After Yunniang left, Li Siwen blinked innocently. He really didn't activate the combat profession. At most, he was doing a pre-rehearsal. But can the scholar's matter be called stealing?

He was just curious.

In other words, after becoming the lord of the world, he still acquired a part of the inheritance assets, which includes the inheritance of the pure land, as well as the countless years of experience of the indigenous peoples.

In short, it is the rank 4 professions of some life professions, the rank 4 professions of some combat professions, and the rank 4 professions of a few mages...

So when he is free, he will also rehearse to see which one is more suitable for him. He really finds that the eight characters do not fit, so he chooses the next one.

Precisely because of this, he really figured out for himself a rank four combat career, yes, it is original!

This is very important. It shows that he is not plagiarism, and proves that even if he is not a genius with no one in a million, he is also a secondary genius with no one in a thousand.

This rank four combat profession is still very simple and down to earth.

The predecessors are,

Turn the sword and shield hand.

Second turn shield madman.

Three rank earth shield.

Four revolutions of war storm.

Without the word prefix of the life profession, this may indicate that the war is indeed a profession in full swing, and the competition in life profession is more intense!

But this profession is really brutal!

I won't talk about the first two turns.

Rank 3 comes with its own professional field, of course, any battle profession with Rank 3 is the same...

However, this domain and domain technology are combined into one. The specific effect is to draw power from the earth, or draw earth energy, and form a high-pressure defensive force field within a certain range!

This defense field can have three forms.

The purely defensive semicircle has the highest internal pressure. Within a radius of 50 meters, neither the enemy nor the enemy can exist. Even a stone as large as a water tank will be instantly crushed into powder, and the steel will be deformed and twisted.

If calculated with the latest version of the white-browed turtle, it is roughly equivalent to its twenty-layer water-line shield...

The disadvantage is that it cannot be moved.

The second form of high-pressure defensive force field is the support type, that is, a rectangular shield wall, which is used to provide cover for friendly forces. It is movable and adjustable, which is equivalent to the 15-layer water-patterned shield of the old white-browed turtle.

The third form is the combat form. The high-pressure defensive field will turn into a cone and will adjust with the attack. It can even be thrown out at three times the speed of sound, with a maximum attack distance of 3,000 meters, which will cause a lot of attacks on the enemy!

On the whole, the Earth Shield of rank three can only be considered quite satisfactory, but it can still be turned four.

Rank four is a storm of war, the domain is still the domain of the third rank, but its power has tripled, and there is also a very overbearing supernatural power.

The shield destroys supernatural powers, and the incidental domains are released at the same time, and the effect is desolation! In other words, as soon as my supernatural power domain came out, even if the opposite was the legendary domain, as long as there was no priority immunity, it would be directly extinguished.

This effect can also act on the environment. Once the shield is out, there is a no-fly zone within a 15-kilometer radius. Air is forbidden to flow, and everything within this range is static!

It is precisely because of this that Li Siwen regards this four-turn career as his number one trump card.

After all, he is the lord of the world, and he can use the Shield Destruction magical power twelve times a day, and he can use it for as long as the domain wants to use, it is not a joke to dominate a war by one person!

Of course, he wouldn't make a move easily!

Then his number two hole card, which used to be the Flame Hammer, has now been demoted.

Therefore, the current number two trump card is the magical typhoon of the Pure Land of the Seas, of course it is upgraded and optimized, injected into the world's rules, and finally formed a world-class strategic weapon, which belongs to the same level as the rule thunderstorm, flame hammer, and ice dragon punishment.

The nature is that it is impossible to calculate the specific damage, and it is impossible to use weights and measures. Anyway, as soon as you appear, no matter how strong you are, no matter how good you are, no matter who you are?

If you say kill you, kill you!

This hole card was created by Li Siwen privately. After all, the entire Ocean Pure Land was laid by himself. It is very simple to do something-fart, it is his own pure land, you can set it as you want!

In short, the name of this world-class strategic weapon was called the Hurricane Bayonet.

This is because this is not an ordinary typhoon or hurricane. The formation area will not be very large. The formation time is very fast. It is like a poisonous snake wandering around the world, lurking in the sky!

Specially used to deal with air units...

And it’s absolutely very quiet. The way to start is not similar to the other ones. It needs to be generated from the pure land and then all the way to the battlefield. There is always a delay.

This hurricane bayonet can accompany Li Siwen since the formation of the Pure Land of the Sea, and lasts up to fifteen days!

In addition, if there are a lot of enemies, Li Siwen can also temporarily initiate the summoning from the Pure Land of the Seas. This speed is a bit slow, ten thousand miles and thirty minutes, twenty thousand miles and ninety minutes, and thirty thousand miles for four hours.

Although there is a lot of time, it is actually enough. After all, the hurricane bayonet is small in consumption and powerful, and it can be easily broken even in the face of a fighter at five times the speed of sound...

