When the night was standing on the foothills of the moon, looking down at the moon, I thought about my life and found that I really didn’t have much to say in my life, step by step, everything should follow the fate. The trajectory came to the end, and if there were accidents, there were only three. 【】

In addition to Xia Yuqing's grandmother and even Yingying, the night is also the child of the previous generation of the patriarch of the Yue family. However, what Xia Yuqing and others do not know is that there are not only one child, but more than a dozen, selected by the patriarch of the month.

The people of the four kingdoms are the people of God who are caressed by God. In the eyes of the people of the Yue family, they can be selected by the patriarchs. Those who inherit the future of the Yue family are even more enshrouded and blessed by the time of God. Therefore, if oneself, even the person in the family, can be selected as one of them, or even become the patriarch of the last month of the family, it is a matter of glory.

When Duoyan was selected, he was only four years old. At that time, he was very ignorant of the fact that he was so puzzled that the people in his family knew that he was chosen to be happy. At that time, the choice of a young child in his eyes meant that the next ten years were afraid that he could no longer meet his relatives. There was nothing so happy.

Also selected with the night beauty is a big brother in the same village, and also a playmate of the night, named Jiangnuo. Nightly, he was playing with him from a young age, and the two were like brothers. After learning that I was away from home, there is still an acquaintance who will be with myself. The night is obviously calmed down because of the uneasy feeling of being chosen.

After that, Night Beauty followed Jiangno to a place that was completely different from the place where he lived. There were gorgeous houses, gorgeous clothes, and exquisite meals, but there were no relatives who had been together. It’s just those who are eager to move, seeing them as enemies and showing malicious children everywhere.

In the four years that I stayed there, as the youngest of all, Night Beauty has always been the object of bullying, but fortunately, Jiangnuo, who is still older, has been guarding him on the side, and because of this, Night Beauty has always relied on this big brother, and in those few years, the two really became good brothers who have nothing to say.

Unfortunately, this relationship is not strong enough in front of certain things. At night, I thought that he and Jiang Nuo could have been together for a long time. When they were good brothers for a lifetime, the change happened.

From the moment when I stepped into this beautiful place that is not like the human world, the night buds and other children will understand that although it is a great favor to be selected in the eyes of outsiders, only they know it and finally can There is only one person who sits on the head of the patriarch, and the others eventually... can only be abandoned and become the stepping stone at the foot of the top person.

The night beauty is simple from a young temper. At that time, he really did not have any thoughts on the position of the patriarch. But he himself thinks like this, and falling into the eyes of others is another matter.

As he grew up with the beauty of the night, his extraordinary talents and talents gradually emerged. The patriarch of the previous occupant valued him more and more, and the other people around him became more and more obvious to him. What he did not expect from the night was that even the big brother who had been waiting for him began to A little bit of alienation.

Jiang Nuo thought that the night is not known, but in fact the children's nerves are often more sensitive than the adults. As early as the night, the face began to show his extraordinary, when the patriarch’s line of sight began to focus on him, the teenagers who came in with him often screamed in front of their brothers, similar to...

"I didn't expect that the age of the young man was so small, the matter was not small. How many times did the patriarchs praise him?"

"No, it’s so powerful, it’s so powerful. When you grow up, you can’t limit it. Jiang Nuo, you are also his brother. Brought him for so many years. Don’t lose to your brother in the end.”

"That is..."

Similar to this kind of seemingly flattering, the words of the actual run are too numerous to enumerate.

At that time, although every time those people finished, Jiangno always told himself that he didn't have to worry, he didn't mind.

I can still feel the night, but I still feel that I can’t check it, but there are traces to start to alienate myself. At that time, it’s just a child’s night beauty. I don’t know how to be good. I can only keep silent, thinking that as long as I don’t Breaking through the window paper, the relationship between the two can be maintained, but unfortunately he is still wrong.

If the beginning of the exhibition caused a time bomb to be buried between the two people, then after the night, the face of the man who met the ultra-dusty man and got his favor, it really became a relationship between the two. The fuse.

