Chapter 1104: Bamboo Horse Around Green Plum

 As a good friend, he didn’t even go to visit, which is really unjustifiable.

Li Xiaomao is a straight-tempered person, with no twists and turns in his stomach, and his face turns red when he is anxious.

Mu Jinyan hurriedly took his arm and patted him gently: "I just heard what my sister said. We will make an appointment to see him together tomorrow."

Li Xiaomao felt better when she saw that Mu Jinyan had not visited Rong Jin yet.

 He liked these friends very much and was particularly afraid of being excluded by them.

 He knows that he is not as smart as the three of them, but he is in good health and has strength, so he can protect them!

Thinking like this, Li Xiaomao raised his right arm, then took Mu Jinyan's hand and touched the muscles on his arm.

"Look, you have to be as strong as me. The three of you eat too little on weekdays, so your body is so thin."

 Speaking of it, they both studied and practiced martial arts at Taiyuan University together, but none of them were as strong as Li Xiaomao.

Mu Jinyan concluded that Li Xiaomao is not picky about food and eats everything, and eats a lot.

I remember one year on the eve of the winter solstice, Taiyuan College made a meal of steamed dumplings before the holiday.

 It is said to be a dumpling, but the dumpling is as big as half an adult's hand.

Beef stuffed with celery.

Li Xiaomao said that celery can help lose weight, so he ate twenty-three of them. At that time, they were all frightened, and even the master was alarmed.

And the three of them only ate five each, and they were already so full.

Later, the master asked a familiar imperial doctor to check Li Xiaomao's pulse. The imperial doctor said that he was fine and had just eaten too much.

Li Xiaomao curled his lips and said dissatisfiedly: "Even if I eat too much, I'm only seven-tenths full, and Xiao Ling won't let me eat."

After saying that, he glanced at Si Qianling aggrievedly.

Si Qianling just wanted to find a crack in the ground and crawl in. The master helplessly held his forehead, and then he also knew that Li Xiaomao had a big appetite and no longer had to worry about these "trivial" things.

Thinking of this, Mu Jinyan couldn't help laughing.

Li Xiaomao thought Mu Jinyan was laughing at him and curled his lips in displeasure.

“You only care about looking good and being slim, but you don’t think about how uncomfortable it is to be sick and how painful the medicine is!”

 Nothing like him, very strong.

“Yes, we should all learn from you. Eat more and sleep more. Taking good care of yourself is the first priority.”

Although Mu Jinyan said it with a smile, his words came from the bottom of his heart.

Although they are very favored at home, the more favored they are, the more stringent the elders will discipline them.

 Eat only three-thirds of the food, and there are requirements for standing, sitting, lying down, and walking.

 But in fact, only Li Xiaomao is really favored and can do whatever he wants, do what he likes, and not do what he doesn't like.

Even Si Qianling is bound by many rules because of his relationship with His Highness.

Therefore, Mu Jinyan particularly hopes that her sister can marry Li Xiaomao back home. Such a sincere person should not take advantage of others.

Li Xiaomao suddenly became excited when he saw Mu Jinyan recognized him.

Took a piece of fruit on Mu Jinyan's table and ate it up in a few bites. Just as he was about to put the core on a plate aside, the emperor arrived. Everyone hurriedly knelt down. Li Xiaomao was in a hurry, and the core flew out without grabbing it, and fell straight into the tea cup prepared for the princess of Southern Xinjiang.

After everyone stood up, Li Xiaomao looked around secretly and didn't see the core, so he didn't take it seriously.

Jiang Yu brought the congratulatory gifts brought from southern Xinjiang to meet the emperor, and after some more polite remarks, he sat down opposite His Royal Highness.

At a glance, he saw the core left in the teacup that had been chewed by someone, and Jiang Yu's face with a slight smile suddenly darkened a bit.

This Dongling person is really bullying others.

 It seemed that they were no longer willing to have a good peace negotiation, so they actually played such a little trick on her.

Jiang Yu really wronged Dongling this time.

However, despite the misunderstanding, Jiang Yu did not dare to really fall out with Dongling.

 She is still in Tangling now. If there is really a commotion, she will be the unlucky one.

Moving the cup aside, Jiang Yu took the wine cup aside and brought it to the tip of her nose to smell it.

There was nothing wrong with the wine glass, and Emperor Dongling's attitude was quite friendly. If the gnawed fruit core was not still lying in the tea cup, Jiang Yu would have even wondered if she was really being careless.

On the day Su Qiruo returned to Beijing, the weather was just right, and a few of the younger generation officials in the capital were selected by the emperor to accompany Jiang Yu, including Zhong Xia from the Weining Marquis Mansion and Qi Hongjie from the Taifu Mansion.

Jiang Yu has dealt with Si Qianyan and Mu Jinqi before, and knows that those two are not easy to mess with.

 One has extraordinary martial arts skills, the other is intelligent and eloquent.

Moreover, they all grew up together with His Highness the Little Emperor Sun of Dongling since they were young, and they have a close relationship.

As for Zhong Xia and Qi Hongjie, although they also come from aristocratic families and are also the companions of His Royal Highness, their shine has been obscured by the extremely outstanding daughter Rong Yun of the Protector's Palace in front of them.

However, after some contact, Jiang Yu was also frightened into a cold sweat.

I have to say that Emperor Dongling's vision is indeed vicious, and none of the companions he found for Su Qiruo were easy to offend.

She prides herself on being both civilized and military, and is one of the best in southern Xinjiang. However, after meeting noble ladies like Dongling who are younger than her, she begins to doubt her life.

Looking at the excellent landscape painting in front of me, I heard Qi Hongjie comment: "When painting landscapes, the intention comes first. As the saying goes, people in the distance have no eyes, and trees in the distance have no branches. There are no rocks in the distance, and they are as faint as eyebrows; The distant water has no waves, and is higher than the sky. Although this painting seems to be exquisite in every aspect, it ignores the reality and density, and only shows off, which makes it inferior."

"However, the details are not handled well enough. The ancient trees on the cliff have exposed roots and are entangled with vines; the ancient banks of the forest flow are embedded in the hollow and have water marks. The trees are sparse and flat when far away, and dense when close. Those with leaves have soft branches, and those without leaves have soft branches. The branches are stiff. The ancient trees are half-dead with many knots, and the cold forest is sparse and desolate."

“When you want to paint landscapes, you must first observe them, and the real thing is more important than imagining them. Do you think you are painting a fairyland?”

Qi Hongjie has superb painting skills. Although he does not often come out to participate in these poetry and painting meetings, his weight in the minds of the world is extremely important.

Although the painter was criticized by Qi Hongjie as worthless, he was not at all angry. Instead, he bowed to her with a look of gratitude.

This forced Jiang Yu to reconsider the relationship between Nanjiang and Dongling again. If there was a fight, whether Nanjiang could take advantage.

There are too many outstanding people among the young generation in Dongling. Just pick one of them and you can crush all the young talents in the capital in southern Xinjiang.

Jiang Yu was envious and jealous at the same time, and she was extremely lucky in her heart. Fortunately, she hadn't done anything irreversible yet.

Jiang Yu didn't listen to what they said next, and was only thinking about how to deal with the previous relationship between the two countries.

 She came here rashly this time without handing her credentials to Dongling, so she had lost the opportunity.

 (End of this chapter)