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Fantasy: My Skills Can Be Upgraded Infinitely

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Jiang Heng, who has traveled through the fantasy world, has awakened the potential upgrade system, and can use potential points to upgrade his cultivation base and skills infinitely.

[Bronze Statue Skill] upgraded to [Eternal Golden Body]

[Windwalk] is upgraded to [Void Teleportation]

[Light Chasing Sword] is upgraded to [Mie Tian Jue Di Zhan Shen Jian]

[Smashing Rock Fist] was upgraded to [Global Annihilation]

Cultivation: Mortal Realm upgraded to True God Realm

until someday.

Jiang Heng’s body shook, the void was shattered, and the laws were in disorder!

With one punch, the stars fell, and all the gods and demons in the sky were annihilated!

This book is also titled: “Beat the Beginning and Cry Little Junior Sister, I’ve Leveled Up!” “” Leapfrogging Monsters and Upgrading Really Fast”

Main characters: Jiang Heng, Wen Qingxue,

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Short Title:FMSCBUI
Alternate Title:玄幻:我的功法无限升级
Author:too zero
Weekly Rank:#220
Monthly Rank:#331
All Time Rank:#910
Tags:Absent Parents, Body Tempering, Cosmic Wars, Cultivation, Dao Companion, Fast Cultivation, Male Protagonist, Mature Protagonist, Multiple Reincarnated Individuals, Overpowered Protagonist, Power Couple, Reincarnated in Another World, Ruthless Protagonist, System, System Administrator, Unique Cultivation Technique, Villain,
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33 Comments on “Fantasy: My Skills Can Be Upgraded Infinitely
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  1. I guess I am back again for a Review... Well let's be fast... 1. Story background is pretty good... 2. System settings are also good... 3. Realm system is clear and well defined... 4. Romance with a single girl is not that bad at least the girl is not a stupid vase... 5. Enemies etc are also reasonably selected and the protagonist is not like a dog continuously going trials for some idiotic woman... 6. The prehistoric world part is completely stupid so many years have passed don't they have a mind of their own obviously there won't be any relatives... 7. Ending is not fun at all... 8. Too much is missing at least let the protagonist reach the top lol... And that's all???? Hmmm this novel is just normal without many shining points huh... Points 7/10... Not too bad not too good...

  2. this novel is as bland as water. nothing interesting from the plot of the story to the characters of both Mc and Fl its bland. mc always goes on to provoke others extremely arrogant. not worth reading

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