297w words, more than six hundred days and nights later.

Finally, the book is over, and Lord Lu's story ends this morning.

The final chapter was written by Xiao Mo overnight last night.

I've been writing until 8 o'clock this morning. After the release, I can't stand it and fall asleep directly, so I am sorry that it is not until now that it is too late to finish the testimonials.

Here, I would like to say to many book friends who are chasing after you have worked hard, and present flowers

This is Xiao Mo's second work. Compared with the first book (Rebirth: Westward Journey) in terms of writing, characterization and completion, I think it is still very advanced.

Of course, the characters of the two protagonists have also changed.

The Shepherd Lord is the kind of sharp-edged character, purposeful, action-oriented, and will not be indecisive, looking like an extremely energetic young man.

As for Mr. Lu, cough cough, this product was influenced by a certain "good teacher", it was very sleek and witty, and yelled at the gentleman not to use his hands, but this is an out-of-date situation.

Mr. Lu is still very satisfied with the role of Xiaomo. A daughter-in-law, not passionate, unwilling, single-minded, loves her daughter-in-law, and values ​​love and righteousness...

The only regret in this book is probably that Xiao Mo is too innocent to write emotional dramas, so that we, Bai Fumei, the number one in the heavens, has gradually become an inexistent heroine.

A friend persuaded me to write more. After all, I always have income from writing. It's quite impressive. Xiao Mo's body strained his hips and entered the bottomless pit of the hospital. I don't know how much it will cost!

This is right. Seriously, if you continue to write Chaos Battle, Xiao Mo can write hundreds of thousands of words, and then as long as you don’t finish the work, you can wait until the recommendation...

But Xiao Mo thought about it and decided it was over.


Xiao Mo feels that the story ends here, that's enough. It's enough to write a net article of about 300w, too much to control.

This book has brought many new book friends to Xiao Mo. It is a good income. The family has taken off the hat of the village's low-income poor households and changed too much. People sometimes have to be content.

Seriously, thank you very much for the support of these genuine book friends.

For the ending, Xiao Mo also thought about three plans for a long time. The first is Master Lu to solve the crisis, the second is Lao Shen, and the third is that the master and apprentice both talk and act one by one.

In the end, Xiao Mo chose the third one and felt very satisfied. After all, Lao Shen was also regarded as the second man of the book.

I would also like to thank the editor-in-chief Long (ID Youlong, hehe) for his guidance and recommendation. When writing the book, all the book friends in the group discussed, as well as the book friends who have never met in the group but silently voted for Movote. Give Xiao Mo a chance to go out and meet the world...

In the latter part of the book, there is a bit of hip stretch, which is really not what I want. The main reason is that it is difficult to adjust and feel uncomfortable due to the inversion of work and rest. Sometimes life is not worth it)

Xiao Mo will definitely learn from the lessons of this book, and make persistent efforts to write better works.

The next book is Xianxia, ​​but it will take some time to publish it.

Because Xiao Mo needs to go to the hospital to see the old problems first, and publish books to see the severity of his health, so after two days of rest, he will write a few chapters to Chi You. Too much)

The other is to adjust the schedule.

No matter what job it is, a healthy schedule is too important (a young author who has written a book for four years sighs), everyone should pay attention!

It’s so funny, I’ve heard so much, I believe everyone is also annoying.

Students who want to complain can also add book friends group: 275057332 come to find Mo, cough cough, first say okay, the pig is not me.

Then: The mountain is high and the road is far away, looking forward to seeing you next time!

Take care everyone! Hold fists!

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