The scorching sun rose, illuminating the mountains not far from the point, and then gliding the entire land with the track of the mountain. As early as the sky was white, the palace people of the Fangfang Temple had already begun a busy day.

As always, Greenruth was busy in the small kitchen for a day's breakfast, followed by a large dog that kept swaying.

"Oh...", Greenrue ruthlessly knocked out the claw that stretched out to the mung bean cake she had just made.

The person who was beaten had not been caught in the bag, and his face was smiling with a sly smile. He looked at the green heart with pity: "Little green, I am hungry, you will let me eat a piece first, Just eat one."

"..." Green Sui listened to the nickname of the soil to the dregs, shaking off the goose bumps. Forcibly resisting the impulse of the person in front of the plate directly facing the face, taking a deep breath and dragging another small plate from the small corner on the side.

"It’s not too boring to eat pastries in the early morning. These are all for the girls who have finished eating their meals. If you are really hungry, there are a few buns here, you should pad first, and others will say it later." After all, the green core turned a little embarrassed and turned around, pretending to do other things to ease the embarrassment.

The more the cloud, the more excited, looking at the few big buns on the table, can not wait to reach out and take a plug in the entrance, but found that this turned out to be their favorite bean bag.

The more the cloud is, the more the cockroach is staring at the buns in his hand, and a certain speculation is raised in his heart. He turned his head and looked at the person carrying his own voice: "Little green, are you prepared for me?" The people are so touched!"

Although the cloud has also fancied that one day, Greenery will wash his hands for him, but this is just a thought. In the case of pursuing the green core for many years, the good wishes of that year have been lowered by him. When it reaches the minimum limit, now he only asks the people in front of him to promise to be with himself. Nothing else matters. But he did not expect that the mountains were running out of water. Suddenly, the flowers were dark, and she turned out to be... This is a sudden happiness. He has a sense of dizziness that is dizzy on the spot.

The green scorpion was awkward and blushing. He didn’t dare to look directly at the cloud. This suddenly saw the cloud rushing toward himself, scared a big jump, and reflected the big fan of the fan on the side. A fan fanned him out of the kitchen, red-faced, and looked at the clouds. He wanted to cover the words: "Who... who said that this is for you? This is just... it was eaten last night. The rest, I just saw that it’s a pity that it’s hot, it’s not what you think, and it’s less passionate.”

After the language was finished, he slammed the door of the small kitchen, leaving a hand to hold the plate, one hand holding someone who was beaten and could not smirk.

When the green servant closes the door, it seems to be deflated. It falls softly on the door, and Yang Tian sighs out with a sigh of relief.

Although the green core is relatively slow in some things, it is not stupid. Since the last time the cloud suddenly confessed to herself, she began to pay attention to the cloud in China.

On weekdays, almost all the minds were placed on the green cores of Xia Yuqing and the two children. Finally, I learned to score a little bit to pay attention to the people around me. This is not a concern. The man of the noble status of the prince actually hides everything in the small details of daily life.

For example, when she was sweating for the meal of Xia Yuqing and others, he would hang himself on the beam of the house without disturbing her. No wonder she had always thought that the end of the good end would suddenly blow a cold wind, so that she could not grasp the heat, almost burned a few good dishes, hehe...

For example, when she was in a hurry, she secretly helped her to put salt on the food that had not been salted. Although it was always salted and sugar, it would be wrong. No wonder she used to feel strange before, so that the sweet and sour ribs will make a salty taste, while the ribs lotus soup is a sweet taste, the original culprit is this guy...

For example, after she worked hard every day, she prepared her hot water, bathed and changed her clothes, and then fluttered around the window of her room to act as a guard. No wonder that during that time she saw a black shadow flying around and thought it was haunted. I almost asked a priest to have a yellow-faced paste on him...

There are so many kinds of small details that I have never noticed before, but now I have a little bit of memories.

I didn’t turn a blind eye, but I never thought about it before. Plus, she doesn't like to be a passionate person. Over time, she is unconsciously neglected. Now, when I think about it, it makes the green core uncontrollable and produces a sudden shock. After all, although it is more helpless, she can see that the person is trying hard to get close to himself.

For many years, since I entered the palace, I have never been treated with such careless greens. This is not a hard-hearted person. Especially in the next two years, the more the cloud, the more inseparable to follow her, after all the care.

A prince, who ran around behind the **** of a small palace woman, tried hard to please him. I have a little girl with no money and no appearance, so I can still go through the craft of cooking. So, if you can't see his mind, Green Core really feels that he should go back to take medicine.

Only this kind of thing knows to know, or the man must first open, otherwise she is a girl...

Green Core was shocked to think that she was too far away, and hurriedly patted her little face to ease the heat on her face.

After a while, the emotions were slightly controlled, and the green princess just grinned and glanced at the figure reflected outside the door. This 榆木疙瘩, I have shown so clearly... Hey, forget it, today’s 蜀王和蜀后要Come over, she has to prepare in advance, can not slow down the guests, these things will be thought later.

I thought about the green core, so I left the door outside the door and turned to the kitchen. And the outside of the door is still snickering for the so-called progress. I don’t know that I missed another opportunity to confess.

In a blink of an eye, Xia Yuqing returned to Laos for nearly a year, and just a few months ago, the Yunhe, who was far away from Laos, successfully gave birth to the next heir of Laos. I wouldn’t be willing to stay in the country for a long time. Even if I packed up my bags, I ignored the dissuasion of Wang Yu’s post, and took the children back to the country with He Wenzhong.

When I saw Xia Yuqing's moment, Yunxiao ran on the spot and touched Xia Yuqing's face and burst into tears: "Sister Qing, how did your face become the face of this person? The guy is really awful! Oh, my poor sister."

