Chapter 1016 Protection

  Si Qianling was very nervous when he came to Su's house for the first time.

  Su Qiruo was by his side all the time, coupled with the kindness and gentleness of the seniors of the Su family, Si Qianling quickly relaxed.

  Father Su, after learning about the relationship between Su Qiruo and Si Qianling when they were young, called it fate, even though Su Qiruo has always been thick-skinned, and was made to blush a little by his family.

  The Su family's old house was a large villa manor. After lunch at the Su family, Su Qiruo sent Si Qianling to the guest room to rest.

  Si Qianling couldn't sleep, so Su Qiruo stayed by his side the whole time.

  Su's father pointed to the upstairs and Su's mother whispered: "Did you see that your daughter is also so considerate and gentle."

  Su Qiruo looks gentle, but in fact she doesn't like to be close to people. Even her mother, father, grandmother, and grandfather, she won't get along with her like her younger sister without any scruples. She can hug and kiss whenever she wants.

  She looks mature and stable, but in fact she always keeps a distance from others.

  Maybe it's because of my personality.

  But for Si Qianling, Su Qiruo is obviously different.

  She seemed to be close to him very naturally, as if she had been with him for many years.

  In the past, Su's mother and Su's father were most worried about how lonely this life would be if the eldest daughter had such a personality that it was difficult to meet someone she liked.

  But I didn't expect Si Qianling to appear. There was such a fate between them, which is really a surprise.

   Si Qianling is the only man in this world who doesn't look at her, Su Qiruo's status, appearance and family background.

  Su's mother smiled dotingly, took Su's father's hand and patted it lightly: "This is a good thing."

  Su's father also smiled relievedly: "Yes, it is also luck to meet a lover in a lifetime. I'm afraid..."

   As long as he is afraid that his love will not last long, he is not worried about his own daughter, but the child of the Si family.

  If you use too much affection, if you are let down, you may be in danger of your life.

Su's mother tightly held Su's father's hand, and said softly: "You should know better than anyone else the nature of our own daughter. Since she is willing to admit it directly like this and is willing to bring it home, it means that she has already made up her mind. Prepare to be responsible for other people's children, that kind of situation will definitely not happen."

Over the past few years, they have sent many boys to Su Qiruo's side, all of them are outstanding and handsome, but she doesn't like any of them, and occasionally trick her into going home to have dinner with them, She always finds various excuses to slip away.

  Although the family background of the Si family is not high, it cannot stand the love of the children.

  Emotional matters, twisted melons are not sweet, and the pleasing relationship between two people is more important than anything else.

   "The child is a good child, but the Si family is not very good. The couple always only take the eldest son with them when they go out. If Ah Ruo hadn't brought Xiao Ling home, I wouldn't have known that the Si family had such a son!"

  Su's father had already asked someone to investigate the Si family's affairs, and was extremely dissatisfied with Si Shaomei and his wife.

   They are all their own children, how can they be partial like this?

  Although the Su family favored Ah Ruo a little because of her childhood illness, they never treated Ah Hua badly.

  It's really rare for someone like the Si family to ignore their son directly, and it's a bit too cool.

  Su's mother sneered: "Oh! It's even better, Xiaoling will be a child of my Su family from now on, and has nothing to do with the Si family."

  If the Si family wants to gain something from the Su family by currying favor with Si Qianling, it depends on whether the Su family is willing.

  The Su family doesn't say anything else, but they protect their weaknesses one by one.

  Su Qiruo took Si Qianling upstairs to look through his childhood photo albums, Su's mother and Su's father had already scolded the Si family all over the place.

  Su's mother and Su's father have not attended any banquet for many years, but tonight, the two of them appeared in front of everyone for the first time.

  Su Qiruo led Si Qianling to follow behind Su's mother and Su's father. As soon as the four of them appeared, everyone's eyes were cast on them.

   "Oh my god! Isn't that Chairman Su and Master Su?"

   "They even came."

   "Master Su is still so good-looking, he doesn't look like a man in his forties, he is clearly insufficient!"

   "Chairman Su and Master Su were the most beautiful couple in our capital back then, and it's no wonder that Miss Su and Miss Second are so handsome."

   Some older people have already greeted them with smiles, saying hello to Su's mother and Su's father one after another.

  Then everyone's eyes fell on Si Qianling who was following Su Qiruo, no matter whether they recognized him or not, they would praise him first.

  Although Si Qianling had filmed a few small plays, it was the first time to participate in such a banquet, and he was a little uncomfortable for a while.

  The woman beside him suddenly grasped his hand tightly and pulled him to her side.

   "Boss Su is young and promising, and has a successful career, which makes me admire him. Now is there another good news?"

  Su Qiruo didn't hold back, and nodded to the person who asked the question: "This is my boyfriend—Si Qianling, but Xiao Ling is still in school, and it will take two years to get married."

   "Young Master Si and Mr. Su are really a good match, congratulations."

   "Congratulations, President Su."

   "Congratulations, Chairman Su."


  Whether it is true or false, no matter how sad those people who want to send their son to the Su family feel, they have to say congratulations with a smile on their faces at this time.

  Chairman Su appeared today to build momentum for his future son-in-law, but anyone with eyes can see it.

  Anyone who doesn't open his eyes and says something wrong at this time will offend the Su family.

   "Master Si, that man is your brother?"

   Si Qianyang was standing in the corner holding the wine glass firmly, the jealousy in his eyes was so strong that he couldn't get rid of it, but the people around him wanted to pour oil on his heart.

   "My younger brother is a good means."

  Si Qianyang smiled mockingly, then turned his face away, and walked towards Si Qianling with a wine glass in his hand.

  He has always looked down on his boss Qianling, thinking that he is withdrawn, and his family doesn't like him either.

   But he didn't know that he had such a great ability to directly climb up the big tree of the Su family.

   I don't know what method Si Qianling used, even Chairman Su and Master Su came to support him.

  What is he capable of?

  Si Qianling also saw Si Qianyang who was walking towards him at this time. It has to be said that Si Qianyang is able to achieve what he is today, and this face is really good.

  Unfortunately, even if Si Qianyang is unwilling, they are brothers, and his face has never been worse than Si Qianyang.

   And Si Qianling was also extremely fortunate, he was the one who caught Su Qiruo's eyes even though he had a similar appearance.

   "Xiao Ling."

  Si Qianyang was tall and tall, slightly taller than Si Qianling by an inch. Because of his reputation, he attracted the attention of many people when he appeared in front of Si Qianling.

  Si Qianling pursed his lips and nodded at Si Qianyang, but he didn't call out that brother.

  Si Qianyang was not annoyed, but turned to Su Qiruo with a smile.

   "President Su, I am Si Qianyang, Xiaoling's older brother, and I have long admired President Su's name."

  (end of this chapter)

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