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Female Partner Became Popular in a Love Show

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Ruan Qiu had been struggling in the world of Infinite Flow for nearly ten years, and her biggest dream was to live well.

Unexpectedly, after customs clearance, she entered an entertainment circle love novel and became an actress full of black material.

According to the plot, she was a low-end sea king. She would be slapped in the face by the straightforward and lovely heroine in a variety show, she would fail miserably in the love Shura field, and then be rejected by all the guests, and finally be forced by the company’s huge liquidated damages and black fan to suicide by jumping off the building.

Ruan Qiu: The Shura Field is really scary, isn’t it good to live a good life as a passerby.

“Please fall in love with me” is a love challenge variety show that gathers top movie stars, popular little flowers, actors/actresses with bad reputation, and men from idol groups…

The stars needed to fall in love freely in special scenes, and the program also added: The format is novel, there is no script, and the whole process is broadcasted live, which is very exciting.

The audience were all waiting for sweet CP and watching Ruan Qiu being a joke.

——But who can tell them why a love variety show has a murder case / palace fight / escape room… ah?

Audience: Are we really watching a love variety show instead of a survival variety show? And why is Ruan Qiu so cool in saving people?! The other guests looked at her so ambiguously! Their interaction is so sweet, I will eat her CPs first!

- Description from Novelupdates


Short Title:FPBPILS
Alternate Title:路人女配,恋综爆红
Weekly Rank:#2534
Monthly Rank:#2233
All Time Rank:#6816
Tags:Female Protagonist, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Modern Day, Showbiz, Transmigration,
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