"..." Another ignorant girl who was deceived by rumors. This is a sympathetic look at the Shaolin Tang people in the clouds.

"..." Is my face so unsightly? It’s enough to slam my face for each of the hairs! This is the summer rain that Sensen feels once again in his knee.

In any case, Yunxiao is relying on the country to not go, and the young Prince of the Prince, who is still holding the future of the country, has broken the two old people of Hejia.

They also learned the identity of Yunxiao, and they were shocked at that time. Although I am not very happy to raise my son to go to someone else’s home, I can’t stand the two people’s feelings, and both husband and wife also like Yunxiao. Had to take a step back and let He Wenzhong follow the cloud to return to Laos.

After the second old man heard that the two had children, he was more worried about it. However, they also know that the two countries are so far apart, and it is not easy to travel around. They have to write through the letter and congratulate He Wenzhong on taking care of their little golden grandson in the clouds and in their stomachs.

Later, Yunsheng gave birth to a child. They thought that they had to wait for a while before they could see each other, but they didn't expect it to take a long time. The second old man was happy, and looked at the sleek little golden grandson. He’s the image of the hard-earned tough guy of his father’s life and his enthusiasm, not to mention Mrs. He. When the two are all right, they will take care of the grandchildren and enjoy the happiness of the family.

The Hejia area is clear and clear, and the other side of the cloud and the Helianming month can be clouded, and the clouds are bleak. It is hard to expect the daughter to give birth to the future grandchildren. I did not expect this to be hot. I was taken with a run, which makes the two old people unable to worry about it?

I also thought that the two people just went back to see Xia Yuqing. They should return after staying in the country for a while. Although they miss their grandchildren, they are not reasonable people. Let them stay there for a while. What the two did not expect was that they had been in contact for several months, and they did not see the plans of the young couple to return. Instead, they wanted to live in the country. Is this still available? ! In this sub-cloud, the two couples were anxious to get angry. Now they decided to take the person to the country to bring them back.

In the past year, thanks to the help of the long princess, the relationship between the two countries has not been as good as the original fire. This time, the king and the queen came together, and the wind and Xia Yuqing naturally went out to meet the city.

What is different from the past is that after meeting the two people this time, Yunheli did not go to the museum as they did last time, but went directly to the palace with Xia Yuqing.

"Moon, what have you been staring at me? Is there a long flower on my face?"

After getting out of the carriage, He Lianming has been staring at himself with an inscrutable look. Xia Yuqing was stared for so long and there was some cold behind.

He Lian Mingyue heard this and it only slightly converges a little. He smiled and said: "This is not a good day. You are now a lot worse than before. This can't help but watch a few more."

When He Lianming’s words came out, the hand of the wind-selling tea couldn’t help but remember that when Xia Yuqing and his confession had said that the Queen of the Laos came from the same place.

Thinking of this, the face of the wind is so heavy, and the eyes can not help but reveal a few points of defense for this person. Turning his head and looking at the clouds, he found that he and his expression were not much different, but the other person staring at the other person was the one he cares about.

The wind and the eyes are twinkling, but the face is a little smiley. It seems that this man is not ignorant!

Xia Yuqing did not notice the darkness between the two men. Some of them were scratching their faces and said: "Isn’t you heard about the rumors? Didn’t this be ruined before?"

He Lian Mingyue flashed, but did not continue to go deeper, smiled and smiled: "You said that I really remembered it, I really heard such a rumor. Hey, you have suffered, you have done the country." The Queen has to suffer so much, and the fate is getting people."

When Helian Mingyue said the last sentence, his eyes were obviously stunned to the windy body. The discerning eye can see that her words are said to the wind, and its meaning is nothing but blame. Protect the summer rain and clear.

The popular face changed, and the hand holding the cup was slightly increased, but it was not angry.

When He Lianming saw it in the moon, he couldn’t continue to refer to the mulberry. He cleared the scorpion and said: “Hey, I’ve been here for a long time, and I’m in trouble.”

"You are too polite in the month, Xiao Yan can come to see me, I am so happy, how can I feel trouble?"

He Lianming reached out and handed Xia Yuqing's hand: "The child's head was spoiled by the palace and her father. It has always been straightforward. It is not a big mistake. It is not necessary to make a small mistake. You have been running this for years. Come, let me take care of her."

Xia Yuqing feels that there is something wrong with Ah Lianmingyue this month. She has to make a smile and tell her: "Where is it, Xiaoxi is very embarrassed here. We all like her very much, and we can’t talk about taking care of it."

After Helian Mingyue’s remarks and Xia Yuqing’s tai chi, he said with a dignified and awkward smile: “I don’t know where the nephew is now?”

"Xiao Xiao is now in the partial hall, the small group is in his grandparents, the moon must first go to see Xiao Yan?" Xia Yuqing listened to He Lian Mingyue asked Yunxiao, busy asked.

He Lianming smiled and smiled: "There is a little tired of the boat in the boat. The palace first took a break here and then passed, but the emperor is chanting this way. I want to come to it, it is better to go first." Hey, the courtiers will pass."

In the middle of the cloud, I heard a slamming sigh, and looked up at He Lianming’s moon with amazement.

Helian Mingyue did not give him the opportunity to speak. Instead, he turned to look at the wind and smiled: "The emperor does not know much about the Laoguo Palace. If the king does not mind, can he take him over the past?"

The wind shimmered and put down the teacup in his hand. He smiled and said: "Be happy, hey, please, please."

In the middle of the cloud, I didn’t want to leave. I just wanted to make a sound, but I saw the wind rushing to make myself look. When I got to the lips, it changed my taste: "Then and the king are going to pass, and the moon is resting for a while." It’s not too late.”

