Even if the Imperial Grandmother really dislikes her favoring Si Qianling too much and wants to get rid of him, she still has to consider the Prime Minister's Mansion and the East Palace, right?

Moreover, in Su Qiruo's view, the imperial grandmother was not such a heartless person.

Judging from the importance she places on her mother and herself, she also likes her own post-Yuan Ding very much.

If it weren't for true love, why would she put all her efforts into cultivating her granddaughter instead of directly selecting an heir from her adult daughters?

Su Qiruo was even more worried that Si Qianling would take the initiative to deal with the Southern Princess on her behalf. If he was tricked by then, the gain would outweigh the loss.

 Written back to Si Qianling, asking him to pretend to be sick and not leave the house today, as she would be returning soon.

Si Qianling looked at the letter untied from Feiying's leg, and then glanced at the flowers blooming outside the window, and couldn't help but feel stunned.

 The flowers are blooming on the street, and you should return home!

After the emperor met with the queen of Southern Xinjiang, he decided to hold a reception banquet for her in the palace in the evening of the day after the wedding.

Si Qianling really planned to use his body as bait to find out the purpose of the Southern Xinjiang princess, but he was afraid that she would use some cunning trick against his sister Aruo.

 But Sister Aruo knew him so well that she guessed his thoughts right away.

 That’s all, Master Fu once said that the battle between Dongling and Southern Xinjiang will be fought sooner or later.

At worst, when Sister Aruo leads the army to go on an expedition, he will follow her.

 Always do something for Sister Aruo.

Now that Sister Aruo is not here, he really shouldn't mess around and disturb her plans.

The Master said that no matter what you want to do, you must first consider self-preservation.

 Only if you save your life, everything you do has meaning.

If he lost his life for this, how sad Sister Aruo would be!

What if she marries someone else in the future, has a child with someone else and forgets about him, wouldn't his death be in vain?

After carefully folding the letter and placing it in the drawer, Si Qianling ordered Bai Wu to bring a pile of dried fish to feed the flying eagle.

I heard that Si Qianling was ill due to the spring cold. Rong Jin, Mu Jinyan and Li Xiaomao had all visited him one after another in the past few days.

The news of Young Master Si's illness spread out, and the Queen Mother specially sent a doctor over.

Si Qianling used rouge to smear her face red, and placed many hot soups under the quilt.

 As soon as the imperial doctor came, he coughed uncontrollably.

As soon as the imperial doctor checked his pulse, he could feel the scorching temperature of Young Master Si's body through the handkerchief.

 If the burning continues like this, don’t burn people to death.

 “Am I pretending a little too much?”

 After everyone left, Si Qianling hurriedly got out of bed.

 It’s really too hot.

Bai Qing hurriedly brought a wet handkerchief over to wipe Si Qianling's sweat, fearing that he would really get sick.

“Young master, you are not afraid of making yourself sick.”

 “If you don’t do this, how can you deceive the imperial doctor in the palace?”

Si Qianling doesn’t want to either!

 But the emperor is not his sister Aruo, and he cannot guarantee that the emperor will put him in front of absolute interests.

He is not stupid. From the moment Su Qiruo said she would only marry him, he knew that the emperor would deal with him sooner or later.

His Royal Highness the little grandson is the emperor's lifeblood, and he is dedicated to cultivating him into a qualified emperor.

Although an emperor should not have weaknesses, he has become the obsession of the future emperor, which is looking for death.

 Fortunately, the emperor also sincerely loves His Highness the little emperor, and may not necessarily kill him.

While this friendship is beautiful, there will be many problems they will face in the future.

Bai Qing also wanted to say that it wouldn't matter if the imperial doctor in the palace knew about it. The queen liked the young master so much, but she stopped when she saw the young master's frown. The young master seems to have something on his mind.

“Sir, the Queen of Southern Xinjiang sent someone to bring you a Ganoderma lucidum...”

   Bai Wu walked in from outside, holding an exquisite box in his hand.

 “She is quite generous.”

The more the Southern Xinjiang princess behaved like this, the more Si Qianling felt that she was uneasy and kind-hearted.

If you want to poach sister Aruo, go ahead and dream!

“We will accept it as a gift. Sister Aruo is going out to work hard. When she comes back, we will send it to the East Palace to recuperate Sister Aruo.”

  After wiping away the sweat on his body and putting on fresh new clothes, Si Qianling suddenly felt like he was alive.

“Since the young master knew that she was not well-meaning, why did he still accept her things?”

 After all, you have short hands. If someone makes trouble about this matter, I'm afraid it will damage the young master's reputation.

“Even if I don’t accept it, she will always find other ways to do other things. It’s better to keep this Ganoderma lucidum and we can make a profit.”

Si Qianling just took a sip of tea when Si Qianyan hurried in.

“Sister, why are you in such a hurry?”

Si Qianyan had just returned home when she heard the news that the princess of Southern Xinjiang had given her younger brother a gift. She was worried that her younger brother would be taken advantage of without knowing it.

"Then Jiang Yu must have some other purpose for approaching you. You must not fall for her. That woman is not simple. His Highness will be back in three to five days. During this period, you should stay at home. I have already given instructions to the housekeeper that no matter what the Queen of Southern Xinjiang sends her in the future, she will not accept it."

“Sister, don’t worry, I understand the importance.”

 Otherwise, he wouldn't pretend to be sick.

What Si Qianling didn't expect was that on the day when the palace held a reception banquet, Rong Jin also fell ill and therefore did not enter the palace.

Si Qianling was worried, so he sent Bai Wu to go to the Protector's Mansion in person with some medicinal materials and supplements.

 After Bai Wu came back, he explained the reason.

It turned out that when Jiang Yu saw that Si Qianling was unable to recover due to illness, he took the initiative to target Rong Jin.

 Everyone in the Rong family is an old fox, so there is no way they can fail to see what Jiang Yu is thinking.

 As the ancestral family of His Royal Highness the Young Emperor, the Rong family has always been cautious in doing things and cannot tolerate any mistakes.

No matter what the princess of Southern Xinjiang has in mind, the Rong family cannot have anything to do with her.

Once it is used by someone with ulterior motives, not only the entire Duke Protector's Mansion will be destroyed, but the Queen Mother and the Young Emperor's Highness will also be implicated.

Rong Jin had no other choice, so he had to imitate Si Qianling and pretend to be sick, so he could live a stable life for one day.

Li Xiaomao followed his father to the palace. He looked everywhere but couldn't find Si Qianling and Rong Jin, so he walked next to Mu Jinyan.

 “Aren’t they coming?”

Mu Jinyan also learned some inside information from his sister. The Southern Xinjiang princess came to Dongling to get married. He had already made an engagement and was not afraid of that woman.

Li Xiaomao's family background is not as good as that of Si Qianling and Rong Jin. The princess of Southern Xinjiang will not set her sights on him, so there is no need to worry.

 When Si Qianling and Rong Jin became "sick" one after another, he understood something about it.

“I heard that Ajin is also sick. It is most easy to catch wind and cold during the change of seasons. You should remember to put on an extra layer of clothes when you go out on weekdays.”

Li Xiaomao couldn't help but feel anxious when he heard that Rong Jin was also sick.

“Why didn’t I hear that Ajin was also sick? When did this happen?”