Fast Upgrade System of being Immortal

As soon as Gao Peng opened his eyes, he saw ancient buildings and a group of people in ancient clothes. Before he could think more, countless fists and kicks fell on him. At the same time, a voice in his mind prompted him that “super automatically into god system is officia.... Read more

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Chapter 1338 season finale Chapter 1337 Good and evil come Chapter 1336 System integration

Chapter 1335 War devil clown Chapter 1334 Twin system Chapter 1333 traitor Chapter 1332 One man to contain the battlefield Chapter 1331 Frayed Chapter 1330 Demon Clown Reappears Chapter 1329 Refreshing horizons Chapter 1328 First kill Chapter 1327 Face to face

Chapter 1326 Amazing move Chapter 1325 Evil is righteous Chapter 1324 Power of the Nations

Chapter 1323 Dilemma Chapter 1322 It doesn't matter who I am Chapter 1321 Show up Chapter 1320 prevent Chapter 1319 Wolverine Demon Strong Chapter 1318 Vain seriousness Chapter 1317 Head to the battlefield Chapter 1316 deploy Chapter 1315 Crackdown

Chapter 1314 Self-deceit Chapter 1313 Playing cards without common sense Chapter 1312 Gain control Chapter 1311 Deep fear Chapter 1310 Terror Blood Power Chapter 1309 True measure Chapter 1308 Different Chapter 1307 Ancient ritual Chapter 1306 Rule on Chapter 1305 Take the upper hand Chapter 1304 question Chapter 1303 rule

Chapter 1302 Urging by the Devil Bear Chapter 1301 Strong reason to kill Chapter 1300 Ignored Chapter 1299 unbelievable Chapter 1298 Sweep Chapter 1297 Backhand Chapter 1296 Become angry Chapter 1295 Liwei Chapter 1294 Kill them Chapter 1293 Shocked crowd Chapter 1292 prove Chapter 1291 They won't come out

Chapter 1290 Expectations in Crisis Chapter 1289 There is hope Chapter 1288 Observe in secret Chapter 1287 question Chapter 1286 double confirm Chapter 1285 But i opened it Chapter 1284 misunderstanding Chapter 1283 Severe crisis Chapter 1282 Talent pool Chapter 1281 New plan Chapter 1280 Change over time Chapter 1279 Helpless

Chapter 1278 Ideas with virtual contact Chapter 1277 Remove precautions Chapter 1276 Close a deal Chapter 1275 Give hope Chapter 1274 transaction Chapter 1273 Ashamed Chapter 1272 Demon Ancestral Blood Chapter 1271 Miserable fate Chapter 1270 Recognize the reality Chapter 1269 Countermeasures Chapter 1268 The enemy that always exists Chapter 1267 False

Chapter 1266 yield Chapter 1265 Devil bear Chapter 1264 Last Ancient Bloodline Chapter 1263 Ask shamelessly Chapter 1262 All kinds of doubts Chapter 1261 Statue identity Chapter 1260 False words Chapter 1259 Extraterrestrial enemies Chapter 1258 Change of statue Chapter 1257 Overreacted Chapter 1256 Buckle Chapter 1255 Old monster

Chapter 1254 System change Chapter 1253 God ancestor Chapter 1252 Just kidding Chapter 1251 A game Chapter 1250 Despair Statue Chapter 1249 Statue of Shock Chapter 1248 shocked Chapter 1247 Future can be expected Chapter 1246 Borrow birth Chapter 1245 Game Chapter 1244 The Rogue of the Statue Chapter 1243 Statue is alive

Chapter 1242 Sudden change Chapter 1241 True source Chapter 1240 Ancient Demon Statue Chapter 1239 statue Chapter 1238 Spring eye bottom Chapter 1237 Magic Spring Eye Chapter 1236 doubt Chapter 1235 Explore Talent Pool Chapter 1234 True saturation Chapter 1233 try Chapter 1232 Perpetual Motive Chapter 1231 Fuzzy magic energy reserves

Chapter 1230 Racial talent turned on Chapter 1229 Gaopeng's concerns Chapter 1228 Almost full Chapter 1127 Fifty percent Chapter 1226 Doomed to expectations Chapter 1225 I believe in him Chapter 1224 Outside conversation Chapter 1223 Magic Reserve Chapter 1222 Easily reach Chapter 1221 Self-reflection Chapter 1220 Sway Chapter 1219 Gravity multiplier

Chapter 1218 Take all resources Chapter 1217 Almost Chapter 1216 Complete harvest Chapter 1215 The hunt begins Chapter 1214 Flee Chapter 1213 Mouth hard Chapter 1212 You are so cheeky Chapter 1211 Strong and dry Chapter 1210 It's your turn Chapter 1209 Sympathize with you, but won't let you go Chapter 1208 Tianjiao shame Chapter 1207 beg for mercy

Chapter 1206 Ways to boost blood Chapter 1205 Wraith's Resentment Chapter 1204 Man is not for himself Chapter 1203 Shocked Chapter 1202 Dracula Chapter 1201 Blood extraction Chapter 1200 Refresh cognition Chapter 1199 Realm Ascension Chapter 1198 Who is the prey Chapter 1197 Demon Tianjiao gather Chapter 1196 You are insulting this bloodline Chapter 1195 Bold idea

Chapter 1194 The status of ancient blood Chapter 1193 Definition of Tianjiao Chapter 1192 Make the storm more violent Chapter 1191 Overconfidence Chapter 1190 In control Chapter 1189 Naive thoughts Chapter 1188 Runaway Demon Race Chapter 1187 fling in teeth Chapter 1186 Changes in gravity Chapter 1185 Block the door Chapter 1184 Absorb magic Chapter 1183 Almighty system

Chapter 1182 Swarm Chapter 1181 Have long complained Chapter 1180 You just make up Chapter 1179 Was turned on Chapter 1178 Helpless Chapter 1177 You live is a kind of courage Chapter 1176 Recede Chapter 1175 Access token Chapter 1174 Unwritten rule Chapter 1173 Out of breath Chapter 1172 There are circumstances Chapter 1171 Show up