After the language was finished, Yunzhongli followed the wind and walked out of the temple door. The moment the temple door closed, the two men seemed to have agreed to the general, turned around and directly pressed against the temple door... Listening to the corner.

"I didn't expect that the princes who were arrogant and arrogant in the country would be degraded to the point of eavesdropping outside the door one day. If it was seen by your people, what would it be like?" "The cloud is looking at the man on the side who squeezes the best position with himself, the sinister yin and yang." Hey, this stinky boy doesn't know how to respect the old. He is an old man. He dares to grab the position with himself!

If the wind stunned and sneered at the cloud, he sneered: "I didn't expect the age of the king. Even the eavesdropping is really good. I don't know if you are afraid of the world." The chaotic officials saw what it would be like."

"You..." The cloud was so suffocated by the wind. When I just wanted to get angry, I saw a squeaky gesture toward myself and pointed to the room.

In the middle of the cloud, I couldn’t take care of the wind, and I leaned over to the door and began to eavesdrop.

In the middle of the cloud, the wind and the wind rushed away. He Lianming’s original form was revealed, and he got up and leaned in front of Xia Yuqing. He reached out and pinched the face of Xia Yuqing: "Is this what you look like?"

Xia Yuqing’s glimpse, apparently some unacceptable for the sudden change of He Lianming’s month, a look of awkward back: “Ah?”

"Oh, what? Your set of words will also lie to the stupid child of Xiaoxiao, how could you deceive me?"

Xia Yuqing is the reaction, and He Lianming just said it deliberately, in order to open the other two and talk to her alone.

Xia Yuqing laughed twice and grabbed the handwriting of Helian Mingyue: "Sure enough, nothing can be seen in the eyes of the moon."

"Don't tell me that there is something that is not there, honestly explain, how is it going?" He Lianming looked at Xia Yuqing with a moon, obviously not eating Xia Yuqing.

Xia Yuqing stunned for a moment, and had to explain the ins and outs of things honestly. Although I have only seen a few faces, but because it is a "hometown", and this person is still the biological mother of the cloud, Xia Yuqing's heart has long regarded her as an elder who can say something that cannot be said to others.

In the case of He Lianming, Xia Yuqing and Yunxiao are almost a young person who can be trusted. Plus, she is one of the few "difficult friends" in this world. The revolutionary friendship is naturally very easy. Rapid sublimation under the same illness.

He Lianming Yue listened to Xia Yuqing when he talked about his hijacking and fell to the cliff. Then he returned to modern times. After a whole month of entanglement, he decided to return to the ancient entanglement process and his face changed again and again.

Most of these things are not even known, and this is the first time I heard about it, let alone the cloud.

In the middle of the cloud, listening to Xia Yuqing’s remarks, I couldn’t help but turn my head and look at the wind. I looked complicated: “Hey, you are so lucky.”

The wind suddenly trembled, and the right hand couldn’t help but tighten the clothes on his chest. It seemed that only this could calm the agitation of the heart. He always knew that Xia Yuqing could return to him, but he also knew that Xia Yuqing chose When I came back, I must have abandoned a lot of things, but he never thought that Xia Yuqing was struggling again before he appeared in front of himself.

The cloud is right, he is very lucky, and after experiencing such loss, he can recover and recover the person firmly in his hands. He is indeed lucky.

The two people outside the temple have different minds, and the two people in the temple are also complicated at the moment.

After listening to Xia Yuqing’s explanation, He Lianming’s explanation of his chin was silent for a long while, and he suddenly reached out and patted Xia Yuqing’s shoulder: “That is... you are wearing it once and then go back, and then choose to wear it back. Wait, when you jumped off the cliff, do you know if you can wear it back?"

Xia Yuqing nodded and shook his head.

He Lianming month gave her a look: "Do you know or don't know?"

Xia Yuqing’s guilty remark: "I don't know."

The voice did not fall, and Helian Mingyue had already slapped a slap in the iron, and shouted: "You are stupid, don't know if you just play bungee play, know if you have a good cockroach, don't wear it back. Is it really dead?"

The words of Helian Mingyue are tantamount to a slamming of the hammer in the heart of the wind, making the face of the wind more ugly, and that accident is enough to let him remember this lesson forever.

Xia Yuqing licked his shoulder that was beaten, and muttered: "Is this not a problem?"

"Is there something that you can still stand in front of me and tell me so much?" Helen Mingyue said, he couldn't help but reach out and grab the ear of Xia Yuqing. "And, you said that you are stupid and stupid? Why are you going back so badly? When you come back, you accidentally lost the wrong place, or you miss the wrong time, see where you are crying?"

Xia Yuqing felt that her ear hurts. In the next second, her poor earlobe fell under someone's claws, and she could not help but shed tears. Why do you like to lick your own ears when you come back, she is going to be licked and grow up, and... it hurts, oh...

Xia Yuqing endured the pain above the ear and whispered: "It hurts, but you don't think about it at that time? Can you not come back to it at that time? But I want to come back, but I am very happy to see it in that month. Other friends, but my heart always feels empty, what is missing, or come back here with peace of mind. Moonlight, you said light, you know by heart, if you wear it back, you will not want to come back?"

"!" Xia Yuqing said this, and the outside of the cloud squatted his ears and wanted to hear the true thoughts of his wife.

He Lianmingyue also sighed for a moment because of Xia Yuqing’s words. Xia Yuqing was busy with this space and broke free from the claws of He Lianming’s moon, looking at the ear and looking forward to seeing He Lianming’s moon, hope. Get her response.

