"Unfortunately, your wish fell through."

Lu Chuan watched the Thunder Demon smile so arrogantly, and said lightly: "Although the God Killing Spear is his weapon, he is not dead."

As he spoke, thousands of immortal lights broke out all over his body, shining on the black spear in Chaos's hand, and the sharp spear pierced Chaos in an instant and appeared in front of the demon god.

There was a "dang" in the heart of the demon god's eyebrows, and a big bell was lingering, all over the Chaos Thunder, shaking out, blocking the blow.

"This clock..."

Lu Chuan stared at the Chaos Thunder Bell with a little surprise.

He remembered that Pangu's chaotic opening axe was divided into three after opening the sky and retired gloriously. In addition to the Taiji diagram and the Pangu flag, there is a bell, but no one has ever known the whereabouts of that bell.

"Is not it?"

After Lu Chuan carefully identified it, he found that this thunder clock was not the one he knew.

Although not, it is also a spirit treasure bred by Chaos Clock. It is unpredictable and contains terrifying power. Some innate spirit treasures can't compare with it.

Only Taiji Tu and Pangu flags can be compared here.

Of course this is normal, after all, it has been too long since Pangu fought with them.

No one knows how many years have passed since the Three Realms, and it is normal that some new spirit treasures have been bred out of the chaos to be obtained by these chaos demon gods.

"Luo Hui is not dead?"

The demon **** was furious when he heard the words, and roared up to the sky: "Luohu, you traitor, come out to see us..."

Speaking of this, they can't help but not be angry.

Hongjun and Luo Hu were both outstanding among the first batch of Chaos Demon Gods. In order for Luo Hui to successfully obliterate Hongjun, they also helped him refining the Four Swords of Zhuxian and the Spear of Killing.

But now that these two big killers are used on them, Luo Hui has failed the mission...


When the fight was fierce on his side, the few Tianzun and the Demon God beside him were not idle either, and they all found their opponents, using all their means, and their magical powers exploded.

Haotian looked indifferent, and a golden mirror above his head bloomed with tens of thousands of golden light, up and down flowing with chaotic aura, raised his hand and waved thousands of golden lights and flew out of the chaotic void like a cage, trapping the opponent.

He was born with a mirror, a sword, and a tower.

The Three Treasures were named after Haotian, blended with his life, and were once the artifacts of the Three Realms.

After he demonstrated the Dao, the quality of the Haotian Mirror has also been strengthened to become the innate treasure, or chaotic spirit treasure.


The chaotic light around the demon **** burst out, arbitrarily rushing to collide with the cage, wiping away the divine light of the Haotian Mirror.

"You can't go!"

A thirty-three-story golden pagoda appeared in the palm of Haotian's raised hand, flying out with a thirty-three-day phantom, and suddenly suppressed on the top of the Haotian Mirror cage.

Then his figure flashed, carrying the Haotian Pagoda on top of the Haotian Sword into the cage, dividing the battlefield and fighting the demon god.

In fact, creatures at their level, unless they step into a higher realm or have a great disparity in strength, it is extremely difficult to kill each other in the same field, especially the powerful bodies of these Chaos Demon Gods.

Ordinary innate spirit treasures hit them like a beating back.

However, it can also be seen from this that Pangu is powerful, killing countless ancient demon gods with the power of one person, and lying in the chaos of the corpse.

"You have a good clock."

Lu Chuan stared at the chaotic thunder clock and smiled. Of course he was also trying to get the opponent's mentality. He picked his spear and went straight to the thunder clock: "Can I lend it to the Emperor Bentian for two days?"

"If you have the ability, just take it."

The demon **** roared: "If you don't have the ability, keep your life!"

The divine clock on top of his head was long, oscillating into circles of ripples, his fist was clenched, covered with chaotic lightning, and he rushed over.

Borrow from me?

Who do you think you are!

"That's what you are waiting for."