Chapter 1170 There are stories of people Chapter 1169 Clan Chapter 1168 I will take the first Chapter 1167 Not afraid of trouble Chapter 1166 Increase difficulty yourself Chapter 1165 joint Chapter 1164 Gentleman revenge is not too late for ten years Chapter 1163 Shit stick Chapter 1162 Out of bounds Chapter 1162 Out of bounds Chapter 1161 Left ear in right ear out Chapter 1160 Talk secretly

Chapter 1159 redefine Chapter 1158 You can kill it if you don't like it. Chapter 1157 Hit a rake Chapter 1156 poisonous Chapter 1155 Public insult Chapter 1154 I am arrogant Chapter 1153 Lethal vomit Chapter 1152 awesomeness Chapter 1151 Public enemy Chapter 1150 Three birds with one stone Chapter 1150 Three birds with one stone Chapter 1149 Where's the confidence

Chapter 1149 Where's the confidence Chapter 1148 Grudge Chapter 1148 Grudge Chapter 1147 Unexpected strength Chapter 1147 Unexpected strength Chapter 1146 Make things difficult Chapter 1145 There are also battles within the demon race Chapter 1144 Demon Tianjiao Chapter 1143 Secretly guess Chapter 1142 Talent pool Chapter 1141 Agree to solicit Chapter 1140 Solicitation of Magic Rock

Chapter 1139 Despair Chapter 1138 Seize the opportunity Chapter 1137 Magic energy Chapter 1136 Magic rock Chapter 1135 Saw hope Chapter 1134 Liwei effect Chapter 1133 Typical pig eating tiger Chapter 1132 Roll over Chapter 1131 Gopeng style daze Chapter 1130 Understanding of blood Chapter 1129 Strongest race Chapter 1128 Gap between races

Chapter 1127 regret Chapter 1126 You are really weak Chapter 1125 Automatic brain supplement Chapter 1124 Focus on Chapter 1123 Everyone's shock Chapter 1122 Motionless Chapter 1121 A whole new realm Chapter 1120 Ignored Demon Race Chapter 1119 Vietnam gets stronger Chapter 1118 Strong racial talent Chapter 1117 Really angry Chapter 1116 fulfill your requirement

Chapter 1115 I just look down on you Chapter 1114 Arrogant Demon Chapter 1113 Was underestimated uaIG. Chapter 1112 Reach uaiG. Chapter 1111 End of the Abyss Demon Chapter 1110 Respective expectations Chapter 1109 Clown ambition Chapter 1108 Destiny's Dice Chapter 1107 Devil clown Chapter 1106 Ready for the storm Chapter 1105 Teleport Chapter 1104 Different

Chapter 1103 Leave Chapter 1102 One person can be one family Chapter 1101 True recognition Chapter 1100 Dark creature Chapter 1099 camouflage Chapter 1098 Power of the Source of Sin Chapter 1097 Receive the Source of Sin Chapter 1096 Gaopeng's idea Chapter 1095 Source of sin Chapter 1094 Demon's Needs Chapter 1093 Purpose of the Demon Race Chapter 1092 Gap in strength

Chapter 1091 look forward to Chapter 1090 Crashing threesome Chapter 1089 Gopeng's plan Chapter 1088 Bullshit Chapter 1087 The state of carrying air transport Chapter 1086 break out Chapter 1085 Three people worry Chapter 1084 Preliminary approval Chapter 1083 My slave Chapter 1082 How can this garbage be here Chapter 1081 Accept temporarily Chapter 1080 Blood can't make fake

Chapter 1079 See you later Chapter 1078 Evil incarnation Chapter 1077 This is a perfect misunderstanding Chapter 1076 Nothing more than death Chapter 1075 Frightened Chapter 1074 Approaching crisis Chapter 1073 Demon appears Chapter 1072 Worship eyes Chapter 1071 A series of lies Chapter 1070 All dark camps Chapter 1069 Undead Chapter 1068 Facing the Abyss Demon

Chapter 1067 passionate Chapter 1066 Legendary demon Chapter 1065 Abnormal people Chapter 1064 Abyss Demon Chapter 1063 Bursting God who refuses to lose Chapter 1062 Ruthless obliteration Chapter 1061 Hybrid Chapter 1060 The real abyss is alarmed Chapter 1059 Scary Chapter 1058 Light in the dark Chapter 1057 Crazy idea Chapter 1056 Dark Demon

Chapter 1055 God of Qingliu Chapter 1054 Scent of the Devil Chapter 1053 Into the abyss Chapter 1052 Control your own destiny Chapter 1051 Dark breath Chapter 1050 Arriving in the abyss Chapter 1049 Facing life and death Chapter 1048 abyss Chapter 1047 Abnormal behavior Chapter 1046 Source of familiarity Chapter 1045 Common sense Chapter 1044 Weird space

Chapter 1043 Mirror reaction Chapter 1042 Mysterious mirror Chapter 1041 Leverage all available leads Chapter 1040 analysis Chapter 1039 Anatomical details Chapter 1038 Disappearing truth Chapter 1037 Surprise Chapter 1036 Image Chapter 1035 Discovery of the Emperor Yangang Chapter 1034 Looking for clues Chapter 1033 explore Chapter 1032 Mysteriously disappearing strong

Chapter 1031 What you think is often wrong Chapter 1030 Strong self-confidence Chapter 1029 Human inferiority Chapter 1028 Man is not for himself Chapter 1027 Truth Chapter 1026 Disturbed Chapter 1025 I am not discussing with you Chapter 1024 Struggling people Chapter 1023 Autistic Chapter 1022 True when false Chapter 1021 Tricky Chapter 1020 Powerful troubles

Chapter 1019 Lord Chapter 1018 Preparing to clean the void cave Chapter 1017 Change for everyone Chapter 1016 The first powerful men Chapter 1015 Heartfelt recognition Chapter 1014 Genius Chapter 1013 Suppression of the Soul Chapter 1012 Gaopeng's guess Chapter 1011 Demons are destroyed and Protoss are expelled Chapter 1010 Protoss Chapter 1009 Power is truth Chapter 1008 Strongest blood