He Lianming spent a few seconds and cleared his throat: "That, of course I don't want to come back. But my children have given birth to him. Even if you don't look at his face, you have to look at the child's face? I can still be so heart-wrenching." No matter what the child is, right? Right, I am not for him, I am for the child!"

Xia Yuqing looked at He Lianming’s mouth and looked like a disappointment. He had to return a few words in a perfunctory manner: "Well, I know that you are trying to make a fuss, not for the sake of the cloud, I understand that I understand."

He Lianmingyue was obviously not very satisfied with Xia Yuqing's casual appearance. He twisted his eyebrows and approached Xia Yuqing: "It seems that you are not coming back for the children. It is difficult for you to come back just to..."

Xia Yuqing is coming back for the wind, this is true. Although this is a fact, I really want Xia Yuqing to admit in front of others that he is rushing back for a man, Xia Yuqing's face is not so thick.

Therefore, welcoming the gaze of He Lianming's moonlight, Xia Yuqing said with anger and anger that she had regretted her words afterwards: "Right, I am only returning for the children, if not for the children, I am Don't come back, are you satisfied with this?"

In the clouds outside the temple, I clearly felt that after Xia Yuqing’s words were finished, the momentum of someone standing next to him suddenly dropped by a few percentage points. Some of the schadenfreudes in the cloud that had just been hit, and the cloud that has never been used to it from the beginning has naturally missed this opportunity. At the moment, he immediately sneered: "In the end, the king is in his heart." The status is still better than two children."

The wind blew a cold face, turned his head and glanced in the clouds, sneered: "To each other."

In the clouds, there is another glimpse, but he is not vegetarian. He added a sentence: "Hey, as an elder, you have to remind you, although we are similar in this situation, but 朕和月儿It’s a hard thing to have a cloud. But now that you’ve been born, although you have already had two children, now she seems to have never had a child yet?”

The meaning of the words in the clouds can not be heard, and the face of this popular style is more and more ugly.

Half a sigh, the wind in the cloud only listened to the wind and said: "This point is not to worry about the king, and he has his own way. You have this leisurely way to manage other people's family affairs, it is better to think about how to manage you well. Don't let her mislead and even abduct people who shouldn't touch."

The pair of eagle owls in the clouds flashed a bit, turned to look at the closed door in front of the temple, Shen Sheng: "This sentence, I also give you the king."

"In the future, you can't let these two people get together again, especially if you can't let them get along alone! You won't come to Laos again in the future (you won't welcome these two goods to the country again in the future)!" It is the common voice of two men who have a desire to burst.

Compared with the two men outside the temple, the two people in the hall were very happy, but they did not know that they had been completely pulled into the blacklist of the returning household by the other man.

Yunxiao and He Wenzhong’s children’s nickname group, after returning to Laos from the two, the group has been handed over to the second old man of the family. This time the two people in the cloud want to take the children back, they are bound to see this. For the family.

Xia Yuqing thought that as a child-controlled cloud, the parents of the generals who had turned his family's baby daughter would have a lot of trouble. The result was unexpectedly, the daughter was to be distressed, and the son should be good. Instead of fighting, the two old fathers who had been whipped in order to become talents, instead of chatting for a long time in the closed door, gave birth to some kind of confidant feelings, and the confidant feelings of Xia Yuqing’s eyes were green and oily. If people can come to the scene to forget the twilight, love is also very good, cough...

Yunzhongli and Helianming have successfully received several people from Yunxiao, and naturally it is impossible to stay in Laos. Although He Jia Er Lao and Yun Yun did not give up, but also know that a few people stayed in Laos for a long time, so did not do more to stay, just some of the reluctance before leaving.

The only thing that can be seen in front of this scene is that people who want to leave their sights earlier in the cloud are afraid of being unpopular.

Looking at the carriage that was gradually drifting away, the little devil in the heart of the wind had already opened his lips and smiled coldly. These two people, it is best not to set foot on the borders of his country. Therefore, in some respects, someone who is afraid of a pinhole is even smaller than a pinhole. I am afraid that in this life, there is no way to release the sin of the day when He Lian Mingyue misleads Xia Yuqing.

However, it is estimated that God is not too leisurely in the summer. Her forefoot has just sent away a group of people in the cloud. She has rushed to her palace, and begged and threatened that Xia Yuqing must marry him. He is a good media agent, a well-known wife.

"Small sister, you can't be so unconscionable. You obviously said that you have to help your brother, you can't talk and count!"

Xia Yuqing looked at her thighs and cried, and there was no one to exercise. The mouth was smacked: " said it at the beginning, I am like a pig in your heart."

"How is it possible? Pigs can be eaten by everyone, can you be a younger sister? Is it true that your family’s mouth is not allowed to give up the sky?"

Xia Yuqing doubles up and looks dangerous. "Master means this, I am not as good as a pig?"

Suddenly, the smile on the face was awkward, watching the annoyance on Xia Yuqing’s face. The busy dog’s legs continued to say: “How come? Xiaoshimei, you misunderstood, my brother, I mean, Xiaoshimei, you are so snowy. Clever, sturdy, heart, how can the pig's stupid creature compare with the younger sister? You are not arrogant for this matter?

"Hey!" Xia Yuqing can not eat his set, pull the clothes out of his hand, and turn around and want to go.

Suddenly seeing it, it was suddenly tense. It was a puff to the front. It was once again and accurately hugged Xia Yuqing’s thigh and cried: "Small sister, you are pitiful, poor master, me? You Look at your brothers, how many years have I chased your teacher? It’s hard to make a good result, and there are so many things that are now settled down. You still refuse to let go, the brothers are suffering, seeing the side The people on the top are in pairs, but they are still alone. But the brothers don’t live without you, you can’t live! You will become the master brother, and you will not be able to find your brother. I can only go to a neck and hang it... wow..."

