Su Qiruo glanced at Si Qianyang indifferently, and directly dragged Si Qianling away without showing Si Qianyang any sympathy.

  The smile on Si Qianyang's face froze, he never expected that Su Qiruo would be so cold.

   "Try the small cake here, sugar-free, don't be afraid of growing meat."

  Su Qiruo picked a small cake for Si Qianling, with a big cherry hanging on it, it looked very attractive.

  Si Qianling took it, and Su Qiruo asked the waiter for a glass of juice.

   "You are too young to drink alcohol."

  The doting tone seemed to linger in his ears, making Si Qianyang go crazy with jealousy.

  She ignored herself, but loved Si Qianling, that **** so much.

  How could there be someone like Su Qiruo in this world? Everyone knew that he was better than Si Qianling, but she couldn't see it.

   Behind Si Qianling's slightly coquettish voice: "But I want to taste it."


  Si Qianling stretched out his hand and gestured a little: "Just a small cup."

  Seeing his pitiful appearance, Su Qiruo had no choice but to let him lick her wine glass.

   "Just a sip."

  Si Qianling looked at the cup in her hand, his ears turned red, he took a sip carefully, and then his eyes lit up.

   "It's sweet."

   "You can't drink sweets, and children should not drink alcohol."

   "I'm already twenty."

   "Twenty is also a child."

"elder sister…"

  Although it was only a very small sound, it did not escape the ears of the people nearby.

  Especially when Si Qianling called Su Qiruo's sister, what everyone saw was the pampering look on the face of the always indifferent Miss Su.

   "Drink juice, blueberry juice, cherry juice, olive juice, see what you like."

"all good."

  Si Qianling doesn't pick these things.

   "Then try them all."

  Su Qiruo directly asked people to put all the juices on the small table at the side, and then took Si Qianling to sit there.

   From time to time, someone would come over to strike up a conversation, and Su Qiruo would return it nonchalantly.

  Si Qianling was a little embarrassed to see that everyone else was holding wine glasses and chatting around, and it was just the two of them sitting there eating and drinking.

  Su Qiruo couldn't help being a little funny seeing him fidgeting.

   "Just sit with peace of mind. Only they come to us, and we don't get up to find others. Don't worry about them."

  She didn't come here today to make friends with anyone, she just wanted to show Si Qianling.

  The people her Si family wants to make friends with don't need to make false claims in this kind of place, the people here can only cling to the Su family.

   Liu Qin appeared out of nowhere, accompanied by a handsome little brother.

   "Yo, isn't this my dear sister!"

  The boy approached Su Qiruo with an ambiguous expression, and winked mischievously at her, then turned his gaze to Si Qianling who was sitting there.

  Si Qianling's eyes suddenly turned cold, and he was about to speak out, but the person beside him held his hand.

   "Stop messing around, I haven't come to see your brother-in-law yet."

   After finishing speaking, Su Qiruo said to Si Qianling again: "Xiao Ling, this is Liu Huai, a cousin of my aunt's family."

   "Hey, Miss Husband, she looks so good-looking, no wonder our ruthless sister likes her. Her vision is really good!"

   After speaking, Liu Huai sat down beside Si Qianling, and then put the cake and snacks he brought in front of Si Qianling.

   "Miss husband, try it, the cake here is not bad."

  Si Qianling thought of what Su Qiruo said before, so he couldn't help but curl his lips.

   This is really a family, and they all say the same thing.

   But it's true, the Liu family is unambiguous in the political circles, even if the son of the Liu family is lying here sleeping, he doesn't dare to say anything about him.

  Si Qianling suddenly understood why Su Qiruo didn't like to come to such occasions. She didn't seem to have anything else to do when she came here except to listen to some compliments.

   Obviously Liu Huai is also the same. Judging by his familiar and natural eating, it should not be the first time he has done so.

   "Why are you here?"

  Su Qiruo didn't expect Liu Huai to come, the cousins ​​of the Liu family, like her, are not people who like to join in the fun.

  Liu Huai wiped the corners of his mouth with a tissue, and said in a low voice, "I just heard that my uncle, aunt and sister are coming, so I came here to join in the fun, mainly to meet my husband."

  He was just curious about what kind of beauty could win his cousin's heart directly. This was the first time in history!

  I heard that my second cousin was also in a hurry these days, so I wanted to hand in my thesis and get my graduation certificate, and then come back to see her brother-in-law!

  Liu Huai naturally handed a piece of lavender cake to Si Qianling, and then said with a smile: "Sister, you have really good eyesight. My husband is much prettier than that popular young student."

  Although he didn't say it clearly, everyone knew who he was talking about.

  Si Qianyang seems to be a well-rounded person, but a child from a noble family like Liu Huai really doesn't like that kind of person.

  He felt that the quiet Si Qianling on the opposite side was more real, at least he wasn't so extravagant.

  “Good looks are only part of the story, character is the most important thing.”

  Su Qiruo glanced at Liu Huai lightly, disliked that he always talked about Si Qianling's good looks, as if she was interested in sex.

   "Character is very important, and good looks are also very important!"

  Liu Huai ignored Su Qiruo's hint, but leaned against Si Qianling and kept talking, and Si Qianling would give him some responses.

  Su Qiruo glanced at Liu Qin sullenly, and Liu Qin shrugged helplessly.

   This little ancestor is coming, and she can't stop her!

  Su Qiruo is slightly dissatisfied, she just fell in love, and it's the time of deep affection, why does this guy Liu Huai come out to join in the fun?

   "Ah Ruo."

  A familiar voice sounded from behind, and soon another handsome and tall young woman sat down beside her.

  Su Qiruo raised her eyebrows slightly, and said unexpectedly: "Why are you here?"

  These guys who usually want to hide as far away as possible when encountering this kind of banquet, all of them appeared today for the first time.

   Glancing at Si Qianling on the other side, Su Qiruo smiled slightly.

   Well, this is to watch them all as monkeys.

  Ye Ge had met Si Qianling when he was in school before, and the two were not completely strangers.

  Si Qianling nodded politely towards Ye Ge, and called out, "Senior Ye."

  He knew that Ye Ge was Su Qiruo's best friend, and he had thought about relying on Ye Ge to get close to Su Qiruo before, but in the end he didn't do that.

  If a talented student with a high IQ like Ye Ge senses his intentions, he will backfire and end up harming himself.

  Ye Ge smiled and nodded, his eyes did not stay on Si Qianling, but raised his hand and rubbed Liu Huai's head.

   "When did Huai'er come back?"