In the tranquility before the storm, the earth is also developing rapidly. Wuxing killed so many void powerhouses to accelerate the germination of the world seed, and then the world seed brought rich returns to the world, rich The magic power and denser magic net.

Nowadays, masters of the great magician level have been born in this world, and the various cultivation methods obtained from those void powerhouses have evolved into various cultivation systems after people's research.

Magic civilization is progressing, but technological civilization has not fallen, especially now that the only effective method on earth to deal with the powerful in the void is the nuclear weapons of technological civilization.

Therefore, all countries are now spending a lot of money to develop new types of nuclear weapons to deal with the virtual powerhouses that may emerge at any time.

The emergence of Wuxing has allowed the civilization of this earth to remain uninterrupted. Therefore, it is basically predictable in the future that this world will be the development of technological civilization and magic civilization at the same time.

Of course, the premise is that it needs to block the final counterattack of the next void powerhouse.

Therefore, Wu Xing is also practicing with all his strength. Although Wu Xing has entered the realm of the Great Magister, has reached the limit of power in this world, and has reached the limit of strength, his fighting skills can still be improved.

In the training dojo, powerful apostles such as the Tyrannosaurus King Bakar, Ozma of Chaos, and DiRigi of Plague are the current targets of martial stars. Fighting with this powerful apostle has a huge effect on the improvement of the fighting power of the martial artist.

Wu Xing and other countries are working hard to cultivate and develop, and the woman hiding in the dark is not idle, she is also preparing in secret.

Finally in the morning.

Cracks suddenly appeared in the sky, and then more and more cracks.


Accompanied by a sound like glass shattering, the void shattered and then a group of figures exuding a powerful atmosphere descended.

"The barrier of this world is getting stronger and stronger. This may be our last chance." Among the figures that came, one figure said.

"Enough this time."

Hearing this, there was an empty powerhouse who immediately took the call, and this time they had a total of ten incarnations of the Great Magister level. With such strength, let alone a native, even the world can be completely destroyed.

The arrival of the strong in the void instantly triggered the alarm of the entire world. Immediately, all kinds of ballistic missiles and strategic bombers entered the fighting state, ready to carry out a carpet attack on the strong in the void.

Today's earth, under the nourishment of the seed of the world, is actually enough to resist this nuclear bomb washing the ground, not to mention that they have martial stars.

At the moment when the Void Powerful came, the three incarnations of Wu Xing had already appeared.

Facing the ten powerful masters of the void, this is a huge pressure for Wu Xing, but Wu Xing did not have the slightest timidity in his heart. He fought against those powerful apostles in the training dojo, and tempered the will of Wu Xing extremely. Tough.

Not to mention that Wu Xing still has a hole card, after all, only three incarnations of Wu Xing are exposed.

However, the last incarnation of the Martial Star is not ready to be exposed easily, but is ready to wait for the woman to appear and say that compared to these menacing void powerhouses, the female void powerhouse is the most troublesome for Wuxing. .

Since the last hole card could not be easily taken out, in order to relieve the pressure on this side, Wu Xing immediately ordered the launch of nuclear bombs.


After receiving Wu Xing's message, ballistic missiles that were already on standby have fired volleys from all over the world. After these years of development, the nuclear technology on the earth has now been greatly improved. Therefore, in just a few breaths, the latest nuclear bomb has arrived.

For those who are powerful in the void of nuclear bombs, they dare not care, if they are the deity, they are not afraid of such forbidden weapons, but their incarnations have to be careful.

Of course, Wu Xing would not give them a chance to intercept the nuclear bomb, and the three incarnations directly dragged each other into battle.


At this moment, the nuclear bomb that arrived exploded 100 meters above the crowd. It dealt with those who are the strongest in the void. The direct damage of the nuclear bomb was very low. The nuclear bomb that really had an effect on those who were strong in the void was nuclear radiation. Allow nuclear radiation to spread more widely.

The violent spread of nuclear radiation immediately dissipated the magic power in this area, and also weakened the bodies of those who were strong in the void by magical power, which caused the pressure on Wu Xing to be greatly reduced. A martial arts star without magic is not afraid of nuclear bomb radiation.


After the first wave of nuclear bombs, it will be the second wave immediately. The Void powerhouse at the level of the Grand Magister needs to be continuously suppressed with nuclear weapons.

With the help of nuclear weapons, the three incarnations of Wu Xing stubbornly resisted ten masters of the void at the level of the Great Magister.


As the battle continued, the power consumption of Wuxing and those void powerhouses was huge, and the two sides had no choice but to temporarily stop.

"What a wonderful battle!"

