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"Oh..." When the wind came out, Yan Yan, who sat in the first place, once again squirted the wine from the mouth. Popular


One side left and one right sitting on the side of the cold Ruo Feng and Shao Zi Tang looked at him with a look. It’s been how many years have passed. How is this guy still suffering from this kind of hardship? I really have no strength at all.


And those who are more of the following are like what they think of, and they are looking up at the people in the upper seat, and their eyes are full of uncertainty and awe.


Xia Yuqing did not find the atmosphere that condensed in the next moment. He looked up and looked at the wind and looked at the long Sun’s road: "I want to listen to the teacher playing the piano?"


Chang Sun’s hearing of Xia Yuqing’s question could not help but a glimpse. Although he really wanted to answer the truth, he did not think very much, but he also knew the true intention of his son’s proposal. He hesitated for a moment and said with a strong smile: “Qing’s music is unparalleled in the world. In the past year, the children were not in the palace. After listening to the music, there was no more music in the mother’s music. I missed it. If Qinger didn’t feel trouble, maybe...”


"No trouble, no trouble, today is the birthday of the mother, naturally the mother is the biggest, the mother's request for the Qinger how to refuse? Tsui..."


"Yes, the goddess, the slave has already prepared the piano, and the goddess goes up to the piano."


The soft voice of Tsui’s voice came from behind and made a shock to Xia Yuqing: “So fast?”


Tsui decent smiled and said: "There are many rituals on the Queen Mother's birthday. Among them, the ancient piano is naturally convenient."


"Oh." Xia Yuqing did not doubt that he nodded and followed Tsui to go.


Sitting in the first place, the Shaozi Tang, who heard everything clearly, unconsciously took a shot. Looking at the gentle smile of Tsui, I couldn’t help but vomit a word, these guys who are afraid of the world!


Due to the turmoil not long ago, the officials’ eyes were basically staring at Xia Yuqing’s body. When he saw Xia Yuqing on the stage and walked quickly to the side of the guqin, all the officials’ faces became subtle. Some of them did not believe in the true identity of Xia Yuqing, but the officials who had been forced to let go of the situation thought of some possibility, and the face suddenly became extremely ugly.


All eyes were focused on the people on the stage in a flash. Facing the crowd or gloating or exploring or horrifying gaze, Xia Yuqing took a deep breath and slowly extended his hand to the strings in front of him.


In the next second, everyone only heard a familiar sound of cotton smashing through the night sky. In the twinkling of an eye, all the expressions on the faces of the people were not consciously stiffened. They widened their eyes and looked at the people who were intoxicated and mad at the stage.


The powerful magic sound silenced for a long time in the whole world of the Royal Palace, the power is better than before, stunned all the palace eunuchs in the palace, a group of people all stopped their movements, incredible look to the sound source . Mom is forced, this is difficult to copy the magic sound... It’s hard to be an empress empress. I heard that this emperor brought a fox to the night banquet, and scams? !


A group of people who were shocked to the extreme, the people who did not know the truth were so stiff and dead in the same place, until the hordes of birds were shocked from the sky by the terrible magic sound, like the rain. The pressure fell from the sky and directly on their heads, only to be completely awake, to make sure that they are not dreaming. Hey, this "magnificent" landscape... absolutely no mistake, it must be a goddess!


The people who had served in the ancestral hall first realized this, and they looked at each other with a sigh of relief and ecstasy. They used to feel that this magic sound was terrible, but now it sounds... the amount... is still terrible. This terrible thing is a little bit of nostalgia and recollection.


Also with this feeling, there were a few people who had stuffed earplugs on the night banquet. With a sudden high-pitched sound, the sound of playing cotton turned into a torn sound of sawn wood, which was like a word in the brain. It’s hard to make a sharp saw cut off your brain without any mercy.


The faces of the officials who had been taken lightly by the death of Xia Yuqing and paid a terrible price for this moment turned from a pale white to a blue, and eventually turned into a black ink.


At that time, Xia Yuqing did not know how much the psychological sound of his crazy dances gave the audience a big psychological challenge. After the song was finished, Xia Yuqing sighed and looked up at Chang Sunshi, not far away. He said with shame and anxiety: "What do you think after the mother?"


The long-term Sun, who had no time to take out the cotton from his ears, saw Xia Yuqing looking forward to seeing himself. He also moved his mouth. Although he couldn’t hear the sound of Xia Yuqing, he could probably guess what she meant. Coughing, maintaining the dignified elegance on the face: "Not bad, not seen in a year, Qinger's piano art is better than ever, really good."


Xia Yuqing got a compliment, his face was reddish, and he hummed with a modest sentence: "Which mother said so well, the class door got axe, if the mother likes it, the courtiers must go to the mother's harem to play for the mother."


Taking advantage of Xia Yuqing's empty head down the stairs, Chang Sun, who quickly took the cotton out of his ear, couldn't help but feel the smile on his face. He took a deep breath and said it was barely smiling: "Good."


After the completion of the speech, it was shot in the direction of the wind. Son, mother, this time, I really ate a big loss to help you.


The wind was a little embarrassed and touched the nose. Obviously, I did not think that my own proposal would cause such a big hidden danger for my mother. However, for the stable future of my son and daughter-in-law, I believe that the mother will not care.


Xia Yuqing seems to be modest, but the words of darkness are like the last straw pressed against the camel, which makes the nervous fragile adults completely collapse.






Along with a few low-pitched muffled sounds, there were a lot of exclamations behind them: "Xie Daren, Ye Daren, Yan Daren..."


"Hey?" Xia Yuqing suddenly heard the commotion behind him, and turned his head to wonder what happened, but he was blinded by the wind.




"Hey, kids don't look at this." The wind rushed from the ear with a few tempting voices, but it made Xia Yuqing more and more dissatisfied, screaming on his cheeks: "I am not a child." ""


"Good, not a child."


The sultry and low-lying squatting was mixed with a few obvious perfunctory. Xia Yuqing just wanted to protest, but there was a sharp notice coming from a short distance. Xia Yuqing recognized that the person was very popular. The small **** of the close-up Xiao Shunzi: "The emperor."


"what happened?"


Xiao Shunzi smiled and said: "Xie Daren is guilty of epilepsy. Ye Daren has a serious epilepsy in this time. As for Yan Daren, I heard that the recent months are somewhat unregulated and the body is relatively empty."


"Is the moon not clear?" Xia Yuqing couldn't help but insert a sentence. "It turns out that this Yan Daren is a woman! It's really a girl who doesn't want to have an eyebrow. The big aunt has come so choppy and come to participate in the mother's birthday feast. It’s really admirable!”


"Oh..." Yan Daren, who had already vomited a few **** stuns and once again woke up a little, just spurted a blood out of Xia Yuqing's unintentional language and completely stumbled.




Under the eyes of everyone, I couldn’t help but get up, but unfortunately, under the guise of the wind and warning, no one dared to laugh out loud, but only a sneer was very hard.


"Well, it’s okay, I’m still ill out, I’m not going back to the house for a good treatment?” The wind sighed back and pulled everyone’s attention away, and made a glance at the guards who helped the fainted officials. .


The guards would like to know, and the unrelenting advancement of the garbage seems to smash the fainted officials out.


At the same time, those **** eunuchs who had been shocked by the ever-increasing situation in front of them looked at each other and looked very eagerly to clean up the ground and the messy tables and chairs.


"Hey, hahaha..." Yan dyed and grabbed Shao Zitang's shoulder and tried to hold back his laughter. He trembled and sighed. He didn't take the air. "There are officials who didn't believe in the identity of the girl." I am afraid that I can believe it if I don’t believe it. Under the heavens, I can only put a good piano into such a person. I am afraid that she is only her, wow hahaha..."


When Shao Zitang listened to Yan dyeing, he did not consciously smoke his mouth. Although he wanted to vomit, he couldn’t deny it. Yan Yan’s words were quite right. This is the best thing that can be played in the sky. One copy.


When Xia Yuqing saw the light again, the blood that was full of fertility was no longer there. Xia Yuqing didn't feel different. The only reason why she was holding her eyes was actually very intimate. She didn't want her to see the horror of some people getting sick.


Xia Yuqing looked at the position of a little and a half, and was surprised. He turned to look at the wind and said: "The emperor, there are so many adults who are sick today to celebrate the birthday of the mother. Its heart is good!"


"Cough and cough..." The following people were attacked by magic sounds. Those who had a stronger strength heard the words of Xia Yuqing again without any precautions... squatting.


Many people showed a bit of twilight, and looked at each other and got up and said: "The emperor, the minister... the minister suddenly felt unwell, the amount, the headache was unbearable, in order to avoid the pre-deformation, the emperor allowed the minister to retire first. ""


"Chen...the minister is also, the minister is also."


When the man’s words were just exported, many people followed suit and stumbled over a group of people.


Xia Yuqing raised her head with some doubts. She was very speechless and looked at the minister who said that she had a headache. What did you do with your headache? If the beard on your mouth is too conspicuous, I must think that you are going to be born!