If the patriarch of the moon is a person who is taken care of by God, then the priests of the month are really the darlings of God. They can figure out the will of heaven from the heavens and even all kinds of strange things. People who are truly able to accurately convey the will of God. The most important thing is that the priest of the month is never chosen by man, but by the inevitability of his own ability, that is to say, the priest can be the most glimpse of the whole month.

The night singer never thought that the person who happened to meet him by chance was the priest who was more patriarchal in the status of the priest. It was the second time that I saw the teenager who was still a fairy, and told myself in front of myself.

"I said that we will meet again, Xiao Shuyan, my words have never been missed." In the direction of the light, the man was dressed in white, and the clothes fluttered, like a fairy. As soon as I got close to myself, I felt that I had forgotten even breathing.

The gaze projected from all directions was intensive, and there was envy, embarrassment, and strong hatred.

The night beauty never thought about it because of this meeting, which caused earth-shaking changes in his life. He did not even think that the brother who had been with him for many years would be enemies against himself and he would like to be free from himself.

Once this kind of thing is buried, it can quickly take root and grow into an ugly creature that is difficult for them to look directly at.

Night Beauty will never forget that Jiang Nuo died on his neck that day, holding a face to his own scene.

He said: "Why? Why am I so good to you, are you doing this to me? You know everything, you know everything, but let me teach you little by little. If you hear those people, are you very Happy? I am not as good as you, yes, I am not as good as you! I admit! You must be very sorry for me in your heart, must be the same as they are in my heart, laughing at me? Jokes, I am not self-sufficient, jokes, my self-pick What is it? Why? You are laughing at me in the bottom of my heart, and I have to make such a disgusting gesture close to me, close to me, pretend to be a respectful person? Your hypocrite hypocrite is too disgusting."

At that time, the night was like to tell him that he never thought about it. At that time, he really regarded the person in front as a big brother. He has always been regarded as a relative, never looked down on him, and never laughed at him. It was a pity that at that time, he was stunned by the other side and could not make any sound, but Jiangnu was still groaning, as if he could not wait to vent his dissatisfaction accumulated over the years.

"You have everything, obviously everything is there, with the innate excellence, with the love of the patriarch, why do you still get the favor of the priests? Why, by what you are so lucky, everything I got it, but I have nothing, nothing. Like a bug crawling on the ground, can anyone come over and step on it? I am not willing, I am not willing!"

This person is crazy! In the night of the night, I only crossed this thought in a short time. The line of sight that was soaked by tears became a mess, and my heart was a bit sour and a bit painful. I couldn’t tell whether it was sad because of Jiang’s false accusation, or because I was chilled by the closest person.

At night, when she thought that she would be buried in his hands, the timely appearance of the patriarch and the priests saved him.

Feeling that the breath poured in from the outside, and at that moment, the night was almost eager to look at the person who poisoned himself and hoped to see a trace of jealousy from the other’s eyes and nostalgia for their previous feelings. But he was disappointed. In addition to the resentment against him, the man’s eyes thought that there was nothing.

After that incident, everyone was taken aback, apparently did not think that Jiangno, the closest person around the night, would be the first person to make such a crazy move.

Not long after that, Jiangnu was sent back to his original place, and after that night, he never saw him again. Later, I heard people say that he was sent back and soon died.

After knowing this news, the night smiles, and I don’t know how painful it is. It’s not his fault, but I don’t know why he always has a subtle sensation. [] Jiang Nuo’s face on his neck that day has been shaking in his mind.

Many years later, when the night was no longer the child who didn’t understand anything, he finally understood the mood of Jianguo at that time.

Among the children who were sent in that year, Jiang Nuo’s talents were not high, and he was always crushed by those who often looked for things, and there was no irony in the dark. Fortunately, at that time, he was still younger than Jiangnuo. It is undeniable that most people are animals with good vanity and memory expansion. When Jianguo is helping himself, he is actually just looking for his own sense of accomplishment that has been wiped out, seeking his salvation. . Unfortunately, this redemption eventually turned into a black hand that pushed him into hell.

