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System: The world you came to has no Gundam, no WOW, no Warhammer, no Xueyue, no…

Mu Feng: So I can be a copywriter (excitedly rubbing hands)

System: In the random product, three products have been delineated for you, Planet Killer, Death Star, Barbatos Gundam, please choose any one to complete your novice task.

Mu Feng: ? ? ? ? 


Yoshida? D: Change, change! (referring to take out the knight’s belt)

Gui Yanye: hatchet (referring to Denglongjian)

Current progress: main world (daily episode) → One Piece → main world (modern content of Ghost Slayer) → One Punch Man → main world (Dragon Race 3, Magic Change? Brother Zheng???;??/

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:FTR
Alternate Title:幻想科技评测者
Author:life sucker
Weekly Rank:#662
Monthly Rank:#4209
All Time Rank:#6868
Tags:Anime, Comic, Game, Mecha, One Piece, Sci-fi, System, System Administrator, World Hopping,
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25 Comments on “Fantasy Tech Reviewer
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  1. Seems interesting, only read a few chapters and system sounds like a beatch. Does china really lock up poor achieving students for militirized education? As a chinese who grew up in europe many things sound too weird to be true but after some looking up it seemed to actually be real in some cases.

  2. 1.7 Stars!? what's troll review is this !? at less I gladly give 4 stars for how writer manage to merge many story seamlessly. It's story about some guy with a fine life and family force to accept system transfer to other world and force to work as product tester and presenter of object from anime and game. IMO from 17 chapters; it's very good for China fiction, no China crèche, no hater JP, no MC beta male, MC might be missing his home and family but it should be normal thing for someone abduct from their home. If anyone confuse on world 0013 in chapter 5, it's Mahouka's world which China merge with other country in Asian be Great Allies.

  3. This writer really like to drop Easter eggs everywhere, he even drop 3 protagonists from GTA 5 with GTA logic in chapter 205. XD

  4. It become a lot boring after end "Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?" around chapter 400, it start boring when the writer start BS destruction route on Oratoria which waste a lot of story material for me.

  5. no puede escribir un resumen , crees que podra con una novela ? mejor enganchate a la drogas que intentar descifrar esos garabatos. AH y si por casualidad viene un chico majo preguntando una historia de marvel con una fabrica de automoviles po 999xxxx999 vez entonces sed "EDUCADOS" con el

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