The wind glanced at the ground and bowed his knees, and everyone shivering, and there was a clear irony in the bottom of his eyes. Let you not believe in the identity of love, sometimes do stupid things have to pay a certain price, isn't it?


"Since a few adults are unwell, it is too uncomfortable to stay with you. Please go back and rest."


"Thank the emperor!" The officials heard the words, and they rushed out to sort out the things, and the only remaining part was the officials who kept silent on Xia Yuqing from the beginning.


Xia Yuqing looked at the table and chairs between the blink of an eye. I remembered the faces of those adults who were just white and white. Some of them did not feel relieved: "The emperor, these adults said that they are unwell, it is difficult to become this meal. something wrong?"


The adults who claimed that they were unwell had just walked to the gate. When they heard Xia Yuqing, they slipped down a little, and they finally stabilized their stature. They didn’t take much time to stay, and they hurriedly stepped forward. It is.


I have been watching the green core around Xia Yuqing, seeing Xia Yuqing, looking at the food in front of him, busy: "The goddess, the food of the adults is not a problem. I don’t know, but the slaves can guarantee you and the emperor. There is absolutely no problem with the food of the Queen Mother. The meals of the Empress Dowager and the Empress Dowager are all made by the slaves, and there is absolutely no problem with those meals.


The recent goal of Green Core is to quickly raise the weight of Xia Yuqing, not to mention how chubby fat is fascinating, so that you have to return to the shape of a little bit of flesh. In order to achieve this goal, how can Xia Yuqing not eat? !


The long-term Sun’s words on the side also helped me: “Yes, that’s right, this green-hearted craft is recognized as the best in the whole palace. These are also done according to your taste, and you can get it. Eat more. You are too thin to look at this small body, you have to eat some fat."


Xia Yuqing got the guarantee of the green core and put a little down on her heart. She listened to Chang Sun’s words and nodded. She opened the sweeping mode for all kinds of foods that had long been coveted.


Those officials had just left the front foot, and a slightly embarrassed old man on the back of the foot rushed into the Imperial Garden.


Seeing that most of the seats in the Imperial Garden were empty, Xu Laoxian was a glimpse. Later, some doubts asked: "Is it late for the old man? Is this birthday feast gone?"


A few people looked at Xu Lao, who was late, and Chang Sun smiled back and said: "It’s really late, but it’s not long before it’s gone. It’s just a short time ago, Xu Lao is coming over. ”


Xu Laowen said that he understood what he had. He looked at his little unscathed little apprentice and took a sigh of relief. He slowly took a cane and sat down in a position where Xia Yuqing was slightly lower.


"Hey? Xu Lao, what's wrong with your face?" Chang Sun's eyes saw a small piece of bruise on Xu's face, and asked with surprise.


In the twinkling of an eye, all the eyes of the people gathered on Xu Lao's body. The identity of Xu Lao is quite special in the country, and it is necessary to see him a few thin faces, not to mention other people. This group of people even dared to start with him, it really makes people have to be curious.


Xu Lao saw everyone's eyes all gathered on his own body, and his face became more and more ugly: "Nothing, accidentally caught."


"Is it accidentally caught? Is it right to your face?"


Xia Yuqing did not say anything, and when it succeeded, it hit Xu’s gunpowder.


Xu Lao’s cold eyebrows are vertical, and it’s very angry. It’s a glimpse of Xia Yuqing’s eyes. When he reaches out, he wants to re-emerge to twist the ears of Xia Yuqing. It’s not easy to start with a wind, but he has no choice but to close his hand. At first glance: "You must not blame the little apprentice for you."


"Quiet me?!" Xia Yuqing was so big that he didn't understand how he suddenly shot.


"Don't blame you for blaming anyone?" Xu Laoyue said that the more angry, the two mustaches shook, "If you didn't go to my house two days ago, say what I secretly hide under my bed..."


Xia Yuqing glanced at it and glanced at the bruises on Xu’s face. He suddenly realized that he looked at Xu Laodao with a look: “It turned out that this injury was played by the teacher.”


Xia Yuqing’s words came out, and several people who were familiar with it all stunned. Although I always knew that Xu Lao had a dusk love partner, well, it could not be said that it was a twilight love. After all, these two are from a young age. When they got together, they also gave birth to the old couple who were so arrogant, and the old lady was still a sinful figure in Miaojiang. I often heard that the couple’s husband and wife were not very harmonious, and there was a small noisy on the 3rd. A big fight, but even then they never heard that the old lady had been hands-on to Xu Laozhen. What happened this time? The old couple actually fought? !


Xu Lao listened to Xia Yuqing's words of gloating and sorrow, and felt more and more that he didn't hit a place, and snorted, and he gave Xia Yuqing a knife on the side.


Xia Yuqing received Xu’s resentful gaze and knew that he was really angry. He was busy selling the fire. “Master, I am not deliberate. I know that the teacher heard the rumors and ran to the bottom of your bed.” This thing can't blame me for not. If you don't have something to steal the mother's apron under the bed, it will not be enough for the teacher to use it. This will turn the teacher into something new and hate to add a piece. How can I get angry and be willing to put it? Are you fat?"


"Cough and cough..." Yan dyed this time for the second time in a night, and ignored the sight of Shao Zitang on the side, and looked at Xu Laodao, "the belly belly... apron?"


In the blink of an eye, everyone’s gaze once again moved to Xu’s body like a searchlight.


Xu Lao felt the gaze of horror or frightening or unbelievable or gloating, and finally he couldn’t help but whispered: "Little... disciple... brother!"


He shouldn't be uneasy. He ran around and wanted to support his little apprentice. What is this, oh, the old man's first name!


"Hey, Xu Ge, I am wrong, I am wrong, I don't dare to talk anymore, the emperor will save me, save me!"


There was a burst of exclamation in the Royal Garden, but this time no one came forward to stop it, but instead looked at it with a smile.


In the end of the longevity banquet, only a small number of people participated in the end. Although there are few people, they are the ones who are more trustworthy. In addition, there is a certain pair of masters and apprentices, and there is no need to worry about being too busy, so in the end, it can be considered as a guest.


After the longevity's birthday feast, Xia Yuqing's affairs were deliberately instructed by the wind, "inadvertently" spread throughout the entire palace of the Laos and even the whole country, and the entire Royal Palace and the people were completely boiling. It’s up.


It turns out that the woman who was recently rumored to have been favored by the emperor turned out to be the Queen of the Empress who all thought that she died a year ago! The person who had already died suddenly died and resurrected. This is a bizarre and bizarre thing. So compared to the news that I learned about the emperor’s empathy, this queen’s maiden is now resurrected. It is obviously more igniting the soul of the gossip of the people.


As a result, the gossip group, which was composed spontaneously by the entire Lao people, began to pick up the secrets of the royal palace of the Laos. The rhetoric of the popular banquet was obviously too vague, but it gave these gossip people a good opportunity to make an infinite brain.


Therefore, the day after the night banquet, the folks quickly spread the rumors of the rumors that flew around.


It is rumored that the girl who kidnapped the Empress of the Queen was actually a girl. The reason why the kidnapping of the Empress Dowager was entirely because of the gentle and sorrowful Queen of the Empress who got the love of our emperor. You are very good at the show of all the people who hate the gods!


It is rumored that there was a man next to the girl who kidnapped the Empress of the Queen. The man who saw the beauty of the Queen's Empress couldn't bear the Queen's maiden scent and disappeared. So she designed a substitute to hide her eyes and eyes, and made the illusion that the Queen's Empress was killed.


It is rumored that the girl who had kidnapped the Empress of the Queen and the Chinese paper was still in love. The girl knew the Chinese paper's careful thoughts and thundered, and in a rage she actually destroyed the appearance of the Queen's Empress. This kind of heart-wrenching dog blood is also the favorite of the masses!


It is rumored that when the Queen Empress was ruined after her appearance, she was still heartbroken, but she still cares about the emperor and two children, and did not dare to be born. Under the inhumane abuse of the extinct couple, it has been difficult to escape, but because of the ruin of the face, the woman’s inferiority is too sad.


Finally, it was rumored that the Queen Empress had encountered a famous doctor during her escape. The doctor did not save the Queen and gave her a new face. The Empress Dowager has taken the courage to return to the capital and see the emperor who misses it.


In the end, the rumored that the emperor first saw the changing queen of the emperor immediately recognized the identity of the empress, and with the eyes that everyone did not understand, directly grabbed the empress of the queen into the palace to solve the pain of Acacia. ... This is the truth of the emperor's empathy!


All the rumors gathered together, summed up only one sentence: this **** is the sadness of the four corners of the blood of the dog.


Huh? You ask why the news of the emperor’s empathy has been heard some time ago, and everyone dares not to talk about it easily. This time I heard the rumors of the Queen's Empress, but dare to have such a taboo discussion, but also derived so many rumors? Isn't this obvious?