Being overtaken by someone who is still living under oneself is far more irritating than being blocked by those who are better than themselves. Therefore, at that time, Jiang Nuo could not endure the night beauty that he had to point to, and gradually emerged. When he suddenly returned to God, he found that the other party had already rushed in front of him, and even everyone. front. And it was used as a weapon of ridicule to poke a knife on himself.

The long-standing reliance on seeking a sense of existence disappeared in an instant, and I lost myself in the darkness of the mud. One person ran into the bright light of the people, and Jiangno, who was deeply stimulated, was so different. Under the pressure, it’s hard to drive.

Many years later, in addition to the embarrassment of the night, who wanted to understand this point, he never thought that they had not lost to anyone at that time, but they eventually lost to humanity.

After Jiang Nuo was sent back, the night of the night was really a lonely person. Those who were originally hostile to him heard about it and saw his gaze becoming more and more schadenfreaked.

However, this did not cause too much trouble for the night, because in the near future he was taken away by the priests and adults under the envy and obscenity of everyone.

A few years have passed by, the years of the past are the quiet and quiet of the night, and the priests are like all the first sights, all of them are wrapped in a gentle light, just like By his side, the mood can be magically settled. However, the identity of the night at the time was destined that his days could not be so smooth and calm.

The night is not aware of what kind of agreement the priest and the patriarch had in the dark, and the night has faded away from the tenderness, and truly grows into a young boy. The white boy who accompanied him for many years reached out and touched his head and told himself that it was time for him to take over his responsibility.

Standing on the sacred altar, the night beauty was so stunned in front of him to accept his glory, and also took up his responsibility to guard the entire family of the moon.

After that day, the night was no longer seen by the man, and after a month, the patriarch’s sudden resignation was even more than a night’s glare.

No one knows that the day before the patriarch's patriarch, the night was clear and clearly saw that the unusually shining star in the sky suddenly fell.

The night is vaguely remembered, just the night when he was just received by the priests, the moonlight is as cool as water, and the priests are holding him in the tree, pointing to the stars in the sky and telling him: "Xiaoyanyan You see, the stars in this sky are not beautiful? Do you know that this big night sky is actually a still world, and the stars above represent the various people on the ground. When the stars are dazzling, it means The person represented by the star is equally radiant in the eyes of the human being, and if the star is bleak, it means that the person represented by the star is gradually weakening, and if the star is completely degraded, it means the star of the star. The people represented are no longer alive. You can see that the most shining stars above it are the emperors, the kings of the four countries outside, and the other bleak are the subjects."

The night is still remembering that he once asked him at that time: "Which star is the priest adult? Which one is the beauty?"

The man groaned, and then smiled and pointed to a star on the head that was only slightly dimmed than the emperor, telling him: "This is me."

Later, he pointed to a small little star that was not far from the side of it. "This is a small beauty. Don't look at it. It's still small. When you grow up, you will grow up." The stars are bound to be more dazzling than any one, and will take me to the place where I am."

At that time, he did not understand his words. He could not help but wonder if he had reached his position. Where will the star belonging to the priests go?

On that night, he got the answer. After the star belonging to that person collapsed, he saw the star that belonged to him change his trajectory and accurately reached the original position of the fallen star. Instead of it shines brightly.

That night, I didn’t sleep well all night, so I stared at the stars in the night, until the sky gradually became a crescent moon, and the stars were no longer shining in the sky.

The next day, he once again took over the one of the patriarchs of the month under the gaze of everyone, becoming the first person in the history of the month to inherit the patriarch and the priest.

The people around him were happy and felt that they had witnessed the miracle, but only he knew that he had never shown a half smile on that day.

He inherited the position of the priest and got the favor of God's darling. As long as he is in this position, his appearance can be preserved forever. He will not grow up and will not decay.

Everything must also pay the price. He has received the gift and is bound to take responsibility. The patriarch and the priest’s responsibility will always guard the Yue family, and in the process of conveying God’s will not violate God’s will, not even the tribe. Originally only a responsibility has already let him realize the heavy burden, not to add two responsibilities. I think it’s heavy and let him laugh.