"..." At the end of the summer, Xia Qingqing couldn't stand the ruthlessness of crying and crying, and finally agreeing.

It’s not really annoying because of the ignorance, but suddenly I feel that there is no such thing as a vain word. He has been entangled with Tsui for so many years, and finally came to a piece, but it was delayed for two years because of his own reasons. It is no wonder that there is no need to be anxious to get angry. For this, Xia Yuqing still has some embarrassment. In addition, the two of them will not be able to go on without any delays. They are not only eager to get angry. Her family is gentle and sorrowful, and she has a hall, a kitchen, and a speech. Being delayed as an old girl, this is something she can't tolerate.

In this way, Xia Yuqing still served softly, and the day I got the consent of my own, and I ran to the Qing Dynasty to follow the trend.

Although the wind is not willing to leave Tsing Yu Qing, but as long as she thinks that Tsui will stay in Xia Yuqing, she will not be willing to give up, and she will be tempted by the summer sun. Under the two-phase trade-off, the wind is still a big stroke, and this marriage is given.

Suddenly stalemate for so many years, and finally got the wish to hold the beauty back, naturally excited to hate to go to heaven. He was finally abused by several pairs of flower styles around him, and he finally realized the thrill of turning over to be the owner. Too smug, this scorpion began to ravage the world in a wide range of ways. He publicized his encounter with his wife and daughter, and loved Romance. He wished that all the people in the world knew that he was about to cultivate a fruitful, very star lake.

Taking it for granted, there is no such thing as death, and now there are countless hatreds.

As for the sauce purple, until the two married, there is already a group of people gearing up, waiting to abuse him at his wedding. Then there was a scene of a group of people carrying a wine glass and rushing toward the unprovoked.

"Wow, don't come over, don't come over, I really can't drink any more, can't drink any more!" Suddenly looked at the face with horror and looked at the wine glass, a group of people ready to drink and watch. A group of fatal snakes and gods.

"Hey, it’s not right for Su Gongzi. This is a good day for you, but how can you enjoy your drink without drinking?"

"Isn't it not... How can this wine be enjoyed in such a big day?"

Seeing that there were countless hands in front of me, I was stretched out towards me. I was almost a reflexive flying body. I jumped out of the encirclement and ran.

How can everyone just let him go? Suddenly running the wine, but how can not escape the room.

Suddenly, the face of the new house was so horrified that the door of the new house was gradually approaching, and everyone with a strange smile on his face ran away in an instant.

"You heroes, you guys, you will understand and understand the villain these years is not easy, it is difficult to make a positive result with my wife, do not be confused at this time?"

"How can this be a mess? We are expressing our sincere wishes to Su Gongzi and Cui Er girl. You are so sad that you are so sad."

"Right, right, and, what's hard, you and Tsui's girl are not arrogant, and they are happy with each other. Is it a good thing? Where is it?"

"..." At this moment, there is no way to know where the mistake is. Hey, if you don’t die, you won’t die. Can he withdraw the words that he said at the beginning?

A group of people who are like a flood of beasts will not be ruined by the unjust, and Su Lin will not see the past and help.

"Everyone, my son, who is not a talented person, really owes a lesson, but my daughter-in-law is a good one. It doesn't matter if you bully this kid, but it is not enough for my daughter-in-law to stay alone in the wedding night!"

"..." Master, how much do you want to see people, even the teachers think that you owe a lesson, the reason why you appear to help you still look at the face of my family. You are really a proper "rebellion"! Xia Yuqing listened to Su Lin’s words. She was very sympathetic and looked at it for a moment, but soon she found that the person who should be sympathized was actually herself!

Su Lin sneered and looked at the noisy crowd, and hooked her finger to summon her love pet.

"..." A group of people looked at the plate on Su Lin's arm, and the small silver snake that was vomiting blood red letters to them, and the cold behind them, the consequences turned off.

"Oh, today's moonlight is so good, how do we meet to enjoy the moon?"

"Rewarding the moon? It is a good idea, but there are still my wife and children waiting for me to go back. It’s too late. It’s too late, change the day and change the day.”

"Oh, it's not so strong, can someone go with me to enjoy the moon?"

"I have to go home to accompany my wife and children."

"me too……"

"me too……"

"..." A group of family members, it is really a single dog.

Thanks to Su Lin’s appearance, I was finally able to enjoy his ** moments. Although the process is a bit hard, the result is good.

The more I watched it all over the cloud, the silent sullenness, I wanted to see the people around me in pairs, and I didn’t mention any grievances, but at that time there was a master who accompanied me, and the brothers and sisters supported each other. But now even the masters have become double, they are still a single shadow, the most bitter thing in this world is this!

In the cloud, the more incomparable and sad, the fall of the autumn, the miserable appearance of a pair of unbeatable love, sighing when the world is unfair, suddenly felt a side of the figure. In the next second, he only felt that his face was covered with a soft thing, and his eyes suddenly shrank. Before he could feel the beauty of that moment, the figure had already left.


After that, the more the cloud heard the sound of familiarity, turned around and looked around. The eye was green and a red face, and turned and walked out.

Yunzhong’s head was blank for a few seconds. After re-running, he walked up from the chair and rushed toward the green core. He shouted with joy: “Little green, wait for me!”

The crowd can still hear the girl’s anger and anger: "Don't call me a little green, it's hard to hear!"

"Ah? Is it ugly? I think it's pretty cute? Is it strange to call you Xiaoruirui?"

"...still the original."


The single dogs who are too late to leave the wedding banquet said that I am going to go, how is it a pair of show love? Being in such a world of double-entry, the eyes of all the girls who are loved by the show, let them be so cute! Can't play happily!

