One person and three beasts, everyone is eye-catching!

Li Tianming fluttered and the wings of the sky shone!

Of course, the East Emperor Sword is even more powerful!


A double-headed dragon, running on the land, shaking the ground.

On top of its head, a small phoenix burning in flames, a black cat that continually swayed the back half, with black thunder and glaring eyes, each on a dragon head!

"Flaming, your lunch is coming. Two snacks, one main meal, is your favorite dragon and the accompanying beast." Dongyang burned a head of the poisonous sword magic Yang nine infants, sneer.


This behemoth is fierce and violent, just like a fierce beast.


Its huge four feet were shocked on the ground, locking the biggest blue waste of the body. The two giant beasts are like two mountains, so they collide together!

Hey! !

For a time, the dust rolled over the sky!

Compared with the blue shortage, the poison sword magic Yang nine infants do have the advantage of the Shengyuan.

However, this kind of collision is more testing the strength of the flesh and blood, so the two beasts have not regressed!

However, there are seven poison swords on the head of this poison sword, and there are seven poisonous swords on the head!


The fire is transformed into a avatar by purgatory fire, and shuttles through the flames of the other side, passing under the chest and abdomen.

Its red eyes have been fixed on the other side's weaknesses!


But at this time, the blue wilderness and this behemoth are rolling on the ground!

Another melee!

In front of Li Tianming's eyes, Dongyang Xing held a black 三 弑 拥有 拥有 拥有 , , , , , 这一 这一 这一 这一 这一 这一 ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

He suddenly appeared, and displayed the trenches, and came to the blue wilderness biting the head of the poisoned sword, the magical nine baby, and the head of the dragon!

Everything is dead! !

This move is very strong, obviously the sacred war, which means that Li Tianming’s advantage in this respect is being caught up!

As soon as the meteor falls, the power of the black scorpion **** is shocking, and Dongyang Zhuo is very confident in himself, so he laughs!

"The son of the beast, what do you compare with me, then, I let you taste all the pains of the world!"

He thought that he could kill the blue wilderness in an instant, but he did not expect the thunder to fall from the sky!

This is a chaotic chaos!

It is covered with nine chaotic mines, and it has been blasted several times in a row.

Just at this time!

Li Tianming took the East Emperor Sword and killed it from the side, blocking the first shackles of these days!

Dangdang! !

The weapon confrontation, the other powerful force, actually fluttered Li Tianming!


Jiang Yan’s space wall blocked Dongyang’s burning path and finally solved the blue crisis.

However, the poison sword, the magic Yang, nine infants have too many heads, and they have taken seven poisonous swords, and they continue to smash into the blue wilderness. In the blue wilderness of the mountain, they have worn several holes!

Fortunately, the fire and the cockroach appear in time!

The **** of the soul chasing soul has already taken effect, and continues to invade each other's blood, but to be honest, the other party's flames brought by the ancient source of the gods, the power is much stronger than its poisonous blood claws!


The fire of the fire is so powerful that it has been enhanced by the change of its feathers!

Now, the sky fire feathers are like the pouring rain, tied to each other's eggs!

What is amazing is that the egg of the poisonous sword, the magical nine-infant, is very hard. Although the other party screams and let go of the blue shortage, the injury is not too heavy, but it is violent and angry!

All this is explained

Dongyang’s opponent is a **** battle, and there is a chance!

So far, the blue wilderness has been wounded, although there is not much venom in the body, but continue, who knows what will happen!

"You are dead!" Dongyang burning is like anger and warrior, killing again with a smirk!


It is too early to say such a thing now.

Just between this calcium carbide fire

In the hands of Li Tianming, there are five sea blue sky books directly!

This is Hailing Book!

Ginger has already checked the book of Hailing, but this is the work of Li Tianming, belonging to the battle of the gods!


At the same time, he also mobilized all the Hailing books on his body. This is his own money, and he is worthy of the sacred crystal. However, in order to win this opponent, Li Tianming used it!

"Blue waste, it’s time for you to worry, don't hesitate!!"

"Now, what do you want to fight back!!"

Although this is very good, but the blue wilderness eats this set...

This little boy just gave a slap in the air, and it was a fire in his heart. Let Li Tianming say this, and this temper would come up.

Roar! ! !

The two dragons were screaming.

Its battlefield is coming!

Five books of Hailing!


