The chaotic battlefield is boiling again.

Countless demon gods are like a torrent of steel, swallowing mountains and rivers with anger, swept all directions, and once again slew towards the ancient city of chaos.

Behind these demon gods, a number of huge phenomena like heaven and earth stood in the chaos, staring at this side, the strongest wave surging, surging in the chaos, sweeping through the chaos and oppressing the people on the side of the Three Realms.


With a cold snort, several waves that were not weaker than theirs rose up, collided, and set off a big storm in the chaos.

Several people in Tongtian arrived.

This time it was still an impact initiated by the Chaos Demon God.

As that sentence said, the first to strike is the strongest, and it is always easier to take the initiative to take the initiative. This war has always been dominated by the Chaos Demon God's side.

In addition, whether it is the number of strong people below or the number of Hunyuan realms, one of the three realms is at a disadvantage.

Therefore, the Hunyuan level battle only broke out once.

That time Haotian hadn't arrived yet, seven or eight demon gods who stepped on the Hunyuan level were killed, trying to break through this line of defense in one fell swoop.

Sanqing, Nüwa, and Western two sages can only use the same means. The battle seemed to be the beginning of the world, only chaos and turmoil appeared, and the earth was turbulent.

In the end, with Pangu banners, Zhuxian sword formation and other treasures, they barely made up for their disadvantages, and lost both sides.

After the war, the Chaos Demon God was much more honest.

However, their persistence was not in vain, and now they are finally exhausted, waiting for two reinforcements from Haotian and Lu Chuan.

"If you want to fight, then fight!"

Tongtian and several others stared at each other coldly, surrounded by dazzling Dao patterns and brilliance.

After getting reinforcements, this time they are more confident in the battle.

On the opposite side, the demon gods of the Hunyuan level were silent, just staring at them coldly.

When looking at Sanqing, these existences had undisguised disgust in their eyes, as well as monstrous killing intent.

It can be said that Pan Gu and their Chaos Clan have a sea of ​​blood and deep feud, which cannot be resolved.

Because Pan Gu itself is also a creature bred by chaos, and to some extent, it is also one of the chaos demon gods, their kind.

Although he is of the same kind, this guy did not do what he did. He directly killed himself...

A stretch of Golden Light Avenue, Lu Chuan and Kong Xuan appeared in the field.

Those ancient existences that displayed the magical images looked down at Lu Chuan with frightening eyes.

"Pan... ancient..."

The two beings opened their mouths, sound like thunder, with surprise and a trace of... panic!

At their level, there are very few things that can touch their emotions.

But today, several existences were angry, because Sanqing and Lu Chuan touched the memories they feared the most.

But in a blink of an eye, this sentiment turned into incomparable anger and killing intent.

"Master, you can really cheat me..."

Lu Chuan looked helplessly at Sanqing, knowing that he is a very popular socialist in the Three Realms.

As a result, it attracts hatred so much in this chaos...

Then, his gaze fell on the two Chaos Demon Gods who spoke.

The aura on these two demon gods is extremely long-lasting, and the reaction of seeing Pangu Daoguo is greater than that of the others, could it be...

Have you experienced the ancient battle of Chaos?


Flames rose in Lu Chuan's eyes, and two blazing golden lights pierced through the chaos, directly tearing apart the dazzling brilliance of the two demon gods, to see their true colors.


There was a violent rage, and a rumbling burst of supreme aura, shaking in all directions.

This chaos boiled instantly, chaotic runes filled the sky, and the way these chaotic demon gods practiced is fundamentally different from the creatures of the Three Realms.

The greatest mortal enemy of the Chaos Demon Gods has only been one for countless years...

Now that they saw the new Pangu appearance in Lu Chuan, they would kill him if they said anything.

"How powerful the Chaos Demon God is, this emperor wants to learn one or two things today."

A few strange lights appeared in Lu Chuan's eyes, and he slapped a palm. The two collided and exploded with peerless power. Wherever they met, the chaotic energy was torn apart by the violent force and turned into clear and turbid energy, and the earth was turbulent.


The power that existed around the body was also shaken away, revealing a purple, crystal-like creature with five arms.

From the perspective of the aesthetics of the Three Realms, this is completely challenging the appearance of the public's aesthetics.

The power of chaos in his body evolved five colors of brilliance.

"The Five Elements?" Lu Chuan couldn't help being surprised. A closer look was different from the power of the Five Elements in the Three Realms.

"Don't be careless."

Tongtian said with a solemn expression: "He is one of the ancient demon gods left over from the First World War, and one of the strongest at the time. The Yin-Yang Five Elements is the evolution of Pangu from the Yin-Yang Demon God and his origin."

"No, how many survived back then!"

Lu Chuan frowned: "Master, if we don't do it, we won't do it. If we do it, we will do it clean, cut the grass and remove the roots. Why didn't you guys get them all done?"

"Pangu is us, but we are not Pangu."

Tongtian spoke and gave Emperor Lu Tian a look that he could realize by himself.

"By the way, where is your master?"

Tongtian asked: "You won't throw him beside that guy, will you?"

Yuan Shi also glanced at Lu Chuan.

Lu Chuan looked to the rear and sighed: "Master insists on listening to the voice of Daozu's Great Dao..."

He knew what his master wanted to do.

