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At the end of Yuan Dynasty, outside the city of Haozhou, Zhu Yuanzhang picked up a young man, and the Hongwu Emperor has since gained an extra arm. Fight against Yuan soldiers, cross the Yangtze River, destroy Chen Youliang, and defeat Zhang Shicheng. Create Ming and recover Yanyun.

I am everywhere.

Since then, Hongwu has established the country, and there is no regret. Daming’s foundation is solid.

Regarding King Xiao Ming, we need to adopt a four-stage tactic.

First of all, we declare nothing.

Secondly, we say something may have happened, but we don’t have to do anything.

Again, we said that maybe we should do something, but unfortunately we can’t do anything.

In the end, we regret that King Xiao Ming died as a martyr for the country. It would be nice if we did something in the first place.

Someone asked: As Taizu’s first confidant, how can I easily escape the ups and downs and enjoy the whole year?

Zhang Ximeng said modestly: “Servants are just the humble public tools of the Ming Dynasty, used to hold the fruits of Emperor Taizu’s deliberation!”

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Short Title:FMMD
Alternate Title:大明第一臣
Author:History is ashes
Weekly Rank:#669
Monthly Rank:#4454
All Time Rank:#6742
Tags:Cunning Protagonist, Empires, Male Protagonist, Politics, Schemes And Conspiracies,
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  1. Can anyone post the link to the raws? Chapters from 354 are mostly stubs, and I really liked the novel till then. I think I could make the effort of reading through the raws with google translate if I could read it all properly.

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