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Farming Routine After Returning From Interstellar

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Su Mu traveled through the interstellar space, awakened the wood-type ability, and became the only planting master in the interstellar space.
Yes, accept your fate.
In order to satisfy her appetite, she finally turned the interstellar green, but inexplicably returned to the modern age.
The work skills are scrapped, and they can only go back to the village to farm and maintain a living.

Later, the flowers and vegetables in Huayuan Village were scrambled by the world, and the prices rose again and again.
It is said that the agricultural and sideline products produced in Huayuan Village have miraculous effects.
As for the miracle, it is impossible to say.

Once I was just a conscientious and conscientious clerk, but now I wave my green finger, and wealth comes naturally.
Eh, something seems to be mixed in, you, what about you? What are you doing here?
Gu Shi shrugged and said innocently, “I’m chasing my wife.”

Just an easy farming essay~

Content tags: Time Traveling Farming Text Ability
Search keywords: Protagonist: Su Mu, Gu Shi ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others:
One sentence introduction: Farming can not only get rich, but also marry a husband!
Purpose: to get rich and to go to a well-off society

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Short Title:FRARFI
Alternate Title:从星际回来后的种田日常
Weekly Rank:#4446
Monthly Rank:#2437
All Time Rank:#4411
Tags:Ability, Celebrity, Cheats, Cooking, Entertainment, Farming, Female Protagonist, Poor to Rich, Reincarnation, Strong Protagonist,
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19 Comments on “Farming Routine After Returning From Interstellar
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  1. This looks so good and the heroine is so awesome. I dislike it when the heroine is amazing but she falls in love first and the ML don't even like her at first. Can someone spoil me if the romance improves?

  2. Very cute farming story with a down to earth FL and a likeable ML. No strange 'best' relatives, just the focus on farming and growing a business from scratch. Some recipes are also interwoven into the story, which I didn't like (sorry, but eating brains?!). Overall worth reading and the MTL was very readable.

  3. Finished it and liked it quite well. More than farming, the book is about cooking with a detailed description of what is being cooked. Liked that the FL fell in love first and there is no drama though the ML is from a rich family. Loved the side characters; a very harmonious family. Similar to the other book in the same theme (there the FL transmigrates to ancient time and then comes back).

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