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[The omnipotent full-level boss vs the doting wife Wudu Zhenguo general]

The modern cultivator Chu Qingzhi went down to earth to experience the tribulation of love, and was forced to lean on the body of an ancient peasant girl.

There are eight children in the little girl’s family, and she has a total of nine, so she has to shoulder the burden of supporting the family.

Exercising the art of beast control, subdued the tiger as the mount, the black bear as the main force, the wolf as the helper, and the monkey as the pathfinder, and went hunting together.

Cloth ice formations, make ice cream, and sell them all over the streets.

Planting herbs in the way of medicine, asking for diagnosis and treatment, rubbing pills, attracted princes and nobles to scramble for her, and even the emperor called her a lady.

In order to become a fairy, she supported her family while starting the road to find her husband.

The poorest family in the village, since they took back their daughter, everyone thought that life would become more and more difficult. Unexpectedly, after a period of time, they were building houses and buying land…

This is not the daughter who was taken back, this is the God of Wealth!

The general of Zhenguo, who even refused to marry the princess, went back to his hometown to recuperate for a while, and then suddenly got married. He married a little peasant girl.

While everyone was waiting to see the joke, dignitaries came to visit one after another.

The queen mother took Chu Qingzhi’s hand, “Qingzhi, how about I recognize you as my younger sister?”

The emperor looked at Chu Qingzhi with satisfaction, “Madam, would you like to be an official in the court?”

The little prince grabbed Chu Qingzhi’s clothes, “Sister Qingzhi, I want to eat ice cream.”

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Short Title:FWHMS
Alternate Title:农家小福妻有法术
Author:beyond the moon
Weekly Rank:#100
Monthly Rank:#67
All Time Rank:#369
Tags:Ancient China, Business Management, Devoted Love Interests, Doctors, Doting Older Siblings, Familial Love, Farming, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Marriage, Medical Knowledge, Military, Poor to Rich, Time Travel,
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  1. Crap if you’re reading this then your parents will die in 5 years. To undo this curse you have to paste this comment on 5 more Manga. I’m so sorry please forgive me. I didn’t want to risk (thats why i dont like to read this gender)

  2. Around the 250 chapter mark the story goes downhill. A guy gets raped who was supposedly a future match for one of mc's sisters and you can tell the author did it just to add more depth to the character. Mc reacts to it blushingly and the author probably thought we were supposed to react like that. No, it was horrific to read. Immediately I skipped to final chapter having given up on the novel and found out mc dies but is then resurrected and no longer has any connection to her family. Like... What's even the point then? The ml? Heh. He's the most idiotic ml I've ever encountered. A previous comment sums it up: he knows she's more powerful than him, but repeatedly gets in the way of her getting hurt out of what seems like foolish ideation of love by the author. No, it is not romantic to throw yourself in harm's way for your partner while knowing your partner can protect themself. It wastes time and is just foolish. Well you say, maybe ml couldn't control himself? Maybe having it happen once would be romantic but this dude does it REPEATEDLY. So in the final chapter when ml is the only person remaining by mc's side, I ask once again: what is the point? If you're gonna have an idiot by your side I'd rather be immortal, thanks. This novel was such a freaking waste of time. It did not know what it wanted to be. It was extremely dark at points but it wasn't handled well. There was no reflection, no introspection, no meaningful mark left over for characters to think back on to improve themselves. It was swept under the rug. What an utter waste of time. Ugh, avoid my friends. It goes downhill quick for no reason.

  3. Thank you for the comment, I will remove this novel from my library collections. I wouldn't want to start reading, after reading your comments.

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