As it turns out, the night is quite right. In the short period of time, the people who accompanied him, Jiang Nuo, priests, one by one, have left him, not leaving too many traces on his life white paper, but in In the next few years, he was so eager to watch the people around him growing up little by little, getting old by little, only he did not change at all. This may be an extremely valuable thing in the eyes of others, but only the night beauty knows that under his unchanging face is a heart that gradually becomes ridiculous.

If Jiangnuo is barely the first accident of the night, then Xia Yuqing’s grandmother, who personally picked it out, is ready to be trained as the next successor. The girl named Zhongyan can definitely be said to be a night-faced person. The second accident.

When Night Beauty first raised the idea of ​​cultivating the next one, when he was forty years old, forty years old may have been a long time in the eyes of ordinary people, but in the eyes of the night, he only flicked.

When a person keeps on the same thing for decades, it will always inevitably produce a few lonely feelings, as is the night beauty. So at that time, he suddenly gave birth to the idea of ​​finding someone to accompany himself and pass the time. . Therefore, even if many people in the family feel that it is too early for him to train his heirs at this time, he is determined to follow his own ideas and stick to his own opinions.

Perhaps because of the childhood experience, the night beauty did not pick out the best people from the talented people he cultivated from the patriarchs, but he hammered the lucky one directly.

When I saw the **** for the first time, I felt it from the night. This girl was very spiritual. Just like when the priest adult first saw him, he determined that he would inherit his position in the future, telling him that they would see you soon, and that the night was almost confirmed at the first sight of the girl. It’s not easy after Shantou, but he never thought that the gimmick was not simple, not only in her talent, but also her daring.

The night of the face brought the girl for twelve years, watching her grow up from a ignorant girl into a slim girl, a sense of pride for the father to let him indulge in his allegations, and let him in this desolate time I felt a little comfort in the middle of the river. However, he did not think that he had raised a child for so many years, but in the end he gave him such a return.

The night beauty will never forget that the girl who has been a biological daughter for so many years has been in front of her, telling herself that she likes a man, and that this man is still a royal family of the four kingdoms.

At that time, he had a face, his palms were almost bleeding, and he was silent for a while and only asked the girl: "Smoke, do you still remember the first sentence that your father took you to your side?"

The night clearly saw the girl who was kneeling in front of him trembled and shuddered and spit out a sentence: "Never intervene in the four kingdoms, and never associate with the royal family of the four kingdoms."

The night, Yan Yanwen did not say more, only told her: "The person and the righteous father, you can only choose one."

The night is like a girl who still has some feelings about herself. It is a bit hesitant between the two. In fact, hesitation does exist, but it is only a moment.

Nightly, the girl saw her biting her lip and looked up at herself with a firm look. "I chose him." He did not return to the road she chose, and he was so hard to take himself from him. The world is separated, leaving no room for a little.

The night is so quietly watching the girl's back disappear from the place where she sees it. Suddenly, I feel that my heart is empty. In the end, he is still alone.

Nightly, the beauty of the girl knows that the girl’s choice is so close to that man, and it is bound to happen. After all, the rules of the Yue family are there, and since she dares to try the law, she must pay a certain price.

It’s just that he never thought that the price was so huge. Not even thinking of the girl's dying struggle, and eventually tired of so many people.

The destruction of the former dynasty was confirmed long before, but the night beauty did not think that she would use the things she taught her, trying to change her life and change her life for the person she loved. To this end, she not only tired of the entire former dynasty, but also tired of the entire month.

The night beauty has already remembered that the people who received the whole month of the month began to fall ill, and the condition began to spread all over the place, even what the doctor did when he was helpless. He only knew that there was a blank in his brain at that time, and when he reacted, he was already standing in front of the altar.

This time, it was replaced by him to make choices, one is the whole family of the month, and the other is the child who grew up from childhood. In the end, no doubt he chose the Moon family.

The war was raging, the drums were raging, and a large raging fire mixed with large blood stained the high palace walls and the smooth marble slabs. The night was gradually stepping into the sea of ​​fire, holding the girl in front of the body of her chosen person.

