At the moment when Wu Xing came ashore, an invisible shackle fell off Wu Xing's body. At this time, Wu Xing understood everything that the big river was actually the legendary river of destiny.

The dots of light in the river are creatures drifting in the river of destiny, and there are also many light spots on the bank, but those light spots are all very huge without exception, and some look like stars.

However, in the distance of the river of destiny, Wu Xing also saw a lot of huge light spots still floating in the river water, which can only be seen when standing on the bank.

Going ashore from the river of fate means breaking free from fate and no longer being affected by fate.

It's just that Wu Xing is a little puzzled. It stands to reason that he wants to surpass the fate of fate. This is absolutely only the top powerhouse can do. For example, the light spots on the shore are huge without exception. In contrast, Wu Xing is like an ant in front of these star-like points of light.

Moreover, some of the same huge light spots are still drifting in the river of destiny.

"Could it be the fragments of time and space artifacts?"

Suddenly Wu Xing thought of the time and space artifact fragments on his body. It is true that Wu Xing broke away from the fate of this time due to the fragments of the temporal artifact, but this is only one of them.

In addition, there are the seeds of the world, and the power of the Martial Star himself, and the Martial Star can break free from the fate. This is the result of the superposition of many factors.

But I have to say that Wu Xing's current strength can break free from the fate of fate, which is absolutely unique. No, a small spot of light suddenly appeared on the bank of the river of destiny, which also immediately caused those stars-like lights. Point of attention.

Moreover, Wu Xing discovered a somewhat familiar aura in these huge star-like light spots, "Remember to give back to others if you are delicious." When a message came, Wu Xing knew who it was.

Unexpectedly, that foodie is so awesome, because the spot that represents Pele is definitely the largest on the shore.

Bailey's breath surrounded Wu Xing, and suddenly, the breath of other light spots flashed decisively. Over the years, he had accumulated a little treasure, but he could no longer withstand the evil.

Without being disturbed by outsiders, Wu Xing can practice on the bank of the Destiny River with peace of mind. After some time, Wu Xing's consciousness left the river of Destiny. This means that Wu Xing has officially established a foothold on the bank of the Destiny River.


When Wu Xing opened his eyes, he found that he was actually buried. Yes, he was buried. The last time Wu Xing was in retreat, he randomly found a cave in the wild to retreat. Now this cave has collapsed.

"I'll go, how many years have been in retreat this time."

Wu Xing stripped away the soil that buried him. At this moment, Wu Xing realized that his strength had surpassed the realm of the Great Magister. According to the words of the Void Powerful, this should be the realm of the gods. And it is a **** who transcends the shackles of fate.

"The world has changed a lot."

Wu Xing walks on the bustling streets in the center, where magic and technology are perfectly integrated. This is the world a thousand years later.

This means that Wu Xing swam in the River of Destiny for a thousand years before swimming to the shore.

It's just that this unfamiliar world made Wu Xing feel a little confused. The world has changed so much, then, the people he knows are still there, and he still recognizes him.

"little stars!"

In the confusion of Wu Xing, a cry of surprise came. Then, a girl with perfect long legs in the school uniform of the Magic Academy ran over, and then plunged into Wu Xing's arms.

"Little Xingxing, where have you been all these years!" Wu Yue said unhappy with her mouth bulging.

Looking at Wu Yue, who was unhappy, but his eyes were full of joy, Wu Xing did not react for a while. Where did this destiny change?

While Wu Xing was stunned, Wu Yue tweeted about the events of these years. First of all, Zhu Waner had recovered under Tianzhu’s treatment. Yes, it was completely recovered. Wu Xing changed his destiny, which means Zhu Waner’s Fate has also changed.

But after Wu Xing went to the Central Capital, there was no news. Wu Yue missed it very much. After graduating from the Magic Academy in Xiangzhou, Wu Yue applied for the Magic Academy in the Central Capital to look for Wuxing.

