When the woman stared at Wu Xing vigilantly, Wu Xing's figure disappeared in an instant. The next moment Wu Xing appeared in front of the woman, his fist blasted over with a monstrous flame.


The woman’s combat experience is naturally not weak. At the critical moment, a magic shield was quickly gathered and blocked in front of her. Wu Xing’s fist bombarded the woman’s shield. The flames exploded, and the sky full of flames even rendered the sky into Red.


The woman's shield also collapsed under the powerful punch of Wu Xing, but soon the woman quickly made up one.

But at this time, Wu Xing disappeared once, and then the woman felt a monstrous breath behind her. Wu Xing's attack arrived at once.

Facing the powerful attack from the martial star quickly and swiftly, the woman who lost the first move can only keep on defending.

However, under long-term defense, there will inevitably be omissions. Even if there are no omissions, the attack of the Martial Star is enough to make the omission. As long as there is any omission at any moment, the Martial Star in the weak point perception state will quickly detect it, and then, a stronger attack than before. arrival.


This punch martial artist directly defeated the woman's magic shield, and his fist hit the woman like a bamboo, sending her away.

"The Seed of the World is here for you first, but you have to be prepared to face everyone." The woman wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth. She knew she couldn't get the Martial Star now, or could not easily get it, to her. As long as it can't be easily won, she won't make a move.

Her opponent is not only the Martial Star, but there are other Void Powers. If she and Martial Star hurt both, then they will be picked up by others.

Therefore, she chose to retreat now and let Wu Xing and other void powerhouses consume first, and then she will come to the fisherman to profit.


When the woman left, the flames on Wu Xing's body also dissipated. Afterwards, Wu Xing coughed violently, igniting the fire of life and soul, and attacked desperately. This gave Wu Xing a powerful force while also giving He brought a lot of side effects.

"Master Wuxing!"

Seeing this, Luo Yun in the distance rushed over in surprise.

"Nothing serious, let's go!"

Wu Xing waved his hand, and then led Luo Yun and others to leave quickly.

Although the woman was successfully repelled, the battle had just begun. Just as the woman said, the martial artist had to hold the seed of the world and he needed to be an enemy of all the powerful in the void.


Returning to the headquarters, Luo Yun suddenly widened his eyes and looked at the two martial stars in front of him. That's right, they were two martial stars.

The martial artist who fought with that woman just now should be the incarnation of Wu Xing in Sanda to be precise, but now this one is the incarnation of Street Fighter.

Sanda System and Street Fighter System, these were also the first two incarnations of Wu Xing to break through. After these two incarnations broke through, Wu Xing was also dispatched immediately.

As for the Judo and Nianqi incarnations, the martial artist is still cultivating, but with the seed of the world, the martial artist feels that the breakthrough of the remaining two incarnations will be sooner or later.

The two incarnations of Sanda and Street Fighter, the combat power of the two Great Magisters, are also the confidence that Wuxing dares to seize the seed of the world.

"Next it's our turn to counterattack." Wu Xing said to the commanders of various countries.

"Your Excellency Wuxing, we are already on standby!" After being aggrieved for so long, everyone can finally start to exhale.


All the void powerhouses looked at the dissipated World Seed, and their faces were very ugly. They were bloodied, and in the end this World Seed was actually a fake.

"not good!"

Suddenly, someone reacted, and immediately everyone returned, but there was still Luo Yun's shadow on the scene, and the traces of the battle between Wuxing and the woman shocked many Void experts. There has been a battle at the level of the Great Magister.

There are a lot of Void Powers who have descended on the earth, but most of them are at the level of Magisters, and there are not many at the level of Grand Magisters. After all, the cost of lowering the incarnation of the level of Grand Magisters is very high.

"who is it?"

Two great magisters, this had to make the Void powerhouse present be wary of them, because these were two hidden great magisters.

While the void powerhouses were secretly wary of the two unknown great magisters, the two incarnations of Wu Xing quietly left, and began to travel to America, Europe, Africa and other places to eliminate the void powerhouses there.

The emergence of the World Seed, in fact, not all the Void Powerfuls have come. Some thought they were insufficient and gave up this competition. Of course, this abandonment is not a complete abandonment, but abandoning the fight by force to obtain the World Seed. There are many ways to do so, and force is just one of them.

What Wu Xing had to do now was to clear out these void powerhouses first, and then deal with the stronger ones.

People from all over the world provided news to Wu Xing. The location clues of those Void Powers were clear to Wu Xing at a glance. Then the incarnation of the Great Magister level descended and directly killed those Void Powers at the Magister level.

And the death of every powerhouse in the void will bring a powerful magical power to this world, and these magical powers are definitely very good nourishment for the seed of the world that is taking root.