A few years of time made the girl of that year more and more mature and beautiful, but unfortunately she did not protect the person who wanted to protect at the time. Seeing her own moment, she almost flew to her feet and let herself save the person in her arms.

At that time, the night beauty only glanced at her coldly and told her: "I will give you another chance, the righteous father and the body in your arms, choose one of them."

The night clearly saw the enthusiasm of her eyes faded in a flash, and then laughed low, still stubbornly holding the body of her arms without a trace of nostalgia told her: "I chose him. ”

This time, the night is not much surprised, he is just calmly telling her what she has done without a trace.

Seeing that the girl lost her original calm and rushed to her own moment, the night smiled and found that her heart had a hint of pleasure.

"How can you? How can this? This thing is done by me alone, has nothing to do with them, why... Why do you want to do it for my children? Why?"

The girl’s screaming screams in her ear, but the night is only blocking her. “I have nothing to do with them. Is it difficult to achieve something related to the Moon? For your selfishness, you want all the people of the month. Your wayward funeral?"

The girl’s face changed, but it was impossible to say anything in a flash.

"Smoke, the righteous father reminded you at the beginning, you have to pay for what you do, this is the price you have to pay, no one is obligated to clean up your selfishness." After that, the night is cold and cold. Zhang did not stop doing more, turned and left.

The fire burned more and more violently, but the building was not swaying for a moment, but until the last moment, the night can still hear the girl's voice coming from inside, begging for her to let her children go.

The night was listening to the sound of the palace crashing behind him, and closed his eyes silently. She did not hear her request, but she did not know how to respond. From the moment he made the choice, he was already destined for the end.

He couldn't ignore the moon's family for her words. It was not the feelings of the Moon family, but the responsibility of the patriarch and the priest was incorporated into his blood, so he had to take up the burden.

Everything afterwards became very smooth, but the night did not think of it. A few years later, Xia Yuqing's mother, the child of that person will follow the same path.

They are like stuck in a strange circle, but they can't get out. He should be sighed by his mother and daughter. When he again asked the girl who was similar to the girl who had seven or eight points in the past, she did not expect the same answer.

The night specials twisted the eyebrows and did not understand what it would make these people so obsessed. Because of doubts, he couldn't help but ask.

I got the girl’s surprised gaze and the insightful look: “Do you like a person? It’s like having someone else, it’s like having everything, even when it’s dangerous, even if you give up everything, you want to save the other. Mood, have you experienced it?"

The night was full of shock, watching the girl's clean and clear eyes, the first time in my life has produced doubts, owning the other party seems to have everything?

It is undeniable that the girl’s words have produced a few points of confusion that have never been seen before. And because of this confusion, he unexpectedly chose another heir. At the moment when I saw Ying Ying, all the attention of the night-faced beauty was concentrated on the child’s eyes. It was like a beating of a flame that made the night’s heart dead for many years. A touch of ripples.

Intuition tells him that this is what he is missing, so he is so dear that he left the child with his side.

After all, he proved that he was right. He saw the desire for family from the child, but this is not enough. The so-called kind of love in the girl’s mouth is obviously more than that.

Just when the night did not know how to distinguish the difference, he finally met the biggest difference in his life, and the most unexpected accident.

Xia Yuqing, the blood that the man continued in the same year, the little princess of Xia Guo, the same situation as his mother, the relationship between the Yin and the Emperor of the Shu Kingdom, but it is only that.

The night of the night thinks that everything will end in the summer rain and fall into the water, but he never thought that the astrology that has not changed in the past 100 years has changed at this moment, making everything go to the unknown.

This kind of uncertainty made the night a rare fear, so he sent one of his most trusted gimmicks to the side of this alien, protecting Xia Yuqing, trying to correct the trajectory of the astrology, but never thought that everything could not be changed.

After watching the summer rain and falling into the water, the star that had already faded down, the star that represents the summer rain, regained the light in a surprising way, and shot a completely different light. Even watching this star, which was originally unobtrusive, invaded the entire night sky. While changing this trajectory, it also changed the trajectory of all the people who had contacted it and even had never touched it.

