Father, Mother Escaped Again

Xia Yuqing is a shut-in+fujoshi from the 21st century. After an accident, she transmigrates into the body of a young princess forced into a political marriage to another country. “W-where is all this blood coming from? Is this– Is this nose blood? AH, YOUR HIGHNESS! A-are you alr.... Read more

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~ Extra Chapter 9: End ~ Extra Chapter 8: Night beauty ~ Extra Chapter 7: One year's covenant

~ Extra Chapter 6: Don't know about changing a vest? ~ Extra Chapter 5: Where is the fox? ~ Extra Chapter 4: Wonderful ~ Extra Chapter 3: If Feng Xiaoyun ~ Extra Chapter 2: Yan Dian Yuan Yuan ~ Extra Chapter 1: Xia Mingxuan ~ Final outcome ~ Finale Chapter 245 Opening of the drama

Chapter 244 Huang Daoji, should marry Chapter 243 Madame, Xiang Gong called you to go home to eat. Chapter 242 It’s a great fight!

Chapter 241 What kind of swelling is it? Chapter 240 Become a pro-healing Chapter 239 Long-awaited big wedding Chapter 238 Marry you out! Chapter 237 He won't marry me, I will marry him! Chapter 236 You are the meaning of jealousy Chapter 235 Want to bully her? court death! Chapter 234 I'm not her Chapter 233 Breeze again

Chapter 232 You only love yourself. Chapter 231 Surprise is greater than hi Chapter 230 I want to move her, have you ever asked? Chapter 229 You are **** me again! Chapter 228 Evolutionary human weapon! Chapter 227 This drunk RP Chapter 226 Still too late Chapter 225 The person who buys the murderer is him! Chapter 224 You are not married, he is not married. Chapter 223 Rare initiative Chapter 222 Grab a current Chapter 221 Little brother, you are exposed!

Chapter 220 More and more ferocious! Chapter 219 Unexpected identity! Chapter 218 The standard of mate selection! Chapter 217 Jealous with a cat Chapter 216 Life or not? Chapter 215 Still want a sister Chapter 214 Domineering Weng Yi! Chapter 213 Still stupid, swollen, broken Chapter 212 Really want to be born Chapter 211 Was become a pig! Chapter 210 I married your horse! Chapter 209 Selling when you are fighting for pets

Chapter 208 Brother and sister plant together Chapter 207 This is really a tragedy. Chapter 206 Confused wedding Chapter 205 Informed person Chapter 204 Historical meeting of three foodies Chapter 203 Hot little book Chapter 202 Blood-stained past Chapter 201 The rest of the robbery Chapter 200 Procrastination time Chapter 199 Flying a pig in the sky Chapter 198 Grass and trees Chapter 197 Midnight

Chapter 196 The situation is changing! Chapter 195 The second piece of evidence! Chapter 194 Fucking this way too! Chapter 193 Be my little apprentice! Chapter 192 It must be the way I opened it. Chapter 191 Damn old man! Chapter 190 I was eaten with tofu! Chapter 189 Still confess Chapter 188 Misfits! Chapter 187 What are you paying for? Chapter 186 Say it or not? Chapter 185 Third passer

Chapter 184 Unexpected encounter Chapter 183 Storm eve Chapter 182 Less masters are present! Chapter 181 The daring man burned your house! Chapter 180 You dragged me down Chapter 179 Let's work together Chapter 178 Fight for the horse Chapter 177 About not? Chapter 176 It is always me who is hurt! Chapter 175 A blind date? Banquet? Chapter 174 Little wooden man's gesture Chapter 173 Narrow road

Chapter 172 The temptation to eat Chapter 171 Chicken fly and dog jump Chapter 170 Go out from the palace together! Chapter 169 Virgo daffodil! Chapter 168 Assassin's leader is on! Chapter 167 So ferocious! Chapter 166 The root of everything Chapter 164 You don't marry me. Chapter 163 Complex four-horned love Chapter 162 Xiaolongbao returns! Chapter 161 Bear child against the sky Chapter 160 Eating nature is exposed!

Chapter 159 Kill the Quartet Chapter 158 Drunk is not fun Chapter 157 Magic sound reproduction? Chapter 156 Pothole or pit mother? Chapter 155 Let me pick up the passengers? Chapter 154 It fell into the pit! Chapter 153 The baby is talking! Chapter 152 Alternative forbidden Chapter 151 Bear kid two brothers! Chapter 150 Confused chasing Zhou Li! Chapter 149 Abduction and cute little white rabbit! Chapter 148 Being scared of urine!

Chapter 147 Cut and continue to mess! Chapter 146 Riding the pig to grab the pro! Chapter 145 Grab a **** to top the bag! Chapter 144 Overwhelming and back pressure! Chapter 142 It’s a vet! Chapter 142 Whose child? Chapter 141 Overturned vinegar jar! Chapter 140 Comparison of egg pain! Chapter 139 The hand slipped! Chapter 138 When the bad luck meets the tragedy! Chapter 137 The family has a small steamed buns! Chapter 136 More than Dou Yu!

Chapter 135 Chinther and singer Chapter 134 It’s you! Chapter 133 Cheap old man to save the field Chapter 132 A group of snakes around you! Chapter 131 Tableware in the cup! Chapter 130 You are a lame! Chapter 129 Spread the big things! Chapter 128 Kill your dead wolf! Chapter 127 The cat is anxious to scratch people! Chapter 126 Tragic Little Green Hat (Second) Chapter 125 Falling a hydrangea in the sky Chapter 124 Buy a green hat for you!