Some time ago, there was no Queen Empress in the emperor's side. How could it be that the mood was not good? Just talk about the person's royal affairs and there is a danger of losing his head. This time the emperor is adjusting the oil with the Queen's maiden, will he care about these small people who love broken mouth? And even if it is rumors, there are good and bad points. They are now praising the loyal love of the emperor and the empress, but they are not talking about emperor empathy, smearing the emperor, what are you afraid of? It’s impossible for the emperor to say that they will say something good to praise them. Therefore, being a gossip with culture, quality and knowledge is also a very profound and profound thing!


The people of Laos were sympathetic to the tragic experience of the Empress Dowager while being saddened by the four corners. They were also impressed by the Queen Mother and the Emperor, not as fascinated by the appearance. Looking at them with their chests, they finally believe in love again. Dancing e-book


If those small people outside the palace get the news that the blood of the gossip is boiling and the excitement is hard to suppress, then those palace eunuchs who are familiar with Xia Yuqing in the palace can not only be so excited, but also know summer. When Yu Qing was still alive, a group of people were so excited that they didn't know what to say. After learning about Xia Yuqing's "tragic" experience, everyone in the Fangfang Temple could be considered to be distressed.


When they want their goddess in the palace, how much better are they raised with the emperor? After leaving the palace, I suffered so much damage and grievances in places they didn't know. Not only was the ruined and ruined by the bad guys, but they also ran out of various kinds of violent, inferiority and reluctance to come back. More pains, resentment, the goddess came back so much this time, the goddess is really pitiful. A group of people in the Fangfang Temple imagined the experience of Xia Yuqing this year, and suddenly the tears flowed into the river and almost drowned the Fangfang Temple.


The original people who had a sudden appearance of Xia Yuqing and the anomaly of the winds and sorrows were also relieved. It was not the emperor’s empathy, but the emperor’s eyes and eyes, connected with the goddess’ mind, and recognized at a glance. The other side, his heart is really touching. And they actually still use the heart of a villain to the gentleman's belly, it is too bad!


After the sadness, everyone has the willingness to concentrate all the energy on the Xiage Yuqing, which is too slim, and the big business of the second baby.


Therefore, as soon as Xia Yuqing moved back to the Fangfang Temple, she received a lot of loving pink eyes, and she gave her a goose bump.


However, after all, Jinwo Yinwo is still not as strong as its own kennel. When the servant returns to the 撷芳殿, Xia Yuqing feels that the whole person has become relaxed.


On this day, Xia Yuqing sat on an empty open space in the dormitory, and there was a pile of snacks and small pastries on the side. Not far away, the big baby was teasing the little white with the baby and followed behind the little white buttocks. Little black.


Speaking of Xiaobai, I haven't seen my temper growing up in a year. When I saw the first side of Xia Yuqing, I went to Xia Yuqing's body. If it weren’t for the clever eyes on the side of the hand, I was afraid that Xia Yuqing would have to hang up on the first day of the temple.


To this end, the green core penalized this more arrogant little white dog did not eat for one night, and finally Xia Yuqing could not see it and sneaked it to eat something. Because of the grace of this meal, Xiao Bai was slowly getting close to Xia Yuqing. In general, some aspects of small animals are often more sensitive than humans. However, in a few days, Xiao Bai has completely recognized Xia Yuqing, and now he has been able to sneak into the arms of Xia Yuqing without any psychological burden.


"After the mother, sweet-scented osmanthus cake." The second baby played for a while, and ran back to Xia Yuqing's side, rushing to her to ask for something delicious.


Xia Yuqing returned to the gods, took a piece of sweet-scented osmanthus cake from the side of the plate and stuffed it into the mouth of the second baby. He said: "Don’t eat too much, you should eat it later, then you will see good food. It’s sad to eat and eat.”


The second baby nodded in a hurry, swallowed the sweet-scented osmanthus cake and then rushed to the big baby's side to play with him.


Looking at the cute look of the two babies and the little white and black, listening to the giggling from time to time, Xia Yuqing hooked the lips and corners, I feel that the days are so ordinary and often go on. Kind of happiness.


"What do you want?" Xia Yuqing was still staring at the two children not far away, smiling slightly, and a pair of slender hands suddenly came out from behind and took her whole person into her arms.


Xia Yuqing stunned, and when she turned around, she found that I didn’t know when, and the wind squatted down behind me. This long arm stretched out and just wrapped her whole person in.


After discovering that the person is a familiar person, Xia Yuqing relaxed, and the whole person was in the windy arms, and sighed with a comfortable voice: "Nothing, watching two children play together, I feel very interesting. ”


Said Xia Yuqing and looked at the two children and the white hair of the child under the feet of the baby, and how to see how to look behind the little white buttocks ... little black dog legs.


Xia Yuqing finally found out the anomaly. A year ago, wasn’t it still a little bit of madness, chasing the Queen’s little black running on it? How can it become a little black dog leg chasing after the white run, this is not scientific! And Xiao He’s appearance, how to look like how... wife is strict!


Xia Yuqing suddenly remembered that when he gave Xiaobaisai something on that day, it seemed that he just saw Xiao Hei sneaking and wanted to send something to Xiao Bai? And when the whites stuck to themselves in the past few days, Xiaohei did not rely on the relatives to fight for favors as before. Instead, he stood in the distance and stared at the two sides of the two different models. How does the look of the eyes look like... watching the adulterer!


Xia Yuqing was chilled by her own imagination, until the person holding her found her strange, and some worried asked her: "What?" It was considered to be her sudden from that sudden Saved in the open brain.


"Ah, hahaha, nothing is nothing." Xia Yuqing's guilty conscience was over, and his eyes sneaked at Xiaohei. Later, he thought of something that was generally whispered. "Right, Xiaoyanyan and that little master." Where have you gone? Why didn’t you see them after coming back? Is it hard to go back to the moon?”


Xia Yuqing’s words came out, and the atmosphere of the wind and the whole body changed significantly. It scared Xia Yuqing and jumped. Some worried calls: “The Emperor?”


The wind screamed at the sound of Xia Yuqing, and the violent spurt that appeared in the eyes suddenly dissipated a lot. Tightly holding Xia Yuqing to confirm that the person is staying in his arms at the moment, it is a stable mind. "The night is still the same, and Ying Ying left the country a few months ago, and he I heard that the current patriarch of the moon has been uploaded from the hands of the night to Yan Ying’s hand. Ying Ying is in the moon, and the night is not clear. No one knows where he is going.”


“Xiao Yan’s whereabouts are unknown?” Xia Yuqing was shocked and asked with some surprise.


"Well, the specifics are not clear. They are all heard. But it is still the same sentence. They have gone the best. You can't pursue the previous things, but you can't have any contact with them after you love them!"


Although the tone of the wind is steady, Xia Yuqing can hear a few points from his words.


After rubbing his lips, Xia Yuqing nodded and nodded and agreed. After all, his current body is the original version she brought from modern times. The words of the moon in the night are not applicable to the words of the family. On his own body, Tsui has already completely cut off the relationship with Yueshi as early as before, and the two people should not appear in front of themselves.


Seeing the summer rain, Xia Yuqing nodded lightly and breathed a sigh of relief. Pretending to be a matter of course, the topic was quoted: "Ai, I just came back soon. If I feel that the palace is stuffy, why should I accompany the Tang to pick up the individual on these two days?"


Sure enough, the wind has just been exported, Xia Yuqing has been attracted to the past: "With Xiao Shangshu to pick up people?"


Who is so big in the arranging, actually got Xiao Shangshu to pick it up? Xia Yuqing’s eyes sparkled with a bit of incomprehensibility. In the past few days, the country had heard that Yunxiao had heard about her affairs. Even if she wanted to come over, it was a pity that she was pregnant and her baby was not stable. The couple in the cloud and the generals of He did not want to let her run to the country at this time.


But Yun Yun did not personally see the side and he was not willing to give up. Several people had no choice but to let the cloud come back first, and wait until the cloud was stable, or the children would come back to Laos in peace.


If it is the second brother, the identity is indeed quite expensive, but everyone is so familiar, it is reasonable to say that it will not be used to the point where Xiao Shangshu personally greeted, that is...


The wind saw the doubts in Xia Yuqing’s heart, and smiled and smiled: "Well, after picking up the snow."


"After the snow?" Xia Yuqing took a moment and reacted violently. He turned to look at the wind and asked, "Is it a small doctor? Is the little doctor coming back?"


The wind nodded nodly: "Well, Xie Enqing wants to come back and stay for a few days."


"Come back for a few days? Does Yin Gongzi come back with her?"


The wind slammed down and whispered: "This is not."


"Yin Gongzi did not come back with her?" Difficult to become Yin Gongzi, the guy also followed the beauty Tai Fu, they learned bad, ready to chase and finally abandoned?


Xia Yuqing wrote everything directly on her face, and she looked at her face with a sigh of relief. "It’s not what you think, there have been some troubles in the snow country recently. Yin Xiang is worried about some people. Not long eye injury to Xie Enqing, plus Xie Enqing left the country for a long time, I missed my hometown, I contacted the Tang Tang, took advantage of this opportunity to send Xie Enqing back, wait until the snow country settled and then come over and pick them up go back."


"What's the trouble? What trouble?"


