Obviously, at this time, the ancient royal family and Li Tianming, the anger did not calm down.

The ancient royal family could not tolerate being provocative and rebellious.

Li Tianming could not tolerate it. They repeated it twice and started to attack Jiang Yan.

"Of course we have not lost. Isn't this still a long time? The Temple of the Dead, and no one has not appeared yet!" The big prince who had been cold-eyed, "Dongyang Burning," suddenly grinned.

What does it mean?

"Everyone." The King of the Dead, Jiang Jiang, smiled softly and said: "My Necronomic Hall, a new disciple was collected. Dongyang Zhuo, come over!"

How can this name, the **** of the people, be unfamiliar?

Emperor Sui had just ascended the throne, and his emperor and the emperor had no way to compare. Now they can surname Dongyang, and they are all descendants of Emperor Sui, this is the core of the ancient royal family!

Exclusively enjoy the cultivation resources of the Imperial City!

"Dongyang Zhuo, that is the son of the great emperor Dongyang, the emperor's emperor!"

"Yes, it is him! God is a junior under the age of twenty, he is the first person!"

"He wants to be a disciple of the Ten Commandments?"

"You don't understand this, just hang up a name."

For a time, under the attention of everyone, a look of sorrow, a smirk in the corner of his mouth, loose and sturdy, a little sling, appeared in the darkness of Jiang and Dongyang.

"Sure enough, he is Dongyang!"

For a time, many ancient royals laughed.

In general, they all know what Jiang Shen and Dongyang are going to do.

Jiang Yu did not become a device, and sure enough, they left their backs.

It seems that in order to let the juniors, in this delicate situation, to live in the ten-party palace, they think very thoughtfully.

Locking the soul of the dead book plus Dong Yangzhuo, Li Tianming can still hold?

Just, I am afraid that it is Ginger. They don’t know now, who is the soulless book?

"Dongyang Zhuo, you first go to the town of Magic Road to challenge, get the qualification of the top 100, I will arrange for you." Jiang secretly.

Now that the situation has changed, Dongyang Zhuo has just entered the palace and immediately became a challenger. The rules did not say that this is not the case.

How can it be difficult to kill the top ten with the strength of the first genius of the ancient **** country under the age of 20?

Ginger secretly arranged for his opponent, and the other party confessed one by one. In less than a quarter of an hour, he could challenge Li Tianming here.

"Ginger dark, why bother, who does not know the strength of this Dongyang royal family? The whole list of who he wants to challenge, direct election is." Bai Mo faint.

"The king of the future, this is what you said? If so, Dongyang Zhuo, you can choose directly." Jiang secretly.

Between them speaking, Bai Mo called Li Tianming to his side.

"This person is very strong, God is the first, you may not be able to deal with it." Bai Modao.

"What state?"

"The seventh place of the earth is holy, and there are ancient holy beasts. Seven heads." Bai Modao.

"Get it, try it."

"Well, if you can't find it, don't be reluctant. Today you have done the ultimate and achieved our goal. It's fine to leave them a face, everything is life-threatening." Bai Modao.

"But, I don't want to give them a face." Li Tianming looked sternly.

“Just because you almost died on the ‘Locked Soul Book’?”

"No, because Jiang Yu is attacking the deaf."


They are outside, that is not visible.

"The king of the palace is relieved, just rely on him, I may lose, but I can't die."

The light is the wing of the sky, the other is not the holy place of heaven, and there is no way to take him.

"it is good."

Li Tianming slaughtered the incompetent Jiang Yu, and he was as angry as he was on the cotton. He had no focus at all.

And now -

Finally came out a Dongyang royalty!

Look at this Dongyang Zhuo’s look of smirk, it’s really awkward, and Li Tian’s anger is burning up immediately!

"Li Tianming?" Dongyang burned his mouth. He stood on a high place and looked at it with a contemptuous look.

"The words you just said sounded very kind. If so, I will tell you - the book of the soul of the dead, I gave Jiang Yu!"

Many people understand this, and sigh that Dongyangzhuo is just a grandson, and there are millions of crystals!

Obviously, the money comes from his Dongyang burning!

Dong Yangzhuo enjoyed this kind of gaze and he continued:

"I see you like a grasshopper, it's awkward everywhere, people look down on appetite, so I want him to kill you, and God is clean."

"I didn't expect that these kings would protect you as a pro-son. You have a face."

After that, I gave a thumbs up to Li Tianming.

"So, are you going to challenge me now?" Li Tianming's anger, finally found the venting goal.

Since it is the soul-shelning book of Dongyang Zhuo, then the thoughts are accessible!

Can you take revenge on the spot, is it even better?

"Of course! I also want to be the first in the local list. Since you are so kind and so beautiful, then I will ask you-"

"Do you have the courage to fight a life and death with me!"

"Only a living person can leave this ten-party battlefield until it is cut off! You dare?"

Dongyang burned and laughed.

"Is it right?" Li Tianming remembered that the four words were familiar. He remembered it. The last time he slammed his breath, he was late for Lin Biao.

There was also a life-and-death battle in the celestial enchantment. He died and died, and he died of Yuwen!

This time, the ancient royal family Dongyang Zhuo, said the same thing to him.

