Some of the nine Hunyuan-level demon gods spoke, and they all gathered next to the newly-appearing demon **** with respect.


Lu Chuan raised his brows slightly. He already knew that not all of the nine Hunyuan-level demon gods were the earliest ones.

It seems that there are also a few latecomers.

But even so, their respect is enough to see that this newcomer is extraordinary.

"I knew if there was one who could live to the end..."

Hongjun glanced at the other party: "It must be you."

"Hehe, Pangu didn't do everything too much, and I didn't expect such a strong creature to appear in that world after so many years."

The demon **** was a little emotional, and finally his gaze fell on Lu Chuan, and he whispered, "Is it Pangu Dao seed?"

His eyes were deep, a little unfathomable.

But it was also quite peaceful, and he was not hostile to Lu Chuan as soon as he came out like other demon gods.

"Can I say that all this is not my choice?"

Lu Chuan was a little helpless. According to his temperament, he would not take the Pangu road of invincibility.

Is Tiandao’s favorite cub bad?

He went from an acquired human race to the emperor of the Three Realms step by step. This growth process is enough to counterattack!


The Demon God was startled and smiled.

"Raise your eyebrows, get rid of him together, you can't let him grow up and become a Pangu again."

The ancient time demon **** said coldly, with a strong murderous aura, the other demon gods also looked like enemies.

"Raise eyebrows?" Lu Chuan was surprised.

The legendary space demon!

According to unconfirmed gossip, this person still surpassed Hongjun's existence.

Hongjun frowned slightly, but his expression was still indifferent: "Stubbornly stubborn."

Heavenly Dao is Pan Gu's fusion of countless demon gods' laws, and it also means that he has opened up the highest and ultimate truth, origin, body, law, principle, realm, etc. in the world.

Yes, above Hunyuan Tianzun, is the way of heaven!

The reason why he was willing to fit in with his body at first was not really for the world, but for prying into the ultimate realm created by Pangu.

If there can be many Hunyuan, then there can only be one Heavenly Dao.

He fits in with his body, enters the realm of the heaven and holds the power of the heaven, and he doesn't care about the eight great Hunyuan such as Sanqing and Lu Chuan, let alone these old acquaintances?

"Don't be impatient!"

Raising eyebrows and frowning stopped the enthusiastic demons, stared at Hongjun for a moment, and finally sighed: "It seems that your original wish has been fulfilled, and you have really stepped into the final state left by Pangu."

The demons couldn't help in an uproar.

"This realm is the way of heaven."

Hongjun stared at the demons and said, "I said, if you promise to retreat and never invade this world again, I can let you go, if you insist on revenge..."

Lu Chuan, Sanqing, and Nuwa glanced at each other silently, their expressions were different, and they began to think.

"Heaven Realm..."

Lu Chuan felt that if chaos represents nothingness, then the path of heaven is the path left by Pangu to run forever.

When it appeared, it was set by Pangu to be the most impartial.

The most commonly used word to describe it is: God is not benevolent, and the dog is in the position of all things!

This means that everything in the eyes of God is the same, it will not be particularly good to anyone, nor is it particularly bad to anyone.

It's just a pity that the way of heaven is ruthless, but Hongjun's combination has affected it, making it selfish, not wanting to do the work left to it by Pangu, and wanting to turn over and become the master...

Raised his eyebrows without answering, just shook his head.

"Then you are killing yourself." Hongjun said coldly.

Raising his eyebrows, looking back and looking behind him, he shook his head and said, "Hongjun, do you remember there?"

Hongjun looked up, his expression changed slightly and slowly said, "Is it the original battlefield?"

As the words fell, countless Chaos Demon Gods like steel came from deeper in the Chaos and launched an impact here.

The eyes of these demon gods were crimson, extremely vicious, and many of them even fluctuated at the level of the ancestral realm, and various laws around their bodies surged.

Hongjun frowned, raised his hand and wiped it lightly, a powerful force like an eraser, directly erasing the chaotic demon gods.

But soon the endless Chaos Demon Gods came out like a torrent.

Raised eyebrows and smiled: "You can't kill it."

The countless folded spaces behind him were folded layer by layer, and disappeared here with the nine demon gods.

"do not go!"

Lu Chuan pierced out with a shot, accompanied by a "click". He didn't know how many layers of space and distance he had penetrated, but he couldn't catch up after all.


But when he withdrew the gun, a terrifying breath filled the place where he stabbed.

"That's...what?" The lead murmured.

At the end of Lu Chuan's piercing shot, thousands of huge corpses of the Chaos Demon God could be seen in the distance, covered with hideous scars, dead for an unknown number of years but still lifelike.

The most amazing thing was that the flesh and blood of their corpses were squirming, turning into chaotic demon gods after jumping from the corpses, without wit, but with mana, they killed them towards the Three Realms.

