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After crossing into the fantasy world, Chu Xu realized that he had become a Zhongzhou Tianjiao, whose name spread all over the world!

However, when he counted, he found that he and the son of luck had a bloody feud… So he turned into a villain?

But there is actually a villain system, Chu Xu didn’t panic at all.

It seems that in this life, you can only be a villain!

Hey, think about it, it’s still a bit sensational?

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Short Title:TVH
Alternate Title:玄幻:反派大枭雄
Author:Lieutenant Tiance
Weekly Rank:#173
Monthly Rank:#151
All Time Rank:#432
Tags:Antihero Protagonist, Betrayal, Charming Protagonist, Cruel Characters, Cunning Protagonist, Evil Protagonist, Harem, Manipulative Characters, Mysterious Family Background, Overpowered Protagonist, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Ruthless Protagonist, Strong to Stronger, System, Villain,
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92 Comments on “Fantasy: The Villain’s Hero
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  1. Chapter 568 Public Sentence....godd*amn it was finally getting ok then something stupid happens... the son of luck was just suspecting the mc's clan, it's just one of the possible suspects... but here we have him suddenly being sure that the mc's clan did the deed without any logical explanation... it's so stupid, the transition was so fast, it's like flipping some pages in a book... damn it's getting irritating again

  2. Chapter 570 Strange... for a novel that promotes conspiracy... you would have shutdown your brain to some things so you can enjoy it... this f*cking son of luck is getting so sure that the mc's clan really did it... the overall vibe where it's not good, if he finds out the relationship between the mc's clan and the gods is so stupid... it's really just there to add some f*cking spice, that something might go wrong and the truth will be revealed... the other orthodoxies knows the relationship between the mc's clan and the gods, but they are not so sure that the mc's clan really did it, they're still suspecting everybody... but to promote the f*cking plot and add some f*cking spice this son of a b*tch of a son luck is so sure that the mc's clan really did it and from the vibe of things, if he finds out the relationship of between those two, the mc's clan is gonna be f*cked... if that isn't so f*cking st*pid I don't what is

  3. "Lin Yi has always believed that the birth of the ancient gods was the work of the Chu gods. Therefore, many of the whereabouts of the Chu Protoss were extremely suspicious in his eyes. But Mu Xianrou didn't think so, so the reaction of the Chu Protoss was extremely normal to her... It can be said that there are different perspectives and different opinions."------- it's somewhat good that the author added this, it's just that the reasoning on why that son of luck is so suspicious wasn't really done right... there's no feeling(cause by luck) or instinct(in other words)...would have accepted if was because of that, but the transition between suspicious of everybody to singling out the mc's clan is so fast that it seems dumb

  4. The 580th chapter is a **** pot & Chapter 581 escaped?... ok I'm really happy with how this one was done, some things where explained which is good

  5. Chapter 533 is not enough for outsiders.....sigh here we go again... f*cking reinforcing the importance of time but letting the quansu illusion be unavailable just for some fruit that might not really come in handy (might only become available near the end) ... well guess I'll just have to wait and see if he ever will have some troubles facing some younger generation... if that really ever comes to pass... then it's really gonna something

  6. Chapter 443 Dao Fruit....just because of transplanting the tree in the qiansu illusion, it is now unavailable for the usage of the mc... sigh a BS way for the author to make the mc not that OP...here the qiansu illusion was downplayed said to be just an icing on a cake cause even in the outside world he can practice fast... though I find it really funny, cause time and time again it was reinforced that what the mc needs is time.. that what people expect from the mc now is talent, not combat prowess cause he is too young...but now, tsk tsk the qiansu illusion that can provide the needed time can't be used and was so downplayed that it just became a decoration... sigh some treasures that was supposedly good became normal just to accommodate the OPness of the mc

  7. really hope the supposed fruit from that tree is so good...for it's just gonna be stupid that I might drop this if it isn't