The wind looked at Xia Yuqing’s curious appearance and smiled slightly: “Yin Xiang has pulled down the superiority of Yuan’s father. The people who refused to accept him in the DPRK are not a minority. He did not take a long time to become a king. The foundation is not Very stable, and more people want to pull him down from that position. No, this time there are a few birds."


"Oh." Xia Yuqing seemed to understand and nodded, and suddenly he said, "Yes, you know the things about the children and my emperor, and my great emperor used to be so Child, it doesn't make sense to run away from home for so long. I don't see him coming to find someone. It's hard to be him..."


"It’s smart to go back once."


“I was very smart, right?” Xia Yuqing dissatisfied and screamed and protested.


The wind smirked and licked the hair of Xia Yuqing. "Well, your big brother has some troubles in the country recently and can’t get away from it. But this is also his internal worry. We can’t intervene, and if he wants to This is not handled well, and his throne is afraid that he will not be able to sit for long."


"This way." Xia Yuqing nodded, no more inquiries, she believes that her family's ability to be a big brother, although a little worse than their general attack, but it should not be too difficult to deal with the things in the DPRK.


Seeing that Xia Yuqing did not ask more questions, I tweeted the topic and continued: "This time Yin Xiang did not come back with Xie Enqing, but their son came along, but it was the Crown Prince of the Snow Country. The emperor of the future of Xueguo, Yin Xiangruo wants to start the chaos and let him go with him?"


In the words of the wind, there was a clear banter. Xia Yuqing knew that he was joking about his own thoughts, and his face was reddish and he glanced at him. Later, he thought of something, and he was surprised: "Little doctor." ? Have a boy?"


"Well, we will be born in Xia Guo, it will be one and a half years old."


Xia Yuqing’s eyes brightened, but she was somewhat curious about what kind of child Xie Enqing and Yin Xianghui gave birth to.


When I saw it, I was a little funny and touched the head of Xia Yuqing. Continued: "Xie Enqing is also the queen of Xueguo. If only the son of Tang is going to pick up, it is inevitable that it will be rude. If Ai is willing to come and pick her up, no matter how good. but."


Xia Yuqing heard the words and nodded. Some looked forward to it: "Well, I am still idle when I am idle. I am going to pick up a small doctor with Xiao Shangshu. When will the little doctor come?"


"According to the current itinerary, it should be two days later."


"Two days later..."


Two days later, Xia Yuqing followed Shao Zitang at the gate of the city, watching the gorgeous car and horse team that was slowly coming from a distance, and could not hide the joy on the surface.


In a short while, the carriage stopped, and everyone had not had time to make a sound. Then I saw a head in the front of the gorgeous carriage.


Xia Yuqing was a glimpse of a few people. When he blinked his eyes and tried to see it clearly, he found out that the horse had really found a head on it, and it was still a pig head!


It’s hard to be... It’s hard to become a little doctor in the bumps of this road... a pig? ! Xia Yuqing was stunned by her own thoughts, and she was stunned and stared at the little pig that was making a bang.


"Oh, let's stay, how can you run away without authorization? Do you know that this is dangerous?"


Just when Xia Yuqing and others were stunned by the pigs in front of them, they heard that there was a familiar voice in the carriage.


In the next second, two white hands stretched out of the carriage and hugged it back into the carriage directly on the belly of the pig. At the same time, a familiar figure was also explored from the carriage, and the help of the people on the side jumped from the carriage, holding the mini-piggy just in his arms.


"Enqing." Shao Zitang took the lead to awaken the people who were embarrassed because of the scene before them.


Xie Enqing looked up at Shao Zitang and gave a surprise call: "Cousin."


Later, I saw Xia Yuqing standing next to Shao Zitang. Some doubts: "Is this?"


"Amount... Little doctor, it is me."


"Well?" Xie Enqing stunned, and after a few moments, it was a reaction and was surprised. "Are you a Queen Empress?"


After seeing Xia Yuqing nodding, Xie Enqing quickly ran to the front of Xia Yuqing and looked up and down. Xia Yuqing was good for a while, and the face was sorrowful: "The original rumor is true! Queen Empress you this year Suffering."


Xia Yuqing looked at the unsympathetic sympathy and distress of Xie Enqing. The heart moved and smiled slightly: "In fact, nothing is nothing, it has passed, and it has passed."


"..." Shao Zitang, who knows the truth, unconsciously smoked his mouth and looked at his cousin's distressed appearance. He sighed and was a ignorant girl who was deceived by a message!


Just when the two were busy with the old, the carriage that Xie Enqing had only came out of the car actually went out of a small figure.


Xia Yuqing, a few people fixed their eyes and saw that it was actually a little doll that looked like one year old. The little doll was hugged from the carriage by the guard on the side and stood on the side of the carriage higher than him. There was a smile similar to Yin’s face on his face, and he screamed: “Mother.”


The tender child voice came from behind, letting Shane turn around and shouted, "Oh, I forgot."


As he spoke, he walked quickly to the front of the little doll, holding the little pig in his hand, and holding the little doll in one hand and went to the front of Shao Zitang: "Cousin, this is my child, Yin. Emblem. Huier, screaming."


The little doll looked up at Shao Zitang and screamed: "Oh, good."


Xia Yuqing, two people, can see the true appearance of this little doll of pink-carved jade, which is clearly a miniature version of Yin Xiang. Oh, no, it’s exactly the q version of Yin Xiang. The contour of the face that almost coincides with Yin, the faint smile that is almost indistinguishable from Yin Xiang, and the gentleness of his body that is unconsciously close to him. If there is a difference between Yin and Xiang, then It can only count those eyes. With the clean and clear eyes of Xie Enqing, the whole person looks more and more fresh and close.


Shao Zitang twisted his eyebrows and looked at this. It was just a small buns of Yin Xiang's pirated version. It’s been so many years. The relationship between Shao Zitang and Yin Xiang is no different from that of the year. It’s really not the wrong one. In the eyes of Shao Zitang, Yin Xiang is a big wolf who has abducted the white rabbit he has raised for many years. I would like to ask, the Chinese cabbage that has been cared for for half a lifetime is finally arched by a pig. Naturally, it is impossible to have a good impression on this pig.


However, this child is also the child of Xie Enqing. Shao Zitang can't bear to be too overdone. After all, the child is innocent. Therefore, although Shaozi Tang’s heart is obviously a child of his cousin, but Mao’s hair is exactly the same as that of the distasteful guy, there is still a kind of kind smile on the face, touching the head of Yin Hui’s head: “Well, very be good."


Xie Enqing sees the two together and is very happy, a little relieved. Just want to talk, but I feel that the hem is heavy, and some doubts look down and look at the eyebrows of my own son.


"Huier, what happened?"


"Little Fox said that it is hungry."


Xia Yuqing heard the dialogue between the mother and the child, only to find that Yin Hui’s arms still held a small silver fox that was almost as big as the pig in the arms of Xie Enqing.


The little silver fox was looking at Xie Enqing with a sigh of relief. It was quite pitiful. And the pig in the arms of Xie Enqing heard someone say that they were hungry and cheerfully made a sound, expressing their solidarity.


"I am hungry too much? Then let's go eat first?" Xie Enqing hugged the pig in his arms and said softly.


The little silver fox, who had been paying attention to it, heard the words smashed and suddenly smashed up with the mouth full of teeth. A look of impatience and sorrow looked at Xie Enqing’s stunned.


"Hey..." Xia Yuqing couldn't help but sneeze out. These two little pets are competing for pets. How is this family looking so interesting?


"Hey? What happened?" Xie Enqing heard the laughter of Xia Yuqing, and looked at the past with some confusion.


"Nothing." Xia Yuqing stopped and smiled. "Little two doctors are very cute. I have just two of them. If you have the chance, you can bring them into the palace together. Just dumb and piercing. Also in the palace, you can also play with your family."


Xie Enqing’s eyes were bright, and he nodded and said: “Okay, okay.”


Shao Zitang coughed two channels: "Change the day, Enqing, they are tired of thinking about the boat, and they will take them back to rest, and then take them to the palace to visit."




After Xia Yuqing and Xie Enqing meet, they play with their pets and they are reluctant to part ways.


A few days later, Shane Qing really took two pets and children into the palace. So in the past, only two pets confronted each other, and it became such a melee that four pets were afraid of the world.


Xiaobai looked at the two pets that suddenly appeared on his own site. He was unhappy and licked his teeth. At that time, the dead cat that climbed to the front of him was too arrogant. What are the two little things? I also want to compete with my own territory, I can’t stand it! The wolf dog does not show up, you really are when I am a native dog!


Xiaobai took the lead in showing great protection and hostility to the two creatures that suddenly broke into their chassis. The other side of the small silver fox also put down the stereotype of staying at this moment, and turned the muzzle to the outside.


However, the stalemate of these mini-pets falls in the eyes of the owners whose two heads are obviously missing a rib, but it is another scene.


"Oh, a few of them seem to get along very well. Xiaohei and Xiaobai always stay in the palace, especially Xiaobai, and they have no friends. You will see your two, you must be very happy." "Xia Yuqing looked at a few small animals not far away, and said with kindness."


