Millions of seats in the battlefield that stood for many years, so they were directly trampled by the ancient royal family!

The hustle and bustle of the building is instantly ruined.

How much hatred does this have?

This shows that the pride and hegemony of the ancient royal family have never been so provocative!

So that these people, these people will only spurt their eyes, staring at Li Tianming.

Everyone is doing something.

That is, attacking the ‘10-party road enchantment’!

Bang -! !

I don't know how many attacks, so I blasted on the ten-party road enchantment.

Once the ten-party celestial enchantment was broken, Li Tianming was very likely to be attacked by these royal elders and instantly crushed into powder.

At least 100,000 ancient royals, sentenced him to death, and the foreigner with the Jiuzu!

In these scenes, Li Tianming can only say that it is too spectacular.

"Brother, the nine characters of the nine meditations, did they touch their taboos?" Jiang Yan asked.

"Yes." Li Tianming said that he would nod his head.

"Then you still play so exciting..." Jiang Yan said.

"I am waiting for my husband, I am not afraid of this scene." Li Tianming from the channel.

"Are you sure?" Jiang Yan can see that the ten-party road enchantment is now shaking.

Most likely, it will be broken immediately!

"Haha, I am joking. In fact, it is the king of the palace. They let me provoke the royal family after winning the first place."

"Gang Jiangyu has forgotten me so much. Sure enough, it is still the best of the nine characters."

Li Tianming said.

"It turns out that they want to do what Wang Wang wants?" Jiang Yan relaxed a little.

"The royal family is fighting for power outside, they may not care. But now is a good time."

"The palace owner wants to take the opportunity to pull up some people from the Dojo!"

Li Tianming squinted his eyes.

At least six kings and their partisans are the targets of the Dojo Palace.

"What does this have to do with your provocation?" Jiang asked.

"I am igniting," Li Tianming said.

When the fire is up, it will start to burn, and chances will come out one by one.

This has to make the **** dark people can not be embarrassed, let them jump.

For example, now, several kings of the ancient royal family, plus Dongyang burning, their faces are purple-red!

Dongyang Chong has already attacked the other side of the ancient royal family and attacked the ten-party road enchantment. After all, it is his son who is now stepping on his feet!

Even the king of the East, ‘Ginger’, was violent, and if it wasn’t for the dead spirit, Wang Jiang stopped him, and he was expected to shoot.

After all, Bai Mo, they are staring at them!

Seeing, the ten-party road enchantment will be broken.

Just at this time -

"Who dares to scatter in my ten-party palace and destroy the foundation of my palace!"

"The invasion of foreign enemies, the squad of the 'Ten Party Corps' is dispatched!!"

A thick and majestic voice swept across the whole scene, almost at the next moment, in the depths of the Dojo Palace, suddenly appeared densely, like a cloud-like army!

For the first person, wearing a black armor, wearing a helmet, black cloak behind him, a pair of black eyelids with horrible hole penetration!

He is the one who spoke just now.

"There is an enemy invasion, attacking the ten-party road enchantment, killing!!!"

The man screamed and spurred the dark temples and rushed out. This scene scared the disciples of the Daogong down the road and did not dare to move.

Most of the millions of spectators in the Ten Thousand-Day Battlefield have already retired, and only tens of thousands of ancient royals are still attacking the ten-party celestial enchantment.

At the moment -

Several times the dark hall of the beastmaster, appeared in front of their eyes, and then oppressed without saying anything!

This absolutely scared the ancient royals!


In an emergency, Dongyang was burned with five kings, including Jiang Di, Jiang Yan, Jiang Silhouette, Zhao Shenhong and Wei Ji, and was intercepted in front of the Dark Knight.

"Misunderstanding! Everyone, it is a misunderstanding!"

"Night, don't do it!"

Until they came out, the dense army of the dark hall stopped their steps, but the murderous still remained.

"Ginger dark, ginger, **** silhouette, you three are born in the royal family, come out to explain, why the royal family attacked my ten-party palace for no reason!" The man wearing a black armor, named 'night one', has a low voice and a cold eyes. .

"It is really a misunderstanding, there is no attack, just want to break the ten-party road enchantment..." Jiang dark headache.

"The ten-party road enchantment is the defense enchantment of the Taoist palace. Is this a declaration of war to us? Do you represent the Taoist palace or the ancient royal family?" asked the night.

"What about declaring war on you?" Dongyang burned anger and rushed forward, gazing at him.

"Daogong is a place of practice, but it has also been passed down for tens of thousands of years. In the past few years, Daogong has sent talents to the kingdom of God. If you wait for the indiscriminate attack, I will wait for the dark warriors to swear to guard the palace. At least today, you don't want to live out!" The night sounded like a clock.

"Kill!!" The dark hall soldiers shouted in unison.

I will know at a glance, where is this school? This is clearly a well-trained army!

This killing word is deafening, so that Dongyang burning will take a step back.

The royal family madly attacked the ten-party road enchantment, and the Taoist Palace swears to guard the defensive, which sounds reasonable.