Therefore, today Wu Yue found Wu Xing.

Listening to Wu Yue’s words, Wu Xing couldn’t help showing a smile. He already understood where his destiny had changed. Because the external environment had nothing to do with Wu Xing, it had undergone earth-shaking changes, and there was a causal connection with Wu Xing. The change is not great, because Wuxing has detached from the fate, and the power of destiny can't change the Wuxing, and even the people who have a cause and effect with the Wuxing are also weakened by the destiny. This means that the people Wu Xing is familiar with are still there and still know him.

However, the relationship between Wu Xing and Wu Yue has changed. As Zhu Wan'er's destiny changes, Wu Xing's changes should be the biggest, but Wu Xing has transcended the fate of fate, so the power of destiny can only be changed forcibly.

Therefore, under the influence of the power of destiny, Zhu Waner successfully gave birth to a girl to replace the Martial Star after she recovered. At the moment, that little loli is going to school in Xiangzhou.

As for the relationship between Wu Xing and Wu Yue, the relationship between Wu Xing and Wu Yue was continued when he traveled through time and space for the first time. Although fate has changed a little, this is already the best result for Wu Xing.

If he hadn't escaped the shackles of fate, God knew where the flood of fate would rush him.

"Wu Xing, you succeeded!"

To appease Wu Yue, Wu Xing came to the Guardian Organization and found Liang Yan. When Wu Xing appeared, Liang Yan couldn't help but smile. It can be said that in the whole world, only Liang Yan is the only one who knows the true origin of Wu Xing. That... Oh, and that foodie.

Thinking of that foodie, Wu Xing handed Liang Yan the artifact fragments at that time. Wu Xing, who had been detached from the fate, was of little use to him, but for Liang Yan, the fragments of the artifact were not. Is the most suitable baby.

Taking advantage of the time when the food was coming back to the baby, Wu Xing was going to let Liang Yan use this artifact fragment to see if he could break through the bottleneck of the Great Magister.

If there is a **** in a world, then it is truly safe. As for Wu Xing who has broken free of fate, this time and space can no longer restrain him. As long as Wu Xing wants, he can break through the void and go to other worlds at any time.

"Well, I will try my best to break through before Bailey wants to return to the artifact After receiving the fragment from Wu Xing, Liang Yan nodded.

"Ahem, if you don't have time, you can put a few small cat dolls around. It has a miraculous effect." Breaking through the Great Magister is not an easy task, so it shouldn't be a problem to borrow a little more time.

Leaving the Guardian organization, Wu Xing stretched his waist, facing Wu Yue who was running over, and said: "Sao Yue, you call me brother, brother will take you to eat delicious food."

"do not want!"

Hearing this, Wu Yue refused without hesitation.

"Do you want that powerful martial arts?"

"do not want!"

"Powerful magic equipment..."

"No, the little star is the little star, the little star of others!" Wu Yue bulged her mouth.


Looking at the stubborn Wu Yue, Wu Xing was also helpless. He was already a big brother who was detached from the fate of fate, but he still couldn't let Wu Yue call his brother.

As they spoke, the figures of the two gradually disappeared into the crowd.



The story of the fighter in the age of magic has now come to an end. Compared with the previous books, this book has a lot less content. Speaking of which, when I was writing this book, I was in a hurry. When I was writing about Mengshen, I encountered a river crab, and many chapters were blocked.

At that time, I was thinking about writing the female ghost sword, um, the kind of sexual transformation, but I temporarily gave up because of the river crab, and rewritten the fighter.

Many of the skills of a fighter are punches and kicks. This is a test of ability to describe, and it is difficult to write. This time it is obvious that I am inadequate and my writing is broken.

Poor grades are also a reason for the end.

As for the issue of the new book, I am also hesitating, whether to continue writing the dungeon series, or change the subject first, and continue to write the dungeon series when the level improves.

Well, let's prepare for a while, and we will send out new books at that time to inform everyone!

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