Lu Chuan smiled, his eyes fell on that fist, and a solemn color flashed under his eyes.

He seemed to be quite relaxed, but this blow made him feel bad, Pangu Yuanshen within the Sea of ​​Knowledge suddenly opened his eyes, circulated mysterious power, covered the **** and index finger of his hand, and clicked out.


The fists and fingers were connected, as if two stars collided, and the violent mana turned into a shock wave that shook the sky, directly tearing the chaos.

The vague chaos was torn apart, turning into a clear turbidity and two qi rising and falling.

An embryonic form of a big world with turbulent wind, water and fire appeared, slowly forming heaven and earth...

when! when! when!

After a blow, the Chaos Demon God was shocked and then retreated. The big clock above his head kept shaking and rippling, and his face was unbelievable.

This bell was completely rang by Lu Chuan, and the majestic force of the attack made him a little hard to resist, and finally transitioned to the chaotic thunder bell overhead, and it shook the bell almost wailing. Voice.

"Pangu...the power..."

He stared at Lu Chuan's retracted hand and said four words with difficulty, but the more so, the more anger and fear.

He remembered the fear of being dominated by some **** with an axe!

too strong!

At the beginning, they didn't prove Dao Hunyuan, but even though they have all cultivated Hunyuan now, they still feel terrified when they think of that guy.

They couldn't beat it, and finally survived the bastard's axe and killed that guy.

Now his power has appeared again...

"No, no, Chen, didn't you see just now, don't you have to wait for another Pangu to kill you?"

The Chaos Demon God's eyes reddened, and he rushed over with a loud shout and fought with Lu Chuan in a **** battle.

Although they are somewhat different from Pangu's cultivation system for opening up the world's creatures.

But at this level, they are all Hunyuan, almost touching the ultimate mystery, who is worse than who?

Whether it is chaos, congenital, or acquired creature, as long as he walks into the Hunyuan domain, he is basically the strongest creature in ancient and modern times, so although he was shocked by Lu Chuan's power of Pangu, he was not afraid!


There are eight Heavenly Sovereigns in the Three Realms, nine of the Chaos Demon God's Hunyuan level. At this moment, the eyes of that existence are indifferent, and a large hand that emits chaotic light falls towards Lu Chuan.

Although it is said that the three clearings can be regarded as Pangu, it is not so terrible after one divides into three.

Only in Lu Chuan they felt the powerful threat.

The chaotic fire in Lu Chuan's eyes burned, and the golden runes flowed, and the golden eyes of the fiery eyes also evolved to a new intensity.


Lu Chuan was amazed. When he swept to the side, he saw the origin of the power evolution of these nine chaotic demon gods, wind, thunder, yin and yang, five elements...

These are all the laws that constitute the most original source of the Three Realms.

It's just that the laws of these demon gods are somewhat different from those of the Three Realms, and are more ancient, and the laws of the Three Realms seem to have undergone changes.

"It's Pangu..."

A fine light flashed in Lu Chuan's eyes.

Pangu grew out of nothing and needed these laws when he created the world. He learned from these demon gods and added changes when forming the world.


He raised his hand with the power of time, and his palms hit each other, and the place seemed to be exploded.

The rudimentary form of the world just now was directly beaten into nothingness under this devastating shock wave and returned to chaos.

On the ancient city of Chaos.

In the Three Realms and their respective worlds, the ancestral realms and Da Luo who made all living beings worshipped in awe and worship became spectators at this moment.

This kind of battle is not something they can participate in, and even a little aftermath from the war may kill them.

Thanks to the protection of Sanqing Nuwa and others.

But they are very excited!

There have not been a few battles in Tianzun since ancient times, but today so many Hunyuan-level powerhouses are desperately in front...

"Time, time..."

Zhu Jiuyin stared at Luchuan's battlefield with his eyes, his expression excited, he was practicing on the Avenue of Time.

