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A diaosi fan who lost money in the World Cup gambling in Brazil went back four years ago and became the second generation of super rich.

He is determined to make his life tough.

He longed to let the whole world remember his name.

Therefore, he decided to earn the most money in the world, buy the best stars in the world, include the biggest female stars in the world, and soak up the most beautiful women in the world.

- Description from MTL


Short Title:FG
Alternate Title:足球豪门
Author:Chen Aiting
Weekly Rank:#1307
Monthly Rank:#1204
All Time Rank:#1157
Tags:Comedic Undertone, Crossover, Family, Family Business, Football, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Narcissistic Protagonist, Poor to Rich, Second Chance, Shameless Protagonist, Sharp-tongued Characters, Soccer,
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8 Comments on “Football Giants
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  1. Ha, just coward protagonist I think it's like cartel you Gambling and losing mc will kill the ball player, but not he just like coward person, and I think mc run Mafia or cartel but mc just rich no connection

  2. naturally, the author of a Chinese novel is definitely a nationalist. because if the author does not reflect Chinese culture. surely a Chinese reader wouldn't want to read it. and no one will want to buy and pay.

  3. Yeah but dont fanatic like, president son like you wife and you dont and the president said for country or for nationalist you wife be my son lover, mhmm like that absolutely

  4. Mc is stupid and trash.. it's like giving a beautiful garland to a monkey , this guy who was so ordinary in is past life suddenly gets a life and has an advantage of knowing the past bt all he knows is talk abt chinese foods and chinese bullshits and try to degrade other nations and waste money like liquid and treating women like a tool and doesn't even respect other people , he likes only the ppl who flatters him, it's like child .. I love chinese novels and there are many good novels and even there are novels which talks grt abt china and their culture , that's fine coz everyone loves their own country bt novels like these which degrade other countries just to make theirs look good is utter trash. And main thing is there is not even a plot in this trash

  5. Membaca novel dengan kesenangan hati meluangkan waktu liburan, istirahat dll bagiku novel yang berisi nasionalisme, patriotik dll ga ngaruh pikiran jaman sekarang tapi tag yang seperti itu bikin muak, males jadi baca novel... Saya mau novel yang secara universal bukan cari novel yg cuma² bagikan budaya negara masing, patriotik masing², ga ada arti universal novel jaman sekarang tidak ada kata positifnya ada nya cuma negatif dengan dari kata Kepentingan Pribadi, negara, keluarga besar politik dan pengusaha besar.. wooii positif dong novel secara universal tag seperti dibandingkan dengan kenyataan lebih kejam

  6. I would really like those people just commenting in reviews shit or other things like bad in football manager novels to atleast read the summary and rate reasonably. I would just like to tell you that this is a comedy and rebirth/business novel. You can not just say its all about Chinese nationalism when in my experience, there is a pretty small amount of that in this novel. And I have read a lot of CN novels. If you can't bear even this amount of nationalism,than you will hate 100% of the chinese novels so please just either stop giving such reviews or just dont read these novels and put your attention to some korean or japanese novels. The only reason I said all this was be because of so many comments like this on so many novels with either just a rating or some curse word. @MTLNOVEL please do something about this. Plz.

  7. Dude, I have also many chinese novels and talking abt their traditional and great culture and all is okay coz that's patriotism and it's good.. because everyone loves their own nation and its not wrong to flaunt about them bt seriously making other countries look bad and comparing them with China so that u can make chinese look good is bullshit.. every countries has thier flaws and advantages.. and its called discrimination and rascism which is very worng. and this story is also not that grt .. there is no plot, stupid mc, women portrayed as tools, utter bullshits etc..

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