Every time the sprouts of the seed of the world grow a little bit, it will bring a deeper magic net to the whole world and bring more pure magic power.

The disappearance of a large number of Void Powerfuls naturally attracted the attention of other Void Powerfuls. Although other Void Powerfuls disappeared, this lacked competitors, but the inexplicable disappearance also made people wary.

Of course, the more important thing now is to look for the seed of the world. This is the root of everything. Among them, the Void Powerhouse whom Luo Yun had trusted returned quickly, and he asked Luo Yun about the situation.

"My lord, that seed of the world was taken away by a strong female." Facing the question, Luo Yun did not hesitate to buckle the pot on the woman.

"I see."

Hearing this, the void strong man frowned. After Luo Yun's description, he had guessed who this woman was, and this person made him feel a little bit tricky. During this period, the emptiness powerhouse did not doubt the possibility of Luo Yun lying, because he was unworthy.

The weak don't even have the power to lie. It's a pity that the strong in the void still underestimated Luo Yun. In terms of strength, Luo Yun is an ant in front of the strong in the void, but Luo Yun is definitely not weak in acting.

At this time, Luo Yun's secretary quickly stepped forward with a copy of the information, and then handed it to Luo Yun. This information was specially encrypted, so even the strong in the void would not be able to see anything from it.

"My lord, the latest news, that woman has appeared in the north." Luo Yun glanced at the information in his hands, and then said with joy on his face.


The strong man in the void spit out two words directly.

Luo Yun also quickly reported a coordinate. The next moment the figure of the Void Strong disappeared. Looking at the disappearing Void Strong, Luo Yun couldn't help wiping the sweat from his forehead and acted in front of a Void Strong. And it is definitely not an easy task to successfully conceal the other party.

"Commander, can Your Excellency Wu Xing defeat this void powerhouse?" The secretary beside him was a little uneasy.


Luo Yun said with firm eyes.

This encrypted information was sent by Wu Xing, in order to let him lead the Void Powerhouse to the designated area. After that, Wu Xing shot and killed it.

Wu Xing's goal is to prepare to wipe out all the void powerhouses on the earth.


The Void Expert arrived at the destination soon after obtaining the coordinates, "I heard that there is a native of good strength in this world, so this is you." The Void Expert came to the destination, looking at the martial star ahead, road.

After he came to the earth, he naturally collected some news, such as the forbidden weapons of this world, and a native of good strength.

But he didn't care too much about the information. This was his confidence in his own strength. Whether it was a forbidden weapon or the native, there was no threat to him.

However, it seems that this intelligence still has some errors, at least the strength of this native is stronger than imagined.

"Do you leave by yourself, or I will send you away." Wu Xing looked calmly at the Void Powerhouse in front of him. Although the opponent is a Void Powerhouse at the level of the Great Magister, the current Martial Star is not weak anymore.

"Send me away? Then I want to see, how do you send me away?" Faced with the threat of Wu Xing, the Void Powerful smiled faintly.

As he spoke, the surging aura of the Void Powerful erupted instantly, and at the same time, a raging flame was ignited on Wu Xing's body.

Seeing the flames burning on Wu Xing's body, the gaze of the Void Expert instantly became dignified. He had to admit that this native was a little bit tricky.

But he still has the confidence to win.


However, just when all the attention of the strong void was focused on Wu Xing, suddenly several chains shot out, directly killing the strong void.


The powerful combat experience made the Void Strongman swiftly turn sideways at the last moment, avoiding the chain's attack. At this time, he also saw the person attacking him~www.mtlnovel.com~ That was another martial star, facing the big demon. For the instructor-level virtual powerhouse, Wu Xing sent two avatars together for stability. The two great magister-level avatars should be enough to kill this void powerhouse.

"Well, I take back what I said before, the natives, you can make me take it seriously." At this time, the void powerhouse did not dare to look down on the Martial Star.

After putting away the contempt, the Void Strong also took the initiative to attack. Seeing this, Wu Xing's Sanda avatar directly rushed over to start a fight with the void powerhouse. As for the Street Fighter avatar, it wielded chains and pierced the chain continuously into the earth.

"Nidao·Netherlink Realm!"

The incarnation of the street fighter of Wu Xing, slammed into chains, and the next moment, pieces of boulders like small hills were picked up from the earth by the martial stars, and then the boulders collided and merged in the air. In the end, a mountain appeared in the void powerhouse. The top of his head.

"not good!"

Looking at the huge boulder as large as a mountain in the sky, the face of the void powerhouse changed. Such a huge rock fell, even the Great Magister would definitely not be able to hold it.