Moonlight moved to the top of the night sky little by little, shyly pulling a black cloud on the side to cover the body of his white flowers.

What Xu’s people don’t know is that this night, there is a man who is harder than the big man who was besieged by their family. That is...

"The emperor, what is this about you?" I was overwhelmed by what I was overwhelmed by the palace.

Xia Yuqing looked at the wind with amazement at both eyes, and asked carefully.

The wind smirked and reached into the waist of Xia Yuqing: "Love, you promised, give a child to regenerate."

Xia Yuqing slammed into a stiff, stalking the neck and looked at the wind, and laughed and said: "That, the emperor, this kind of thing still has to be long-term, look at the fate... look at the fate, ah hahahaha..."

"Is it? I believe that the fate of 朕 and Ai 这 is unparalleled in this world, so this kind of thing should not be a fate, but an effort."

"..." Look at the effort? Is that what I think?

Xia Yuqing reacted and hurriedly wanted to struggle, but was tempted to gain insight into the opportunity. He first pressed it down and whispered softly in his ear: "Is it said after love?" In this case, we will have a few more births, so that we will not be afraid of it, thinking about when love will be turned away."

The wind and the wind said that there was still a glimmer of cold light. Hehe, said that her family loves this body now has no children, can not keep people? Then he recreated one or even a few with her to see who would dare to turn people away from their own eyes!

Xia Yuqing heard the words completely stunned, and even the struggles were temporarily forgotten. They opened their eyes and dared not to believe in the wind and whispered: "You actually eavesdropped!"

The wind was calm and calm, and there was no embarrassment that was found to be eavesdropping. On the contrary, it was a matter of course to get closer to Xia Yuqing and laughed: "Love is a mistake. The phrase that uses love is the whole palace and even the whole. The Laos are all awkward, including those who love you and who are also jealous. If you listen to your own people in your own place, you should not eavesdrop."

"..." Hey, how is this so familiar?

Xia Yuqing had no time to think about when she had said this, and she had already been stunned by the wind and eyes. When she reacted, the general trend had gone, it was too late.

"The emperor you..."

Xia Yuqing wanted to protest, but once again was strongly suppressed. When Lin was caught in the wave, the last thought in Xia Yuqing’s mind was...

Not afraid of God's opponents, afraid of pig-like teammates! I knew that I didn’t care about the shameful sorrow at that time, and told me that I was coming back for the general attack! Hey, moon, you are really miserable!

The moonlight is cool and refreshing, but the red account is flying again in the temple. The heat wave is rolling. At this time, there is only one sentence: the night is still very long!

One month after the unprovoked marriage, the palace of the Laos was as cheerful and harmonious as ever.

On this day, two children in the early morning led two pets to play happily under the shade of the trees. The child’s tender laughter and the low-pitched voice of the little white echoed throughout the courtyard, and the unexpected harmony, however The harmony was quickly broken.

"Hey, my brother, what are you doing after watching your mother?" The second baby glared at his big eyes, and the bulging little face was full of curiosity and looked at the figure not far away, naively asked.

Over the past year or so, because of the return of Xia Yuqing, the second baby will no longer have nothing to look for after the mother, making tea and rice, and unhappy. The appetite has also improved all of a sudden, and the most happy thing to discover is the green core.

In the year when Xia Yuqing was absent, she saw the two babies changing from a small round dumpling to a thin bean sprout. Little or no rush, this will see the second baby finally willing to eat, naturally It’s a lot of energy, and it’s delicious for her. Therefore, in less than one year, the baby slowly recovered the image of the original big dumpling from the bean sprouts, and people looked up and tried to pick it up.

The big baby listened to the inquiry of the second baby and turned to look at the direction pointed by the second baby. As a result, he saw that his family’s accidental one hundred percent of the two goods were behind a small bag, and they were... ...over the wall? !

Xia Yuqing did not find that her intentions had been discovered. She was still angrily screaming at the two dark circles with a big fight. She said that the dead animal did not know what was going crazy. After the former master's wedding banquet, as long as he appears in his place, decisively will be thrown down within ten seconds, the sauce purple sauce purple, brewing purple brewing purple, anti-defense! It’s also beautiful: you have to make up all the ones you lost in the year!

peat! If you go on like this, you will die and you will die! In order not to die in bed, she must save herself!

Xia Yuqing spent a lot of effort and finally climbed the high palace wall. Gasping and smearing the sweat on my head, just looking down at the bottom of the four eyes, staring at myself.



Xia Yuqing and the two children and two pets looked at each other for a few seconds, and the atmosphere condensed in an instant, some embarrassing. Finally, the first to break this silence is the big baby.

"After the mother, what do you want to do?" The big baby's mouth pumped and looked at Xia Yuqing, who obviously wanted to run away, whispered.

Xia Yuqing slammed for a moment, looked up and grabbed the back of the head, and laughed and said: "Children, after the mother, go to your emperor to hide for a few days, you will stay at home with your father and brother, and then come back to see you. Wow!"

After the speech, Xia Yuqing decisively grabbed his own bag and wanted to run, but suddenly heard the big baby sinking: "That is, this is the mother who is going to carry the father and the red apricot out of the wall and leave home?"

"Amount..." How do you hear this a little weird? Xia Yuqing's instinct feels a cool behind, and a poor sense of premonition suddenly rises.

Sure enough, after a while, Xia Yuqing looked at the big baby with a sigh of relief and shouted: "Father, it’s not good, the mother has turned over the wall!"

"Where, don't..." Xia Yuqing's face changed greatly, and he wanted to stop the big baby. He completely forgot that he was still sitting on the high palace wall. This move, she just fell off the wall directly. Come down.