Chapter 1007 I don't understand Chapter 1006 the truth Chapter 1005 something wrong Chapter 1004 Legendary Bloodline Chapter 1003 Surrender or die Chapter 1002 Shock of the Invincible Chapter 1001 Rolling Chapter 1000 Super royal road Chapter 999 remind Chapter 998 Fool Chapter 997 aware Chapter 996 You came to kill me

Chapter 995 Power swells Chapter 994 Regain confidence Chapter 993 I'm not me anymore Chapter 992 Exhausted Chapter 991 Determined Chapter 990 Your lower limit is the upper limit of others Chapter 989 Gradually understand the world Chapter 988 I heard you are looking for me Chapter 987 Frightened Chapter 986 stunned Chapter 985 doubt Chapter 984 Increased strength again

Chapter 983 Destruction of evidence Chapter 982 Embarrassing old man Chapter 981 The truth unveiled Chapter 980 Can i say he was scared to death Chapter 979 depressed Chapter 978 I said it wasn't me, can you believe it? Chapter 977 Scared to death Chapter 976 Fight Chapter 975 Shut up silly Chapter 974 Speechless Chapter 973 Gaopeng's weakness Chapter 972 fury

Chapter 971 Soul torture Chapter 970 Trembling from the soul Chapter 969 Isn't it easy to kill you Chapter 968 cynicism Chapter 967 Rather do chicken tail than chicken head Chapter 966 Angry Chapter 965 Invincible strong arrived Chapter 964 Wave away Chapter 963 roll Chapter 962 Find yourself dead, who blame Chapter 961 Out of nowhere Chapter 960 Run out of breath

Chapter 959 Stunning old monster Chapter 958 Enter Nether Cave Chapter 957 Blasted the door Chapter 956 Lend me your life Chapter 955 Are you no one Chapter 954 Feeling in control Chapter 953 God Chapter 952 Disguise Chapter 951 burn one's boats Chapter 950 Collapsed Nether Cave Chapter 949 Destroy God again Chapter 948 Counterattack

Chapter 947 The door started Chapter 946 Nether Cave Mansion Appears Chapter 945 Full power burst Chapter 944 To the door without entering Chapter 943 Forces in the void Chapter 942 Slot of Fang Jian Chapter 941 Target: Nether Cave Chapter 940 Urge Chapter 939 Reach an agreement Chapter 938 Your use value Chapter 937 Seconds Chapter 936 I am not discussing with you

Chapter 935 See through Chapter 934 But just a bunch of garbage Chapter 933 Ability never found Chapter 932 I have endured you for a long time Chapter 931 Did i say agree Chapter 930 Like a child's play Chapter 929 Scared deity Chapter 928 Level of life Chapter 927 Doubts in my heart Chapter 926 Gaopeng's conjecture Chapter 925 Indecisive Chapter 924 Secretly remind

Chapter 923 Clearance Chapter 922 Come on, you guys can join me Chapter 921 Another rubbish Chapter 920 Well, very weak Chapter 919 It ’s not that I look down on you, but that you are really weak Chapter 918 Wind power Chapter 917 Wind Master Chapter 916 Flamelord's Doubt Chapter 915 Opponent's recognition Chapter 914 Use one hand to destroy one deity Chapter 913 Say you guys trash, I'm serious Chapter 912 Cruelty

Chapter 911 Change of Fang Jian Chapter 910 Everyone's shock Chapter 909 Self-doubt Chapter 908 Who said that i am the emperor Chapter 907 This is a lunatic Chapter 906 Brain supplement Chapter 905 Deity Chapter 904 Aware of the gap in strength Chapter 903 Let you one hand Chapter 902 I reject Chapter 901 Fang Jian's status Chapter 900 Are you rushing to die?

Chapter 899 Finally see the mainland powerhouse Chapter 898 Strong breath approaching Chapter 897 Individual thoughts Chapter 896 Sky city Chapter 895 I do things, and hate others to interfere Chapter 894 Exports are amazing Chapter 893 Everyone arrives Chapter 892 Give you a chance to get revenge Chapter 891 Crowd action Chapter 890 All people in black robes Chapter 889 The collapse of genius Chapter 888 Fang Sword in Fear

Chapter 887 Under control Chapter 886 acting Chapter 885 Promote Chapter 884 Become angry Chapter 883 Irritate each other Chapter 882 Crowd reaction Chapter 881 Urge Chapter 880 convince Chapter 879 Discuss secretly Chapter 878 After all, the strength is too weak Chapter 877 Shen Yiyi's stubbornness Chapter 876 Hesitate

Chapter 875 Despair of the crowd Chapter 874 Gaopeng's Ghost Thoughts Chapter 873 Remote conversation Chapter 872 The comprehensive vision of the man in black Chapter 871 Terror Strikes Chapter 870 compromise Chapter 869 Decision of the Lord of Flames Chapter 868 You do n’t need to get in the way Chapter 867 Men in Black Robe attack Chapter 866 Rock Sparrow City officially delisted Chapter 865 Don't question me Chapter 864 On what basis, of course, on my strength

Chapter 863 With me, who dares to live wild Chapter 862 80% is true Chapter 861 Mysterious Man in Black Robe Chapter 860 We are here to escape Chapter 859 Rare opportunity Chapter 858 So-called intelligence Chapter 857 Scary Chapter 856 Since throwing a net Chapter 855 Coming battle Chapter 854 Gaopeng's purpose Chapter 853 Gain respect Chapter 852 Tie

Chapter 851 Almost Chapter 850 Rock Sparrow City, Extinction Chapter 849 Powerful man in black Chapter 848 Unguarded Chapter 847 Rolling Chapter 846 Rage of the Rock Sparrow Lord Chapter 845 Suffer nothing Chapter 844 Anti-Sky System Chapter 843 Solution Chapter 842 accident Chapter 841 Prevent accidents Chapter 840 Crisis of death