She is like a butterfly that suddenly appears, leaving all of it off the track but not knowing it.

During that time, the night was so beautiful that the girl named Xia Yuqing turned to all corners of the four countries and was in contact with a variety of different people.

Ying Yan said that there is nothing wrong with it. This girl is obviously timid, and it will not be martial. The only thing that can be seen is that face. But even so, there are countless people who are willing to surround her. The interest may be just because the clean, perhaps just because the need does not need to hide her comfort around her, even if she knows a lot of her shortcomings, she still can't be attracted by such joy, even if it is He is also like this.

He looked at Xia Yuqing and the wind, watching her snoring with her loved ones, watching her play with her friends in an innocuous joke, watching everyone else helpless but tolerating her everything, originally in the years of tempering The heart of the lake, as early as a pool of stagnant water, was actually swayed by him.

However, even if the orbit of the astrology changes, there are things that cannot be changed. For example, Xia Yuqing, to be precise, is the fate of the blood that continues to live in Xia Yuqing's body, but it cannot be changed unless it is more expensive.

In the choice between Xia Yuqing and the Yue family, the night of the beauty did not have any suspense, once again chose the Yue family, this time in addition to the responsibility, there are... This has been cultivated for hundreds of years with the glory of a family Priority mission and habits.

At the moment of telling the truth of Xia Yuqing, the night was successful. From the face of this girl who seemed to be optimistic about anything, she saw the heartbreak. In the end, she broke the girl’s dream at the last minute.

At that moment, the night of the beauty found that his heart was a little unbearable, but this one could not bear to be crushed by him soon.

He just watched Xia Yuqing so shocked by the so-called future, and looked at Xia Yuqing's cold words in order to possibly continue his fate on his children. At that moment, he saw the child for his own sake. The girl who begged her own, saw the woman who had carefully considered the future for Xia Yuqing. It turns out that no matter how weak the women are, once they touch their bottom line, they can also be as strong as men and defend what they want to defend.

If Xia Yuqing’s sudden toughness only surprised the night, she’s the last sentence that really shakes the heart of the night.

She said: "Night, you really have a heart?"

Heart? Ying Ying’s longing for his parents had been wiped out by him when he was sent to that place. The closeness to friends and relatives also disappeared as soon as Jiang Nuo’s neck was on his neck. As for the other emotions, he left him a little bit in the passing of time. His heart has long been ridiculous as a desert that is not a grass, how can you feel the violent vibration of the heart beating in the chest? When the priest adults took him around, he discovered this early, so he would tell him.

"Xiao Yanyan, if you close your heart early, although you will not be vulnerable in the future, but in the future you will no longer be able to give the true heart to others, so you will be alone for a lifetime, and this loneliness will also Little by little, eating your reason, completely alienating you from the world, at that time... you will regret it."

What he never thought was that he had been turning around for so many years, and the door that had never been opened and closed was closed. When he saw Xia Yuqing shooting and jumping off the cliff, he was unscrupulously opened.

It turns out that someone can sacrifice everything for one person, give up everything, even if it is life, only that the other party can be safe and sound.

At that time, the night of the face did not know why he would choose to go to Xia Yuqing after Xia Yuqing's cliff, until the last man to hold on, that is, the king of the country today. It is clear that everything is over, and you can spend more than a decade of leisure time as long as you don’t listen, as if it was a few times before.

It’s not a fool, even if they have been fooled by them at the last minute, but this time reveals his wisdom and extraordinary insight as a monarch.

"What are you doing? Look at the jokes? Your purpose is to love you at the beginning. So, now that love is no longer there, what do you want to do here? See how we are embarrassed?"

At that time, the instability of the wind and the emotions was something that the individual could see. Ying Ying even tempted and asked: "You don't want to lyrical with the girl?"

Night Sun Yan thought that the wind would not answer this question, but never thought that the wind was silent for a long time, actually spit out a sentence: "No, I will wait for her to come back, we have agreed, the deadline is one She promised to come back."