The following two children and the corners of the palace, who were silently watching the summer rain and the second day, were all shocked and wanted to go forward to help, but the masters such as Tsui and Li Yuan were no longer in the palace, others were at heart. There is not enough energy.

At the beginning of the millennium, everyone only felt a black shadow on their side. The next second, someone who has fallen has been dropped into the shadow of the shadow.

Xia Yuqing only felt a whirl of a moment when she lost her foot. When she was cold, she only felt that she was afraid of smashing her blood, but she did not expect a bang, and did not feel pain, but felt soft under her body. Soft.

It’s too late to think, and a familiar and implied voice has been heard in the ear: “It’s okay? Is there any injury?”

Xia Yuqing heard the sound and slammed into the ground, stiffened a small face and looked up at the person who spoke.

The moment when this hero saves the beauty, it should be a good time for the love of the bride, and a good time for the love story. In the summer rain, the head of the summer rain has only a few words: "I am finished, I am caught."

When I saw the appearance of Xia Yuqing, I knew that she had not found any place. She just wanted to settle with her, but she saw that Xia Yuqing's face was steep and white.


Xia Yuqing wrinkled a small face, and some sad reminders returned: "The stomach suddenly felt... a little uncomfortable."

The face of the wind changed, and I couldn’t care about it with Xia Yuqing. I turned to the people who were still screaming and shouted: "Call the doctor."

The big baby thought that Xia Yuqing wanted to escape from the crime, but later found that Xia Yuqing seemed to be really uncomfortable. At the moment, she was also worried. She took the second baby and hurriedly followed the pace of the wind.

The old doctor was dragged all the way by the hoes, and finally rushed to the fangfang hall. After he had not had time to catch his breath, he was stunned by the wind: "Isn't you going to see the queen?"

The old woman doctor shakes her hand and catches the pulse of Xia Yuqing. After a few seconds, her eyes slammed loudly, and once again caught the pulse of Xia Yuqing under the gaze of danger. Surprise: "Emperor... The emperor, the goddess, is pregnant again!"

"!" The old woman doctor said this, all the people in the hall could not help but take a breath.

There is a little sister after the mother! → This is the second baby with two eyes shining.

The niece is going to have a little princess! → This is the crowd of people who are excited.

I love you finally, and I don’t want to work hard these days! → This is a slight sigh of relief, some smug winds.

Why are you pregnant again? ! → This is a little recovered from the summer rain that was planted in the bed and sad autumn.

"The maiden's pregnancy has been nearly two months, the fetal interest rate is still unstable, just a little scared, but there is nothing wrong with it. But..." The old doctor said that the old face is red, "However, a few months ago, the emperor And the goddess still has to do some housework, and it is better to focus on the fetus."


Xia Yuqing and the wind blew down, Xia Yuqing directly buried his face in the quilt, and the wind was a little smashed. He said in his heart that it had been there before. He knew that he was also this month. Don't have to work hard.

"Oh, I know, I am a good doctor for a good life."

The old doctor secretly wiped the cold sweat on his head and nodded. It wasn’t that he was too courageous to say such a big rebellious word, but the golden queen’s empress was too much, and the last two were born. At that time, there was an accident. This time, there was such a mess. He still slammed them a few words earlier, and the province was able to give birth to a scorpion, and his head was not guaranteed.

In the next few months, Xia Yuqing finally got rid of the beasts of a beast, but once again, in order to move the vase, a group of people followed the fuss and made a fuss.

Eight months later, under the mourning of Xia Yuqing's heartbreaking, the royal family finally succeeded in adding another big fat boy. It is gratifying and congratulatory.

In a blink of an eye, it took another three years.

Xia Yuqing’s second child is three years old and is as cute as the second baby. At that time, the Laoguo Palace has completely fallen into a child's nest.

Four years ago, Xia Yuqing’s **2nd Emperor and Yu Xue also gave birth to a boy who completely inherited his mother’s domineering side leakage. Half a year ago, this pair of unreliable couples finally tired of playing with children, directly throwing the future owner of this Jiugong Shizhai Village to Xia Yuqing here, and the husband and wife brought the world to the world (too lost?). At this point, this kid and the grown-up faded the temperament of Mengwa, and the Xia Yunyun's niece was more and more developed in the direction of his mother. This meeting was followed by the gimmick in the corner.

After that, the group of Yunxiao’s family was also thrown into the country, and Yunxiao’s name was awkward. He stayed with his family who liked his granddaughter and didn’t like his grandson. They were crying and crying, or gave it to her little emperor. The uncle is disciplined. Nowadays, this child has learned the temper of Yun Zhongyue by ten to ten. He is playing with the second daughter of Yin Xiang’s two years ago. He did not notice how the cold-eyed eyes of Yin Huizheng, who is also sister-in-chief. Staring at him, I can't wait to unload this kid who is wrapped around his sister.

Shortly after Xia Yuqing three years ago, Yuan gave birth to a big fat boy. It is said that the uncle of the housekeeper ran on the spot, and stunned the sky for a long time outside the house. Thanks to God, he did not let the Yan family finally. However, for the Yan family's unique seedlings are not inconsistent with his family, since the birth of this child, Yan dyed at home has completely lost the right to speak. All the education of the child is handed over to the Yuan. Therefore, although Yan's kid grew a beautiful face with Yan dyeing, he followed the Yuan's temperament, calm and gentle, and he liked more than his old man.

This will be a child in the yard to help a little girl below pick a sweet-scented osmanthus on a small tree, from time to time, bow down and gently follow the little girl to say a word or two. The little girl smiled brightly, and her face was similar to that of Yan Tingfang, but the eyes were all inherited from Shao Zitang.