"..." Niangniang, where did you see Xiaobai happy? Didn't you find that the white hair is erected? That is obviously ready to tear apart! On the side of the group, the gimmicks who guarded Xia Yuqing thought without a word.


"Yeah, yeah, I think so. I don't dare to play with people I don't know. I actually took the initiative to go over and show it. It seems that I really like Xiaobaibai." Staying around the battle circle of three pets, his eyes sparkled.


Xia Yuqing saw her like this, and she was curious: "Is the little doctor really fond of the dumb pig?"


Xie Enqing squatted, and then Xia Yuqing's gaze was actually a little red face: "Yeah, dull is a special pet to find me to play with me, I heard that my life is not big, just one Just a little bit."


"I haven't grown up in my life?" Xia Yuqing looked around with amazement and looked at it carefully, and stayed for a while. I didn’t notice it at first. Now, if you look closely, is this pig a legendary mini-sweet pig? Yin Gongzi really has a great power and even the pet pig can find it, but...


"Hey, that pig is Yin Gongzi, oh, now Snow King. Is Snow King sending you? How do I hear that Snow King sent you a small silver fox?"


"Yeah, the little fox is also sent to each other. In the past, Xiaohu and I were very close, but after I gave birth to Huier, Xiaohu always ran with Huier. It was because of this, but later I found it to stay with me, I was very embarrassed, I wouldn’t run around like a little fox, so I like it very much."


"..." It turned out to be the case. No wonder the little doctor is obviously not so hot about the little silver fox. The feelings are betrayed by the little silver fox. It’s true that you can’t blame the little doctor. It’s a small silver fox. You’re too weak. You lost your big master to please the little master. Now, the big master has a new and loyal, and certainly not willing to face it. You used to have old love.


But after thinking about it, I thought that it was only staying and not estimating... because it was too lazy to run, 囧rz.


"Several children seem to have a good time too." Xia Yuqing coughed, kicking out the strange thoughts in his head and whispering the topic.


Sure enough, Xia Yuqing said that Xie Enqing's attention suddenly shifted from the pets to the three children not far away.


Compared with the swordsmanship over there, the three children can really be considered to be happy, of course, this is just a representation.


The second baby looked at the little dolls that looked a lot smaller than them, and the eyes were full of curiosity.


Yin Hui see the lovely big sister who has been staring at himself for a mammoth, and politely smiled at the big sister and raised a consistent smile. I didn't expect the big sister to see his smile suddenly stunned.


Ok... so beautiful! The little brother smiled so beautifully! The second baby’s eyes are staring at the gentle smile on Yin Hui’s face. This little brother looks so cute, just as cute as the little sister of the family. If the younger brother who gave birth to the baby is as cute as him, the baby also Not unacceptable!


The big baby does not know that his younger sister has turned the opposite younger brother into a hypothesis of his future brother. He only knows that his younger sister is too close to this sudden appearance of the younger brother. As a sister control, which simply can not tolerate things, and therefore great to see the baby at first sight Yin Hui put the other side positioning will become a grab with his sister's little white face.


Yin Huichong smiled at the second baby who showed great goodwill to himself. Before he could talk, he felt a hostile sight from himself.


Yin Hui stunned, turned his head and glanced at the big baby next to the baby. The eyebrows picked up slightly and remembered the words that his father always said to himself: "When the enemy is strong and weak, when it is at a disadvantage, you can Be strong."


Yin Hui thought of this point and his eyes flashed slightly. The next second, his face hangs again and the gentle and harmless smile, walked toward the big baby with a short short leg, and eagerly called: "Brother... brother..."


The big baby didn't expect Yin Hui to rush to himself first, and for a moment, it was this moment that was destined for the tragedy.


Yin Hui originally intended to go up with the big baby set. If the big baby showed hostility towards his straightforwardness, the adults would naturally stand on their own side. If the big baby accepted himself, he would give him a comparison. easily.


Yin Hui’s small abacus squeaked, but unfortunately he did not worry about his five short stature and not a steady small step, so in the process of rushing toward the big baby, he tragedy to his own Feet, then I was so exclaimed that I immediately planted it toward the big baby.


Although the big baby didn't like this little boy, but it was shocked to see the fall of the little boy, and the reflexive hand reached for the first time, and the result was so small that it was planted into his arms.


Everyone only heard a muffled sound, and when they looked at the sound, they saw two little children rolling into a ball. Yin Hui was planted in the arms of the big baby and followed the big baby on the ground. The second baby shouted anxiously: "Brother, brother."


Xia Yuqing looked at Yin Hui, who was in the arms of the big baby, and looked at the big baby who clung to Yin Hui. Emma, ​​for Mao suddenly felt that Yin Gongzi’s little baby and their big baby were also well matched. The overbearing emperor’s general attack and docile obedience were met by the **** horse. Hey, suddenly he was stunned by a **** horse!


Sure enough, the son of the general attacking adult is also a general attack! When I was so young, I knew that I would start to hook up in the future. Oh, this one plus the one in the big emperor’s family. If the little one was born, it’s also male, and Xiaoyuan ... more and better, more and better. Son, don't put all of them into your harem, and your mother will definitely support you in spirit!


The big baby didn't know how much excitement he gave to his mother because of his own reach. If he knew that it would directly lead to the incarnation of his mother after a decade of incarnation, he would gather the world. The idea of ​​broken sleeves, he is even on the spot, watching the guy fall into the second-level disability will not extend the hand!


A few people on the side saw a brief sigh for a moment, exclaimed, and hurried to the place where the two children fell.


Xie Enqing and Xia Yuqing also woke up and rushed to the front of the two children.


Yin Hui touched the painful little head and poked his head out of the big baby's arms. His eyes were red and pitiful, and all of his attention was drawn to the past. After seeing his poor little appearance, the girls present were all in love, and I wished I would take the child into my arms and take a good look.


When Xie Enqing took Yin Hui from the arms of the big baby, the second baby followed the past, and asked with a look on the side: "Brother, brother is fine." Yin Hui as a future brother and his brother generally love. Xia Yuqing, who included Yin Hui in the list of future daughter-in-law, will naturally not miss this opportunity. He is busy with this opportunity to ask for help and make good relations.


The big baby took advantage of his painful **** to climb up from the ground and saw what was happening. The people who should have been around him were all taken away by the little white face, even the sister and mother! The big baby's face suddenly gloomy.


Damn, this **** actually makes bitter meat! Let yourself be a back, don’t say that even let your sister care about him, can’t bear it! Compared with this little rabbit who is sympathetic to the sympathy, Xia Guo’s little fool is better, at least he will not be so brazen enough to grab his sister!


The face of the big baby suddenly became gloomy. In the bottom of my heart, I remembered the little boy who dared to grab people under his own eyes. The Liangzi of the two people was completely settled at this moment.


Just as the big baby was gloomy with a face staring at the opposite person, Xia Yuqing and others suddenly heard an exclamation: "The goddess, Xiaobai, they played."




Xia Yuqing and Xie Enqing turned their heads and looked at each other. They saw a few small animals and they didn’t know when they rolled into a ball. They were fiercely biting.






After a flight of chickens and dogs, Xia Yuqing and others finally separated several small animals. The hair of a small silver fox has become a mess, and it’s a bit of a shock. Not serious, only a few hairs lost, Xiaobai was harder, and paid the cost of losing his hair on his head, and again bald, this is still under the premise that Xiaohe is trying to protect it.


In view of this time, Xia Yuqing and Xie Enqing did not dare to put them together. On the contrary, Yin Hui’s relationship with the second baby has soared since then. The second baby is delighted to have a lovely and beautiful little brother. Yin Hui is also happy to have a lovely sister to accompany him. The two people are happy, but they can bite the big baby who is blinking on one side. Looking at this little kid who has abducted his own baby sister all day long, I can’t wait to be fat on the spot, but I have to take care of my image in front of my sister. The molars are countless times.


And these days are also not very good, and there are also big babies and his father. Since the return of Xia Yuqing, there have been countless people coming here. Xia Yunyun Liu Yipin and others are coming over to Xia Yuqing every day. Now there is more than one Xie Enqing, the couple have even lived in a world of two people. nothing. But this Xie Enqing is not the Queen of the Snow Country, or the cousin of Shao Zitang, can't move! In addition, the winds often licked the pure smile on Xia Yuqing's face and couldn't bear to break the connection between them. They had to complain in their hearts that Yin Xiang and Xia Ming were far from contending, and they would not take their own people back soon. Under such circumstances, the popular face is getting more and more ugly, and it is worse to write the four characters of "Desire for Dissatisfaction" on the top of the head.


Fortunately, God seems to feel his almost substantial resentment. Soon after, Yin Xiang personally rushed to the country to receive Xie Enqing to go home, and one of them came with Xia Mingyuan.


When Yin Xiang arrived, it was greeted with Xia Yuqing. Therefore, after Yin Xiang and Xia Mingyuan came down from the two carriages, they became so unconsciously formed a three-legged state.


