The great emperor Dongyang burned a deep breath and his face was already purple.

On the day of Emperor Li’s prince, he was also such an ugly face.

There are only two times in this life!

"Li Tianming, from today, the entire royal family will remember you!" Many people angered.

"It doesn't matter, I will remember sooner or later."

From the identity of Li Muyang's son, this is doomed to endless!

In this way, the demon enchantment of Shifang Town was closed, and the millions of spectators who had decided to fight in the Tiandi list left, and the sorcerers of the Dark Temple returned.

The ten-party palace, this restored the tranquility of the school.

It’s just in people’s minds that Li Tianming’s ten-party palace has been indifferent to everyone, and has become the first deserved!

Even the entire ancient **** country, the first of this age!

"Dongyang Zhuo's strength is close to my teacher, Ye Shaoqing." Li Tianming secretly said.

He clearly knows how fast his progress is!

Nowadays, the dark arm, the Taiyi Tower, the Taikoo Chaos Beast and the eternal life of the ancients, he is indeed much faster than Li invincible.

With the current strength, returning to the East Royal Kingdom, definitely one of the strong.

Dongyang’s burning is not bad. Li Tianming’s main victory is in many means, accompanied by many beasts, and the identity of the gods. This time, Hailingshu really helped a lot.

After all, this is the battle in the Ten Thousand Heavens.

In other environments, you have to force yourself into the Bohai Sea, and the other party may not stay in it.

"Normally, even if you add a child, it is still difficult to fight the seventh place."

"However, I immediately have the source of the ancient gods."

Thinking of this, Li Tianming laughed.


At this time, several kings and the dark temple main night, came to his side.

"Dr. Li Tianming, see the overnight master." Li Tianming said.

"You have done a good job. If you have nothing to do, go to the dark hall, 'Day Tiangong', and ask the palace owner to get the ancient source of the gods. I will be ready for you." The night laughed.


"I am discouraged, savvy, and talented. I am much better than your father."

"My father is very bullish." Li Tianming laughed.

"The cow is a cow, it is a very embarrassing look, very ill." Night together.

He was only domineering and unparalleled, and pressed Dongyang to burn his face, but in private conversation, Li Tianming discovered that this is also a good elder, and he is very tempered.

"Yes, I will go first, don't forget your ancient source of God." Night together.

"The Lord of the House is assured."

If the baby forgets, it is a problem with the brain.

When the night left, the people of the ancient royal family had not finished.

At this moment--

Ginger darkened their five kings, with a group of men with fighting, came to the eyes of Li Tianming.

"Destiny, this is the Prince of God." Bai Mo faintly introduced.

Li Tianming heard about it some time ago. This is the ninth son of Emperor Sui, named ‘Dongyang Dust’.

After Emperor Sui became king, he decided to establish him as a prince in three days!

It is said that Dongyang is very young and is the ninth son of Emperor Sui.

There was a black gauze on his face, but Li Tianming could still see that his face was strange because half of it was black and not like a birthmark.

He blinked and could feel that the Prince of God in front of him was a very scary person.

The horror is not the strength, but the eyes and the will, which is much stronger than Dongyang.

Dongyang has a temper, and this one is very deep.

It is strange to be a Prince of God. If there are no talents or means.

Li Tianming is a bit curious, how many heads can his companion beast?

At this time, the Prince of God has been chilling with the night, Bai Mo, and then looked over and asked:

"Li Tianming, your strength and speed of practice are amazing, I admire."

"His Royal Highness has won the prize." Li Tianming said.

"I can't be wrong. Your future is definitely a generation of gods."

"Right, after a while, it is the most solemn 'Fireworks Festival' in the Kingdom of God."

"My father, I will have a party at that time. If you don't expect it, you will enter the invitation list."

The Prince of God is not too slow to speak, very style.

All the ancient royals who were present at the scene were all willing to kill Li Tianming, but he did not.

At least, I can't see the killing, but it really seems to have appreciation.

"Destiny, still not thank you, Xia Taizi?" Bai Mo pointed.

Li Tianming arranged to do it, thanked him for a pass.

However, he did not know anything about the so-called 'Fireworks Festival feast'.

"On the day of the ‘Fireworks Feast,’ my father will also see the performance of the disciples. The young disciples of the Taoist palace have performed well over the years, and we have compared our Dongyang royal family.”

"Maybe, this year, the Tao Palace can have more disciples and have the quota for the burial of the ancients."

The Prince of God smiled slightly.

"Prince is joking. When the ‘the ancient burial’ was opened, not the descendants of the royal family accounted for more than four-fifths. The Taoist disciple, for almost a few hundred years, had nothing to gain.” Bai Moier said.

"This time, maybe not the same." Prince of God.

"I don't know if the Prince can be overaged?" Bai Mo asked.

"This ‘the ancient burial’ was opened too early, more than forty years before the prediction. It may be that God wants to go, I just can go in once.”

"The ancient burial was the first miracle of the mainland. It created the Taoist palace and created our ancient royal family. Even if it is just to visit, it will be used endlessly."

The Prince of God sighed.

"Prince is really lucky. Since ancient times, no one has been able to enter the ancient burial twice. In this respect, the Prince can be regarded as the first person in the ages." Bai Mo said that it is a compliment, but the tone is relatively cold.

"The king of the future will laugh, and the last time I got nothing, this time I won't be too good."

"After all, the fascination of ‘the ancient burial’ is not something that I can see through. Only the big chances of the generation can make a huge harvest and come out to create history.”

The Prince of God is envious.

After he finished speaking, he looked at Li Tianming and squinted his eyes and said, "I see, Li Tianming is such a person."

