Chapter 1015 Is sister serious?

  Su Qiruo likes to speak directly, she thinks that those misunderstandings that can be said are not considered misunderstandings.

  If a person has a long mouth but does not explain it, then there is no need to talk about this love.

  Si Qianling would look into Su Qiruo's eyes and ask very seriously: "Is sister serious?"

   Clenched his hands nervously, until now he can't believe they are really together.

  She was trying to save the photo before, so she said that in public, or did she really recognize him as her boyfriend.

  Si Qianling doesn't believe in love at first sight, but if that person is her, he must believe it.

  Su Qiruo said solemnly: "Naturally. I'm afraid the fact that we are together has already made headlines, do you think it can still be false?"

  Si Qianling's ears turned red, and he bit his lip lightly, but couldn't stop the corner of his mouth from rising.

   "I will always listen to my sister from now on."

  That well-behaved appearance made Su Qiruo's heart itch, she raised her hand and pinched his handsome face, then pulled him back to sit on the sofa.

   "I'm afraid it will be very lively around you in the future. You don't need to worry about those people. Study hard. If anyone dares to trouble you, you must tell me immediately."

  The Su family has no enemies outside, even if there is competition in the market, it will not implicate Si Qianling.

  Su Qiruo was afraid that those who wanted to do business with the Su family would not be able to contact her, so she approached Si Qianling.

  She made their relationship public in such a high-profile way, one is to deter those girls in the school who are staring at Si Qianling, and the other is to let Si Qianling not work so hard.

  With this relationship, even if Si Qianling wanted to work as a part-time job, he would not dare to be bullied again.

   She didn't want to see what happened that night again.

   If anyone dares to touch her Su Qiruo's man, neither the Su family nor the Liu family will let them go.

   "Don't worry, sister, I know it well."

  Si Qianling knew how to reject others a long time ago, otherwise with his face, how could there be no one around him.

  The same goes for those who want to have a relationship with him, he will not accept it in the past, and he will not in the future.

   It was hard for him to be with his sister, and no one should try to destroy their relationship.

  Thinking of Si Qianyang's covetousness towards Su Qiruo, Si Qianling's eyes turned cold.

  Just as she was about to ask Su Qiruo if she knew about Si Qianyang, the phone rang.

   Really said that Cao Cao Cao Cao arrived, just thinking about Si Qianyang, the call came again.

   "Is there something wrong?"

  Si Qianling was unwilling to talk to Si Qianyang, but he had to answer his calls.

  Si Qianyang is very good at pestering people. If he doesn't answer, he can keep calling until the phone runs out of battery.

   "People in your school say that you are in a relationship with Mr. Su. What's going on?"

  Si Qianyang didn't believe that if Su Qi would look at a shriveled boy like Si Qianling, even if she wanted to like him, she had to be like him.

  Si Qianling frowned in displeasure, Su Qiruo took his mobile phone and said to the person on the other end: "Why do I need your approval to fall in love with Xiao Ling?"

   "You... are you President Su?"

  Si Qianyang did not expect that Si Qianling was with Su Qiruo at this time, and she also heard his questioning.

   "Don't bother Xiao Ling if you have nothing to do in the future, he doesn't owe you anything."

  After Su Qiruo finished speaking, she didn't care if Si Qianyang was still busy, so she hung up the phone directly.

  Si Qianyang's life was saved by Si Qianling, so it's fine for him not to be grateful, but he shouldn't be so shameless, only know how to take, and be selfish.

  The Si family is really funny. Si Qianling's love affair makes the whole family run wild. Could it be that she is afraid that she will vent her anger on Si Qianling and cause trouble for them?

  Thinking about it this way, Su Qiruo felt that she really should do something, so that those people would not be able to see her weight clearly in the future.

  Looking at the hung up phone, Si Qianyang looked pale, angry and startled.

  What did that **** Si Qianling say in front of President Su, that President Su would think of him like this.

  Thinking about this, Si Qianyang dialed his mother's phone number again, he had to tell his mother quickly, lest Si Qianlang speak indiscriminately and hurt the Si family.

  All afternoon, Su Qiruo sat in the office and was busy, while Si Qianling sat in the corner doing his own thing, quietly, without making a sound.

  Su Qiruo flipped through the invitation letter in her hand, then glanced at Si Qianling who was typing on the keyboard, got up and walked to his side.

   "There is a banquet on Saturday night, do you want to see it?"

  Now that her identity has been disclosed, she has to take him around more.

  In the past, if Su Qiruo didn't like to go to this kind of occasion, she would just let Liu Qin go there instead.

  Si Qianling glanced at the content on it, raised his head and asked, "Will Si Qianyang go too?"

  Su Qiruo thought for a while, and said softly: "Should invite some popular young students."

  According to Si Qianyang's temperament, he will definitely not miss such an opportunity.

  Thinking that Si Qianling was almost bullied for going to dinner with someone for a variety show, Su Qiruo asked again: "Do you want to participate in a variety show?"

  Su Qiruo didn't think Si Qianling would like to be an actor with his temperament, he was more suitable to sit in the office.

   "I... I thought that I would be able to meet my sister if I participated in a variety show, so I..."

  Si Qianling was a little embarrassed to speak, after all, what happened that night made him feel a little shy.

  Now that he is with her, he has lost his mind.

  Su Qiruo thought of the proposal of Ruohua Company that she had flipped through before, so she went to find it and handed it to Si Qianling.

   "See which one you like, and ask Assistant Liu to arrange it for you."

  With her protection, even if he enters the entertainment circle, he doesn't have to be afraid of anything.

  Since he doesn't like Si Qianyang, then compare him to Si Qianyang.

   As long as he is happy.

  Si Qianling flipped through the proposal, and immediately saw the drama that Si Qianyang was filming, and the most popular love variety show was about to start filming.

   Pointing to the words "moment of heartbeat", Si Qianling said coquettishly, "Sister, I want to go here."

  Su Qiruo just saw those words, and then heard Si Qianling say again: "Sister, will you come with me?"

  She said she was serious, then they should tell the whole world that if she, Su Qi, was Si Qianling's girlfriend, no one could covet her anymore.

  Su Qiruo was about to open her mouth and refuse to let him change, but she changed her words when she met those expectant eyes.

   "Okay, it's all up to you."

  The little boy just wants to declare his sovereignty, so it doesn't matter if she cooperates with him once.

   Receiving an affirmative answer, Si Qianling smiled like a little fox.

  He knew that his sister was the most gentle person in the world.

  His vision is really good, and he has taken a fancy to the best woman in the world since he was a child.

  Early on Saturday morning, Su Qiruo went to school to pick up Si Qianling in person.

  The two first had their hair done, tried on the dress, and then went to Su's house.

  (end of this chapter)

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