Yin Xiang’s face is full of gentle smiles. The word "hidden knife" is used to describe him as a suitable one. However, compared with his spring breeze, Xia Mingyuan can be harder, and his face is blacker than the bottom of the pot. Obviously These days, the inward-looking things were overwhelmed, and the wife-in-law ran for a bad mood. As for the wind, it is always a fascinating look at the show.


If the three people are facing each other, the pressure from the whole body will directly isolate the area around them as a vacuum.


Xia Yuqing looked at the three men in a stunned look. Among the four countries, the decision makers of the three countries are here. At that moment, Xia Yuqing Sensen felt that if this time, plus a cloud, his father would just be able to get together a table of mahjong!


Of course, this is just the yy of Xia Yuqing alone. She can’t dare to speak out in front of the party. Otherwise, she might be tortoise, cough...


"That, there is something to go back and say, there are many people here, it is inevitable..." Xia Yuqing's timely voice successfully attracted the attention of several men.




"You are... little emperor?"


Yin Xiang and Xia Mingyuan asked at the same time, Xia Yuqing smiled and smiled: "Snow King, Grand Emperor."


Xia Mingyuan also heard about the incident on his way. He looked at Xia Yuqing deeply. He saw the wind standing on one side and staring at her with a pet, but he believed in a few points and reached out and touched it. Xia Yuqing’s head returned: “It’s good to come back.”


Xia Yuqing nodded slightly red, and smiled at Xia Mingyuan.


Yin Xiang sees that Xia Yuqing has become a bit surprised today, but I have heard of that message, and this is not something he should study. He smiled slightly: "Is it clear that Qinger is late?"


Xia Yuqing stunned and responded. Yin Xiang was asking about the recent situation of Xie Enqing. He smiled and said: "The little doctor is very good. Now I am playing with the children in my palace."


Yin Xiang nodded. "These days, the Qing children took care of them."


"Where is it." Xia Yuqing and Yin Xiangke finished, and turned to Xia Mingyuan, "The children are also in the palace, the big emperor wants to..."


Xia Mingyuan doubled and shone, nodded.


A few people have reached an agreement, followed by the wind and Xia Yuqing into the palace.


Unexpectedly, when I first arrived in the palace, I heard that Xia Yuqing had just left the house. Liu Yizheng and Xie Enqing came with a few children, but I saw that Xia Yuqing did not go to the Cining Palace to the grandson in the palace. Please be safe, come back later.


After hearing the two people's whereabouts, a few people simply sat down and waited for the rabbit.


After Xia Yuqing sat down and drank a cup of tea, she couldn’t help but curiously asked Xia Mingyuan on the side: "Da Huangxiong, do you know how the second emperor brother is doing? I haven’t heard of this for a long time. His news."


Xia Mingyuan heard Xia Yuqing's question, and the expression on his face instantly became a little subtle.


Xia Yuqing looked at him more and more confused, and he was worried: "The second emperor is he... what happened?"


"Cough cough..." Xia Mingyuan was slightly clear and clear, and said: "Nothing, you two emperor brothers, I heard that his family finally had a child. The people of Jiugong Shiliuzhai are crazy."


"I went, Yu Xue girl also has children, the action of the second emperor brother is really fast enough!" Xia Yuqing sighed and screamed, it is hard to imagine the second peer of her family The action is so fast.


I can think about it. Her second brother was "married" in the past, and he was weak. He met the queen of Yu Xue who was also crushed in bed, so she should not say that she is not the second emperor. The brother moves fast, but it should be the action of Yu Xuehuan!


Xia Yuqing silently wiped the cold sweat, and suddenly found out how the expression on the face of her grandfather's brother was so subtle. He couldn't help but tempted and asked: "The big emperor, the second emperor... What else? ”


Xia Mingyuan coughed twice and twitched his mouth. "Since your second emperor and her family had been pregnant, the whole nine palaces and 16 villages were originally around him. Now they all become around that. Sended."


Xia Mingyuan said it was subtle, but Xia Yuqing suddenly understood it. That is to say, since the girl who was playing Yu Xue was pregnant, the value of the second emperor’s brother plummeted. Has it succeeded from a treasure to a grass? Oh, mygod! I am sorry for you, the second emperor, this time I accidentally married you to the wolf's nest! But look at you as a wolf mother, the group of wolves should still give you a whole body, you take care!


Just as Xia Yuqing’s brain supplemented Xia Mingxi’s efforts at the Jiugong Sixteen Village, Liu Yizheng and Xie Enqing had returned with their children.


Xie Enqing saw Yin Xiang, who was sitting not far away, and his eyes brightened, and he rejoiced toward Yin Xiang: "The phase."


Yin’s similarity was that she would have been so early, and her arms were incomparably natural and brought people into her arms. The gentle and spoiled martyr: “Slow down, don’t fall.”


Xie Enqing's little face was reddish and he whispered a little: "Is there a phase to follow?"


Yin Xiang smiled helplessly and indulgently: "Well, I will continue, but I can't run this when I'm not there, or no one will be dangerous when I go."


Xie Enqing heard a busy and nodded nod, a little white rabbit that was obediently obedient by the wolf.


"..." Hey, two, pay attention to the occasion, we can still be there, such a bright and beautiful show, love God, it is easy to pull hatred, really smashed our 24k titanium alloy dog ​​eyes!


Compared with the one on the other side, the situation on the other side is not optimistic. Xia Mingyuan glanced at the dogs and men who burst into the sky and shook the eyes of the dogs. Then they looked at their own daughter-in-law and ignored them. From the door, they never looked at their ruthlessness and thoroughly burst into tears. It is.


"That...wife, this time the thing is wrong, you don't want to regenerate, go back with you?" Xia Mingyuan secretly moved to Liu Yilai's side, holding her sleeves and whispering Road.


Unexpectedly, Liu Yi did not eat his set, and slammed back to his sleeves: "Go back? Go back and do? I feel very good now. I lived very well in Laos. I am going to go back."




Liu Yi set this in a word, Xia Mingyuan’s brain was alarming, and he couldn’t care what face was not a face. He took a handful of Liu Yi’s hand: “Women, I really know what’s wrong, then you If you don’t want to, you won’t force you any more, you can guarantee it. If you don’t look at your face, think about our two children. They are now alone in the palace, do you have a heart?”


"Really?" Liu Yi set this is a look back at him, and then some serious questions confirmed, "You really will not let me give you a daughter?"


When I heard the words of Liu Yihuan, the movements under my hands suddenly slammed, and I remembered that when I went to Laos, I would talk to Xia Mingyuan about the birth of a pair of dragons and phoenixes. Xia Mingyuan was not very convinced. Later, After the birth of a pair of twins, I also sent a letter to myself to triumph. This club still wants Liu Yi to give him a daughter, and clearly wants to completely press himself. Oh, think about it!


Liu Yi's voice did not fall, Xia Mingyuan felt the gaze from all sides, and his face was immediately ugly. If he agreed to it here, he would never be able to repent afterwards.


The balance of Xia Mingyuan’s daughter-in-law and the future child began to sway, and finally settled above the wife. Jokes, the future child has no shadow yet, who knows if there is. The daughter-in-law is gone, but the future child is absolutely unrecognizable. It’s light and heavy, and you know it.


After Xia Mingyuan thought clearly, the color said: "Really, as long as you don't want to, you will never force you again."


"This is what you said. Well, since you have said so, I will go back with you for it. But not for you, it is for the faces of my two children." Liu Yi set himself up. The answer, the lip corner micro-hook, finally loose.


"..." A daughter-in-law, how can you be regarded as the head of a country? You are good in front of everyone and you will leave some face! Xia Mingyuan looked at the well-being of the well-being in the Yin Xianghuai, the bird, and the Xie Enqing, who was listening to Yin Xiang’s words, and again, tears, how do you say that people and people are so different? !


The wind screamed at Xia Mingyuan’s answer, the lips and corners were slightly hooked, and the bottom of the eye was marked with a sneer. In the next second, his hand was so on the waist of Xia Yuqing, and she was brought directly into her arms. She smiled and said: "Love, our little princess always wants a sister, and the mother always hopes. We regenerate one to make the palace more lively. Of course, my heart has always been so expecting. Love, in order to live up to everyone's expectations, we will regenerate one?"


Xia Yuqing’s head was a glimpse. I really didn’t understand what they had just said was the case of the inlay and her grandmother. How did she turn into a reincarnation?


"That... that... the emperor, we are still discussing this kind of thing privately, everyone is watching."


"It is precisely because everyone is saying that they have so many eyes to testify that love will not repent."


"..." The original emperor hit you with such an idea! It is worthy of being the general attacker of the belly black ghosts, but is this the feeling of not thinking about the card? !


When I saw the anger of Xia Yuqing's face, the lips were slightly hooked, but I wouldn't give Xia Yuqing a chance to turn over. I immediately sighed and said, "Love, you can't make you feel like a pier and a mother." Can you bear to let you down?"


"I..." This time, Xia Yuqing was blushing from the gaze from all directions, and he became angry and angry. "Life is born, who is afraid of who!"


