Speaking of these, Bai Mo is still yearning for.

"Dian Wang, this time the funeral is open, will you go in?" Li Tianming remembers that the Prince of God, Dongyang, seemed to have gone in once.

"We can't get in. There are restrictions on the gates of burial. If you are over 30 years old, you can't get in." Bai Modao.

"This way. Then why did my first ancestor Li Shenzhen go in? He used it for fifty years." Li Tianming asked.

"It is said that because after he returned to the old age, the age is equal to recalculation, so he escaped the restrictions of the funeral." Bai Modao.

"Then my righteous father Li is invincible, can you not go in?" Li Tianming shocked.

"I am afraid not. We have checked. The way of robbery is an extreme type. Unlike the tradition, he did not endure the squandering of life-stricken scams. Instead, he turned the benefits of robbing into realm." His body age has exceeded forty." Bai Modao.

Li Tianming did find that Li was invincible and did not rejuvenate.

He figured it out, if he was in the age of the body, he might be stuck at the point of 30.

Fortunately, when he was in the sacred place, he had a feeling of rejuvenation. The whole person seemed to be a lot younger.

He is long and tender, and now looks like he is seventeen or eight years old.

He estimated that according to the algorithm of the eternal squad, his body age should not exceed thirty!

"Why is this God going to choose people under the age of 30 to go in?" Li Tianming couldn't help but laugh.

"This is a bit more complicated. It is mainly because, for the beastmasters whose potential is the sacred place of heaven and the ancient sacred place, under the age of 30 is a high-explosion period of practice. It is the most ferocious time in life."

"If you miss this age, people's plasticity will be much lower, and many people will be stereotyped. In the holy world, from 30 to 70 years old, the speed of practice continues to decline. Progress is getting harder and harder. To the age of one hundred It is basically the peak of a lifetime. After that, the peak will last until the age of 150. Then it will start to age."

"The limit of the heavenly sanctuary is three hundred years old, but basically two hundred and five or so, people are gone."

Speaking of these, Bai Mo helplessly smiled.

Everyone can't escape the big limit, and people will die after all.

"Destiny, many people think that even if the strong is old and dead, it is still very strong before death. In fact, this is wrong. Because 'old death' is a slow process, starting from the sacred death, the realm begins to collapse, flesh and blood begins to fail The whole process lasts for a hundred years until the leaves fall back to the roots. All the holy elements are given to the heavens and the earth, and all flesh and blood are returned to the earth, and the people will completely exhaust the life and die."

"If an old man, before the longevity of Shouyuan, there will be a big fight, it is purely nonsense."

"In this life, people have plundered the heavens and the earth in the first half of their lives, and they have been plundered by the heavens and the earth in the latter half of their lives.

Bai Mo shook his head and said.

Li Tianming understood what he meant.

The death of war is an exception. If it is old and dead, everything will be empty before death.

White hair, wrinkles, sputum, these are caused by flesh and blood failure.

Once you have these characteristics, then this person is once a strong person, and now is a leap year, no power.

Only Li Tianming's shiny, **** white hair is the exception.

Bai Mo is now about a hundred years old. He seems to be the same as the Suzaku people in his forties. He is younger than the 60-year-old Wei Tiancang. When he looks similar to Wei Tiancang, it is estimated to be one hundred and fifty. It is.

That is the beginning of decline.

Even now, the white silence, repair is impossible to progress!


The sanctuary of the sky claims to have three hundred lifespans, but the real comfort is only one hundred years ahead, and the last hundred years, no difference from the aging of centenarians.

The Emperor of the Three Kingdoms is no different from the mortal.

However, in the next few years, he estimated that there is no such thing.

In the words of the heavenly sanctuary, basically after the age of 100, it is unlikely to have a baby.

The law of heaven and earth is cruel.

and so--

The road to Evergreen will be even more embarrassing!

The kind of eye-opening looks at the power of the body, watching the fear and pain of flesh and blood begin to age, all the strong must bear.

Even the ancient emperor, it must be like this!

"That is to say, the Emperor can never be old and dead. He is an ancient saint. The three hundred years old belong to the peak period. The repair will begin to decline. At least it will drop for more than 100 years. Everything will be zero. Even the beasts are He will be killed by the heavens and the earth."

"Now, he is at most violent. As for how violent, who knows? Maybe it is afraid of aging, suicide."

"In any case, the people of the royal family often do this. They commit suicide during the peak period, and behind a slow death process, no one wants to bear it."

Bai Mo sneered.

A generation of talents, suddenly gone, is also a kind of irony.

Li Tianming, they are still young. Normally, they should not understand Bai Mo and Gan Di, the fear of aging and death.

But in fact, Li Tianming feels deeper because he has just won five years with Tian!

Once it is not successful, after the period of practice, it can only be seen that the beasts dissipated and died within a few years.

Now he is a lot easier.

"Dang Wang, can I enter this ancient burial?" Li Tianming asked.

"That depends on the performance of your fireworks feast."

"The ancient burial was set under the age of 30. It must be the stronger the better. It is basically at least twenty-six years old."

“Speaking of it, it’s the level of the “Nine-headed and Nine-infant talents” of Dongyang’s dust, which can be entered at the age of twenty-two.”

White silence.

"Don't you say that the royal family has controlled the second god? How can we let our people in?" Li Tianming asked.