Chapter 839 Future strong Chapter 838 Shock everyone Chapter 837 Light and Dark Power Chapter 836 Invisible struggle Chapter 835 Gopeng VS Lord of the Flames Chapter 834 Confrontation Chapter 833 Lord of Flames Chapter 832 Become the focus Chapter 831 Miss returns Chapter 830 Turbid flame Chapter 829 Gaopeng's shock Chapter 828 Reach the destination

Chapter 827 You didn't ask Chapter 826 Hate broke out Chapter 825 I am waiting for you in iwa Chapter 824 Don't deny that you are weak Chapter 823 You are too weak Chapter 822 The world asks that I am a genius Chapter 821 You seem to think i'm bullying Chapter 820 Calm and calm Gaopeng Chapter 819 You go on, i'll see Chapter 818 Battle of the Divine Emperor Chapter 817 Forward Chapter 816 Death from pain

Chapter 815 The Traitor's End Chapter 814 Excitement Chapter 813 Under the disputes behind the war Chapter 812 Disputes behind the war Chapter 811 Post-war Chapter 810 Victory of war Chapter 809 Destroy the beast tide Chapter 808 Ruthless Chapter 807 How many people do i want to kill Chapter 806 Real purpose Chapter 805 Exciting news Chapter 804 Rock tits

Chapter 803 One minute of thinking time Chapter 802 Where do you want to go Chapter 801 Defeat Chapter 800 To be spurned Chapter 799 Turn your hands over the clouds Chapter 798 It's you Chapter 797 Real tumor Chapter 796 Sneak attack Chapter 795 Dog Jumping Over the Wall Chapter 794 Dawn of victory Chapter 793 Take the upper hand Chapter 792 Spike again

Chapter 791 Total attack Chapter 790 Li's shock Chapter 789 Sudden Riot Monster Chapter 788 The long-awaited beast tide Chapter 787 God-level monster Chapter 786 Tough fight Chapter 785 Cooperative operations Chapter 784 Head to head Chapter 783 There is hope only if you work hard Chapter 782 Stabilize the army Chapter 781 Ten-level warning Chapter 780 Elimination of advance forces

Chapter 779 Beast tide Chapter 778 Sudden earthquake Chapter 777 Sworn sovereignty Chapter 776 This is my woman. Do you have any opinions? Chapter 775 Sensation Hurricane City Chapter 774 Play with me, you're still tender Chapter 773 Oh woman Chapter 772 Collapse Chapter 771 Lose in seconds Chapter 770 Don't waste time Chapter 769 Yes, but there are requirements Chapter 768 Are you not kidding me

Chapter 767 Beat me up Chapter 766 No way i'm so powerful Chapter 765 Dead 呗 Chapter 764 Wave out Chapter 763 Hey they are mine Chapter 762 Beauty City Owner Chapter 761 sensation Chapter 760 Disappointed Chapter 759 So famous Chapter 758 Lee's reaction Chapter 757 Undercurrent Chapter 756 A comprehensive understanding of

Chapter 755 Into the city Chapter 754 Edge town Chapter 753 Acting as a bodyguard Chapter 752 Ancient continent Chapter 751 Ji Qing's shock Chapter 750 Come without shadow, go without trace Chapter 749 Recognize the situation Chapter 748 Waved hands, smoke disappeared Chapter 747 Wonderful Talent Chapter 746 Show up Chapter 745 Shot Chapter 744 Desperate

Chapter 743 Adjustment plan Chapter 742 commotion Chapter 741 Drive away monsters Chapter 740 Spot the problem Chapter 739 Girl's flaw Chapter 738 Helpless Chapter 737 Mutation Chapter 736 The choice of the man in black Chapter 735 Teenage determination Chapter 734 Desperate Chapter 733 Man in ancient forest Chapter 732 self assessment

Chapter 731 Suppression of Blood Power Chapter 730 First World War Chapter 729 New data Chapter 728 Divine power Chapter 727 Long time no see, system. Chapter 726 find the new land Chapter 725 Outside the continent Chapter 724 arrangement Chapter 723 Preparation before leaving Chapter 722 apologize Chapter 721 Lingzu left Chapter 720 The real problem lies in itself

Chapter 719 Requirements for access to restricted areas Chapter 718 Origin of the Forbidden City Chapter 717 A fancy race Chapter 716 Peace-loving spirit Chapter 715 Mark of Pursuit of the Fighting Nation Chapter 714 The cost of recovery Chapter 713 Black hole disappear Chapter 712 Spirit ability Chapter 711 Crisis relief Chapter 710 Expel Chapter 709 Spirit Chapter 708 Rescue arrived

Chapter 707 A ring finger Chapter 706 New impression Chapter 705 Cold blooded woman Chapter 704 Mouth Strong King Chapter 703 Vulnerable Chapter 702 Rolling Chapter 701 The real strength of Texas Chapter 700 Blood of fighting nations Chapter 699 The true interpretation of the lunatic Chapter 698 The lord of the temple Chapter 697 Proud race Chapter 696 Texas' shock

Chapter 695 Skyrocketing strength Chapter 694 Crying Chapter 693 Slut Chapter 692 Hope broken Chapter 691 Everyone's hope Chapter 690 New discovery Chapter 689 Puzzled Chapter 688 disaster Chapter 687 As long as you do n’t die Chapter 686 Wolverine Temple Master Chapter 685 Destroyed the Temple of War Chapter 684 Forbidden Land

Chapter 683 Tailed person Chapter 682 The seal was broken Chapter 681 fighting tribe Chapter 680 People from the high plane Chapter 679 Entrance to the high plane Chapter 678 The strange behavior of the temple owner Chapter 677 Surprise Chapter 676 Villain declaration Chapter 675 collapse Chapter 674 I did not do it on purpose Chapter 673 Knock down Chapter 672 Confident puppet

Chapter 671 Xiao Yue Chapter 670 Still fear Chapter 669 one more time Chapter 668 On the thickness of the skin Chapter 667 Powerful mysterious constitution Chapter 666 God king Chapter 665 What the **** is this Chapter 664 Break the limit Chapter 663 Questionable Temple of War Chapter 662 Vice Hall Lord, 殇 Chapter 661 I hate to fight waste Chapter 660 Stand still, take a step back and I lose

