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This is a story after he became Shen Gongbao’s apprentice in the world of Fengshen.

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Short Title:FW
Alternate Title:封神问道行
Author:Don't ask the original intention
Weekly Rank:#2542
Monthly Rank:#2493
All Time Rank:#4774
Tags:Cultivation, Dao Comprehension, Daoism, Gods, Immortals, Sword Wielder, Ugly to Beautiful, Xianxia,
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10 Comments on “Fengshen Wendaoxing
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  1. Synopsis from one of the raw websites: After sixteen years of muddle-headed foolishness, he woke up but changed the world. Lu Chuan woke up, only to find that he was in the Age of Conferred Gods, and a battle involving immortals, demons, gods, humans, and demons was about to kick off. Only this time, he changed from a person who listened to the story to a personal experience...

  2. Damnit this is like a never ending fight against these retarded summaries. Guess I'll take the plunge and be back with the details on whatever this story is about

  3. Okay this is actually sorta good. MC is reincarnated into an ancient china during the time of the Shang Dynasty. There's also some Gods/Immortals/Demons stuff included but I'm not very clear on the cultivation stuff of this novel yet. I'm only 15 chapters but SO FAR mc seems to be one of the witty funny types. He's kind of shameless. I'm not sure what his goldfinger is or if he even has one. He just got accepted as a disciple by some big guy. We'll see if the story holds up.

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