Chapter 123 The tragedy caused by misunderstanding! Chapter 122 The cat scratched the mouse and scratched it! Chapter 121 Mars hit the Earth Chapter 120 The hard-pressed Tai Fu adults! Chapter 119 Cute double yellow buns Chapter 118 Oolongshengwa remember! Chapter 117 Poor long distance love! Chapter 116 Blind face is invincible Chapter 115 Shantouzhang people vs bears and sons Chapter 114 Children can not afford to control the injury! Chapter 113 Archery should be aligned! Chapter 112 Give birth to a football team!

Chapter 111 Nirvana Guard Chapter 110 On the degree of death! Chapter 109 Flash your dog eyes! Chapter 108 Rice ball fight wild pheasant Chapter 107 Another love enemy! Chapter 106 Rice **** and dumplings Chapter 105 Turtle bastard Chapter 104 Schizophrenia Chapter 103 Your husband is coming! Chapter 102 捡 Soap Cry! Chapter 101 To be broken! Chapter 100 Misunderstanding and heartbeat

Chapter 99 Catching in bed Chapter 98 No traitor Chapter 97 Take the child as a junior? ! Chapter 96 But the river will be bridged Chapter 95 Fall into the thief nest Chapter 94 a group of funny Chapter 93 Was kidnapped? ! Chapter 92 Turn over the small vault Chapter 91 Small yellow book lying Chapter 90 A **** case caused by a couplet! Chapter 89 Really have a teacher! Chapter 88 The tragedy caused by the wrong medicine!

Chapter 87 When the counterattack is going on! Chapter 86 The palace is going to overturn the wall! Chapter 85 Black belly and boring! Chapter 84 Cherish life, stay away from road idiots! Chapter 83 Xiu En loves to die fast! Chapter 82 I would rather sin the villain, and sin the woman. Chapter 81 Interactive activist! Chapter 80 Bookkeeping! Chapter 79 I want to destroy his nine people! Chapter 78 The best material for prenatal education Chapter 77 Come out and mix it all together! Chapter 76 Keep the protection short to the end!

Chapter 75 Really have a ball! Chapter 74 Retribution! Chapter 73 The former wave died on the beach Chapter 72 Love each other Chapter 71 Loading is forced to thunder! Chapter 70 It’s this grinning little goblin Chapter 69 See the fellow villagers Chapter 68 The monkey is pleased to come Chapter 67 The top of the food chain Chapter 66 Have a nosebleed! Chapter 65 Big scorpion is coming! Chapter 64 Life-saving straw

Chapter 63 Rogue way Chapter 62 Breaking the enemy Chapter 61 I have a small book boy. Chapter 60 Not satisfied? Deduct wages! Chapter 59 Got a cheap master Chapter 58 Oh, your man. Chapter 57 Fighter in the gray machine Chapter 56 Old urchin vs two goods Chapter 55 Not convinced to fight! Chapter 54 The plug-in was originally used! Chapter 53 The villains are all cannon fodder! Chapter 52 Is it really a fire extinguisher?

Chapter 51 One generation, one generation, two people Chapter 50 The general attack is to cheat! Chapter 49 Everywhere is a mosaic! Chapter 48 Oh, it’s really blind. Chapter 47 Laziness must not be! Chapter 46 Explanation is to cover! Chapter 45 Not male or female is king Chapter 44 Not happy at all! Chapter 43 We are really straight! Chapter 42 Evil capitalist Chapter 41 You are responsible to me! Chapter 40 The strongest torture in history (below)

Chapter 39 The strongest torture in history (on) Chapter 38 An assassin Chapter 37 Getting drunk is good Chapter 36 Drink a glass of wine to be bold Chapter 35 The most difficult to suffer from beauty Chapter 34 Cousin, take care! Chapter 33 The world's rotten female family Chapter 32 Turbulent prelude Chapter 31 Road crazy, you can't afford to hurt! Chapter 30 Yin and Yang wrong listening to the corner Chapter 29 Tragedy caused by air leakage Chapter 28 Cheng Huan called the scorpion

Chapter 27 Flower thief collecting chrysanthemum Chapter 26 Neck is coming back Chapter 25 It turns out that you like this tone! Chapter 24 Slave is a cabbage Chapter 23 Who are you? Chapter 22 Three women in a play Chapter 21 Cousin, I know you! Chapter 20 Blinking words! Chapter 19 The piano can't be played by anyone. Chapter 18 The low IQ is really bad! Chapter 17 Don't pretend to be my HelloKitty! Chapter 16 Ah! Came a fox

Chapter 15 Big dog bear lacks heart Chapter 14 Can you still be proud of it? Chapter 13 Eating goods do not explain Chapter 12 Not playing you, is teasing you! Chapter 11 You are not right. Chapter 10 Climbing the wall is caught Chapter 9 傲娇正太小尚书 Chapter 8 Mother and child talk Chapter 7 Legendary old witch Chapter 6 Rumorous death Chapter 5 The tigress is not good Chapter 4 The enemy is coming!

Chapter 3 Misunderstanding is the result of this Chapter 2 Really not intentional! Chapter 1 Sad reminder of 2B rot

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