Chapter 659 Bet on life Chapter 658 Despised Chapter 657 Fortune-telling Chapter 656 Uncertainties Chapter 655 Lord of the War Temple Chapter 654 Suddenly silent Temple of War Chapter 653 Mass destruction Chapter 652 Humble Chapter 651 Extreme crushing Chapter 650 Not optimistic Chapter 649 Appearance and pinnacle Chapter 648 One person

Chapter 647 It takes no effort to kill you Chapter 646 I will blow you up Chapter 645 A group of jumping beam clowns Chapter 644 Contain Chapter 643 Plot Chapter 642 Gods that restore vision Chapter 641 God is also vulnerable Chapter 640 Hard Temple of War Chapter 639 Axe Battle Temple Chapter 638 Gopeng's power Chapter 637 Decapitation Chapter 636 loose the temper

Chapter 635 It's okay, I will save you face Chapter 634 It ’s really suspended Chapter 633 See also spike Chapter 632 I ’m professional Chapter 631 Startled chin Chapter 630 Realm Vine Chapter 629 Terrible vine Chapter 628 Really come Chapter 627 Temple of War Chapter 626 pilgrimage Chapter 625 Stormy Chapter 624 Temple of War's response

Chapter 623 Gaopeng's declaration of war Chapter 622 Ominous foresight Chapter 621 Inexplicable change Chapter 620 God king Chapter 619 Sensational Midfield Chapter 618 Follower, Lion King Chapter 617 Just give you one chance Chapter 616 Valkyrie soft Chapter 615 Gopeng's speed Chapter 614 Mysterious ferry Chapter 613 Stormtrooper online Chapter 612 One hundred thousand soldiers

Chapter 611 Unprecedented calamity Chapter 610 A group of bad-looking guys Chapter 609 heavily clouded Chapter 608 I'll let you see the real scourge Chapter 607 Thrilling success Chapter 606 This is the normal crossing Chapter 605 Break through Chapter 604 I do n’t look down on you, I ’m too weak Chapter 603 All ants in life Chapter 602 Go further Chapter 601 Excited Gopeng Chapter 600 Zijin Lion King

Chapter 599 Afraid to accidentally kill you Chapter 598 Kill the Tyrant Chapter 597 Total extinction Chapter 596 Bone spur funeral Chapter 595 Collective soaring strength Chapter 594 Recognize reality Chapter 593 Absolute defense Chapter 592 Provoke anger Chapter 591 You guys, let ’s go together Chapter 590 Oh forget that there is one more rubbish Chapter 589 Gao Peng's taunt Chapter 588 the truth

Chapter 587 Unexpectedly weak Chapter 586 Corpse Chapter 585 Come and stand and let you kill Chapter 584 Underworld Chapter 583 Your stupidity opens my eyes Chapter 582 Shock of the Gods Chapter 581 Axe Chapter 580 In my eyes, you are all garbage Chapter 579 I kill people, regardless of identity Chapter 578 Valkyrie's Wrath Chapter 577 Slap in public Chapter 576 Fearless

Chapter 575 Looking back, all Valkyrie Chapter 574 Gentleman does not stand under the wall Chapter 573 The little sheep have finally arrived Chapter 572 Gathering of parties Chapter 571 Strong as clouds Chapter 570 Lion King Thunder Chapter 569 sensation Chapter 568 Collective help Chapter 567 Incomprehensible behavior Chapter 566 A lunatic is no doubt Chapter 565 Freak in the eyes of everyone Chapter 564 Mid-region status

Chapter 563 Tianjiao's guess Chapter 562 The minds of a demon Chapter 561 Arrogance or ignorance Chapter 560 Showing hands Chapter 559 Smart fat man Chapter 558 Squinting is not good Chapter 557 Do n’t teach you for now Chapter 556 Leader's Choice Chapter 555 Aggressive Tianjiao Chapter 554 A month Chapter 553 A group of people favored by heaven Chapter 552 What is super fast

Chapter 551 Qingxu Shendian Chapter 550 The discovery of Guan Qimeng Chapter 549 Mysterious aunt Chapter 548 Mid-domain entrance Chapter 547 Accounting after the fall Chapter 546 Liu Chengjun offers treasure Chapter 545 Now, do you dare to touch my people Chapter 544 Extreme shock Chapter 543 the host Chapter 542 Kill you, why use my hand Chapter 541 Person sentenced to death Chapter 540 Soaring magic

Chapter 539 My people, can you touch them Chapter 538 Gaopeng Chapter 537 There is a tumor on your neck Chapter 536 I just believe what I see Chapter 535 Liu Changqing stepped forward Chapter 534 I shot, why need permission Chapter 533 Guide Chapter 532 Riding a tiger Chapter 531 Hit the small, come the old. Chapter 530 Teach you to be human again in minutes Chapter 529 Fool Chapter 528 Waste, what about your master

Chapter 527 The weak Chapter 526 return Chapter 525 Imminent being Chapter 524 The most bizarre daybreak in history Chapter 523 Divine speed Chapter 522 Huge Man: Gaopeng Chapter 521 Carry on Chapter 520 Let the storm be more intense Chapter 519 Thunderpool without borders Chapter 518 Trembling Chapter 517 Get over Chapter 516 Uncrowned King

Chapter 515 Kill all Chapter 514 Belief collapse Chapter 513 Wait, may I be my right arm Chapter 512 Everyone is boiling Chapter 511 I took another brother Chapter 510 Triangle Bone Wing Demon Begging for Forgiveness Chapter 509 Tortured into doubt Chapter 508 Demon's shock Chapter 507 A smile conjecture Chapter 506 Skyrocketing Chapter 505 Abnormal brain Chapter 504 Finally look a little bit

Chapter 503 Do n’t waste resources Chapter 502 Wastes, go together Chapter 501 Defeated Chapter 500 God of war torture day vs ancient titan Chapter 499 It's just an axe Chapter 498 Will of battle Chapter 497 Demon keen perception Chapter 496 Valkyrie Chapter 495 If there is a species, kill me Chapter 494 Gradually distorted faces Chapter 493 Something happened Chapter 492 Advent