It’s like a sea of ​​sand, suddenly squatting in the battlefield of the Ten Square Road!

Here is the closed sky enchantment. For a time, half of the space inside the enchantment is completely filled with water!

The firefly flew in the other half!

喵喵 Lightning Thunder, the body is small, galloping on the sea, the problem is not big.

The wing of Heaven of Li Tianming can be turned into a fin, and the Haitian omnipotent, plus his own Taiji Hongmeng body, can be stronger under water.

As for the blue

The Bohai environment, the accompanying beast of any water property, is a headache, especially for it now.


The nine-fold sea in the abdomen of the abdomen has rotated, and now it is the overlord of this Bohai Sea!


For a time, it turned upside down!

The key is

Whether it is Dongyang burning or poison sword magic Yang nine infants, they are all pure fire attributes, and the body is huge and will not fly!


At the beginning, the poison sword, the magical yang, and the nine infants all sank, completely sinking to the bottom!

This is not real water, but the sky is made, so it is not so easy for the other party to burn it!

At this moment, a fierce behemoth, in this seabed, rushed at a horrible speed, has not arrived, the sea of ​​the sky has hit the opponent's body!

"killed it!!"

The fire is hung on the blue dragon's dragon head, and it is also next to it!

Haotian electric prison!

This door is very fast in the Bohai Sea!


The other party uses the magical power to ‘the devil’s coming!’

Seven heads, light and flames converge, condense into a dark red sun under the water!


Before this, Haotian electric prisoner was on its body, and the **** in the blood of the soul chasing the soul at the same time detonated!



The magical power of the coming of the magic day, the explosion on the spot, let the sea boil, and smoked.

This poison sword, the magical yang, nine infants, and then display the magical fire of the sky!

If it is displayed, the entire Bohai Sea is highly toxic, it is also a trouble!


The blue smashed up, the dragon claws, the dragon head and the dragon tail used together, and the opponent was held down by the sea water, and the mad and violent blow!

It is extremely fast in the water, and it is as sensitive as it is!

Roar! !

A stroke of Hong Meng sound waves, roaring against the opponent's ears!

In the water, the vibration of this sound attack is more intense, let the poison sword magic Yang nine infants on the spot seven blood flow!

"I will come to die, let's die!!"

Just in the blue wilderness and turned into the chaos of the emperor, the moment of holding the behemoth, the sword of the fire is like the rain of the sky, slamming down.

Hey! !

Seven heads, fourteen eyes, all blasted!

Roar! !

Poison Sword Magic Yang Jiuying issued a tragic scream, crazy struggle!

next moment

Its screams are for a desperate!

Because, the fire has already circled behind it, in the blue wilderness, the release of Hongmeng sound waves, when the mad electric shock, it is a red fire sword, smashed the egg of this poison sword magic Yang nine baby!

"Chicken Guard has helped you to sterilize, and the next six are clean, so that you can shine in front of Laozi!"

Lost eyes and baby's poison sword, the magical nine baby, is a scorpion in this sea, it is thick and thick, and now even the opponent can not see.

Next, you can only kill anyone!

"Turtle brother, hey, you play with it slowly, I am going to help Li Tianming." Ying Huodao.

It just struggling to go upstream, and immediately returned, because Li Tianming said, do not need it to help.


They are three, only need to be at this bottom of the sea, slowly play this ‘virus sword magic Yang nine baby’ on it!

"Chicken brother, its beastmaster just said that we are two snacks, the turtle brother is lunch, it seems that this guy likes to eat the accompanying beast!"

"Good, then, let's cut down our heads one by one! I can see how it can be eaten!"

Between the words, the blue wilderness has already shattered one of its skulls, instantly smashing blood and dyeing the red sea!


Another battlefield

The poisonous sword, the magical yang, and the nine infants were trapped at the bottom of the sea, and the sound of a scream was so horrible that it made the ‘Dongyang Zhuan’ heart rush!

Obviously, this is the benefit that Hailing Book brings to Li Tianming!

The fluorescing fire reversed the battle and brought a lot of trouble to Dongyang.

When they checked, they read Hailingshu, but they did not expect that the role of blue water in the water is so great!

With its containment, the fire can only be used to kill!

The cooperation of their three brothers is also a huge combat power bonus!

Because of their different types, three fires, or three blue wastes, there is absolutely no such lethality.

Plus the chicken brother is the core of the team, the team brain, on the spot command plus behind the sneak attack. A strong man, may be killed by a strong child, plus two small children with a knife.

