Chapter 1 "Irritable" wife-owner will hurt others (1)

  Rubbing her dizzy head, Su Qiruo opened her eyes in a daze.

  Su Qiruo couldn't help smacking her lips at the sight of the thatched cottage and the roof that exposed half of the sky. The poor mouse in this family had to leave with tears in his eyes.

   Poor, poor, poor!

   "That's not right! Ouch..."

  Su Qiruo sat up excitedly, why is she here? Why does my head hurt so much?

   Pain, the tearing pain made Su Qiruo tremble all over.

   Clutching her head and slowing down for a while, Su Qiruo dragged her tired and sore body down to the ground.

  A worn-out but clean inferior blanket fell on the ground, Su Qiruo bent down, pinched it with **** in disgust, and threw it onto the wooden board that could barely be called a bed.

  Looking down for a moment, she looked at her worn-out clothes covered with patches, her feet filled with black unknown substance between the nails, and the sour smell coming from her body from time to time, Su Qiruo couldn't hold back after all—


   Vomited in a dark world, and the stars moved.


  What crime did she commit?

  How can you wear it to such a place where birds don't **** after sleeping?

   Staggeringly moved to the door, the glare of the sun made people dizzy, if it wasn't for the beautiful scenery outside, like a fairyland on earth, Su Qiruo would have wondered if she had fallen into hell.

  Holding the door frame with one hand and supporting her waist with the other, Su Qiruo let out a long breath.

   "The coming of spring on the lake is like drawing a picture, and the chaotic peaks are spread around the level..."

  Su Qiruo couldn't help murmuring, thinking of something, and then suddenly turned a handsome face.

   Don't bully her for not having read the book, isn't this what was written in the abuse novel I read last night?

  This scene - the broken water tank at the door, the low fence yard.

  The figure's clothes—ragged and half-clothed.

  The poverty in this family... everything is opposite to the content of the book.

   Bowed her head again and looked at her current body again. Su Qiruo was very sure that she was wearing the body of the incompetent heroine in the book who had a tendency to domestic violence and only knew how to sit and wait to die except for beating her husband.

  Su Qiruo had been troubled for a long time because the perverted heroine in the book had the same name as her, but now she has sadly become the person she hates the most, what a crime!

  There was a sound of heavy footsteps behind him, Su Qiruo followed the sound and looked back, only to see a thin and handsome man carrying two buckets of water and struggling to move towards the broken vat by the wall.

The man's name was Yun Zimu, and he was originally the son of Yun's family in the town. However, Yun's father died early, and the days of Yun's residence were not as good as each day. Pulled out and sold.

It happened that day that Su Qiruo and others hunted a wild boar and brought it to the town to sell. Seeing that Yun Zimu was good-looking, Su Qiruo used all the money she had shared and saved to renovate the house. Yun Zimu was replaced.

  At first, Su Qiruo still had a bit of pity for Yun Zimu, but Yun Zimu just didn't allow Su Qiruo to touch him, and they broke up every time.

   As time passed, Su Qiruo got tired of his dull temper, and regretted looking at this dilapidated house again.

  I exchanged my life savings for a husband, but I still can't touch it. It's really bad luck for eight lifetimes.

  If you know this is the case, why should she spend so much money?

  The money to buy Yun Zimu is enough for her to marry two husbands.

  There are a few people in the village who have a fairly good relationship with Su Qiruo on weekdays, and they always like to make fun of Su Qiruo with this incident when they joke. Later, after getting drunk, Su Qiruo hit Yunzimu with his hands.

  Since then, when Yun Zimu looked at Su Qiruo again, his defensive gaze was mixed with some fear.

  The ending of Yun Zimu in the book is not good. After Su Qiruo brought another man back from the outside, he became the servant of the husband and wife, serving them every day, not to mention being beaten frequently.

  Finally, on the day Su Qiruo went out and was not at home, the man found Ren Yazi and sold Yun Zimu.

  Unwilling to be humiliated again, Yun Zimu chose to hang himself.

  His life can be described as extremely miserable. As a bastard, one can imagine how difficult life is.

  Later, I met a wife who was often violent at home. Apart from being beaten and troubled, I had never experienced what it was like to be loved by others.

   Xu felt the gaze falling on him, Yun Zimu's body stiffened, his aching legs softened, and the two buckets of water fell on the ground like this, splashing all over the floor.

  Seeing this, Su Qiruo hurriedly collected her thoughts, and strode towards Yun Zimu.

  Yun Zimu bit her lower lip tightly, hugged her aching legs with both hands, closed her eyes gently, and waited for the unknown pain to fall on her body.

  Su Qiruo instinctively stretched out her hand to Yun Zimu to help him up, but seeing his frightened appearance, Su Qiruo had no choice but to squat down to pick up the bucket that fell on the ground.

  The drunk "Su Qiruo" should have just hit Yun Zimu last night, but with the pole in his hand, he slapped his leg severely.

  Looking at Yun Zimu who was trembling a little, Su Qiruo's slightly hoarse voice came out uncomfortably.

   "Your clothes are all wet, go change into clean ones, and I'll fetch water."

   After finishing speaking, without waiting for Yun Zimu's reaction, Su Qiruo went out of the yard with a pole and a bucket.

  Yun Zimu let go of his hands holding his legs, and secretly glanced at Su Qiruo who was walking away, his eyes were full of doubts.

   Didn't get beaten today?

  Wife owner, what happened to her?


  Yun Zimu secretly rolled up his trousers and took a look at the injury on his leg, and gasped in pain.

  Yun Zimu didn't go in to change his clothes, but just twisted two handfuls of water from his trouser legs, and stood up with support.

  He was afraid that Su Qiruo would suddenly come back and run into him, and even more afraid that she would pull his clothes like last night.

  When Su Qiruo came back, he saw that the stove was smoking, so he walked over with two buckets of water.

  She really couldn't stand the bad smell on her body, even if she didn't eat, she had to take a bath first.

   "That... please help me boil some hot water, I want to... wash."

  Su Qiruo touched her nose in embarrassment, but she didn't dare to get too close to Yun Zimu, for fear of spoiling the little boy.

  Yun Zimu was taken aback, his big eyes were full of ignorance, is the wife master talking to him?

   "Oh! Forget it, I'll go wash in the small river at the foot of the mountain."

  Su Qiruo felt that he couldn't wait to boil hot water. It's noon and the sun is in full bloom, so it wouldn't be cold after all.

  Placing two buckets of water neatly at the door of the kitchen, Su Qiruo went to the main room to dig out a shabby but well-washed shirt and went out.

   Seeing Su Qiruo leaving in a hurry, Yun Zimu couldn't help but panic, did the wife master annoy him again?

   Grabbing the hem of his clothes aggrievedly, Yun Zimu closed his eyes and sniffed, but he didn't say he wouldn't boil water for her!




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