami looks a lot like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Majin Buu?

Bayzami: Brother Lu, are you calling me ugly?

Lu Yang: Don’t talk nonsense, this is the biggest compliment we have for young forwards!

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Short Title:FSBPLM
Alternate Title:足球应该像我这样踢
Author:a fat peach
Weekly Rank:#1912
Monthly Rank:#1931
All Time Rank:#3234
Tags:Acting, Charismatic Protagonist, Cheats, Clever Protagonist, Clubs, Comedic Undertone, Fearless Protagonist, Football, Friendship, Late Romance, Male Protagonist, Nationalism, Soccer, System, Weak to Strong,
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  1. ok, until here I really stopped reading it. this is no longer a novel about football player. I don't know what the author was thinking

  2. Review in my vision, mc is gay and with morich wo his best friend that author want, but he get protest cause all his money bank/income is stright so his plan change before gay to straight thats woman name is sofia fiction character, and mc in 1-100/??? Still reject/ have opportunity to fck the girl but mc like eunuc just dissagree and like shy virgin cause not have spirt in the bed"issue his dck cause china and still 16 years old so still smll" and sofia have scandal with other people but mc like protest and not want wear green hat but before in 50--- his relation still friend with sofia wtf mc change his mind fast like idiot or have 2 people inside mc body and mind, and its good fir just about football, not personal life or other story this good just about football and in future thats mc play champion ship with china 30-40 years cause author from china not french.

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