  8. I'm really getting pissed... if that tree's fruit isn't really good I'm gonna f*cking drop this... just to slow down the cultivation of the mc, the author does this BS reasonings...there's another time skip of 20 years... how much longer is that with the qiansu illusion...talking about how awesome his physique that the qiansu illusion isn't needed...but the main opponent is the emperor that has the same physique plus the longer time of practice... guess there's no need for the mc to catch up to the emperor and fight him himself...and here I thought his own strength matters...if he ever loses to some young generation or is having trouble facing them because of his low cultivation level(cause he's so f*cking young) I'm might temporarily drop this, cause that's gonna be painful to read ....f*cking 20 yrs time skip, f*ck...when there was a 6 yr time skip(start of the opening of the realm) he can leave the younger generation behind with his cultivation speed, but he didn't and I can somewhat accept the author'reasoning on why the mc didn't advance his cultivation the much(only 1 level of advancement), his BS reasoning was still acceptable, but he introduced the word tree and planted in the qiansu illusion so that the mc can't f*cking use it(which he can make the still use, but he didn't)....if that tree can't do jack sh*t I'm really gonna be irritated... to accommodate the plot sigh f*ck...all that reinforcement that time was needed for the mc, everytime I read that part I'm getting pissed

  9. at Chapter 162 Bai Yujing talk about fast cultivation seems pretty stupid to me, if having some old strong granpa can make you cultivate that fast, then there should be many strong people there..there's many ancient old guys in some families, families that also have geniuses but the records of fast cultivation aren't that good 10 years of cultivation from nothing to 8th of profound pill realm..sigh if you think about it, the mc isn't worth sh*t

  10. it's confirmed...from a waste to jade terrace... it only took 10 years of cultivation... and the record was 30+ then the having broken it at 20 years old...sigh... the author is destroying his own work just to make a kid with some grampa in a ring relevant

  11. some might say that he has a taikoo taoist body(body of children's of luck in other words), which might explain on why he's much faster in cultivation than the original mc(the one without the game breaking system)...though I really don't find that right, cause the original mc's divine body is a little bit better than taikoo taoist body

  12. chapter 256 Mu Fan... another overly OP of a character compared to the original mc(the one without the system)...and characters were always talking about how awesome his physique/body is....but all we can see is that without the system he's sh*t...compared to this character that physique/body is sh*t...about 20 yrs old 5th level of yutai(jade platform realm) and is super good at Formation magical power, Medicine Pill, etc(in other words he's overall perfect)...tsk tsk so f*cking broken just to make him relevant

  13. Chapter 264 I'm afraid it won't go too smoothly....oh yeah forgot to tell that it seems like he's just a f*cking genius...no treasure no physique no reincarnated type of sh*t... he's the sort of super OP pure guy(at this point he's still new to the outside world so he's still pure) that just came out of a hidden village

  14. Chapter 276 I like to cut weeds and roots...the author explained some parts about the cultivation level, though he might have stretched things to accommodate the plot, it's still acceptable...so this guy is in his thirties(though the first description was about twenties) and he's a son luck, so the author thinks it's a passable reasoning(to be fair, it is) to have that kind of abilities...oh skimmed a couple of chaps ahead and it seems like he has some physique... so he's older, has a physique, is a genius and is a son luck... that's the summary...good thing the author explained some points about this guy and the mc's talent...cause it clarified that the mc(without the system) is not a waste compared to this guy

  15. it's from the early chaps.... is is just me or is the treasure that he gotten from his brother(the one that can speed up cultivation) is sort of forgotten or wasn't made relevant...cause after all that debacle with his brother, the only thing that's always being praised for being the reason of his fast cultivation, is the good human cauldron girl from the declining family(the girl that became his concubine)

  16. it's from the early chaps.... is it just me or is the treasure that he has gotten from his brother(the one that can speed up cultivation) is sort of forgotten or wasn't made that relevant...cause after all that debacle with his brother, the only thing that's always being praised for being the reason of his fast cultivation, is the good human cauldron girl(for dual cultivation) from the declining family(the girl that became his concubine)

  17. Chapter 308 I don't like you, you are not a good person....guess this treasure as an assisting tool for faster cultivation isn't that much heaven defying... was somewhat explained on why it didn't became relevant because of this feature

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