In the center of these corpses, there is a dark red chaos stone platform.

A weird "egg" was gestating on the stone platform, surrounded by lights of various laws, like a river of stars.

The bodies of these "eggs" are also covered with countless luminous rule patterns, full of an aura of destruction.

Yang Mei and others appeared next to the spiritual fetus.

"What did this **** poked?!"

The scalp numb for a while, he felt a great horror from the egg.

"I... how do I know?"

Emperor Lu Tian coughed to hide his embarrassment, his eyes were shocked.

Not only Zhunti, but even he felt a great horror from the egg.

"What's in that egg?" Tongtian frowned.

Lu Chuan said, "Could it... be another Pangu?"

Everyone: (;¬_¬)

Lu Chuan: "..."

"It's a bad thing, this chaotic spirit womb absorbed the anger of those chaotic ancient demon gods, unwillingness, despair, resentment... and rules."

Tianzun Tianzun frowned and said: "No one knows what monsters will eventually breed in it. Once the consequences are unpredictable, the convergence of so many demon gods' laws is not equivalent to..."

At this point, he stopped and glanced at Hongjun.

The others couldn't help but glance at Hongjun.

If the moral gods hadn't finished speaking, they knew what it was in their hearts, and that was the way of heaven.

"I went to see."

Hongjun's expression sank and walked past.

The spaces left by the raised eyebrows shattered like a mirror when he passed by.

"It turns out that the space where the eyebrows are raised is obscured..."

The expressions of Sanqing and others are not very good-looking, they have been here for thousands of years.

But if it hadn't been for Lu Chuan inadvertently pierced these space barriers today, they would not have found an egg hidden there.

"Several fellow daoists, what do you think about this matter?"

Get quotes and solicit opinions from a few people next to you.

"What do you think? Sit and watch!"

Emperor Lu Tian smiled very relievedly: "The ancestors of the Heavenly Dao are going to fight us all. If you have this opportunity, you don't have to hurry to rest for a while, it's really hard work!"

Heavenly Dao Realm is the highest combat power on their side.

Therefore, he was quite confident in Hongjun, and turned around and came to the ancient city.

"Apprentice, how is it?"

Shen Gongbao was proud.

"Master, amazing, how do you convince God to help?"

Lu Chuan went straight to Shen Gongbao and asked.


Shen Gongbao sold a key point: "The secrets of heaven cannot be revealed."

Sanqing, Nuwa, Haotian, Western Second Sage and others looked at each other and turned back to the ancient city to watch the battle.

"Master, why don't you see Venerable Tathagata?" Lu Chuan asked Tongtian.

Tongtian asked in amazement: "Is he also in the chaos?"

"I was chased by the demon ancestor and asked him to come to you for help."

As Lu Chuan said, he was stunned: "Wait, he won't get lost, right?"

Tongtian's mouth twitched.

Just as the two of them were preparing to cast spells to find the Tathagata, Hongjun already felt the ancient battlefield of chaos.

"Stop, Hongjun, don't forget that you are also the Chaos Demon God..." Yang Mei shouted.

"I am God!"

Hongjun spoke indifferently, domineering, and raised his hands with a rumbling, and a palm print without the slightest emotion crashed down.

"Stop him..."

Raising his eyebrows and shouting, the power of the chaotic space all over his body exploded like a vast sea, and the nine demon gods joined forces to resist this hand.

"I can't help myself!"

Hongjun said, raising his hand and shaking, the top ten demon gods flew out, and his gaze fell on the chaotic stone fetus, and he patted it with an indifferent palm.


Shen Gongbao in the ancient city of Chaos sighed with emotion: "The Dao ancestor came out of the horse, it is really extraordinary..."


Before the voice fell, and Hongjun's hand did not press the chaotic stone fetus, a sudden change occurred.

The chaotic energy of the ancient chaotic battlefield was surging, and the stone tire cracked amidst the sound of Taoism.

A terrifying fuzzy figure suddenly stood up.

All the heavens glared at Shen Gongbao,

Shen Gongbao shrank his neck and said, "What does it matter to me?"

"Couldn't..." Zhunti murmured: "A Pangu really was born, right?"

While talking, I saw that Hongjun had already fought against the demon **** who was in the mist.

Everyone couldn't see clearly, but could only see that the burly creature's various laws were intertwined, and it was even comparable to Hong Jundou.

"Taozu should be... okay, right?" Shen Gongbao muttered to himself.

Heavenly Dao was created and bred by Pangu from those laws, and this Demon God was born from the laws of many Chaos Demon Gods. In theory, they should be similar.

"Not necessarily." Lu Chuan looked solemn.

There is still a difference between Heavenly Dao and this Demon God, that is, the law of Heavenly Dao is that Pangu learns from others' strengths and adopts the laws of many demon gods to change it, which is equivalent to the 2.0 version.