The wind smiled and said: "This is what I love to say, but I can't force you."


"..." This **** belly black man!


The wind is satisfied with the person in his arms, and at the same time, Xia Yuqing's invisible angle casts a provocative gaze in the direction of Xia Mingyuan.


After receiving the fascinating gaze, Xia Mingyuan sank into his face and knew that the **** was deliberately directed at himself. Windy, we are walking.


The big babies who watched the inexplicable watch couldn’t help but smack their mouths. For those who had their own women, their IQs went backwards, and they were secretly struggling, and the men who were naive than their children were completely speechless.


Yin Xiang and Xia Mingyuan had just finished reorganizing the temple and could not leave the country for too long. So after picking up Xie Enqing and Liu Yilai, they hurried back in the morning.


Before leaving, Xia Mingyuan once again looked at Xia Yuqing a few times, then sighed and said to Xia Yuqing: "I'm sorry."


Xia Yuqing was confused for a few seconds to understand that Xia Mingyuan was unable to scribble the roots a year ago, causing Xia Mingxuan to escape from his hand and ran to the country to hold his own affairs.


"No one expected the four emperors' brothers. It is not your fault of the great emperor." It was originally that he had robbed the body of his beloved, and he would do nothing wrong, but these are not important now. He was jumped to the cliff by himself, and she also accompanied him to death, and returned the body of his beloved to him, and everything was over.


Xia Mingyuan looked at Xia Yuqing's pair of eyes, even after so many years of still clear eyes, could not help but reach out and touched her head again, then turned to look at the wind.


A year ago, Xia Mingyuan’s shock and heartache when he heard about Xia Yuqing was self-evident, but it was followed by a heavy apology. For Xia Yuqing, it was also popular. At the beginning, Xia Mingxuan was clearly given himself by himself, but he did not expect accidental omissions. He even let those who were originally prepared to be unfavorable to him rescued people from stealing the columns, but did not expect to be involved in Xia Yuqing.


Although the wind has not said anything in the year, Xia Mingyuan knows that the heart of the wind still contains a bit of grievances to him, otherwise he will not stand idly by the time of repeated civil strife in these summer countries. However, he has nothing to complain about. He feels awkward in his own heart. It is just a bit of grievance in the heart. Fortunately... Fortunately, the last little emperor came back, otherwise he would not be able to repay this embarrassment in his life.


Liu Yi set and Xie Enqing left, Xia Yuqing is obviously a lot of idle, this is the wind pleading.


That day, the whole person was full of smug scent from the inside out, so that Yan Yi dyed a group of people close to him and he was somewhat unbearable, and repeatedly cast a contemptuous look. At that time, the wind was in the mood to figure out how to live with the summer rain and the next two worlds. I was in a good mood and I was too lazy to care about them.


The abacus in the heart of the wind squeaked, but unfortunately he did not think that Xia Mingyuan and others had just left, and the more they came back, the more they came back. The more you come back in the cloud, the most important thing is that he brought back a person.


"What do you say? What Ying Ying came over with the second brother, and said that he wants to see me?" Xia Yuqing's heart suddenly burst, his face became a bit ugly in an instant.


"If the maiden does not want to see him, the slave will go and tell him." Tsui looked at Xia Yuqing's thoughts, twisted his eyebrows, and some unbearable suggestions.


Xia Yuqing was hesitating, and suddenly saw the green core that came to the briefing and stopped talking. Obviously there was nothing to say.


"Green Core, what's wrong? Did he say anything else?"


Green Core licked his lips and looked at Xia Yuqing whispered: "The man also said that what he wants to say to the niece is related to the little princess. If the niece doesn't want to hear it, don't regret it."


Xia Yuqing's face changed awkwardly, and suddenly remembered what the night of the night was saying to himself, it was difficult for him to escape, and these people thought...


Thinking of this possibility, Xia Yuqing's face became more and more ugly. On the other side, Tsui and Lui Rui looked at her with some worries: "The Niangni..."


"Where is he now?"


Green and Tsui see the rare face of Xia Yuqing’s face, and it’s a bit of annoyance. After a while, it’s said: “It’s waiting in the temple.”


Xia Yuqing did not speak, and when he stepped, he rushed toward the partial hall. Tsui and Green Core looked at each other and hurriedly followed.


Yingying sat in the partial hall and sipped the tea and waited quietly for the arrival of Xia Yuqing. After a while, I heard a little rush of footsteps outside, a slight hook on the lips, and put the teacup in the table at the table. on.


In the next second, the door of the partial hall was pushed away from the outside, and the man he was looking for was rushing in.


Xia Yuqing saw the Yingying in the temple at a glance, his face was heavy, and he did not have a good air: "What are you doing?"


Ying Ying seems to have expected that Xia Yuqing will see that he will be this attitude, not surprised, his face still hangs a faint smile: "Nature is to talk to you after the conversation, but..."


Ying Ying pointed out that after sweeping Xia Yuqing's back, Xia Yuqing's eyes flashed slightly, biting his lip and whispering: "You are all going down."


"Anniling!" Green Core and others took a breath of air, and did not agree with the call.


"Nothing, I’m going out and waiting, I’m going to talk to Ying Ying’s son a little bit.”


Green Core and Cui Er looked at each other and hesitated for a moment. They still quit and went out. When they left the door, the green core still had some uneasy feelings: "The goddess, we are outside the door, if the goddess is If there is anything, please call us."


Listening to the door behind him, I closed again. Xia Yuqing took a deep breath and finally couldn’t help but take the initiative to say: "What are you doing? I want to tell me that although I have escaped your so-called sacred, my child Still not caught in that strange circle? I tell you, don't think about doing it to my children, I won't let you hurt my children by the name of sacred! I warn you, unless you step on my body, Otherwise don't want to touch my child."


Ying Yan was shocked by the hard air of Xia Yuqing. After a while, she smiled slightly: "Don't be excited. I..."


"How can you not let me be excited?" Xia Yuqing glanced at Ying Ying, apparently very dissatisfied with the smile on his face.


Ying Ying is a little crying and laughing: "You listen to me first, my time is limited, just the two hoes are now afraid that people have been notified of your family. If you are so entangled, we are afraid that it is true. No time to talk about business."


Xia Yuqing stunned and silenced for a while, but it was somewhat calm: "What do you want to say? If it is the ones that Xiaoshou said before, I don't have to say it, I am not interested in listening."


Ying Wei smiled slightly: "You don't have to be so excited. I didn't want to hurt your child today. On the contrary, I am here to tell you that the one my father said a year ago, the righteous father has already Solved. The so-called sacred sect will not be passed on to your next generation, it will only end in your generation, no... it is the generation of Xia Yuqing, you can rest assured."


The annoyance on Xia Yuqing’s face was stagnant for a moment, and then she was a little bit stunned by the post-sense: “Ah?”


Ying Ying was teased by her natural stay, and repeated the words of the genius. This time, Xia Yuqing was able to understand it. The eyes were bright: "Really?"


"Of course it is true, or do you want this thing to be fake?"


Xia Yuqing slammed a slam, looked up and glared at Ying Ying again, but after listening to Ying Yan’s words, the defense against Ying Wei was not as serious as before.


Xia Yuqing pondered for a moment, seems to think of something in general, twisted the eyebrows: "Your righteous father solved? This kind of thing can be solved, how can Xiaoyanyan not solve it earlier, then..."


"In that case, Xia Yuqing's mother and grandmother will not die?"


Ying Yu’s eyes were stunned. Somehow Xia Yuqing couldn’t speak, and Xia Yuqing listened to Yingying’s words: “Don’t be too naive, you have to pay for anything in this world. Xia Yuqing’s grandmother The death and the demise of the former dynasty is the price she has to pay against the rules of the family. The death of Xia Yuqing’s mother is the price she paid for her daughter to live. Now this matter is solved, the righteous father It is bound to pay a corresponding price."


"What is the price?"


Ying Yan turned to look at Xia Yuqing, and some bad sneer: "Trust me, you won't want to know."


Xia Yuqing glanced at it and saw that Ying Wei didn't want to entangle on this issue. He sighed with relief, but he asked another question: "Why did you tell me specifically?"




Xia Yuqing looked up at Ying's eyes and asked very seriously: "Why did you come over and tell me this? If I remember correctly, you really hate me? Why are you willing to tell me?" ”


When she first saw this boy a year ago, she realized that this person had an inexplicable hostility towards himself. That being the case, he knows that this matter can be silenced. Why do you want to tell yourself when you are here?


Xia Yuqing twisted her eyebrows and only thought of the only possibility: "Is this still a small smile?"


Ying Xiao chuckled and moved away from the line of sight: "No, I didn't blame me for anything before my righteous leave, nor did I let me go over and tell you about it."


"Why then?"


Ying Yan heard a low smile for a moment, turned to look at Xia Yuqing again, but did not answer the question of Xia Yuqing, but stared at Xia Yuqing's face and asked: "Do you know why I hate you before? ”


Xia Yuqing had a glimpse, but did not expect Yingxi to ask this. Ying Ying did not expect her to respond, and said from the self-satisfaction: "I am just an accident, obviously just do not understand anything, nothing, timid, and often cause trouble, cause headaches Why do women get so many people to love? The righteous father cares about you, even the Bi Xuan beauty who is cold and alienated from anyone is close to you, and there are so many days of pride around you, it is very Hard to understand."