Now Dongyang’s accompanying beast’s eyes are gone, the egg is gone, and it is beaten in the water. This way, it’s obviously dead.

Dongyang Zhuo rushed down again and again, and wanted support, which was blocked by Li Tianming!

He knows that once the companion is finished, he will almost be finished in the future!

Moreover, this is a battle of life and death. If the companion beast of Li Tianming is back, he will die!

Unfortunately, he thought of this, Li Tianming knows.

"Don't go, don't you spend a million crystals to buy my life? Come and send it to you!"

Li Tianming sneered, holding the East Emperor Sword and smashing it up.

Dongyang angered and tumbling, he has been blocked several times, in this emergency, he can only think of another way!

That is to kill Li Tianming before his companion animal died!

He can only let ‘flame flames’ hold on!

"Li Tianming!"

The raging Dongyang smoldered on the water and turned into a black fire, and instantly slammed into Li Tianming.

God's third sword!


The confrontation between the Eastern Emperor Sword and the Black Devil's Scorpion has wiped out the glare of the fire!

Obviously, Li Tianming has a wing of the sky, and there is a time field and a space wall to block, making him much more flexible than Dongyang.

He also went to the sea the same day, easily and even rolled the sea, and involved each other!


The two killed up.

Just at this time


When the poison sword is the last head of the nine-infant, and the fire is cut off, the accompanying beast screams and is completely killed!

At that moment, Dongyang was so devastated!

He knows that his future is half finished!

His face is completely blue, and people have fallen into madness.

And madness is often a prelude to death.

"You are dead, you are dead!!" When he spoke, his teeth were smashing, and he ran again in the bottom of the sea!

"Is it?"

Li Tianming looked like blood.


The wing of the sky is shaking, and he is moving too fast.


At this time, the East Emperor Sword was divided into two.

"Dongyang Zhuo, I just entangled with you, not to beat you, just let you, first look at your companion beast to die!"

"Now it is your turn!!!"

This time, it is his real outbreak!

On the golden East Emperor's sword, four forces gather, flames, thunder, sea, mountains!

He punctures the sword with the most violent power!

God's fourth sword! !

"Glyphs and small tricks!" Dongyang anger and anger, and once again show the life and death of the heavens, this is the strongest!

when! !

He won!

His strength advantage, oppressed the sword of the fourth sword of the gods, let Li Tianming's golden Donghuang sword fly out.


Dongyang Zhuo is about to laugh, and went to the life of Li Tianming!

Just at this time

A sudden appearance of the black East Emperor Sword, also contains the violent power of the fourth sword of the gods, almost stabbed at the same time!

This sword is instantly stuck in the mouth of the ‘Dongyang Zhuo’ that is about to laugh!

Hey! !

Black East Emperor Sword, worn out from the back of his head!

At that moment, Dongyang Zhuo still kept the smile that thought he could kill Li Tianming. The whole person, instantly killed, no longer moving!


Li Tianming pulled out the black sword and attracted the golden East Emperor Sword.


A head fell on his hand.

Hey! !

At the same time ~www.mtlnovel.com~ Hailing Book's effect disappeared, the sea water instantly dissipated, so he fell on the battlefield.

But to be honest, the sea does not disappear, and people outside can see everything!

They clearly saw that the seven heads of the 'Poison Sword Magic Nine Baby' were all cut off, bloody, like a meat mountain, piled up on the battlefield.

They also saw that the body of Emperor Sun 'dongyangzhuo' fell to the ground, while his head kept a laughing expression and was put in the hands of Li Tianming.

this moment

Li Tianming smiled and looked up slightly!

In the eyes of the public, he threw Dongyang’s head on the ground, then stretched out his foot and stepped on the face of Dongyang’s burning! !

The setting sun is a bit dazzling.

He rubbed his eyes and then smiled and asked:

"Do you have such a dish in the ancient royal family!"

"The so-called first day of the age of twenty, is this the ability?"

He was dumbfounded, a very wrong look.

After laughing, he said a word and said loudly:

"Or do you say that this is not the ancient royal family, but the ‘nine family?’!!”

When the last four words were swept over the battlefield.

In an instant

The million seats in the entire ten-party road battlefield collapsed instantly and the brick walls collapsed!

An earthquake, from the Shifangdao Palace, shocks the gods! !

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