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First Day In Game, I Got Ten Billion From Infinite Number Of Check-ins

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[Congratulations to the host for binding the Shenhao check-in system. 】

Sign in and check in to get rewards!

[Successfully signed in on time and obtained one billion assets. 】

[Sign in successfully, get the handsome face of the exiled fairy. 】

[Successfully checked in at Dongshan Villa, and obtained the ownership of Dongshan Villa. 】

Ever since the sign-in and clock-in system was bound, Chen Yun was either checking in or on the way to clock in.

From then on, amidst the wild flowers and the worship of the heroes, a brilliant god rose up.

In the world, I am the only one who has the name of a god!

(No vulgar routines, daily funny flow, welcome to watch)

Group number: 691163859 Welcome to join the group for communication!

It can be based on fan value and I want an administrator.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:FDIG
Alternate Title:神豪从签到打卡开始
Author:Iron head gourd baby
Weekly Rank:#521
Monthly Rank:#689
All Time Rank:#1231
Tags:Cheats, Cruel Characters, Dense Protagonist, Harem, Poor to Rich, Racism, Selfish Protagonist, Sudden Wealth, System,
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34 Comments on “First Day In Game, I Got Ten Billion From Infinite Number Of Check-ins
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  1. Bro wtf is this, I swear they skipped like 10-20 chapters a couple of times during the story, I'm at 318 and I have 0 idea what's going on now

  2. In chapters 350's mc is a sss level warrior but took whole chapters fight against s level warriors 😓 I am confused. And many things are not clear why Ayton base forgot him or why huaxia military forget him etc.

  3. 😂🤣 man I reading this because it has only 549 chapters.. Or else I would have left early if I knew that this was messed up story combining two stories 😑😓

  4. After 350s I think it's a different story. Because in the chapter 400s or more mc has a different storyline with a different net worth 🤯🥴😱⚡️ fk I am totally confused, is the author suffering from memory loss or something 🤬

  5. Ch 90- is he no longer getting his 8x multiplier on the things won from check in? He should have either gotten 8thousand year medicines or 8-thousand year medicines right?

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