"Because the royal family and the gods have penetrated into the palace. A long time ago, the royal disciples practiced in the palace because they had too many people and the competition was fierce. Therefore, the Jiang royal family was transferred to us to grab our resources. Since then, there have been more and more disciples in the Daogong, and the disciples of the Jiang royal family and the ancient clan have a lot of strength. Therefore, the royal family also allowed them to enter the burial, so they gave the Daogong some places, but the basics. Above, or their people, get these places."

"The way to decide the quota is also to fight. After all, it lasts for more than 10,000 years, it is fair. And to be honest, the ancient burial has been opened many times. Until today, there seems to be no baby inside, and the rest are small. The gadget is estimated to be only a top-level experience."

"After all, no one can be inside, get the **** of the East Emperor Sword!"

White laughed.

"It turns out." Li Tianming nodded.

"If you want to go into the funeral of the gods, the royal family definitely wants to give you a set of 'fireworks feast." I will ask the palace owner these time to see her thoughts. Your current strength, want to get the funeral in the fireworks feast 'The qualifications are still somewhat difficult. After all, the age of the competitors is much bigger than you. You should practice first."

"Right, it is important to get the source of the ancient gods. If there is any plan, I will inform you in advance. Everything is based on safety." Bai Modao.

"Understand!" Li Tianming nodded.

Since this ancient burial was almost hollowed out, there is nothing to remember.

Prince of God, after today, invites himself to participate in the fireworks feast. How simple would it be?

It must be a trap, waiting for Li Tianming to jump inside.

He does not think that the Prince of God seems to be very polite to himself, will be a good man in the royal family, will ignore his own provocation.

"This Dongyang wind dust is actually a nine-headed talent?"

This surprised Li Tianming.

Because, the nine talents, in the history of the ancient royal family, basically, can be the ancient emperor!

This is the reason why Emperor Sui is extremely decisive and the Dongfeng dust is the Prince.

Even, this is probably the reason why the Emperor of the Sui Dynasty first made a transition to the foundation.

"It seems that if you talk about talent, Dongyang burning is a lot worse than this prince."

"Thirty-year-old, nine-headed talent, just passed the outbreak of the practice, do not know the Prince, what is the realm?"

Li Tianming is a bit curious.

He can be the strongest person in this age group, mainly because of this age group, there is no such person as the Prince of God.

"No matter what, listen to the king of the palace, go to the source of the ancient gods!"

Next, he and his friends separated, they returned to the future hall, and Li Tianming went to the dark hall alone!

I want to see the owner of the Shifang Palace soon. Li Tianming is still a little curious. The singer of the dark hall, the "Night One" is so powerful, what is the existence of the ten-party palace?

The first time I came to the dark hall area, but the guards knew him.

"The boy is good, I am angry!" The uncles on the edge of the gate directly lifted Li Tianming and threw him in.

This is too warm.

"How do you go to Heaven Palace?" Li Tianming asked.

"You look up and look over there. See a mountain?"

"See it!"

"The top of the mountain is the Taoist Temple."

"Right, Li Tianming, waiting for you to have an ancient sacred beast, remember to watch and watch for our brethren, and we are not afraid that we will save you today."

They are cool.

"no problem!"

Li Tianming’s impression of the dark hall was very good.

The people here are very heavy and very loyal.

to be frank--

It’s not that the people of the Shifang Daogong must be good, and the ancient royal family must be bad.

Rather, things are gathered together and people are divided into groups.

Different thinking, clan will and junior education, different growth environments, will create different people.


Li Tianming walked in the dark hall, and people came out from time to time, either knowing it or teasing it.

"I rely on big celebrities to sign a name for my brother."

"The skin is quite white, Li Tianming. Give the uncle a touch."

"Roll, don't bully people, cute, sisters cover him."

"Destiny, are you going to see the palace owner? You can help the brother to report it. The fat beast of the fat man next door is pulling at my door. I apply to the palace owner for a change of land."


I also met many friends along the way...

"Destiny ~ www.mtlnovel.com ~ your kid's sentence today 'Jiu Ming a family', give us a whole blood!"

Obviously, Li Tianming’s performance today made them like this young man.

Li Tianming is a free and easy personality. Basically, the person who comes here does not refuse. As long as the other party does not have a bad thought, he can play together and open a small yellow. Whatever he is, he can be good at...

After a quarter of an hour -

He finally came to Dao Tiangong in the enthusiasm of his brother, sister, uncle and aunts in the dark hall.

The architecture of the Shifang Daogong Palace is elegant and simple. It is basically black and white. In the dense fog of heaven and earth, Taoist Temple looks like ink painting.

The Daotian Palace is not big, and the gate is also a simple wooden door. However, Li Tianming found that many of the sky patterns walked up the walls, which are mysterious and complex, and gathered into a black and white pattern, which has an inconspicuous meaning.

"Destiny, come in."

There was a sudden voice inside.

"Is the palace owner a woman?"

Li Tianming stunned. He was mainly a male strongman who saw his knowledge. He subconsciously thought that the ten-party palace was a man.

This sound sounds very comfortable, not too young, but not too old, probably about the same as the undefeated defending.

"The disciple Li Tianming, come to visit the palace owner."

As he spoke, he gently pushed open the wooden door and went inside. (To be continued)

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