This little girl was born half a year after the birth of Yan Jiazi. It was cute and cute, and it was very lovable. It was the apple of Shaozi Tang holding the pain in his hand. It is a pity that this girl is most fond of the kid with Yan Yan.

Mrs. Shao Shao, including the housekeeper, is quite happy with this, but the two are not so good. Ever since, when I was a teenager, I was already a family member. Because of the two children, I became a dead-end again.

Of course, the last thing I have to mention is that I have just come back to visit my family's Xiajia two brothers. At this time, the two babies who have grown up with their younger brothers are still behind the big baby's ass, and they are opposite, Xia Hanhan hides. In the back of Xia Zheze, I looked at the two babies, oh... I still want the face of my sister.

The big baby hangs a pair of phoenix eyes that are basically the same as the wind, and squints at the opposite person. Xia Yuze, who has grown up on the opposite side, is not afraid of the big baby at all, and he is also looking at the big baby without fear.

In an instant, the wind knife and sword between the two people, 劈 啪 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

The people on the side were scared back by the momentum of the two men, and when they dared not approach, the people suddenly heard the sound of a slap in the face.

"Hey, my brother, and my mother!" The sound of the second baby's crispness successfully pulled back the attention of everyone present. The eyes of a group of children were all moved to the palace wall not far away.

On the back of Xia Yuqing, as always, carrying the little bag of the year, the side of the squat crawled against the wall and spit.

She can't stand it anymore! The tiger is not angry, really when I am hellokitty! The beast had given him another buns, but he was still not satisfied. Say what gave birth to a younger brother, her second baby is sad, so they have to continue to work hard, and then continue to give birth to a little princess.

Work hard... work hard for your sister! Labor and management are not doing, who loves to live and who is born, anyway, I do not want to regenerate! The child is right, the man will not be satisfied in this life, there are two, two have three, she can not be so indulgent, she has to leave home!

Xia Yuqing was not easy to turn to the wall to gasp, wiped the sweat, looked down, and once again confronted countless pairs of innocent big eyes.



The number is relative, how familiar is this scene, Xia Yuqing's face changed greatly and pointed to the big baby: "How are you here?"

On the big baby's face, there was a smile similar to that of the wind, and he smiled sneerly: "Not here, how do you see the mother and you turn over the wall? Where are you going to turn over this time?"

" are the third division of Bernard." Xia Yuqing thought about it, her grandfather couldn't stand it, or go to the third brother. But now...

Xia Yuqing wakes up like a dream and points to the big baby: "What do you want to do? What do you want to do?"

"What? After seeing the mother and the wall, the son of the child as the father and the son of the mother, it is natural to inform the father and mother after the whereabouts." Said, the big baby would like to yell at the gate of the hospital, Xia Yuqing sees busy Road: "Wait a minute, wait a minute!"

"Is there something after my mother?"

Xia Yuqing took a deep breath and smiled at the child with a smile: "That, Dudu, don't we tell this to your father?"

"Don't tell the father?" The big baby licked his head. "Is there any benefit?"

"..." The child really grows up, and he knows that it is better for him to be a mother!

Xia Yuqing pressed his impulse to swear, and smiled: "What benefits do you want?"

The big baby’s eyes crossed a trace of sorrow: “It’s not really good. In the same year, the mother took something from her parents. Later, she didn’t come back. The children now want to come back.”

Ok? When did I take her big baby? Xia Yuqing pondered for a moment, and the brain swept a glimmer of light. It was the one that was the year... It was obviously my thing, when it became his, and she still went back!

Xia Yuqing’s smile on his face was stiff and he smiled and said: “Dudu, that thing is dangerous, or do you want to change individual?”

The big baby heard the face brushing down and turned to open his mouth and wanted to shout: "Father..."

"Stop and stop, give it to you, that is, there is a spare in the third cell below my bed, I have to go, you can take it yourself."

The big baby achieved the purpose, and the face was eased. He smiled and said: "So, thank you for your mother."

"..." This child is really not cute at all.

After the negotiation, Xia Yuqing was preparing to turn down from the palace wall, but he saw a sly smile on the face of the big baby. The next moment, Xia Yuqing saw him tap the finger to the little son on the side. .

The little buns ran to the side of his brother, and he screamed: "Brother."

The big baby nodded and whispered a few words near the ear of the little buns. Later, Xia Yuqing saw her innocent little buns seem to understand and nodded, turned to the door of the courtyard and shouted: "Father, the mother has turned over the wall!"

The child's tender voice sounded through the courtyard, and Xia Yuqing was on the wall of the palace.

In a short time, everyone heard a familiar sneer at the entrance of the hospital. He said, "Love you, you still have the strength to do the physical work of the wall today. It seems to be a night." It’s too hard!”

Xia Yuqing was behind the hair and looked at the big boy’s face with a sly smile. He couldn’t help but screamed: “Dudu, you traitor! Say it! Oh, I don’t want to go back. Let me go, let me go!"

The big baby who was thrown in the place rewarded the head of the small buns to show the reward. After looking at his mother, he was once again brought back by his father. The lips could not help but smack an innocent smile.

"After the mother, the children only promised that the children would not shout, but did not promise not to let others shout! The children are not against the promise!"

"..." A group of children on the side of the group was stunned by the shamelessness of the big baby.

Therefore, no matter when the bear child is a bear child, a person who has produced such a debt collector will only have to work hard to pay off his debts.

The sound of the wind, the tall banyan tree that passed through the courtyard, swayed out the shadows of the trees in the ground, and the people who came and went outside listened to the laughter of the children from time to time in the yard, and the loud resound in the temple. Protest, smile at each other.

Everyone knows that it is the happiness of all of them!

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