Chapter 491 Bombardment Chapter 490 Demon Enemy Chapter 489 Demon reaction Chapter 488 Unrest caused by a sentence Chapter 487 Individual thoughts Chapter 486 Possibility of leaving Chapter 485 purpose Chapter 484 Figure on the throne of skulls Chapter 483 New round of investment Chapter 482 condition Chapter 481 It's not impossible to let you go Chapter 480 Thunder Body

Chapter 479 Humanoid Chapter 478 Arrogant Chapter 477 Scuffle Chapter 476 Dog Jumping Over the Wall Chapter 475 Gathering of powerful parties Chapter 474 Destroyed battle Chapter 473 Hell three-headed dog Chapter 472 The Demon Realm Chapter 471 Epic war Chapter 470 System limitations Chapter 469 Demon Emperor Shocked Chapter 468 Divine blood, **** body

Chapter 467 Gopeng's hunch Chapter 466 Is there only **** in the Devil Realm? Chapter 465 Gaopeng Chapter 464 Human from the sky Chapter 463 Magic domain Chapter 462 All in the book Chapter 461 Shocked Chapter 460 Demon strolling under the sky Chapter 459 Doomsday scene Chapter 458 Another mad man Chapter 457 Subversion Chapter 456 Entrance to the demon realm

Chapter 455 Frightening temper Chapter 454 I am the existence you need to look up to Chapter 453 Battered Tianjiao Chapter 452 Emperor Wudi Chapter 451 Black-bellied Liu Chengjun Chapter 450 Everyone pushes against the wall Chapter 449 Scary Walker Chapter 448 Rather mess with the king, not mess with Gaopeng Chapter 447 Kill him, how can you help me Chapter 446 Real boss Chapter 445 Gaopeng's true strength Chapter 444 Bared

Chapter 443 Are you talking to me Chapter 442 Human first genius Chapter 441 Stormhammer Chapter 440 Shocked Chapter 439 act like a buffoon Chapter 438 Do you like this gift Chapter 437 Give you a present Chapter 436 Killing Chapter 435 Manifesto's Declaration Chapter 434 Demon Emperor Appears Chapter 433 Conspiracy of the Devil Chapter 432 Forced into despair

Chapter 431 Catch alive Chapter 430 Desperate Devil Chapter 429 You don't deserve to know who I am Chapter 428 Devil's Anomaly Chapter 427 Is it bad to live Chapter 426 Ask a passerby Chapter 425 Overbearing drought Chapter 424 Demon Emperor: Motos Chapter 423 Amazing performance Chapter 422 Fear of the Devil Chapter 421 Goodbye devil Chapter 420 Endless magic

Chapter 419 One after another Chapter 418 The status quo of the broken continent Chapter 417 Tianjiao's response Chapter 416 Huh, how old are you Chapter 415 Open Chapter 414 For me, everyone present was waste Chapter 413 Genius doubts Chapter 412 Eye-catching Chapter 411 The true purpose of genius warfare Chapter 410 This is not to discuss with you Chapter 409 Benefits of crossing Chapter 408 One Fist Shattering Thunder Pool

Chapter 407 Excited Gopeng Chapter 406 Everyone's careful thinking Chapter 405 To the sky Chapter 404 Tianwei must not be provoked Chapter 403 Crazy in the eyes of everyone Chapter 402 Let's go robbery together Chapter 401 Heaven Chapter 400 Emperor Wu Chapter 399 System Vulnerability Chapter 398 Really hit Chapter 397 Are you threatening me Chapter 396 You hit me.

Chapter 395 Terror identity Chapter 394 Everyone here is garbage Chapter 393 Welcome you all Chapter 392 It's nothing more than a bunch of bugs Chapter 391 The arrival of Zhu Qiang Chapter 390 Punch in the void Chapter 389 Prestige Chapter 388 Unicorn Chapter 387 Invincible is lonely Chapter 386 Shock the world Chapter 385 Space collapse Chapter 384 Shock four

Chapter 383 I want to destroy the trash Chapter 382 timid Chapter 381 After wave Chapter 380 Divine Martial Art Chapter 379 Stand and let you fight, take a step back and let me lose Chapter 378 Shameless Chapter 377 Beating Chapter 376 Joy is sad Chapter 375 Treasurer's doubt Chapter 374 sensation Chapter 373 First delisting force Chapter 372 I almost believed it

Chapter 371 Gongsun Dong's Premonition Chapter 370 The team grows Chapter 369 Accept younger brother Chapter 368 Seconds Chapter 367 Unrecognizable form Chapter 366 Promote again Chapter 365 Arctic Fire Station Chapter 364 Those who offend me should disappear Chapter 363 Do you have any opinions Chapter 362 Strong crush Chapter 361 Except me in the world, they are all ants Chapter 360 Become angry

Chapter 359 Stunned Chapter 358 Weak enough to make me uninterested Chapter 357 Elder Qiankang Temple Chapter 356 I'm arrogant, I'm not convinced to hit me Chapter 355 Trash can't get into my eyes Chapter 354 Intercept Chapter 353 Renown Chapter 352 Arrogant scholar Chapter 351 I'd love them to take revenge Chapter 350 Unexpected operation Chapter 349 Is your destiny worthwhile Chapter 348 Sweep

Chapter 347 You guys are really annoying Chapter 346 To attack Chapter 345 Two mentally retarded Chapter 344 Crowd reaction Chapter 343 You kidney deficiency Chapter 342 Shock Chapter 341 I don't talk to waste Chapter 340 Extreme Fire League Chapter 339 Hit me, I will stop Chapter 338 Speak amazing Chapter 337 Guan Qimeng's decision Chapter 336 End the battle in an instant

