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How bumpy life is, as long as you can pay the price, it’s me, Luo Wei, who will save you from death, a fair deal, you are worth having!

Demining Guide:
The heroine has absolutely no CP, overhead fantasy text, and no abuse, because it is not a new life, but just to help the client change the original fate line, it is best to start from the third episode, please read the mine clearance guide below, and then Decide whether to read the text or not, please don’t embarrass each other, thank you!

Episode 1 The Abandoned Daughter (Completed)
Episode 2 In that special era (completed)
Episode 3: That Beauty in the World of Low Martial Arts (Completed by Magic Martial Arts)
Episode 4 The Yin-Yang Eye in the End of the Dharma World (completed
Episode 5 The Butterfly Girl in the World of Ten Thousand Races (Completed)
Episode 6 The Empress Dowager Who Worries the Country and the People (Completed)
Episode 7 Girls with Special Physique (Completed)
Episode 8 The Little Star Who Gives Up His Ideals (Completed)

Content tags: Xianxia Cultivation Female Power System Quick Pass
Search keywords: Protagonist: Luo Wei, Kuaichuan ┃ Supporting role: The second part of Du Jie “The Years That Helped Others” pre-received “The Salted Fish Don’t Want to Turn Over” ┃ Others: The final article “I am a wishing tree (QuickCross” )”
One sentence introduction: Set a small goal first and survive the next episode!
Purpose: Kind people deserve happiness, not premature death

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:FT
Alternate Title:快穿之渡劫
Weekly Rank:#7312
Monthly Rank:#5757
All Time Rank:#7054
Tags:Ancient Times, Buddhism, Cultivation, Demons, Female Protagonist, Immortals, Modern, Modern World, Nationalism, No Cp, No romance, Quick Transmigration, System, Transmigration, Wizards, World Hopping, World Travel,
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10 Comments on “Fast Transcendence
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  1. This novel started out quite decently, but there are several places that include nationalism. Then, about halfway through the novel, when the protagonist starts getting involved in politics, the novel starts to justify corruption. The message that the novel sends is that anyone who experiences real power will be a little corrupt, but corruption is fine as long as you don't cross the bottom line. But the novel doesn't give any information about the perspective of the victims, or how that little bit of corruption builds up making the situation more and more complicated. This in turn leads to even more corruption. The law doesn't exist to control those on the bottom, but to protect those on the bottom.

  2. Kind of a mishmash of stories - some quite good and some ludicrous. I’m still not quite sure of our heroine’s purpose.

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