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Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

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[Prince Regent VS Princess Chongxi, who will return with a cute baby after five years]

The regent of Tianxia Kingdom, who holds a heavy army in his hands, has power in his hands, and is not close to women, has been poisoned again, and this time he is about to die.

When everyone was worrying that the palace had no successors, a small group who looked exactly like the regent was sent to the gate of the palace.

Only then did they remember that five years ago when the Prince Regent was poisoned for the first time, the concubine daughter of the Yu family was kidnapped by her family to cheer him up.

Because of the same illness, she tried her best to detoxify him, but the day he woke up, she was persecuted by the royal family and disappeared mysteriously.

At this time, when a certain prince saw Xiao Tuanzi, his eyes darkened, “But your mother’s old love for this king is unforgettable, so you recognize your ancestors and return to your ancestors?”

Xiaotuanzi gritted his teeth and said: “No! In a few days, the little Marquis of Xichu will marry the eldest princess, who is my mother. My mother asked me to see if you are dead. Don’t die on the day she gets married. It’s bad luck. ”

As soon as the words fell, a certain tuberculosis prince lifted the quilt, scooped up the little dumpling, and strode out.

“Don’t worry, the king will not die on the day your mother gets married. After all… this king will go to snatch her.”

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Short Title:FYLSBP
Alternate Title:逃婚五年后,带崽撞王爷怀里了
Author:Song Yiqin
Weekly Rank:#1261
Monthly Rank:#1374
All Time Rank:#4385
Tags:Amnesia, Cute Children, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Schemes And Conspiracies,
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9 Comments on “Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent
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  1. Btw, my preferences in novels are sweet, not complicated stuff, no dog blood, a bit of faceslapping cause we need some spice a bit but not that faceslapping where it’s the entire plot so yeah, world building/hopping and etc. So my earlier review might be biased. Up to you. Try it .

  2. Thanks for the info. I don't like excessive faceslaping . It's too tiring to read. I will be like 'come on ,not again' it's like Conan body which attracted problem there and here wherever FL go.

  3. Sigh* i skipped a lot of chapters. Too much faceslapping, misunderstandings, dogblood. The fl had amnesia. Too much conspiracies, like damn it’s just not my cup of tea. It’s your typical Chinese dog blood drama. I just want to slap some characters to death. Stop being a cockroach, just die. Dunno but i don’t like it. Bye Poison testing ✅

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