And Li Siwen's third hole card is currently waiting to be empty, that is, the world-class strategic weapon produced by the Pure Land! He has not yet figured out what to use?

Because in fact all pure land magical powers can be upgraded to world-class strategic weapons, but it depends on the enemy's means, right?

Currently Li Siwen is considering the ground attack, but this is not urgent and needs to be adjusted and optimized carefully.

By the way, this world-class strategic weapon is independent of Pure Land, like the Hurricane Bayonet born out of Typhoon’s supernatural powers, but Pure Land itself does not have the qualifications to control the Hurricane Bayonet.

And Ocean Pure Land will continue to automatically generate ordinary typhoons...

Li Siwen’s fourth hole card is the rule thunderstorm. Although this has been exposed, the power of the rule thunderstorm is there. Especially he can carry it with him and release it in real time. What counts if this is not a hole card?

The fifth hole card is Ice Dragon Punishment for similar reasons.

The sixth hole card is the flame hammer, ibid.

The seventh hole card is that he has one hundred three-turn craftsmen. The longer they are, the greater their role will be.

The eighth hole card is the fourth-level Xuanbing under development.

The ninth trump card is the legendary Lao Song, the role of the God of Cooking, is it not strong to create legendary food in batches?

The tenth hole card is the legendary Hou Er. It can be said that the main reason why the demon fathers choose to use the mechanical demon as the main attack is that the curse attack is invalid, and the anti-curse potion changed the direction of the war. This is a fact!

The eleventh trump card is the Aegis of the Falling Snow, the Shield of the Mountain, and the early warning pieces that are about to be put into use, combined because he is too humble.

The twelfth hole card is the Leopard who will soon have a rank four combat profession... This will be the first rank four combat profession in the kingdom. No one knows how strong it is.

The thirteenth hole card is that as long as the fourth-level Xuanbing is successfully promoted on a large scale, Li Siwen will promote Xue Er to the **** of the four-turn snow mountain... another four-turn!

On the fourteenth hole card, Li Siwen is going to raise his three-turn sky patcher to four-turn. This is not to make up the number, but to upgrade Kunlun Pure Land, and to better understand the 108 of Gaoshan Pure Land. Supernatural powers, this is the experience package of the Kunpeng clan for tens of thousands of years! Not licking wasted.

And as long as the lick is successful, how can it be upgraded with an offensive world-class strategic strike force. Then there will be another main hole card.

As for the fifteenth hole card, it is a procrastinating and reluctant to advance to the legendary fox, so I can barely pull it out to make up the number!

In short, after some calculations, Li Siwen felt that he could still be rescued, and his sense of security increased by 50 points...

Then he called Lao Song. The next few months will be the stage of the kingdom's surging progress. The deployment and implementation of various major projects and major strategies require strong logistics support, and the most important thing in logistics is food.

Although the Dragon Slaying Banquet still has a lot of reserves, it can eat the four-year winter of the scum, but the legendary food that quickly restores physical strength and health will be an important guarantee in future wars.

In addition, Lao Song's wishful fire is an important source of flame hammer.

"My lord, I have worked out two legendary recipes! The yield is very high, the effect is close to the devil's wine, and it is easy to carry, one is the spring and autumn rice noodles, the other is a common meal."

As soon as he came to the meeting room, Old Song spoke straight. As a legend, he was more sensitive to changes in the world, so he knew very well what responsibilities he had to bear now.

"Thanks for Lao Song." Li Siwen didn't rush to ask about the specific effects of these two legendary foods.

"You know the situation. We are currently in trouble. Legendary food is secondary. I hope you will use Ruyi Fire to reserve a certain amount of golden flames for me in the next three months, and bring some small meat. Bao, and, in a few days, I will activate the magma pure land and volcanic pure land. If you are interested, you can be a fire god."


Old Song was stunned, unable to understand Li Siwen looked around mysteriously, lowered his voice and said: "I need some gods to provide a place of faith for the carrier of civilization. To be precise, it means that people live Need some hope..."

"Believe in this thing, it is the core material for the establishment of a civilized pure land, but it is definitely not too mysterious. You also think that becoming a **** is so awesome and therefore there is pressure. There are some benefits, and it can be regarded as some welfare for your own people."

"The king wants to build a civilized pure land?" Lao Song knew a little about it, but he absolutely obeyed his orders.

"Yes, civilization can also build a pure land, and there are many types, and it is not distinguished by large, medium and small, because the pure land of civilization can be regarded as the most special of all the pure land." Li Siwen explained, recalling the rules of the world. The half-knowledgeable inheritance seen here.

He is also groping forward now.

"The lowest quality of the civilized pure land is the city pure land, also called the city state pure land, the slightly higher one is called the kingdom pure land, the higher one is called the imperial pure land, and the highest is called the sanctuary pure land, also called the holy ruin pure land. But that is just a concept. , I still don’t quite understand. Now, what we need to do is to establish a pure kingdom before the end of next year."