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Fast Transmute Female Supporting Role: Male Lead Strategy Manual

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Chuang Shi Shen created a system world in Boredom, where thousands of NPCs travel in various time and space to help the host fulfill his wish. Bei Qiu is one of the NPCs, an NPC whose teeth are stuck in cold water. She protested that NPCs also need to have love, affection, meme, and papapa! Someone directly threw her into the female supporting role strategy system! One of the most difficult and cheating system! Bei Qiu said: “Leader, I am with you, can you hold your hand high?” Zhong Yexuan said: Get out. Raiders president, Raiders monk, why did she become the zombie king? Do you want to attack the orcs who can solve their animal desires anywhere? She said no!

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Alternate Title:快穿女配:男主攻略手册
Weekly Rank:#6477
Monthly Rank:#4402
All Time Rank:#7025
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Bullying, Comedic Undertone, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Quick Transmigration, R-15, System,
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21 Comments on “Fast Transmute Female Supporting Role: Male Lead Strategy Manual
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  1. Raising my middle finger to the male partner of every arc,Scumb** i badly want to give him a beating.. hmm good thing that the MC is likeable..

  2. I liked it very much as a story. There were frequently incorrect sections, please correct them now. I was really going crazy at the end, it felt so sketchy. Okay, you are together, but I felt like I wasn't convinced wholeheartedly. I have a special sadness for 1003. A separate story could even be made about him regaining his memories. I read the Last world, I literally cried. He suffered so much I'm going crazy.

  3. @MTL please fix the story. It’s been 3+ months and y’all still haven’t fixed it. I’m reading somewhere else cause’ this story is too interesting to drop

  4. If you search up the Chinese name “ 快穿女配:男主攻略手册” into google some websites to read it on pop up. From there all you have to do is translate the whole page into English. That’s how I read it.

  5. @MTL please fix the story, it’s still broken. In the meantime, I’ll read this somewhere else cause’ it’s way too interesting to drop

  6. 1. Side Character Transmigration: The Final Boss Is No Joke 2. The Villain Boss Is Coming 3.Male God! Shine Bright! Or 这个大佬画风不对. 4. The Blackened Male Lead Needs To Be Pampered. Or 快穿小祖宗:黑化男神要娇养. 5.[No CP] Fast Transmigration: My Host Is Dad. Or 快穿之我家宿主是爸爸.

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