Once a conflict occurs, the royal family suffers losses and passes out. The horror will feel that the ancient royal family did a mentally retarded thing when the situation was chaotic.

In the unlikely event of a heavy loss, Dongyang Burn can't afford this responsibility, and Jiang Di can't afford it either.

Even at this time -


In the distance, the magic pillar of Shifang Town suddenly vibrates!

A black sky force was born from the black Tianzhu, sweeping away, instantly obscuring the sky, forming a hemispherical sky enchantment, covering the entire ten-party palace.

For a time, the palace was caught in the darkness, as if the night had come!

"Tenfang Town Magic Enemy!!"

For a time, many ancient royals were even more sluggish.

To be honest, they were angry at the day, and now they are basically scared.

As long as you have a little experience, you know what the meaning of the magical enchantment in Shifang Town!

"This is closing the dog?" Li Tianming was a little shocked.

He did not expect the reaction of the Dark Palace to be so strong. It seems that they are also adapting according to their own performance!

"This ten-party town of the magic enchantment, so terrible, actually existed in the magic pillar of the ten square town." Jiang Yan's spirit, spit out his tongue, it is cute.

"I remember that the future King of the Temple told me that this ten-party town of the enchantment is that the Tao Palace can stay in the gods for tens of thousands of years, and has not been annihilated by the royal family." Li Tianming said.

"This enchantment is so powerful, will it be played today?" Jiang Yan asked.

"Obviously not, the dark hall is to give a horse, so that the royal family should not be too arrogant."

"After all, the palace owner said that he should wait and see what is going on, just take the opportunity to clean up the interior of the palace."

Li Tianming said.

Now the ancient royal family lost the ancient emperor, a little bit of the meaning of the tiger fell Pingyang, but the Tao Palace side, for the time being, do not want to act rashly.

Anyway, the other party has no reincarnation mirror.

Now, they just want to pull out the mites in the body!

Li Tianming sometimes looks very violent, but in fact he has calculations in his heart.

Now this situation, backed by the Dojo Palace, and strive to improve himself is his only way.

Only in this way can he protect his family and know what happened to Li Muyang and the Princess of Heaven!

As Li Tianming expected -

The demon world of Shifang Town came out, and the ‘the dark temple master’ night, directly blaming the royal family for the ‘invasion and attacking the ten-party palace’, the tens of thousands of ancient royals who had only started, immediately smashed.

"These people are used to being bullies, and they think that the whole country of God is their enslaved land. Wherever they can scatter wildly." Li Tianming sneered.

When they were angry, they wanted to destroy the ten-party battlefield. When the dark hall did not exist?

At this time, the ancient royal family could only calm the anger and stand still together, and the five kings had to explain to the night of the dark temple.

"Is this really true? Isn't it going to attack the Dojo?" asked the night seriously.

"No, absolutely not." Ginger dark wolf shouted.

"That's all right, Jiang is dark, after all, the three of you are out of the ancient royal family. Although they are the people of our Taoist palace, there are still some things that still have to be explained to them. We respect the Kingdom of God and respect the royal family, but don't forget We also have the courage to preserve the heritage!" Night together.

"Know, know, it will be clear." Jiang nodded.

"What did you say about the cause of the incident? A disciple, what to say?" asked the night.

The four words, Jiang said darkly.

"This thing, our palace master changed the day to bring this disciple to the Emperor Sui, and apologizes on the line, and there is no need to mobilize the public. After all, the child is unscrupulous."

"Your tens of thousands of elders have to break the ten-party celestial enchantment and he cares about it, making people laugh."

I laughed at night.

Ginger dark, what can they say?

They must know that Li Tianming is only ignited. The real trouble is: the Shifangdao Palace wants to pack them!

On identity, they entered the Taoist palace, and the Ming Dynasty was still dominated by the Taoist palace. Once they stood on the side of the royal family, the Taoist palace had reason to clean them.

The position identity has always been before the family identity.

Now, the ancient royal family is even more wrong, especially those who have just started.

"Is it so?" Dongyang burned the eyes of the fire.

"You go back and ask you, what can he do? He wants to chase Dongyang Mausoleum, he can't manage the Taoist palace. Now there are fewer opponents?" Jiang glared at him.

"My grandfather died, and even the cats and dogs in the Daogong Temple came out to the wild! Very good, one day, they will be extinct!" Dongyang was inflated with blue veins.

"Don't say this kind of thing. If it can be destroyed, the kingdom of God will be destroyed before it is established. Will it let them survive to the present? You are a vegetarian in the town of Shifang Town!" Jiang Yan said without words.

Obviously, they can only eat cockroaches.

"Dongyang burns, people who take you quickly go!"

"Let's walk." Dongyang burned and looked at Li Tianming, who was calm and relaxed, and sneered.


"Wait." Li Tianming shouted.

After that, he used Donghuangjian to lift Dongyang’s head and threw it to Dongyang to burn it. “Take it back, a bucket, enough.”

However, he forgot that the ten-party road enchantment is still there.

Ever since, Dongyang’s head hit the enchantment and fell off and played several times.

The scene was dead...

"Well, oh." Li Tianming licked his face. (To be continued)

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