Chapter 335 One finger Chapter 3334 Give you three seconds to show Chapter 333 Why can't you think so? Chapter 332 Please say your last words Chapter 331 Not killing Chapter 330 Suffocating operation Chapter 329 Treasurer's surprise Chapter 328 Poor and scum is about you Chapter 327 Poor Chapter 326 Nothing can be solved with money Chapter 325 Goal: Genius War Chapter 324 I don't trash

Chapter 323 Guan Yubo's shock Chapter 322 One blow to one door Chapter 321 Crazy in the eyes of everyone Chapter 320 Queuing to death Chapter 319 This is not to discuss with you Chapter 318 No resentment, just to kill you Chapter 317 Turning faces is faster than turning books Chapter 316 Tongue reappearance Chapter 315 Are you shit? Chapter 314 Out of nowhere Chapter 313 Slap to death Chapter 312 Into a pile of loess

Chapter 311 Find yourself dead, who blame Chapter 310 Shock from Fat Legacy Chapter 309 Crazy temptation on the edge of life and death Chapter 308 Just to destroy the Bonegate Chapter 307 Adoration of Liu Chengjun Chapter 306 The price of death Chapter 305 Cruel Bonebreaker Chapter 304 Go away Chapter 303 A group of waveable trash Chapter 302 The shock of the disciples Chapter 301 Trash, go to **** for funeral Chapter 300 You are weak

Chapter 299 Inner fear Chapter 298 Trash Bloodlines Chapter 297 Unarmed Chapter 296 Mysterious confidence Chapter 295 Zhang Hao's guess Chapter 294 This door is quite interesting Chapter 293 Wu Zun casually killed Chapter 292 Let me come, is this killing the waste? Chapter 291 I have a backer Chapter 290 Arrogant Bonebreaker Chapter 289 Crisis in Yongshan Fort Chapter 288 Only a half emperor can break

Chapter 287 Killable Wu Zun Chapter 286 A little toy Chapter 285 Heavenly Device: Liuli Palace Chapter 284 Gao Jia Chapter 283 Guan Qimeng's request Chapter 282 I said, let you go Chapter 281 War of genius Chapter 280 Mojo Chapter 279 Just habitually asking Chapter 278 Gaopeng is alive, no genius in the world Chapter 277 Eucharist Chapter 276 Show your strength for the first time

Chapter 275 Crashing Devil Chapter 274 A trick Chapter 273 Half emperor Chapter 272 Majin: The Fall Chapter 271 Guilty Continent Chapter 270 Ugly special Chapter 269 Look at you like never seen the world Chapter 268 Divine Martial Art Chapter 267 moron Chapter 266 Grim Crystal Crocodile Chapter 265 Scared silly Chapter 264 You're a bit smug

Chapter 263 The elders of the Golden Lion Pavilion Chapter 262 Please set your position Chapter 261 Drought world Chapter 260 Unexpected action Chapter 259 The original sin of greed Chapter 258 Kill Wu Zun like stepping ants Chapter 257 Legendary Bloodline Power Chapter 256 Send you a trip to hell Chapter 255 Fatty legacy Chapter 254 I'm in a good mood and don't want to kill you Chapter 253 Imperial blood Chapter 252 Wu Zun full power

Chapter 251 Kindhearted person: Gaopeng Chapter 250 It ’s a pity that Yingnian died early Chapter 249 Fool Chapter 248 Everyone's guess Chapter 247 Dude, don't talk to me Chapter 246 Not even one who can fight Chapter 245 Scoot, Bucolo Chapter 244 Shi Xuan who doubts life Chapter 243 Who made your bloodline incomplete Chapter 242 Incomplete Bloodline Power Chapter 241 Let's go together Chapter 240 Are you too weak

Chapter 239 Come kill one Chapter 238 Your ugliness has polluted my eyes Chapter 237 The major forces turned their faces Chapter 236 It's a dead hand Chapter 235 Picked up Chapter 234 Evil thoughts Chapter 233 Waste Chapter 232 The shock of the powerful Chapter 231 Wu Zun second-order Chapter 230 On the Power of Gaopeng's Poison Tongue Chapter 229 Never heard such a request Chapter 228 Ugliness brings trouble

Chapter 277 But so Chapter 226 To shut up Chapter 225 Heavenly Footwork Chapter 224 Tomboy real woman Chapter 223 soft Chapter 222 I have a sentence I do n’t know Chapter 221 The strong are gathered Chapter 220 Non-human talent Chapter 219 My name: Gaopeng Chapter 218 Sudden worship Chapter 217 Skin it Chapter 216 One person shakes the audience

Chapter 215 A group of garbage Chapter 214 Kill Chapter 213 You are noisy Chapter 212 Unrest caused by greed Chapter 211 Rare spectacle Chapter 210 Today's Synonym: Gaopeng Chapter 209 The reaction of the major forces Chapter 208 Elixir, eat it as jelly beans Chapter 207 Really bad Chapter 206 Robbed a martial art Chapter 205 Robbed Chapter 204 Aren't they some space rings?

Chapter 203 Mountain space ring Chapter 202 With you crazy once Chapter 201 Do you have any opinions on my decision? Chapter 200 Injunction Chapter 199 Disdain Chapter 198 I never joke Chapter 197 Better to have a few martial arts Chapter 196 madman Chapter 195 I am very enlightened Chapter 194 Identity exposure Chapter 193 Shocked Chapter 192 Show fangs

Chapter 191 Dominated fear Chapter 190 Garbage, there should be garbage awareness Chapter 189 I kill without reason Chapter 188 Ominous foresight Chapter 187 Ranting Chapter 186 Really ashamed of you Chapter 185 Did you eat Chapter 184 Destructive attack Chapter 183 The feeling of acquaintance Chapter 182 Perfect illusion Chapter 181 Return of the Devil Chapter 180 As you wish

Chapter 179 Are you sure Chapter 178 Instant burst Chapter 177 Human heart Chapter 176 This city doesn't need to exist Chapter 175 Confession Chapter 174 The return of Solomon Chapter 173 The Legend of the Mysterious Man Chapter 172 Tian Luomen, extinction Chapter 171 Did something that shouldn't be done Chapter 170 Despair Chapter 169 Fear brought by Gaopeng Chapter 168 Smash with one palm

