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Fast Upgrade System of being Immortal

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As soon as Gao Peng opened his eyes, he saw ancient buildings and a group of people in ancient clothes.

Before he could think more, countless fists and kicks fell on him. At the same time, a voice in his mind prompted him that “super automatically into god system is officially activated”. As if he had been baptized, Gao Peng’s weak body was suddenly strengthened and burst out strong power. From then on, he becomes the real NO.1 genius from the well-known rubbish in the city. But he doesn’t know: what’s the secret of this system? Why is it in his body?

The enemy’s constitution is detected as [Tiger Demon Body], and the host will be automatically upgraded to [Barrier Demon Body]!

The blood of the enemy is detected as [Red Flame Emperor’s Blood Vessel], and the host will be automatically upgraded to [Yan Emperor Blood Vessel]!

To the realm of the enemy is [Great Martial Artist], automatically upgrade the host to [Wang Wang]!

The strongest martial arts detected by the enemy is the sky [Blue Star Buddha Claw], and the host will be automatically upgraded to the god level…

After activating this system, Gaopeng is not thinking about cultivation every day…

- Description from shukeba


Short Title:FUSBI
Original Title:瞬间升级系统秒速成神
Author:Qi Gai Hua Shi
Type:Web Novel
Genre:Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Xuanhuan
Weekly Rank:#286
Monthly Rank:#303
All Time Rank:#136
Tags:Action, Ancient China, Betrayal, Character Development, Cultivation, Death, Destiny, Dream, Family, Fanfiction, Fantasy, Fantasy World, Friendship, Harem, Immortals, Legends, Martial arts, Monsters, Revenge, Royalty, Saint, Second Chance, Spirits, System Administrator, Teamwork, Trap, Wars, Weak to Strong, Wuxia, Xianxia,

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