"The eyes of His Royal Highness are really good." Li Tianming smiled as well.

The other party raised himself four times, and Li Tianming was too lazy to say something like ‘over-reward’.

This hypocritical dialogue is a waste of time.

"Haha..." Prince of God and the people around him laughed together.

"Destiny, the day of the Fireworks Festival, you must come, you are very interesting. With you, you will be very lively." Prince of God Road.

Li Tianming is undecided, specific details, he still wants to ask questions.

"Everyone, leave."

After they finished, they left in laughter, and they were responsible for giving away.


After they leave -

Bai Mo patted Li Tianming's shoulder gently and said: "Today is doing a good job. Your growth rate is fierce than that of Li. You have opened this head and pressed the royal family. Next, we can take a step. Step action."

"A small matter." Li Tianming said.

"In order to kill you, a million holy crystals have been taken out, Dongyang burning is really willing." Weisheng rain shook his head.

This thing Dongyangzhuo admitted, therefore, they did not think too much into the depths.

"Dian Wang." Li Tianming looked at the future king.

"I know that you want to ask ‘fireworks feast’ and ‘the ancient burial’, and let’s talk while walking.” Bai Modao.


After the battle, Li Tianming has now become the most discerning disciple of the Shifang Daogong. No matter where he goes, many people look at him with ‘awe’ eyes.

Even the descendants of Jiang's royal family.

At the beginning, many people had opinions and criticisms, and now they are basically convinced.

Even the nine dynasty people dare to scream for export, and there are still dark soldiers and horses to protect him. Who will dare to provoke them in the future?

"Destiny, you have heard that the ancient kingdom of God was born in the kingdom of ‘God’?” On the way, Bai Mo asked.

"I heard that, is it true?" Li Tianming asked.

"Of course not. This is the reverie of the ordinary people. We have never seen God."

"The height of God, the ancient sacred place can only look up. But one thing is undeniable, that is - there is a 'Tomb" on the kingdom of the ancient gods!"

"And, this tomb still exists today, and it has been close to 100,000 years of history!"

White default truth.

"God's tomb?" Li Tianming stayed.


"Why is it OK to go to the tomb of God? Is there an inscription indicating that this is the tomb of God on certain?" Li Tianming curiously asked.

"Of course not." Bai Mo smiled and said: "But, there have been many people who have seen it in tens of thousands of years. I have been there once in my youth. I can be sure that it is definitely a creation of God." Those things that are unbelievable are pale and weak in words. Only when you really see them, you will understand that only God can die in such a place!"

His words are full of affirmation.

Around him, Li Tianming, Ye Lingfeng, Jiang Yan and Li Xiaoyu all showed their longing for a longing.

"There is one more important proof!" Bai Modao.

They raised their ears.

"Once, the ancestor of our ten-party palace, in the ancient burial of the ancients, got the first demon of this territory, the 'Tenfang Town Magic Pillar', and since then, it has risen to create the Shifang Daogong and become the largest sect. Control the territory of the ancient gods of the country for 30,000 years."

"Once, the ancestors of the Nine-Ming family were also in the ancient burial of the ancients, and they got the second relic "revolutionary mirror." From then on, they became the ancient royal family, defeated the Dojo Palace, established the Kingdom of God, and ruled to this day!"

"So, whether it is the Shifangdao Palace or the ancient royal family, it has risen because of ‘the ancient burial.’ Otherwise, the Kingdom of God is estimated to be a wilderness, and the small ancestral gate is standing.”

Bai Mo introduced.

To be honest, Li Tianming was shocked.

"The two great gods must come from the real god! This obviously shows that the place is buried with God! The power and creation of the magic pillar and the reincarnation mirror of Shifang Town also prove this." Bai Modao.

"Wait..." Li Tianming was shocked, and he suddenly remembered a little, so he took out the East Emperor Sword.

White laughed and said: "Yes, Donghuangjian and Taiyi Tower are all from the 'Ancient burial of the ancients.' It is the income of your first ancestor Li Shen. The difference between them and the other two great gods is that they have not been so far. They have been excavated with all the power, and they refused people outside the Li clan. If you can dig these two kinds of objects in the future into the revolving mirror and the Shifang Zhenzhu, It can also create a bigger country of God."

"Great." Li Tianming has always heard that Donghuangjian and Taiyi Tower are gods, and they are the gods forged by God. He always thought that it was just an unfounded guess. I didn't expect that they really had a history!

"It sounds like the ancient burial of the ancients is the origin of the strong in the territory of the kingdom of God." Li whispered and spit out his tongue, some amazed.

"The whisper is right." Bai Mo smiled, then said: "The ancient burial, located in the Shenguo battlefield of the Kingdom of God, is located in the northern part of the gods. Currently completely controlled by the kingdom of God, the country of God even built on it. A city is known as the 'second **** capital', or it is called 'Shen Yuan God Capital'. There are a large number of ancient royal strong people sitting in the town."

"This burial will also open?" Li Tianming asked.

"Of course. If you don't open it, how can the ancestors go in? Generally speaking, it is normal to open it for more than 50 years. It may take hundreds of years for a long time. There is no law to follow."

"However, every time the ancient burial was opened, it would bring three major earthquakes to the 'Second Capital' as a harbinger. Three months ago, the Second God had already earthquaked three times. According to historical experience, after the Fireworks Festival, the ancient burial was Will open."

"This time it was only opened in the last time, it was only eight years!"

"From the record point of view, this time interval is the shortest in history."

"So, we are very shocked."

"So -"

"We suspect that nothing has changed in the burial of the gods?"

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