"Would she still not come back if it reached the deadline you agreed?"

The wind raised his head and looked straight at him. Although he did not speak, the firmness in his eyes had already exposed his decision.

Night special eyebrows: "Why?" Why are you all able to give up what others have dreamed of, and that you have never had something, is that so important?

The wind sneered a lightly, and told him firmly: "Because she is everything, this country can let go, this responsibility can also be delivered to others, but her life, the next life, life and life can only belong to you! ”

At that moment, the night clearly heard that the door that had been slit in his heart was once again pushed away from the outside by a large part.

The influence of Xia Yuqing’s departure is undoubtedly huge. The night’s eyes look at countless people who are sad for her departure. I watched countless people sad and moved for her departure, different from her mother’s and her own care. That child, her appearance in so many people left an indelible mark.

Looking at the pain of so many people, the night has been born for the first time, I feel that I did something wrong? At the beginning, the girl’s rebellion, the demise of the former dynasty, and even the man she cares the most, the daughter’s ruin and the hatred of the country’s death, may be regarded as her sin deserved, no wonder others. Can it be later? Xia Yuqing's mother, and Xia Yuqing, what mistakes did they make? Wrong should not be her heir?

He used his self-righteous fraternity, forcing them to sacrifice themselves in exchange for the stability of the people they care about, but they forgot because of their departure, fulfilling their own mission, protecting the peace of mind of the Moon, but creating the pain of many people. . I used to blame the smoke for selfishness. In fact, why not?

Standing at the moment of the foothills, the cold wind blew his face to wake his chaotic head. At that moment, he finally woke up, this life... from Jianguo to the priest, then to the child, the daughter of the child, and then to the last Xia Yuqing, he thought he had assumed his responsibility and protected. What should be guarded, but I don’t know when I used the name of the guardian to hurt others, and I have already contaminated the blood of one hand.

A moment of waking up, the night suddenly understands the words that the priest said in the past. He only knows that the turtle is shrinking under the cold, and the people who are ridiculous with the passing of time will not be able to stay in this world until the end. The traces of the lower half, more understand the sigh of the priest under the moonlight that year.

He said: "Xiao Yanyan, don't think that living for a long time is a happy thing. When you find that no matter how long it takes, the whole world will only have one person left, then you will find that forever in time. Stopping you is the most tortured torture in the world."

At that moment, Night Beauty finally realized the true intention of the priests to say those words to him. He understood the time when he had gone through thousands of sails and spent nearly a hundred years. When those people in the past all became the sins of his sins, how should he swear? Break the root of this sin - use his endless and boring life in exchange for the return of those who are concerned by all, in exchange for the end of fate.

Once again set foot on the altar, the night felt a little easier than ever. At that moment, under the glare of the reverse, he seemed to see the joy and expectation of the white-dressed teenager who accompanied him for many years and touched his head and told himself that it was time to take up his responsibility. At that time, he wanted to tell himself that he could only get liberated if he really unloaded the burden.

If he can re-select, he would rather never be blinded by fate, not selected, not being looked at, not being fortunate. He only wants to be a carefree child, to finish his ordinary childhood with his family, walk through the youths surrounded by friends and family, step into the glory of the middle age, and finally step into the white hair, with the side The people who support each other. Instead of being bound by the mission for a lifetime, suppressing a lifetime, silent life, and a lonely life.

That person has a saying that is correct, and everything has a price. In the eyes of all people, they are the darlings of God, but only they know that for the name of this darling, how many sins they have suffered, how much sin has been sinned, what kind of price they have paid, and what kind of loneliness they have endured!

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For this person, my feelings have always been complicated. When I finished the game, I blacked him once, but that was no way. Since he was sitting in that position, he was bound to take responsibility for that position. This responsibility has also been deadlocked to the end, irresponsible or not, but in the centuries of years to become instinctive unloading can not be unloaded. Finally, I want to declare that the person who went back to the woman’s head in the finale is not Xia Mingxuan, but the night special Yan Yan (╯▽╰), no one guesses. (People: Guess in the guess! ~)

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