"Why, are you scared?" Dongyang stunned and laughed. "Before you force it, remember to think about it, can you afford it?"

For a time, everyone laughed.

Li Tianming looked at him with a cold smile.

"Life and death can be done, it can be cut off. But who knows that you have to be in the ring, will there be other cards that are not yours? So far, all the royal opponents I have defeated, except for suicide, It is only illegal to use the sky book to vent their incompetence, maybe, this is what you call the Dongyang royalty."

This sentence is said to be exported, the whole scene is dead.

Obviously, Li Tianming was not scared, but instead they were humiliated by Jiang Chengfeng and Jiang Yu.

Let them be in the gods, the people who are used to being overlord, become angry and angry!

"This is simple, check each other. It is related to the violation of the cards, so that the elders are all taken away." Dongyang smoldering eyes cold cold, like a fire burning.

"Come on!!"

Li Tianming is so simple, he directly returned the two life-saving books that Bai Mo gave to him, and then let the **** check, while Bai Mo they looked serious, and also searched Dongyang.

"Dian Wang, I like to smash the corpse, the coffin for Li Tianming, just a little. The human body looks big, but after the split, a small bucket can be squeezed in." Dongyang Burning and laughing.

Bai Mo is too lazy to take care of him. For so many years, what scenes did he have, and what ancient royals have not seen?

"Ten-party road enchantment, closed, constant gas, not open!"

For a time, everyone was eye-catching and even sensational!

The first person of the ancient royal family under the age of 20, confronted the son of the former Qilin ancient clan Li Muyang!

What is this list of decisive battles?

This is the killing of fate and dignity!

At this moment, everything that has been carried out on the battlefield of the ten squares has already surpassed the scope of the list!


On the battlefield, two young lives are in place!

Li Tianming, Dongyang Zhuo!

They are like a fire!

An angry raging, a chilly cold!

Li Tianming's three companion animals are not the first to appear, but they are a lot of incredible places, still attracting attention and talking!

Eternal Purgatory Phoenix!

Chao Chao Thunder at the beginning!

Tai Chi Hong Meng Xiao Long!

These three great Chaos behemoths, if not become a companion beast from scratch, how can the so-called 'Ancient Saints' look up in front of them?

In front of them -

Dongyang Zhuo stood on a nine-baby companion with a body close to the blue wilderness. This is what Li Tianming has seen so far, the biggest one is nine infants!

It has seven heads that prove the talent level of Dongyang.

The ancient great emperor in history, its accompanying beasts are normally eight heads or more, with seven. If you go well in the future, you can have the identity close to the emperor!

Li Tianming saw seventy stars from his eyes!

Sure enough, this is the seventh-order holy beast, which is the ancient holy beast.

This is the first seventh-order sacred beast that Li Tianming encountered. Its name is: Poison Sword Magic Yang Jiuying!

It is a giant beast with dark red heavy scales. It is thick and fleshy, and it seems to have several peaks on the back. It is slightly similar to the shape of the blue wilderness. However, its head is more and more slender, like a snake but has a mouth of a giant crocodile.

The most fierce thing about it is that it has a horn like a long sword on top of its seven heads. The long horn burns a dark red flame, the sharpest part, and the dark red venom!

The fire in it burned, and when it burned, it was like a dark red sun, which caused the temperature of the entire battlefield to rise.

Compared with all other companion animals, this poison sword is a special kind of breath, thick and old, with blood pressure, enough to make other non-ancient sacred beasts, it is said that this breath is called 'the ancient Qi', this is the magical atmosphere contained in the ancient source of the gods, but also a powerful reason for the ancient sacred beast!

It can be seen that the son of the Emperor of the Sui Dynasty is really fierce than Jiang Yu. In front of him, Jiang Yu’s six-six-six-sacred beasts of the sixty-nine stars are like nephews.

"Are you afraid? Do you feel the so-called ancient sacred beasts?" Li Tianming asked ~www.mtlnovel.com~ There was a hair, I only saw it with a lot of eggs! ”

"Now, it has many horses, and how bad it will be after the battle."

Yingyin smiled and his face was already dark.

"Chicken brothers get it! They are bullying the old, I can't stand it!" He first pinched the egg and then angered.

"Are you sure you are so confident? It is high in your five realms." Li Tianming said.

He has the whirlpool of the East Emperor, there are three major springs, and there are also children who are attached to the spirit. Even if they are five different, they will not suffer too much in strength.

"The last time I arrived at the realm of the Holy Land, the flesh and blood changed more, the chicken lord can also become a melee madman, don't look at this guy's skin is thick and thick, I first cut its head." Yinghuo laughed.

They are really true.

Even Li Tianming has the advantage of flesh and blood, not to mention them, and in this respect, the blue wilderness is a hard explosion.

Thinking of the blue shortage, Li Tianming looked at the mountain around him and was completely relieved.

To be honest, if they are single-handed, they are not afraid of the sixth important companion in the Holy Land. Although the gap in the realm is large, the power gap is not so big!

The key is--

In the case of the beastmaster and companion beasts who deal with this fire attribute, Li Tianming has a very effective card in the case of his immunity to the fire-fire property!

And this card is the root cause of his dare to fight!

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