Just when the two sides temporarily stopped, a voice came slowly, and the woman who had been hiding appeared unexpectedly at this moment.

From the woman's point of view, now is the best time to seize the seed of the world. The martial arts and those in the void are exhausted. She can successfully seize the seed of the world, and then kill everyone present, and now the barrier of the world has become Strengthen, other emptiness experts can no longer come over.

This means that she can completely refine the Seed of the World here quietly.

"You finally showed up."

Seeing the woman appeared, Wu Xing couldn't help smiling at the corners of his mouth. With the appearance of the woman, all the void powerhouses in this world are already here. This means that Wu Xing only needs to kill the eleven void powerhouses in front of him, then this The world is safe.


Wu Xing's reaction caused the woman to frown, but in her opinion, this indigenous person should have exhausted his strength, and there is no other threatening person in this world except this indigenous person.


Suddenly, when the woman was surprised, a strong emptiness shouted.

In the voice of the void powerhouse, another martial star walked slowly, and at this moment, this martial star exuded a calming natural aura, and at the same time a long golden hair was fluttering in the breeze.

This long golden hair was actually not Wu Xing's original hair color, but the surging power of thought energy filled his body, causing Wu Xing's hair to also turn golden.


Seeing the appearance of the fourth martial star, everyone was shocked. This native has three incarnations enough to shock people, but he actually has a fourth one, and this fourth incarnation seems to be even stronger.

That’s right, the power of Wu Xing’s Nian Qi incarnation is far greater than the other three incarnations, because Wu Xing’s Nian Qi incarnation carries the Seed of the World on its body, and draws on the endless natural power of the Seed of the World, the Nian Qi of Wu Xing. Qi gained explosive growth.

"Huh, pretending to be!"

There was a huge omission in the plan, which made the woman's heart full of irritation, but now there was no time to remedy it. The only thing she could do was to directly kill this incarnation of the Martial Star and **** the seed of the world.

Facing the murdered woman, Wu Xing’s Nian Qi incarnation slowly raised his hand. Suddenly, a dazzling light balloon appeared, not only in the hands of Wu Xing, but countless light balloons appeared in the sky. . Many chanting balloons illuminate the earth like stars.

At this time, Wu Xing's body slowly lifted into the sky, sitting cross-legged in the air, with his hands forming a seal. At the moment when Wu Xing's hands were forming a seal, countless balloons in the sky began to gather behind the Martial Star, countless thoughts. The balloon finally turned into a sun.

A sun condensed by mind, the brilliance of this sun has even overshadowed the real sun in the sky.

"Zen, unity!"

Wu Xing's gaze scanned below quietly, and afterwards, Wu Xing closed his hands, the huge Nian Qi sun burst behind him, and everything was unified.

"Damn it, **** it!"

Feeling her body quickly dissipating under the rays of the sun burst, the woman's heart was full of unwillingness, she failed, she failed again.

However, unwilling to be reconciled, at the last moment, she threw a ray of consciousness into the void and kept a glimmer of hope for herself.

As for the other Void Experts, they were directly annihilated by Wu Xing's thought energy power when they were almost consumed.

It can be said that with the help of the power of the seed of the world, the attack of the martial artist had surpassed the level of the great magister at that instant.

"it's over!"

When all the Void powerhouses on the earth are wiped out, it means that the crisis is completely lifted. Now, as the magic net covers the earth, it is no longer possible for those Void powerhouses to come over.

Of course, this does not mean that the next development will be smooth sailing. The external threats are gone, and the internal contradictions will be stimulated, but this is also inevitable.

Wu Xing can only solve external threats. As for this internal threat, Wu Xing can't control it. Of course, the future Mage Union, Guardian Organization, and Magic Academy should be able to stabilize the overall situation.

After leaving a retreat to the world, Wu Xing completely disappeared, because his mission had been completed, but he could not go back without Liang Yan, so he could only find a place to retreat.

Wu Xing is ready to merge the four avatars of the Grand Magister level again. Last time, Wu Xing merged the four avatars of the Grand Magus level and broke through to the realm of the magister, so this time it will surpass the realm of the magister.

At the moment when the four incarnations merged, Wu Xing's consciousness was guided by some force into a strange river glowing with stars. "Where is this?" Wu Xing looked at the turbulent river around him and swam hard towards the river bank.

However, this big river seemed to be boundless, no matter how Wu Xing swam, he didn't see the approach of the river bank at all.

But at the moment Wuxing has nothing to do except swim ashore, because the power of Wuxing in the river can't be used at all.

After swimming in the river for a long time, Wu Xing finally approached the river bank. Then Wu Xing reached out and grabbed the river bank, exhausted all his strength, and climbed up from the river.

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