Now that he sees the most original power of time, how can he not be excited?

On the top of the tower, divine light circulated, two figures suddenly appeared.

"Oh My God……"

Shen Gongbao couldn't close his mouth when he saw the battlefield in front of him.

Those guys' gestures are the realm of life and death, and the birth and destruction of the world are in their thoughts, it is super scary.

Then, he saw Emperor Lu Tian, ​​fighting two demon gods with one enemy and two alone.

"Is that my apprentice?"

Shen Gongbao quickly rubbed his eyes and couldn't believe it.

Shen Gongbao: "Daozu, you pinch me..."

Hongjun: "..."

"Is this really my apprentice?"

Shen Gongbao muttered to himself, thinking of the past.

When he was accepting disciples, he felt that he had picked up a piece of waste wood, and he was picky and picky.

Later, the apprentice was sensible and obedient, with a good talent, and he felt that he was able to make a living.

Later, the apprentice carried him down to the Kunlun Mountain Conferred God to play for him...

The good boy didn't hurt you for nothing.

Later, the apprentice cultivated to become immortal and went to heaven to become god...

that's amazing!

Later, the apprentice became the Emperor Zhenwu!

The apprentice is good.

The apprentice became the emperor...

Seeing that there is no that is my apprentice!

Today, I saw Lu Chuan Xiucheng Hunyuan still fighting against two...

"The apprentice is awesome!"

Shen Gongbao suddenly shouted, making Hongjun clever.

Dao Zu turned his head and gave Shen Gongbao a look he felt.

Countless Ancestral Realm Da Luo looked up at this sound, and saw Shen Gongbao raising his sleeves and weeping with joy, muttering: "I'm happy."

But everyone did not dare to laugh at him.

It's just that they looked at each other a little more inexplicably, and sparks appeared.

After the matter is over... why don't you go to apprentice?

These guys seem to have the same plan, but they can't fall behind.

"By the way, Daozu, hurry, help my apprentice!"

Shen Gongbao pointed to the front and said: "We have agreed with Lord Tiandao."

Hongjun looked at the ancient well without waves, stepped out, and instantly appeared on the battlefield.


The sudden appearance of Hongjun not only surprised the Chaos Demon Gods, but even Sanqing and the others were dumbfounded.

After all, Hongjun fits in with his body, and his strength has reached an unfathomable level, and he must be more than enough to deal with these Chaos Demon Gods.

It's just that Hongjun and Tiandao deliberately didn't make a move before, just because they wanted them to fight the Chaos Demon Gods to death or death.

How can Hongjun appear suddenly today if he can bear so many years?


Emperor Lu Tian was also dumbfounded. Looking back, a figure in the ancient city of Chaos was waving at him while wiping tears.


Emperor Lu Tian couldn't believe it.

If Tiandao was so easy to talk, Sanqing and the others would not plan to fight to die and break the net.

No matter what, he still wants to say:

Master is awesome!

This is not something that can be done just by cultivation base!

"Wait, go back!"

Hongjun stared at the nine Chaos Demon Gods with no emotions in his eyes: "If you retreat and swear that you will not disturb the Three Realms again, I will let you go."

"Hongjun~www.mtlnovel.com~ haven't seen you for a long time, but your tone is getting louder and louder."

A voice came from behind the Chaos Demon God, and the chaos evolved into the void, causing ripples.

A young figure with white hair and white clothes appeared out of thin air.

I saw the rays of light all over him intertwined, turning chaos into nothingness and evolving nothingness into space.

"There is also a Hunyuan Demon God?"

Lu Chuan's expression sank, quite surprised, he was still a space demon.

Is there a tenth Hunyuan existence on the opposite side?

The strength of this demon **** is a bit unclear, because his body seems to be close to his eyes, and it seems to be stacked outside of countless layers of space.

I couldn't feel a trace of power at all.

The spatial attainment is so strong that it has never been seen before.

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