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Luo Tang in Ancheng No.1 Middle School is sunny and white, and full of youthfulness, but he is also the school overlord with a cold personality and considerable fighting power.

In order to take Luo Tang down a notch, bullies from other schools gave him the nickname Tangtang.

This name succeeded in becoming a minefield for Luo Tang.

But according to a classmate, she heard with her own ears a girl who was not afraid of death and called Luo Tang, Tangtang, and instead of exploding, Luo Tang ran up to her, tail wagging.

Classmate A: Wagging his tail? Do you think Luo Tang is a puppy?

Classmate B: He’s a puppy, a soft dog among giant dogs, like…golden retriever!

Wei Ruxia OS: He isn’t a golden retriever, he’s a little wolf, super fierce!

Note: The ‘tang’ in Luo Tang and the Chinese for sweets/sugar sounds the same.

- Description from Novelupdates


Short Title:FYS
Alternate Title:喂你一颗糖
Weekly Rank:#3023
Monthly Rank:#2561
All Time Rank:#4085
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Power Couple,
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4 Comments on “Feed You Sweets
  1. OK this is a heartwarming story tbh, no misunderstanding and as they grow up they mature especially the father, and the second female lead. Not much about them but they have the most character development for me. This story revolve more on the mc. Finished this at one day since its really a nice story to read after reading a bunch of misunderstanding conflicted novels, it's like eating chocolate after eating bitter gourd hahahaha

  2. where wizard upcoming ? i wait 2 hours and now time relase . but novel dont relase s. sry my english bad bcuz english not my mother leangue

  3. @mtlnovel @admin can I please get the raw link of "After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn" It's on the upcoming novel. pleaaaase!🥺

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