"..." Hey, you are a personal attack, personal attack, in the face of the party to get people to be worthless, really a big man? Xia Yuqing looked at Ying Ying with a blank look, and already did not know what to do.


Ying Yan was amused by her sad eyes again, and she resisted the urge to reach out and swear by someone: "Later, I found that you are not nothing, at least you will be with us for Bi Xuan beauty, for the righteous father. Those words choose to be with your mother... No, it’s the same path as Xia Yuqing’s mother-in-law, and I’m with the man.”


Xia Yuqing stunned, and after a few moments, he reacted slyly and pointed at Ying Ying: "You were also on that day..."


Ying Ying smiled, the right is the default. He will never forget the day when he followed the night and stood on the hill facing the cliff, and saw the shock of Xia Yuqing's shot. It is obviously a timid person who hides behind so many people every time he encounters danger, but at that moment she is so brave and chooses the latter without hesitation in dragging others and self-destruction. Just like today, for your own children, you can confront yourself without fear.


At that moment, Ying Ying suddenly understood that even a small animal who was accidentally touched her bottom line would suffer her extraordinary resistance, but at that moment she was the most dazzling. Even he could almost lose his gaze.


"And today... you love your child very much. It’s a lucky thing that children can have parents who care for them like you."


Xia Yuqing jerked her head and looked at Yingying’s side face. After seeing the disappearance of Qing Ying’s face, somehow, suddenly there was some understanding of why the people in front of me would have such a Big hostility.


She remembered that when she had said that he had no wife and no children, neither her grandmother nor her eyes were just the ones he chose from the sidelines, as the children of future heirs. Therefore, he will be angry and hate because the night is too much attention to himself. In the end, it is just that the child who can't eat sugar is tempered.


To find out this, Xia Yuqing has also released a lot about her own various things before Ying Ying.


Ying Yan’s feelings were only a moment. When I came back, I saw Xia Yuqing’s small face, which seemed to be thinking. Ying Yan's lips and micro-hooks, the bad factors at the bottom of my heart suddenly came out and leaned over to Xia Yuqing's face.


Xia Yuqing just saw the small face of Ying Ying, who was close at hand, and was shocked. She couldn’t help but step back a few steps. She looked at it and said, "What are you doing?"


Ying Yan seriously and sincerely Xia Yuqing for a while, summed up: "It's ugly! I used to think that you didn't show anything except the face that was barely strong. Now you can't even face your face. It is."


"You!" Xia Yuqing just wants to be angry but listens to Ying Ying added: "But I really didn't expect that you actually came back?"


"Ah?" Xia Yuqing raised his hand in the air, not explaining, "What?"


"You don't know? After you fell off the cliff, I came to the wind with my righteous father. At that time, his face was black and scary, but it should be a cockroach that you have never seen before. At that time, I still suspected. He may have followed your grievances when you are."


Lyrical? Xia Yuqing's eyes suddenly tightened, it is hard to believe, the general attack will be for her... lyrical? !


"But at that time he told me that he believed that you will come back, you have had an agreement, so he believes that you will definitely come back to him." Speaking of this, Ying Yan was curious and asked for the side of Xia Yuqing. "Do you have any agreement that makes him so sure that you will come back? You know that even the righteous father is not sure if you really can return to the world at that time."


After Ying Ying said what Xia Yuqing has completely disappeared. At the moment, she couldn’t help but swear in her mind, her agreement with the general attacking adult? Agreement, agreement, it is difficult to be that...


Ying Ying didn't want to hit the wind again. So, after Xia Yuqing finished talking about the things he said, he left Xia Yuqing's palace, but in fact, not long after he left, the wind heard it. come.


When the wind slammed into a temple, Ying Ying had disappeared. In the palace of Noda, only Xia Yuqing was sitting on a chair and laughing.


When I saw the summer rain, I was not hurt by any pain. I quickly got up and picked up Xia Yuqing and sat on my thigh. I whispered, "Is it very happy?"


Xia Yuqing laughed and laughed. Suddenly, he was shocked and jumped. After seeing the people, he smiled more and more happy. He reached out and touched the other's neck: "Yes, very happy."


The so-called sacred sacred will not hurt the second baby is Xia Yuqing has been worried since the piercing, this will finally solve the problem, the heart of the big stone also put down, how can she be upset?


The wind looked at the overly bright smile on Xia Yuqing's face, and the sorrowful color became a lot deeper, and he bowed his eyes to Xia Yuqing's lips.


"Hey..." Xia Yuqing had a big pair of eyes, but he wanted to resist but was strongly suppressed. He had to let the other party ask for it.


After a kiss, Xia Yuqing’s powerless gasp gasped in the windy chest, and the wind was still ready to continue. He hurriedly said: “The emperor, wait, there is something to say.”




Xia Yuqing greeted the eyes of the wind, and some smiled a little smugly: "The emperor, just Yingying has come."


The windy eyes crossed a cold light, but there was no sound, waiting for Xia Yuqing to continue.


"He said that the emperor has always believed that I will come back, and said that there has been an agreement between us. That agreement is..." Xia Yuqing looked forward to seeing the wind.


The wind smashed his hand and touched the face of Xia Yuqing. He smiled and said: "Is it forgotten?"


Xia Yuqing licked his lips and asked him: "It was the time before we were going to go to Laos. You asked me, if one day you suddenly left me, what would I do? I told you at that time that I would wait. If I can forget you after one year and one year, I will continue to live my life. If I remember you after one year, I will... walk with you. Then I also asked the emperor at that time. If I suddenly disappear, what do you do, the emperor you also..."


The wind looked at Xia Yuqing's appearance, and smiled: "Since I love you, I still ask, what are you doing?"


Xia Yuqing slammed on both sides, clutching the popular collar and excited: "That's that! If I didn't show up after a year, what would you do if you were in the emperor?" Would you find another new love, or will you...


The wind screamed at Xia Yuqing's curious inquiry, and the action under his hand slammed. Something flashed from the face, but he was quickly hidden, and his right hand slowly reached over the waist of Xia Yuqing.


"The emperor, what do you do?" Xia Yuqing felt the hands on his waist, and the smile on his face jerked stiffly and asked dryly.


The sultry smile is still the same, and it is a matter of course: "Love, you will not forget what you promised before?"


"...Do you have a baby?"


The wind smirked more and more brightly: "In addition, if you remember correctly, Ai 妃 also promised to swear, and no longer meet with the people of the month, but love 妃 violated the agreement, so I have to punish you."


As said, the time when the wind did not respond to Xia Yuqing directly slid the person and walked toward the bed of the inner temple.


After a short silence, everyone waiting anxiously outside the hall suddenly heard a burst of anger and anger: "The emperor, you a beast, and use this method to transfer the topic, hehe..." The unfinished words are thus I swallowed it into my stomach and turned it into a scornful scorn.


The people outside the temple heard the red face of the voice, and then they tried their best to drive away the people who were stunned and sculpted around the sculpture. "Walking away, not going fast, disturbing the second child of the emperor and the queen." Be careful with your head."


In an instant, the people who were still outside the temple suddenly made birds and beasts scattered. Jokes, hilarious but beautiful, but life is more important!


The crowd outside the temple faded in a moment, and the silence was quiet. The heat wave in the hall was rolling and squatting. And this warmth continued until the crescent moon was shy and hanged on the willow head to gradually stop.


At that time, Xia Yuqing was so tired that she couldn't open her eyes. When she was uncomfortable, she slept and fell asleep. The culprit that made her tired at this moment was mentally awkward. She looked at Xia Yuqing's sweaty face for a while.


Suddenly reached out and opened the long hair of Xia Yuqing sticking behind her, and gently dropped a kiss on the butterfly birthmark behind her. Afterwards, the careful quilt pulled up and covered them, and the hand under the quilt wrapped around the other's waist tightly, wrapping her whole person in her arms and fitting it tightly.


Xia Yuqing asked him if he would not come back after one year, what would he do? What she didn't know, however, was that just one day after she came back, it was just a year, and on the day she appeared, he happened to be in the study room of the Qing Dynasty. His last script - give way The script.


Xia Yuqing once said that if she died before her, she would wait for a year. If she forgets herself after one year, she will find another person to live well. If she can't forget, she will go with her.


In fact, what he wanted to say at that time was that even if she had forgotten herself, he would not let her be with other men. Even if she became a devil, the person who was with her would definitely be herself. So, if Xia Yuqing didn't come back at that time, he would pass it to a little rabbit scorpion according to the original plan. Anyway, the little rabbit scorpion is so smart, and Yan dyes a few of them to help, not afraid of coping with those who are not good. Old ministers. When he sees the bunny scorpion succeed, he will...


Since Xia Yuqing is not willing to come back to him, then let him take the initiative to find her, the same!


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