When he opens his mouth, he will definitely do something bad.

While several people were talking, the door was pushed open, and Mu Jinqi strode in wearing official uniform.

 “Are you okay?”

A few people shook their heads, and then talked about the woman with Mu Jinqi, describing her appearance in detail, hoping to be able to help.

Mu Jinqi frowned and said, "His Royal Highness has sent a message a long time ago. Even though we were so tight on guard, we still allowed her to sneak in. It seems that the spies back then were not cleaned up at all."

"Now that she knows she missed the mark, will she run away overnight?"

Now that he has met Mu Jinqi, Li Xiaomao is no longer afraid.

He especially wanted to catch that woman and achieve great success again. From now on, he would be a great hero in the family, and no one would dare to control him anymore.

 There is just a lack of opportunities now!

“She can’t escape, so isn’t her trip in vain?”

Rong Jin shook his head.

"Then since she knew that Sister Jinqi was going to arrest her, she absolutely didn't dare to come out again. Hiding like this is no different from running away."

 “She might choose to show up openly.”

Si Qianling heard this and said, since she couldn't hide, it would be better to tell the world that she entered Dongling Capital as the daughter of Nanjiang. Dongling really couldn't do anything to her unless she really wanted to start a war with Nanjiang.

Jiang Yu, who was escaping over there, didn't expect that these young gentlemen would be so difficult to deal with. He just said hello and they noticed something strange.

Jiang Yu thought that there was nothing wrong with him, and he didn't know how those young men did it.

  It is said that Dongling people are cunning and cunning, and it is true.

 A few young men from aristocratic families had such a temperament that they almost plotted against her.

Jiang Yu couldn't help feeling embarrassed when she thought that she had sneaked into the room next to Si Qianling's room through the back window.

   A few teenagers actually made a fool of themselves.

 They pretended to be so similar, it’s no wonder she couldn’t tell.

 “Master, are we leaving?”

 The guards behind him escorted Jiang Yu out of the back door, feeling a little worried.

The capital is no better than Jinbei and is tightly defended. If they are really allowed to search every inch, there will be no place for them to hide.

When Jiang Yu came out of the corner, she had already changed her clothes, and her face returned to its usual calmness.

“No, you go and prepare some gifts, and I will deliver the post to the palace to pay homage to His Majesty Dongling early tomorrow morning.”

She still didn't believe it. The Dongling people really dared to kill her blatantly.

Originally I wanted to start with Si Qianling, so that Su Qiruo could taste the pain of not being able to love her.

 But I didn’t expect that the child was young but very defensive.

Raising her hand to touch her face, Jiang Yu turned around and asked the guard behind her: "Isn't this face of yours good-looking?"

The guard was startled and said sternly: "My master is so handsome and beautiful that no one in the world can match him."

Jiang Yu was amused by the guard's words, but after just a moment, the smile faded.

"However, I think that Su Qiruo is better."

 It's not surprising that Si Qianling doesn't have a good impression of her. He grew up with someone as beautiful as Su Qiruo. He spent all day looking at that immortal face, so it makes sense that he's not interested in her.

“Donngling is not only a large country, but also a land of outstanding people. Look at the young ladies and gentlemen from the aristocratic families in Kyoto. They are indeed well-off.”

Her face in Southern Xinjiang is like Su Qiruo's in Dongling. However, when she entered Dongling, she had seen Su Qiruo and Rong Yun from a distance, and both of them were prettier than her.

Just passing by a rouge shop, there were many men choosing among them, so Jiang Yu also turned around and walked in.

The guard glanced at his master in confusion, not understanding what he was trying to do. There were several servants in the master's backyard, but he didn't see any of them buying any gifts to please them.

It wasn't until Jiang Yu came out with a large box of things to wipe her face that the guard stepped forward to take it.

 “Master, this is for…”

 “This is for my own use.”

 The Dongling people are so good-looking, maybe they use these things.

She also tried it, and if it really worked, she bought their prescription when she left. There was no harm in spending more money.

The guard tried not to laugh out loud. She really didn't know that Her Royal Highness still had a love for beauty hidden in her ruthless heart.

After watching the shadow puppet show absent-mindedly, the group of people hurried home.

Si Qianling wrote a letter to Su Qiruo as soon as he got home. This was the first time he took the initiative to ask when she would be back.

The Southern Xinjiang princess was obviously coming for him, and she must also be trying to deal with Sister Aruo. He was a little worried.

Su Qiruo looked at the letter sent by Fei Ying, with a hint of murderous intent in her usually calm eyes.

 What a Jiang Yu, really shameless.

Xiao Ling is only fourteen years old, she is already twenty-five, and she still wants to be an old cow eating young grass.

Rong Yun also realized something was wrong and said with some worry: "If Nan Xin wants to marry a son of the Dongling family on the grounds of marriage, I am afraid that even the courtiers will not refuse."

  With one man in exchange for peace between the two countries, neither the courtiers nor the people had any reason to refuse.

If she chooses Si Qianling, then Si Qianling will be roasted on the fire.

If he agrees, given Si Qianling's temperament, he is afraid that he will hang himself as soon as he leaves Dongling.

If he doesn't agree, once the two countries go to war, he will become a sinner in Tangling.

 After His Highness ascends to the throne, Si Qianling will no longer be eligible to take charge of the East Palace.

 “It’s really despicable!”

Fu Lan cursed and saw that Su Qiruo's face was calm, but she didn't have Rong Yun's worries.

The emperor knew that His Highness was attracted to Si Qianling and would definitely not allow him to get married.

At that time, there is no need for Si Qianling to refuse, as the emperor will have various reasons.

Rong Yun has always been good at thinking, and he always thinks more carefully than others when considering things.

"Your Highness, a monarch should not have weaknesses, so emperors have been ruthless since ancient times. If Your Highness cares too much about Xiao Ling, the Emperor may not be willing to protect him for you."

Perhaps he will take the initiative to send him away to break His Highness's mind.

 Rong Yun did not say the next sentence, I believe Su Qiruo can understand it.

Su Qiruo pursed her lips and hesitated for a moment before asking: "How many days will it take for the people's houses in North Street to be repaired? The snow at the mountain pass has turned into mud, and the gravel has been paved?"

 “It will take three days at the fastest.”

 Three days, plus the delays on the road, by the time they rushed back to the capital, it was too late.

"Then hurry up and hire more people from the east, west and south of the city. We will finish the work in two days. We will return to Beijing on time the evening after tomorrow."

The snow in Jinbei has stopped for two days, and it seems to be getting hotter day by day.

It’s good that the weather is getting warmer, but the sludge from melting snow really delays work.

Su Qiruo was not as worried as Rong Yun. Even if she did not believe that the imperial grandmother would protect Si Qianling for her, she would never agree to Nanjiang's request with her mother and father around.

What’s more, the Prime Minister’s Office is not a vegetarian.