This Demon God is the original version, and it's really hard to say which one is stronger in the end.

"Heaven is not good!"

At this moment, a voice came, and everyone saw that it was Lu Ya who spoke.

When the voice fell, Hongjun slapped the demon god, and Hongjun flew back upside down, his body torn apart and shattered, and countless rain exploded in all directions.


The flaming light spread, and the dazzling dazzling set off a terrible storm of chaos.


The being sat down and took a breath, absorbed a rain of light, and began to swallow and refine the laws in it.


Countless chaotic gods and demons came to kill from the opened gap.

"how come……"

All heavens were horrified, and Emperor Lu Tian was also dumbfounded.

The first combat force they had hoped for was just blown up?

Lu Ya sighed: "Even if someone is in harmony with the way, making the way of heaven complete, but after all, it's not..."

"Not the original factory configuration?"

The corner of Lu Chuan's mouth twitched. This is too boring!

This time rain reorganized into two Hongjun.

One had blood at the corners of his mouth, missing a leg, and an incredible color on his face.

A shining body is a bit annoying, he is the way of heaven.

"Lu Ya!"

The glowing Hongjun detective grabbed it: "You and I are one, let me eat you, we can beat him..."

Lu Ya didn't resist, shook his head and sighed, "It's useless, you have born selfishness that you shouldn't have, and you can no longer be one with me."

Tian Dao stretched his hand over Lu Ya's body and grabbed a blank.

"I don't believe it, I don't believe it..."

Tian Dao roared frantically but Lu Ya was standing there, he just couldn't touch it.

Suddenly showed sorrow on his face.

"At this moment, there is only one way." Emperor Lu Tian said solemnly.

"What way?" Everyone looked over.

"No one except Pangu can solve this mess."

Lu Chuan said, "The three masters, since Pangu turns into three of you, can you summon Pangu?"

"Change Pangu?"

Everyone looked weird, and Sanqing's face went black.

Emperor Lu Tian sighed, "Can't you?"


At this moment, the great demon **** sitting cross-legged raised his hand and cut open the chaos, probing his hand to grab a black figure, directly devouring its law.

"It's Luo Hu, this guy only lacks the Law of Chaos between me and Luo Hu."

Hongjun walked with an ugly expression: "He has just obtained my law. If he finishes swallowing Luo Hu, we will be finished..."

At this time, he was not as arrogant and confident as before, and his face was frustrated.

He didn't expect that the realm of heaven that he was struggling to pursue would be so vulnerable.

"Is there nothing to do?"

Shen Gongbao had a bitter face and gritted his teeth and said: "It's really impossible. I'll talk to him..."

"Can you two borrow my Taiji diagram and Pangu banners for use?"

At this time, Lu Chuan suddenly looked towards Tianzun Taoist and Tianzun Yuanshi.

The two looked at each other in surprise and handed it over.

Tongtian frowned and said, "Lend me the Four Swords of Zhuxian?"


Tongtian: "..."

"Disciple, what do you want to do?"

Shen Gongbao sensed something sensitively.

"Didn't they all say that I am Pangu?"

Lu Chuan said calmly: "Since Pangu can't come back, then I have to become Pangu..."


As soon as the bell rang, the chaos rippled.

A golden bell filled with chaos rushed out of the chaos magnificently.

"Is the Chaos Clock hidden here?"

The expressions of Sanqing, Nuwa and others changed. This is the treasure that countless powers in the Three Realms dream of!

Lu Chuan raised his hand and pointed, and the three chaotic clocks, Pangu flags, and Taiji diagrams turned into three divine lights, filled with revolving interweaving, and turned into an ancient axe.

The breath is vast, ancient, mysterious...

As if the matter of being divided into three treasures has never happened before, this thing has always been so complete.

Then, in countless envious eyes, this magic axe fell into Lu Chuan's hands.

But he looked at the **** axe in his hand that had opened the sky, not sad or happy, very calm.


Lu Chuan thought in his heart: "Pangu still left behind to wipe his butt~www.mtlnovel.com~ Then, Emperor Lu Tian looked at the Chaos God and Demon that flooded like a torrent, and walked step by step towards the ancient battlefield of Chaos with his axe. Go up.

With each fall of his steps, the aura on his body began to soar.

At this moment, the great demon **** opened his eyes and looked over.

Finally, Lu Chuan met the Chaos Demon Gods at the front of the torrent.

Under the fierce axe light, these Chaos Demon Gods fell like fishes and were decomposed by violent power.

"Pan...Pangu's axe..."

The expressions of the demons such as raising eyebrows and time changed suddenly.

If the previous Lu Chuan reminded them of a not-so-good past, then this axe can be said to have completely awakened their fear of being dominated at this moment.

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