To be honest, although his master is not top-notch in mana, Shen Gongbao has always been a very special and magical existence in Lu Chuan's eyes.

There are many things that people stronger than Shen Gongbao can't do, but he can do it by turning corruption into a miracle.

For example, Tongtian in the original titled God warned his disciples not to go down the mountain, otherwise the consequences would be at his own risk. In the end, he went down the mountain and asked two seniors to fight... It can be said that the mouth of his master should bear the main responsibility.

Only this time...

Lu Chuan's heart sank. All things in the Three Realms follow their respective Taoisms, and it is the Heaven's Tao created by Pangu that will never change.

Originally, the selfless, desireless and undesirable Tiandao became selfish under the influence of Hongjun, and no longer wanted to be a computer steward, but the current situation is that this computer system now wants to be detached from the people who make computers...

In the face of this kind of heaven, even Lu, who has always been stunned, didn't know how to solve it, so he dared to hold great hopes for Lao Shen.

It's just that Lao Shen insists on doing that and he can't change his mind, but it's fine to ask Lao Shen to be safe.

"Fine, this is the end of the matter, so don't worry about it."

Upon seeing this, Tongtian turned his head to look at the chaos-level supreme demon gods, and said: "We will talk about it when we solve it. Believe me, if your master really encounters an accident, we will definitely make them pay the price, no matter who it is. !"

Tongtian's words are firm and firm.


Lu Chuan raised his brows, and heard a little extraneous meaning.

From the current point of view, even if they have eight people, this strength is too far apart in front of Tian Dao and Hong Jun, and the chance of winning is not great. If they are forced to have no alternative, they will never choose to resist.

Heavenly Dao is an eternal operating program created by Pangu to serve the Three Realms and run everything.

Although they transcend the law of life and death, they are still within the Tao.

Within the Dao of Heaven, this Dao of Heaven is an invincible existence.

But at this moment, what Tongtian said was a bit ambiguous.

He said so firmly, it shows that he must have the confidence to support him to say this.

"Could it be... they also prepared the hole cards?"

Lu Chuan's heart moved: "That's right!"

He remembered that Lu Ya had mixed up with these people a long time ago.

Although Lu Ya was only one-fiftieth of Heaven's Dao, he was not in the control of Heaven's Dao at the same time.

It can be seen as Pan Gu's back-hand in order to check and balance the changes in the heavens.

Since Sanqing and they decided to have a showdown with Hongjun, they should be very clear about the difference in strength, so he didn't believe that these people hadn't prepared a hole card.

"Sanqing, the original account will be recovered from you today."

The Five Elements Demon's eyes were cold: "And you, if you leave it alone, one day you will become another Pangu, but you don't have a chance to grow."


At the next moment, the nine Hunyuan level demon gods joined forces and killed them together.

Chaos power bursts out of them, which is a power completely different from mana.

There was an instant boiling here, their violent power did not take care of the people below, and some demon gods swept past and were directly torn apart.

The other party doesn't care, but Lu Chuan can't.

"Retreat!" Dao Tianzun shouted, and Taiji Tu flew out to protect the immortals of the Three Realms.

Those ancestral realms and Da Luo decisively turned and retreated without any muddle.

They know that the next step is the battlefield of the big brothers.


A jet-black spear pierced the chaos in an instant, with a murderous intent, bursting with endless divine light, and stabbed at a demon **** in Lu's hand.

"Killing the Great Spear?!"

The pupils of the Hunyuan-level demon **** shrank and roared, "Luohu!"


The power of chaos around him turned into countless thunders, wrapped around his body, and gathered on his chest to turn into a chaotic thunder clock, majestic, and hit the black spear.

With this blow, the force of terror broke the chaos in the misty state...

"Why is this gun in your hand? Could it be that Luo Hu has already..."

The demon **** suddenly laughed when he was surprised: "Hahaha, Luo Hu, originally wanted you to chase the betrayer Hongjun, but in the end you would have dedicated the law to Heaven and became his dog, wanting to learn from Pangu’s Dao Guo and learn from him. I didn’t expect it to be robbed. You deserve it!"

"so it is……"

Lu Chuan was thoughtful, he had already guessed the origins of this demon ancestor and Hongjun.

But now it is possible to really hammer these two people as one of the Chaos Demon Gods who survived under Pangu's men.

Hongjun should have seen Pangu's power and wanted that kind of power, but Heavenly Dao can also be seen as a protection program left by Pangu to the Three Realms.

To enter the Three Realms, one must obtain the approval of the Heavenly At that time, the Heavenly Dao was not selfish, so Hongjun took refuge in the Heavenly Dao.

The Demon Ancestor is a chaser sent by the Chaos Clan, but none of the chased after the last chase came back...

But the more so it makes him heavier.

Heavenly Dao can be seen as Pangu converged with countless laws, representing the ultimate truth, origin, noumenon, law, principle, realm and so on of the three realms.

The way of heaven also represents the ultimate realm of the Three Realms!

Within the Three Realms. Whether it is congenital or acquired creatures, it is too difficult to surpass him.

Facing such an opponent, their situation can no longer be described in adversity.

This is a **** desperate situation!

With the deeper understanding of the Tao of Heaven, Emperor Lu Tian was irritable and wanted to curse.

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