Chapter 167 Searched Chapter 166 An unknown God perspective Chapter 165 Ascension of smoke between hands Chapter 164 You have a thick skin Chapter 163 Shrouded in mystery aura Chapter 162 Belief collapse Chapter 161 Divine Beast Power Chapter 160 Phantom Beast: White Tiger Real Body Chapter 159 White tiger advent Chapter 158 Men who are afraid of darkness Chapter 157 Dark King Bloodline Chapter 156 Wang Cheng's illusion

Chapter 155 Who said I was the King of War Chapter 154 Upgrading is so simple Chapter 153 I can hit a hundred you Chapter 152 Everyone present is garbage Chapter 151 Lord of Heaven Chapter 150 Third in the South Chapter 149 Trash away Chapter 148 Lord appears Chapter 147 Scared Chapter 146 Trash is crap Chapter 145 Really slow Chapter 144 Leisurely stroll

Chapter 143 Fresh and refined reasons Chapter 142 Oh i'm here to rob Chapter 141 Killing, i'm professional Chapter 140 Slam a punch Chapter 139 Start with a punch Chapter 138 Like a girl Chapter 137 Angry shot Chapter 136 Take the initiative Chapter 135 It's just a bunch of used waste Chapter 134 Aren't you being mean? Chapter 133 Stronger than your waste Chapter 132 Solicitation

Chapter 131 Wanted Chapter 130 Fang Jianhui falls Chapter 129 Only on the first day, but so. Chapter 128 In vain Chapter 127 Town Demon Eucharist Chapter 126 Everyone pushes against the wall Chapter 125 A mock fruit Chapter 124 Fang Jianhui Chapter 123 Everyone's mind Chapter 122 A farce Chapter 121 Total extinction Chapter 120 Roar from the weak

Chapter 119 White Tiger Power Chapter 118 Elder's Fright Chapter 117 The turbulent southern region Chapter 116 Waste should not be left in the world Chapter 115 A bunch of waste Chapter 114 Hobby is so special Chapter 113 It's yours Chapter 112 Find yourself dead, who can blame this? Chapter 111 Earth-shattering blast Chapter 110 Killing Chapter 109 Indelible shadow Chapter 108 Tianjiao

Chapter 107 Visions of heaven and earth appeared, and the situation moved. Chapter 106 Achievement of Emperor Wu Chapter 105 Arrogance endless Chapter 104 Change of identity Chapter 103 Become angry Chapter 102 Stifling answer Chapter 101 A group of garbage Chapter 100 Summit Chapter 99 Waste, not eligible here Chapter 98 Elder fight Chapter 97 Gao's irony Chapter 96 overbearing

Chapter 95 There is so much nonsense Chapter 94 Suffocating operation Chapter 93 Eye-catching Chapter 92 Gopeng Chapter 91 Ascend the ladder Chapter 90 Domineering opening Chapter 89 Ladder Chapter 88 Hundred Cases Conference Chapter 87 Renown Chapter 86 Aggrieved Li Tao Chapter 85 Find him lose money Chapter 84 Change of mind

Chapter 83 Passing by Chapter 82 Comparable to Fang Jianhui Chapter 81 Smell of gunpowder Chapter 80 Ignored law enforcement Chapter 79 Alien in the eyes of everyone Chapter 78 Killer investment Chapter 77 Li Ze collapse Chapter 76 The weak must have self-knowledge Chapter 75 Legendary Witness Chapter 74 Pleasant system sound Chapter 73 Lingering thoughts Chapter 72 Trash Favorites

Chapter 71 The importance of a strong heart Chapter 70 Li Ze, ashamed Chapter 69 Take your true spirit stone and roll it for me Chapter 68 Night City Li Family Chapter 67 Can't shake the tail Chapter 66 First genius Chapter 65 Storm outside the city gate Chapter 64 Into the city Chapter 63 Inexplicable Chapter 62 Thanks, bye Chapter 61 The more enemies, the better Chapter 60 Destined Destiny

Chapter 59 Rolling Chapter 58 Tickling attack Chapter 57 Sky martial arts Chapter 56 as you wish Chapter 55 Really weak Chapter 54 Ugly and contagious Chapter 53 Baiyang City Chapter 52 Can do things again Chapter 51 Uncrowned King Chapter 50 No one dares to waste my time Chapter 49 Dislike Chapter 48 Relentless beheading

Chapter 47 Heaven and earth vision Chapter 46 Can't ask for it Chapter 45 Beaten into a dog Chapter 44 A slag Chapter 43 I'm not interested in men Chapter 42 Peerless Sinister Chapter 41 Only the king of war Chapter 40 White Beast Chapter 39 King of War appears Chapter 38 Fight with King Wu Chapter 37 Abolished repair Chapter 36 Play with blood

Chapter 35 Royal Gifts Chapter 34 Elder Son Solomon Chapter 33 Kneeling for mercy Chapter 32 Wang Nan is furious Chapter 31 You look down on yourself Chapter 30 Blow in one punch Chapter 29 Garbage footwork Chapter 28 You're still tender Chapter 27 Born tyrant Chapter 26 Naturally can kill your cultivation Chapter 25 Second Ascension King Chapter 24 It's nothing but a pile of rubbish.

Chapter 23 Come to the door Chapter 22 Rumors are not credible Chapter 21 Just kill a few people Chapter 20 Who do you think you are Chapter 19 Sensation Chapter 18 Welcome to hit me Chapter 17 Send you to hell Chapter 16 True first genius Chapter 15 You're afraid you won't see that time Chapter 14 Kick in one foot Chapter 13 More than he Chapter 12 Really dirty

Chapter 11 You are weaker than I expected Chapter 10 Mystic constitution Chapter 9 Comes with a mockery aura Chapter 8 Barely make up Chapter 7 You are too weak Chapter 6 Waste maniac Chapter 5 Bloodline: Flame Wolf Chapter 4 do not get excited Chapter 3 Comprehensive rolling Chapter 2 No longer ordinary Chapter 1 Super Automatic God Formation System

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